Combine Your Household’s Starwood Points Now!

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On August 18th Marriott will take the next step in their Starwood acquisition by tripling everyone’s Starpoint balance and creating new unified award charts for Marriott and SPG hotels.

Currently SPG allows everyone at the same address to transfer unlimited points between each other. Marriott is more generous in that they don’t require members transferring points to be from the same address, but they only allow point transfers in excess of 50K if they are being done to complete an award redemption and transfers must be done over the phone.

In general, Marriott’s policies and account numbers will survive the merger, so if you want to easily combine the points of members with the same address online without the need to book an award, you should do that now.

It’s advantageous to have points in the same account as that allows you to redeem for higher priced awards, like 5th night free awards or the 25% bonus for airline mileage transfers in increments of 20K Starpoints or 60K Marriott points in the new program.

You can transfer Starpoints between members with the same address on their account here under “Pass the Starpoints.”

You can transfer Marriott points to Starwood points here.

You can transfer Starwood points to Marriott points here under “Access more possibilities worldwide.”

It can take 5 business days for Starpoints to be combined between household members, so you should start that process ASAP. If you already waited 5 days you can call SPG to process the transfer instantly.

If you want to combine points to redeem a Marriott award like the lucrative miles+nights travel packages you can do that over the phone with Marriott while redeeming for that award.

Short on points?

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Tony c

Heads up. Must be home address. Won’t work with shared business address.


So basically no point in trying to combine 2 business card points?


I requested to combine 2 business accounts and it went to pending…


I thought Marriott allowed 50k unless for an award and then you could do however many needed for that award?


Nvm – the article already says that – totally missed it 🙂


FYI: I did a lateral transfer on 7/28 and still nothing, I put it in again on 8/6… Standby…


7/31 to 8/7 here


Is there any way to transfer all the points (since you can only transfer in 1,000 point increments)?


same here


How do u transfer spg between accounts at the same address? It shows me u can only do 1,000 .


Has anyone had luck transferring tonight? I keep getting an error message.


would love to be Able to receive more then 50k as I wanted to upgrade the categories on the 7 night cert all the way to tier 1-3 is that possible ? without having to make the reservation on the spot as I want to wait for the Maldives st regis to become bookable under the new chart? and is there also a way to undo a 7 night cert down to a 5 night cert and get refunded 35k points thank you


What about the pending points from purchases made over the last month that havent been applied yet?


You’ve been mentioned in earlier posts that the point merging will survive. Guess tht changed


If 5 full business days pass and the points have still not transferred over, you can call SPG and the can internally transfer them instantly. That’s what they did for me.

Joey Antar

Will you be able to transfer 45k points and then wait a week and transfer another 44k? Is the 50k limit just per day?


Any issue with transferring starpoints INTO a newly created account? Provided that both accounts have same home address?


My question is: is there any waiting period required?


thanks for the post.
will transferring to another SPG account, extend the expiration ?
if i only have around 20k, is it worth it to just transfer to Marriott?
thank you


How often can I call in and transfer between Marriott accounts (under 50k…)?


Tried transferring 150 points into marriot but needed 1000 to do it. How can I transfer it?

Yitz Weiss

Ok, I combined my account with my wife’s acct purchased some extra Starpoints, transferred them all over to Marriott and we’re in for a Category 8 along with United miles! Attached it to a hotel in Kauai for May and we’ll hopefully be able to extend it out to the same hotel (or another at that level).
Thanks Dan! You ROCK!


Re: the SPG points is it more worth in redemption now before the merge or rather after it’s tripled in Marriott. Asking if I want to use/sell should rather do asap or rather wait?


Just called Marriott and was told my account is locked and under review – all i did was transfer point from SPG – has anyone had this issue before?


SPG not allowing member to member transfers. Didn’t work online, called up and agent told me that everything was put on hold on their end because of the new program. She said it was hard wired and the system would not let her do the transfer.


Just called spg and was told transferring is now offline.