Final Hours! Will The Starwood Cards Disappear Or Lose Their Starpoints Signup Bonuses Today? Now Is The Time To Signup!

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Update, 4/19: The Starwood Consumer AMEX will not be discontinued. However both the Starwood consumer and business cards are no longer offering any points for a signup bonus.

I wrote yesterday that the Starwood Consumer AMEX may be discontinued shortly.

The Chase Marriott Premier card will also be discontinued shortly.

The Starwood Business AMEX will stick around. 

The Canadian Starwood AMEX card just lost its Starpoints signup bonus and is now only offering a $100 statement credit plus a $150 Marriott hotel credit.

The rumor going around the interwebs is that the US Starwood AMEX cards will also follow that pattern and start offering a statement credit of about $200 as the signup bonus instead of awarding Starpoints for signing up. I can’t confirm the rumors, but it does seem like a strong possibility.

The US Starwood Consumer AMEX of course may be closed to new signups at any time (as soon as today) without warning as has happened with several other discontinued cards.

This can all happen as soon as sometime today, so if you do want to take advantage of the current 25K Starpoint welcome bonuses (which will become 75K Marriott points in August along with a very lucrative award chart for 6 months), you’ll want to do that ASAP!

The Starwood cards will lose their spending luster when everyday spending goes down from 3 Marriott points per dollar to 2 per dollar in August. However as of 8/1 you will receive a free night upon every card anniversary valid at hotels that cost up to 35K points with each card. That covers 5 of the 7 hotel categories. If you use it at a category 5 hotel then your $95 annual fee will be a bargain as that would be like buying 35K points at a cost of just 0.27 cents per point. Plus you’ll earn Silver Elite status, 15 elite night credits, free premium in-room WiFi, and worldwide Boingo.

Will you you signup for any Starwood or Marriott cards today before it’s too late?

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can i change switch this card to a non annual fee later on?

tony c

for status, isnt it worth it to get Ritz card now? seems only way to get such levels with spending. am i wrong?

If you spend $10,000 on this card to earn Gold status you will be bumped up to Platinum in August.
If you spend $75,000 on this card to earn Platinum status you will be bumped up to Platinum Premier in August.


Thoughts on when the Marriott business might go away?


Does the limit on recieving bonus only once in lifetime still apply to these cards?


Any rumors on the Chase cards?


I read yesterday the card u get instead of SPG is 450 annual fee. So I will be locked it at 95 if I have the dog already.


@”Save” I think you should read whatever article you read yesterday again. Read it thoroughly & read it well.
Nothing is free in life. They sat for gd knows how long thinking about this. You’re Not getting the $450 card unless you apply & pay for it. But I do wish it was the way u said.


Just signed up for both Marriott and SPG


Had a personal Spg some years back, think I should apply for one or I won’t get the bonus due to once in a lifetime rule ?


Whats going to be the next best card for everyday spending


Capital One


“However as of 8/1 you will receive a free night upon every card anniversary valid at hotels that cost up to 35K points with each card. That covers 5 of the 7 hotel categories. If you use it a category 5 hotel then your $95 annual fee will be a bargain as that would be like buying 35K points at a cost of just 0.27 cents per point.”

Will this apply to existing US Starwood Consumer AMEX cards? I am up for renewal this month and am considering closing the card, but if this free night also applies to existing cardholders, then it would make sense for me to keep it and get my free night in April 2019.


Do you think it is worth it to transfer Canadian MR to SPG at a 2:1 ratio? The only real valuable transfers of Canadian MR is 1:1 to Aeroplan or BA.


I don’t get it. If I wait till august I’ll get ~200$ and a free night in a 35k mariott points (12k starpoints) hotel. But if I sign up now ill get 25k starwood points. Isnt the 200$ + 12k starpoints better than 25k starpoints. That’s like selling 13k starpoints for 200$…that’s around the market value.


if I signed up for SPG Business, do i get the bonus for personal?

Greg Cohen

Dan would you recommend this card over the marriot premier with a 75k bonus ending on May 3rd. I heard that they’ll be offering 10-50k bonus points as an upgrade offer which could make it even more lucrative.


If I signup for the chase Marriott premier card now, will I not be allowed to sign up for the chase Marriot card for another 24 month, or they will be considered seperate products?

Aryeh B

If i already have a personal, can i sign up for a business to get the bonus and then merge it with my business? What is needed to sign up for the business?


In regard to the visa checkout $50 off $250 spent on Costco online. I just got off the phone with a Costco rep and she said that as long as the pre-authorization was in before 2:20pm on March 26, 2018, will receive this credit. It does not make a difference when it posted/items shipped. The pre-authorization is what counts. Anything after 2:20pm on March 26,2018 will not get that promotion.


Thanks Dan, my head is spinning so much info cant get it straight, i have 2 spg amex renewing this month 95$ i was thinking of closing both, as i understand i can still keep my spg points with out the amex card open, and i spend on chase and i already pay for the reserve card, should i keep them open will i get a free night on august?


i signed up. thanks. not sure i’ll get the points bec i’ve had this card in the past but worth a try


makes sense for personal SPG Amex as there will not be a mid level AMEX replacement. However, what is the advantage of signing up for the current Chase mid level vs the one that will be replacing it at 100k?


It seems as you cannot apply anymore as the link doesn’t work.

Anyone else come across this issue?


Dan: Did you ever hear of getting denied the bonus points for a Sheraton business card sign-up bonus if you had previously received that bonus under under a totally different LLC ? That’s what happened to me. (Until I pushed back…)
And, is there any way to avoid going through that as I have multiple small businesses?


I’ve had both SPG and SPG business cards within the last couple years and closed both. I don’t expect to get the bonus again. If I sign up for both again though, will the first years’ annual fees be waived?


If I got the card 2 years ago, its probably worth signing up today and forget the signup bonus, but I will get the free night in the future? i have spg biz

mrs k

hi dan you mentioned yesterday about the starwood luxury card
do you know when it’ll be available ? And do you know if i will be able to match to Marriott platinum level with it ? ( with 75k spending)
and is it worth the annual fee if i only want the platinum level in order to match to united silver level
thank you dan


If I closed spg Amex a few years ago, does it pay to open just for free night, as I will not get the signup bonus again?


thats what i just asked, and Dan answered, if you value the free night then its worth it, remember, its just a hard pull now, there is no AF the 1st year


Thanks dan, and mord1, sorry I missed your post


If I sign up for the starwood card and get the bonus, when they discontinue this card can I apply for the marmot card and get that bonus too?


What does it mean theat the consumer Amex Staroowd is going to be discontinued if the new version is two cards, consumer Amex SPG And Luxary SPG


If I bought an item and then return it, would it still count towards my promotion spend?


Just got approved for the Amex spg personal card and declined for the Chase Marriott card.
Recon said it’s because of a newish credit score… Worth calling recon again, or will they see that it’s been reconsidered and rejected already?


Is there any rumor online about when the Business card will lose its signup bonus (if ever)?


Data point:

Old SPG Consumer AMEX:
Opened 12/30/11
Spend threshold hit on 1/25/12
Card closed on 3/25/13

New SPG Consumer AMEX:
Opened 12/28/17
Spend threshold met on 3/23/18
Bonus posted 3/28/18


Did you close and open your SPG card?


Just signed up! I hope it was worth it with this upcoming devaluation though I wanna get some precious Starpoints before they are eliminated.


@Dan : If I’m at Chase 1/24, Should I first apply now for the 2 Ink business cards, (they won’t towards 5/24 after apply since they are biz cards) and then apply for SPG? That wld make me 2/24, correct?


What if the application is pending and the card disappeares in the mean time?


I just applied for both regular and business Amex spg. Approved for the business card. I did have personal spg a while ago, that Amex closed. Should I try reconsideration?


to get both cards does it help to do that 2bm thing? does it hinder? cuz i think i just did it and got instant approval for the buisiness one but not the personal..


Applied now and got approved instantly thanks Dan!!!

Tony c

If I plan to go for luxury AMEX won’t I be eliminating any change for signup bonus if I get the SPG bonus today ?


just signed up. got pre-approved. thanks dan!!


are the points worth less once the merger happens


Just signed up for the SPG Consumer and got approved instantly BH ! thnx dan!

Point Made

Dan are you gonna wait up till 12:00 AM to see what happens or you can wait till
Tomorrow to find out? :o)


if i apply before the deadline, then even once they remove the 25k bonus, i’d still get it right?






Is the chase mariot biz dying now as well??


I think I just got the last application! Approved at 11:59PM!!
Thanks Dan!


Thanks Dan!!

Point Made

Still alive as of 12:06 AM EST.. Landing page shows 25K SUB.


+1 @2am. Is this not dead?


Amex SPG offer still live

Point Dude

Just checked and it’s now $200 statement credit.

Point Dude

Looks like The SPG Business card also got changed to $200 statement credit as well.