Breaking Down The New Marriott/Starwood Combined Cash+Points And PointSavers Award Charts

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This morning I wrote about Marriott’s new award charts, which offer some incredible bargains on top-tier hotels.

Marriott has also released their new Cash+Points and PointSavers award charts.

The regular award chart will feature awards with no capacity controls or blackouts on standard rooms. Plus every 5th award night is free.

The PointSavers award chart will feature rotating hotels with limited time discounts on the normal award rates.

The Cash+Points award chart is capacity controlled and allows you to save some of your points. In essence what you are doing is buying back points at a rate that is variable based on the award pricing.

In the chart below I’ve calculated just how much you’ll be paying per point saved with a cash+points award compared to a regular award. That price will range from 0.692 cents per point, or cpp, to 2 cents per point. Note that these are Marriott points, so you’ll need to triple those amounts to compare to current Starpoints. That means the cost per Starpoint saved ranges from 2.08 cents to 6 cents.

You can currently buy Starpoints o sale for less than most of these rates until 7/20, so take advantage of this now while you still can.

Come August it will also be a lot harder to rack up points as the Starwood AMEX will be devalued on 8/1 from earning 3 Marriott points per dollar to 2 per dollar, so it may be worth using cash+points for some of the better awards at that point.

Note that there will be an 8th category as well as off-peak and peak awards added in February.

Hotel CategoryAugust 2018 ChartAugust 2018 Cash + Points ChartAugust 2018 Pointsavers ChartFebruary 2019 Chart.............February 2019 Cash + Points Chart......................................February 2019 Pointsavers Chart............
Category 17,500$55+3,500 (1.375 cpp)6,0005,000 off-peak
7,500 standard
10,000 peak
$50+2,500 (2 cpp) off-peak
$55+3,500 (1.375 cpp) standard
$60+4,500 (1.09 cpp) peak
4,000 off-peak
6,000 standard
8,500 peak
Category 212,500$65+6,000 (1 cpp)11,00010,000 off-peak
12,500 standard
15,000 peak
$60+5,000 (1.2 cpp) off-peak
$65+6,000 (1 cpp) standard
$70+6,500 (0.824 cpp) peak
8,000 off-peak
11,000 standard
13,000 peak
Category 317,500$80+8,500 (0.889 cpp)16,00015,000 off-peak
17,500 standard
20,000 peak
$70+7,500 (0.933 cpp) off-peak
$80+8,500 (0.889 cpp) standard
$90+9,000 (0.818 cpp) peak
12,000 off-peak
16,000 standard
18,000 peak
Category 425,000$105+12,000 (0.808 cpp)22,50020,000 off-peak
25,000 standard
30,000 peak
$90+10,000 (0.9 cpp) off-peak
$105+12,000 (0.808 cpp)
$120+13,500 (0.727 cpp) peak
17,500 off-peak
22,500 standard
27,500 peak
Category 535,000$140+17,000 (0.778 cpp)32,50030,000 off-peak
35,000 standard
40,000 peak
$120+16,000 (0.857 cpp) off-peak
$140+17,000 (0.778 cpp)
$165+19,000 (0.786 cpp) peak
27,500 off-peak
32,500 standard
37,500 peak
Category 650,000$190+25,000 (0.76 cpp)45,00040,000 off-peak
50,000 standard
60,000 peak
$165+22,000 (0.917 cpp) off-peak
$190+25,000 (0.76 cpp)
$225+27,500 (0.692 cpp) peak
35,000 off-peak
45,000 standard
55,000 peak
Category 760,000$250+30,000 (0.833 cpp)55,00050,000 off-peak
60,000 standard
70,000 peak
$225+27,500 (1 cpp) off-peak
$250+30,000 (0.833 cpp)
$325+30,000 (0.813 cpp) peak
45,000 off-peak
55,000 standard
65,000 peak
Category 8---70,000 off-peak
85,000 standard
100,000 peak
$325+35,000 (0.929 cpp) off-peak
$440+42,500 (1.035 cpp)
$635+50,000 (1.27 cpp) peak
65,000 off-peak
80,000 standard
90,000 peak

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Seems like Cash+Points isnt as good as an option as it used to be.


what will happen to the 7 night certificates??


Dan – Marriot claims that it makes sense to transfer all spg points to Marriot now before devaluation. Is that true??


there is no difference transferring the points now versus later. ratio is always 1:3. i guess you are misunderstanding things from the beginning.


Same here what will happened to Flight and Hotel Package? I am buying and combining all my SPG points to get that for category 8 and I would be crying if they get rid of that program.


I have 2 of the 7 night vouchers cat 1-5, I would like to use 1 of them in august and i’m uncertain about the 2nd, what would be the best way to go about it? when should I book, and I would like to upgrade to current category 9 Marriott, (not sure how that will work after august).