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These apps have been a long time coming. Since redesigning the site in 2017, the most requested feature was category notifications.

The app solves that!

You can choose to receive either All, Points & Travel, Airfare Deals, Shopping, Credit Cards, or News notifications.

Possibly my favorite part of the app, and this is great if you already receive our notifications elsewhere, is that all app users receive the HOT & HURRY deal notifications just by downloading the app and enabling notifications on your phone settings when opening the app for the first time. You do not have to subscribe to any categories to get this.

We wanted to launch a clean simple to use app at launch and add more robust and exciting features in time.

I was a fan of Rusty Brick since they made the first smart siddur in the App Store over a decade ago, and I was happy to work with them to create our app!

Feel free to leave a comment below with requested features or bug reports. We already have a list we are working on, but I wanted to get this out before the Black Friday rush for everyone! For now I’d still call it in its Beta stage.

We hope you love it!

Dan & JJ

P.S. 5 stars reviews are always appreciated 😉

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Good luck, you guys deserved it

Boro boy

Beautiful app!
BTW why when opening the forums from the menu it opens in the browser and not in the app itself?


We’re still looking to see if the forums can be better integrated, but the software that runs the forums isn’t easily compatible.

Avromi m

I think there is a Dan’s deals apk on that works for the forums

El Capitan

That would be amazing. Tapatalk just doesn’t do it

Avromi m

It’s a external link to a new page it’s not built into the app itself


Mazel tov and Hatzlacha on the new app Dan and JJ!

>all app users receive the HOT & HURRY deal notifications just by downloading the app and enabling notifications

Just out of curiosity, do you know roughly what percentage the “Hot”, “Hurry”, or “Price Mistake?” deals get honored?


Depends from which store. You won’t see JJ post from a store that is known not to honor price mistakes.


About time! Now all we need is the forums integrated.


Any way to make this compatible for a plip phone?


Yes you can resign the apk to make it compatible for a flip phone you can also get it on




Mazel TOV!


I’m reading this in the app!






Mazel Tov!

A quick bit of feedback, the app page loading seems to be taking longer than the site page loading


Agreed, still working on improving the caching in the app to speed things up.


Which method is likely to get the earliest notification of deals?


Sign up for notifications from Whatsapp, Telegram, Twitter, SMS, and the DD app and let us know the results. 😀


So Telegram wins by a solid minute then the app followed by WhatsApp


I’ve been on whatsapp & now on the app it’s weird sometimes its on one & sometimes 1st on the other


I have notifications from Telegram, SMS, Twitter/X and now the app. The app has been consistently 3 minutes after the others.


I have the same experience, the app notification (iPhone) always hits last by almost a minute. X is usually first, but I prefer clicking directly into Telegram (a close second to X) or the new app as they take me directly to the deal page.


מזל טוב


Does the app work on the iPhone that has the browser removed?


Try and let us know.


I’m using it on an iPhone. Ow worded. Works but can’t open any of the deals.


Amazing news


Mazal tov. installed right away!


Mazel tov!! So excited for this!


Some suggestions
#1 Make it aligned with Google’s material design 3 (MD3)
#2 make each notification category separate by the notification section of the main Android system on the app so people can set individual notification sounds for each category
#3 add a proper settings page and put the notifications settings there and add other options like themes, Notifications etc the current bell either remove or just use it to see the notifications etc
#4 add notifications for comments replies

Those are 4 things I can think off hand what might/will improve the app significantly
But in the meantime so far the app is great!

P. S. Maybe add a public beta in the play store for people to join and test new features before release for the public


#5 Add a search option on the home page, people should be able to search for items/deals etc
#6 Make notifications should be faster and it should hit first the app followed by social media or messages apps etc


This is awesome! Mazal tov!


@Dann @JJ
Mazel Tov! This is super great.


Mazel tov Dan.
I am honestly curious where you got these numbers how you made the cheshbon?

From the app description..

“DansDeals readers have earned over 30 billion miles and points as well as saved over $5 billion on goods and travel deals”

Fan Feels

Well , should he bluntly write DansDeals writers?..


Good good!


The app is a little slow hope it will get to start working as fast as the website



However, the telegram notification come in about a minute faster. Very significant for hurry hot deals.


Mazal Tov!

I thin notifications categories need a layer deeper…

ie; shopping need more options, baby, kids, adult, shoes, clothing, appliances, etc. this will make it a lot more accommodating for different demographics. Singles, newly weds, families, elderly, along with people with specific hobbies and interest.


Working great!


Thank you! Can we get it added to the safetelecom app store?


MT! The iPhone app needs a back button on the top left. After you click on a deal from the main list, the only way to go back is to hit the Dansdeals logo on the top and start the main list from the beginning.


Its extremely annoying to have to go back to the top of the page every time,

otherwise I love the app


Heartiest Mazal Tov wishes!! Writing this from the app!!!


I downloaded a couple days ago and have notifications enabled, though have yet to receive any notifications (and I’ve seen some Hot deals since then).


Great job!!


Does this mean that I can finally get rid of the twitter app on my phone and get fast notifications with the new app?


Dan, and all of you other Musk fanboys out there, your silence on Elon’s recent anti-Semitic comments is ear piercing. Show your courage.

Btw, great app and site.


I wasn’t silent, I said my piece where I say most of my pieces, on DDF. It just might not be what you want to read though.

Seriously facetious

In for one on each of my accounts.
Think they’ll honor it?


Yay, I can finally go to sleep. Great job guys!


Mazel Tov!


Thank you so much for this amazing app!
Just one question for the creator why can’t I go back to the previous page that I was on? Why does it automatically go back to the homepage?
I would like to thank you again for this amazing app, and for all the money you save everyone

Other guy

Great app Dan!
Can I add a request that clicking back takes me back to where I was on the main page and not back at the top?
It’s kind of annoying, especially when there are lots of posts like on Black Friday


Looks like on the iPhone I can’t choose custom notifications? I just see all deals can be turned on or off


Turn off all deals and you can then customize them.

Dans Deal Fan

You have a bug, notifications of new posts should all automatically away once you open the app to view the posts. But it doesn’t. The notifications stay and you need to remove them individually, very annoying.


Why not just click the notification to go to the post?

Dans Deal Fan

Let’s say i missed several posts and now i want to see them all, i would click on the post or on the app and it will take me to the main page, now once i am on the main page of the app I am already seeing all prior posts, hence all prior notifications should technically go away… similar to how the Gmail app works the Gmail app would give you notifications for each email however if you open your inbox even though you did not click on the individual emails the notification of new emails will go away

steven rothman

On the android app, I cannot find a way to change settings, eg turn off some of the notifications. The “menu does not offer that.


Click on the bell.


What features will the app have that is not on the webpage?


Can someone please email me the apk for android since I don’t have access to play store? Email is


I had to delete and reinstall the app a few times. When I open the app it just keeps on “loading “. Any solution?


Try swiping down to refresh?


So far so good, thanks!


Does the app work on iPad too?
Is it optimized for the size and direction?

David Levy

I tried the iOS app and have decided to return to telegram. Both have notifications turned on and the major difference I find is that telegram shows a count of new messages on the icon whereas the app does not. I find the count to be very helpful in alerting me that there is something new to look at.


App feature suggestion:

There should be a ‘my orders’ type page where you can see your ‘deal history’ type page of the deals you claimed/snagged. And then maybe it can calculate how much you saved relative to how much you would usually pay for the item etc.

Then you can actually see how much dd has saved you.


Like the app in general, but I’ve noticed that the alert notifications don’t show up until about 15-20 mins after the site post is made – defeats the purpose of notifications, no? Using latest version of Android/Galaxy S23


Dan the app needs to be changed to continuous scroll instead of having to switch pages. Also when you are reading a post and you go back to list it goes to top of page instead of where you were up to like the website does.


Is there a glitch that when I click on the alert that comes through the app it gets me to the app, but I will not open. It will just keep circling. I have to always refresh the whole app.


When is the iPad os version coming out?
And will there be a way to view the forum? (Either accessible from App or a different app?)


The app seems to be integrated to the browser as opposed to a stand alone app so if you have a restricted browser you can’t open it.” is restricted”

Dans Deal Fan

Request to be whitelisted from your filter company


It seems that it used to use direct now it is being pushed the Rustybrick


I’m still waiting for it to be avail on iPad.


Notifications isn’t working.

App has Notification access. Can you please fix the app.


Notifications are enabled, via the app and iOS, but I am not receiving any notifications at all.


My app never updates. Any solutions to this?


Any updates on forums being integrated?


Feature request: a whitelist of keywords I would like to get notifications for.
e g., I’m on the market for a new pair of shoes, I would like to get notifications only for posts containing ‘shoes’.
Should be a pretty straightforward feature to integrate


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