Live Blog: Follow The Marriott-Starwood Program Merger Announcement!

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Marriott is hosting a program merger announcements here. The program should start at about 4:40pm.

Mergers rarely work out well for consumers, but here’s hoping for the best. So far Marriott has taken very good care of SPG members. It reminds me of the way that 2 merging companies take care of their executives during the merger process. Will they continue to take care of SPG members or will today’s announcement be everything that we have feared would come to fruition in a merger?

I’ll update this post with news as it comes in.

Stay tuned for updates and share your thoughts in the comments!


  • In August all Starpoints will be multiplied by 3 and turned into Marriott points.
  • The 3 program names will stick around for the rest of 2018. In 2019 a new combined program name will be announced.
  • In August, all members will earn 10 points per US$1 spent on eligible hotel charges (5 points per eligible US$1 at Element, Residence Inn and TownePlace Suites hotels). Elites will earn more between 11 and 17.5 points per dollar spent.
  • There will be a single 8 category award chart. It will have standard, park, and off-peak levels. Hotel categories will be announced in June.
  • There will be 5 tiers of elite status, Silver (10-24 nights), Gold (25-49 nights), Platinum (50-74 nights), Platinum Premier (75-99 nights), Platinum Premier with Ambassador (100+ nights and $20K in spend).
  • Gold members will get 2pm late checkout and Platinum members will get 4pm late checkout.
  • Platinum members will get to choose between a points amenity or breakfast. Free breakfast will be an option at 23 of the 29 Marriott brands.
  • Platinum members will get suite upgrades and lounge access.
  • Platinum members will get 5 confirmed suite night awards. Platinum premier members will get an additional 5 confirmed suite night awards.
  • Airline transfers will be safe with the new program. Points will transfer to 45 airlines at a 3:1 ratio and you’ll get a 15K Marriott point bonus for transferring in increments of 60K points. In other words, 20K Starpoints will continue to transfer into 25K airline miles, except in this case it will be 60K Marriott points transferring into 25K airline miles.
  • The Starwood AMEX will only earn 2 points per dollar on everyday purchases. Currently the card earns 3 points per dollar. This will be a massive card devaluation.
  • On May 3, The Chase Marriott Premier Plus card will launch with a $95 annual fee. It will earn 6 points per dollar at Marriott hotels and 2 points per dollar elsewhere. Free anniversary night at hotels up to 35K points.
  • In August a new AMEX Starwood card will launch with a $450 annual fee.  It will earn 6 points per dollar at Marriott hotels, 3 points per dollar on airfare, and 2 points per dollar elsewhere. Earn Platinum status with $75K in annual spend. Get $300 annual credit for Marriott hotels. Free anniversary night at hotels up to 50K points.
  • The Moments auction platform for experiences will be expanded.
  • Delta crossover rewards will end.

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Just in — The Starwood and Marriott programs have been combined into Woodrot Rewards. Lots of big changes!


Reportedly transfers didn’t change!!


Bah… They are reducing the Starwood Amex spend to 2 points per dollar from 3 points per dollar (effective), thereby reducing the points earned on SPG Amex by 33.33%!

Ed Travel

Any idea what will happen to the SPG Delta Agreement?


This looks more like a timeshare presentation than a merger announcement.


“In August, all members will earn 10 points per US$1 spent on eligible hotel charges” this applies to marriott hotels or also SPG hotels?


They are killing the value of points earned on credit card spend! Ordinary spend only earns 2 points per dollar, where it now earns 3 points per dollar. That’s a 33.33% reduction!


Do redemption stays still count towards status?


Full details on Golds get free breakfast too.


Golds are losing free breakfast


golds are becoming plats


What if your Marriott Gold is via the SPG Gold via Amex Platinum? Will you become Platinum or remain as Gold?


wondering the same thing!


Lots of marketing should make everyone worried about them pulling the wool over our eyes. The category changes will be most interesting.


Amex SPG card only earning 2 marriott ppd (2/3 of 1 SPG)…


Wow, peak vs off-peak point values.

Joe G

What cards can the SPG cards downgrade to that are free?

tony c



I am done with SPG once my Amex card changes from 3 points per dollar to 2 points per dollar. Much better off getting 2+% cashback on another card. And they are increasing teh annual fee to $450??? Crazy!


i believe the $450 is a new card…


What is the website that he just referenced for further details?

the other website he mentioned had to do wtih experiences


The Starwood AMEX will only earn 2 points per dollar on everyday purchases. Currently the card earns 3 points per dollar. This will be a massive card devaluation??

Don’t I want one spg point on all purchase?


Delta crossover rewards to end


will the Marriot card still be getting 5X at Marriott?


The Starwood AMEX will only earn 2 points per dollar on everyday purchases. Currently the card earns 3 points per dollar. This will be a massive card devaluation.

Don’t I currently earn only 1 spg point on everyday purchases ?


You earn 1 SPG point per dollar. But every SPG point transfers 3 marriott points. Basically that means you are earning 3 marriott points per dollar. Now they are downgrading that to 2 marriott points per dollar


will spg still transfer to airlines?

tony c

super Disaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One of my main questions is if that Tier 8 that’s coming will be for the luxury brands that currently, you can only book with points via calling. That would be a nice boost 🙂


Or some 7 will go up to 8…


5th night free on redemptions, staying or ending?




What kind of status will amex platinum cardholders get?


When does the downgrade to 2x points per dollar take effect on the SPG Amex cards?


Now here’s the interesting one. SPG Gold status converts to the new unnamed program’s “Gold Elite” status, while Marriott’s Gold converts to “Platinum Elite”. Except if you are SPG Gold you automatically have Marriott Gold. so which status level will Gold translate to?


So is it worth holding on to spg points or using/selling them before they merge programs?


Same question.


What are the rates on Starwood hotels going to look like? A property that’s now 7k will be 21k?

Cubs Fan

What do Marriott Platinum elite convert to?


What is the best card options to transfer the SPG business card into?


Disappointed so much. Disaster!
AE luxury card to spend $75K to just get middle tier level(New Platinum) with prepaying 450 dollars annual fee? Hilton offer top tier diamond level with similar AE card. Crazy disaster! Did they do market research?


What actually does platinum premium with ambassador get over platinum premium. As Lifetime Hilton diamond with 3000 plus nights and hundreds of nights each year, I supposedly get nothing different than a diamond with a credit card or match. When is Hilton going to honor their most loyal guests?


Any news on sign up bonus for the new premium card?


Hi- I am not a big “points” guy but would appreciate the guidance– I have the Citi Prestige Card and the AMEX SPG. I have currently been using the AMEX SPG for all my purchases but airfare and the Citi Prestige for airfare. I have been using SPG points for hotels for years.

So, if I understand, whereas before I will have needed to spend ~$3K for one free night at a Sheraton, now I will need to spend ~$6K.

Am I better off making the Citi Prestige card my everyday spend card? I do not necessarily want a new credit card.