Rack Up The Starpoints While You Still Can: There Will Be 6 Months Of Amazing Starwood Hotel Bargains!

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Yesterday I wrote about the new combined Marriott and Starwood award charts. There will be one unified chart in August when everyone’s Starpoint balance is tripled and another award chart in February 2019 when the new program with a new name is launched.

Marriott says that the majority of their 6,000+ SPG and Marriott hotels will be cheaper in August than they are now.

The August chart has 7 categories, which should map nicely with Starwood’s current 7 categories. SPG category 7 hotels like the S. Regis Bal Harbour, the S. Regis Princeville, Kauai, or the Gritti Palace Venice currently cost 30K-35K Starpoints, which is equal to 90K-105K Marriott points. Starting in August you’ll be able to reserve these hotels in the highest category for just 20K Starpoints per night or 60K points in the new program! With a 5 night stay those hotels will drop to just 16K Starpoints per night or 48K points in the new program!

SPG Category 6 hotels should also price out nicely, assuming they don’t move to the top-tier category 7 in the new program. Hotels like the Sheraton Tel Aviv,the W Hong Kong, the Westin Venice, the SLS Beverly Hills, and the W Retreat Vieques Island, Puerto Rico currently cost 20K-25K Starpoints, which is equal to 60K-75K Marriott points. Starting in August you’ll be able to reserve category 6 hotels for just 16,667 Starpoints per night or 50K points in the new program! With a 5 night stay those hotels will drop to just 13.3K Starpoints per night or 40K points in the new program!

That means now is the best time to rack up Starpoints. Currently you can earn 1 Starpoint per dollar everywhere, which is equal to 3 Marriott points. Starting in August that will be cut to just 2 Marriott points per dollar, which is equal to 0.67 Starpoints per dollar.

I’m going to focus my everyday spending on my Starwood card until then as current points will get even more valuable in the new program.

While spending on those cards becomes less valuable in August, I’ll still keep my cards to take advantage of the annual free night at hotels that cost up to 35K points.

August 2018 through January 2019 will be a great time to book current SPG hotels at bargain rates. You can even book travel for up to a year in advance and the lower rates will apply!

Starting in February 2019 some of those bargains will go away with the launch of another award chart with 8 categories. With that chart the cost per night for a top-tier hotel is 70K off peak (23.3K Starwood), 85K standard (28.3K Starwood), or 100K peak (33.3K Starwood). Those are still less than current pricing, but it’s not as big of a bargain.

But you will still be able to transfer points to more airlines than ever at the same current SPG transfer ratio, so there’s no reason not to rack up Starpoints now.

Once again, here is the current SPG chart (with pricing in Marriott points to make things comparable), the current Marriott chart, the new chart coming in August, and the new chart coming next February.

Previous Starwood ChartPrevious Previous Marriott ChartAugust 2018 Combined ChartFebruary 2019 Combined Chart
Category 16,000 (Weekends)
9,000 (Weekdays)
7,5007,5005,000 off-peak
7,500 standard
10,000 peak
Category 29,000 (Weekends)
12,000 (Weekdays)
10,00012,50010,000 off-peak
12,500 standard
15,000 peak
Category 321,00015,00017,50015,000 off-peak
17,500 standard
20,000 peak
Category 430,00020,00025,00020,000 off-peak
25,000 standard
30,000 peak
Category 536,000 off-peak
48,000 peak
25,00035,00030,000 off-peak
35,000 standard
40,000 peak
Category 660,000 off-peak
75,000 peak
30,00050,00040,000 off-peak
50,000 standard
60,000 peak
Category 790,000 off-peak
105,000 peak
35,00060,00050,000 off-peak
60,000 standard
70,000 peak
Category 8-40,000-70,000 off-peak
85,000 standard
100,000 peak
Category 9-45,000--
Ritz Tier 1-30,000--
Ritz Tier 2-40,000--
Ritz Tier 3-50,000--
Ritz Tier 4-60,000--
Ritz Tier 5-70,000--

Which hotels will you book when the new chart launches?

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@Dan have you heard what is gonna be with the ritz carlton free night certificates?


Any update on sign up bonus for the new SPG premium card?

Jonathan R

Can you book now for August using the new chart or do you have to wait for 8/1 to book?


Thanks! Any idea if we can transfer points btw accounts after August?


How is off-peak, standard, and peak going to be broken down?


What leads you to believe the “free night” starting in August won’t be as lame as it currently is, (i.e. Category 1-5)


If I already have both the Consumer and Business SPG Amex cards, will I get two free night awards? Or just one?


Will the value of my 7 night Marriott cat 1-5 certificate, go up? Will I be able to book in up to a Cat 5 SPG hotel?


if i’m using marriott points for a stay in August that I am transferring from spg points to marriott points should i wait or transfer now?


After August 1, there will only be 7 categories. So what will become of all the Marriott cat 8 and 9 hotels, and all the Ritz tiers – where will they be places?


What will become of the lifetime stays with SPG? I am about 35 short of getting lifetime platinum?


What’s the current surcharge on all suite properties.


was the free night always there, or is that new?


if i have a reservation currently booked should i cancel and that way the point will triple


From now until August, which credit card should I be using for gas?


Will the SPG cards which will now come with annual certificates be viewed as new products or the same product for purposes of the once in a lifetime bonus? Also,will existing SPG cards be converted to the new cards and if so, when will the annual certificate become available – one year from conversion? Thanks.


The annual fee for my SPG personal card posted a few days ago. Will I get the free night when I pay it? Or will I have to wait until after the programs are combined?


have reservation late Aug at Marriot 9 — will it change to a category 7?

I am gold via an Amex card — will I get free breakfast in August as think it will change to platinum for the balance of the year 2018


I am in the process of doing a platinum challenge. Wondering if its worth it at this point?


Will lifetime Marriott Platinum members get the suite upgrades?

Dan K

Dan—you keep on saying that there will be great bargains during the interim period starting in August, but you have not yet seen the list of hotels/categories for this interim period. For all you know, Marriott will bump-up certain hotels (e.g., a now-Category 4 SPG will be listed as a Category 6 in August).


Dan, what’s the story with cash and points!??

What\'s the best point bank for your buck?

So you’re putting all your eggs in SPG till August 1 as opposed to diversifying your spending with Chase quadfecta and Amex Blue for Business?


Saw somewhere that only one room per stay will count towards elite status. Not good for me as I normally take 3 rooms for kids and all rooms get counted.


Dan, the main benefit i received was being able to be SPG platinum with 25 stays per year which got me late checkout, welcome amenity, suite upgrade when available, etc. It looks like now there’s no way to become platinum unless i stay a minimum of 50 nights. True?


right now spg lets me transfer points from my wife, while marriott has a 50k limit I believe. What will the new program be like


also what’s the future of the ritz carlton card

Dr Moose

I think you confused the

Current Starwood Chart Current Marriott Chart

at the top of the chart


It used to be that spending 30k on Amex gets you SPG Gold, which meant late checkout, room upgrades (when available) and free breakfast at Marriots. Do these still exist? Or will the Gold from 35k spend be worth less than before?


You say u will use the spg card for everyday spend. What about for large spend over $5000 is it worth using the Amex biz platinum for 1.5 M/R points per dollar or use the SPG for 3 marriott points per dollar?


I have Ritz Card and I am currently SPG/Marriott Gold via Amex Platinum. If I spend 10K on Ritz will I be Marriott Gold and then Platinum in Aug? Want to close Amex platinum since annual fee has been posted and want to make sure the 10K will be worth spending on Ritz card instead of SPG Amex Business!!

Dr Moose

Do you think we’ll be able to use Ritz free nights at any SPG properties come August?


@dan is it worth transferring SPG to marriot points now for Miles+Nights Travel Package certificate? Or better wait and see what happens with the categories? Don’t want a cat5 or cat7 devalued once they change the categories.


Is it possible to combine two SPG accounts like Hilton allows?


Best change is the ability to get Platinum just by spending 75k on the new Amex.

Game-changer IMO.


Ritz carlton card had that already


Is this a good time to apply for a new SPG amex card and getting the once in lifetime bonus since it going away and will no longer be a SPG card but a Marriot card and therefore a different product ?


So any outstanding Marriott cat 1-5 certificates should be converted back to 15k SPG ASAP?


Wait, outstanding category 1-5 certificates dont get devalued and are now going to be valid in a 7 tier system as opposed to 15 levels. What will the be worth after in August and in February?


After 8/1of I have a marriot 7 night stay certificate I get as part of a package with air miles for Marriott points will I be able redeem it at SPG properties


If I fly lots with United ( book with points), as well as stay lots with SPG/marriott. Do you think I get more value using the United 1.5 per dollar credit card, or is it better to use the SPG thru Aug?


Hi Dan : what is going to happen to the SPG “nights and flights “ rewards


@Dan I plan on spending $75k between now and August on my sapphire reserve card in catergories that will earn 3 points per dollar. Is there any benefit to diverting some of that spend to my SPG if it will only earn 1 point per dollar?
I use SPG points but have more chase points stocked up (5 to 1 chase over spg points) as they can be used for any travel while I find spg has a better value when booking hotels.
Any advice?


To make sure I understand, the bargain is only for spg hotels. For Marriott hotels it pays to book now as it will become much more expensive.


Did you find out the answer to your question? Can the SPG or Marriott hotels that are going to have lower points for booking in August be booked now?



Should i open the SPG card now or wait?


@Dan I recently got the chase Marriott card.. 12k spend for 120k Marriott points.
Transfer that to spg 40k.
My q is should I transfer that or it’s worth holding for itself, based on their new system that will kick in Jan 2018.


Seems like it would be worth taking advantage of buying 35,000 SPG points for both mine and my wife’s SPG acccounts. Do you agree?


if I want to sell 50k spg points should I rush to sell them before august? which will be more valuable, before or after?


I have marmot points. When I call everyone gives me a different answer! Im booking for august. Do I book Starwood or Marriot? Which will get me the best value. Also seems you have to wait until august or they won’t credit?? I don’t want to wait until right before and lose a room….

Jackie Dolev

Website now says Starwood points will be doubled not tripled so in essence we are losing Starwood points if the new ratio is 3:1 for Marriott rewards. Isn’t better to cash them out now before August?