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The best deals often die quickly, so you’ll want to sign up for instant deal notifications now.

The DansDeals Apple & Android App has been a new reader favorite, but there are more options listed below.

Here are some options that you can use to keep on top of the latest deals!

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DansDeals App

The DansDeals app allows for customizable notifications. You can choose to receive either All, Points & Travel, Airfare Deals, Shopping, Credit Cards, or News notifications.

Even if you receive DansDeals notifications elsewhere, app users receive the HOT & HURRY deal notifications just by downloading the app and enabling notifications on your phone settings when opening the app for the first time.

Telegram notifications

Telegram is a fast provider of DansDeals alerts.

Step 1: Download Telegram for iOS here or Android here. You can also use Telegram on the web or for your PC or Mac for alerts on your phone or computer.

Step 2: Click here to access the @DansDeals channel and click join on the bottom:


Step 3: Click on the DansDeals channel name on top and ensure that notifications from the channel are on:

Twitter app push notifications

Twitter is another great option for push notifications.

Step 1: Download the Twitter app for iOS or Android and signup or login to your Twitter account.

Step 2: Search for DansDeals and click on follow.

Step 3: Click on the notification icon next to the follow button and enable notifications for “All Tweets” from @DansDeals.

Step 4: From the home page, click on your own profile image on the top left to get to the drop down settings menu and then on “settings and privacy.”

Step 5: Click on “Notifications” and then on “push notifications.”

Step 6: Enable push notifications on top and then enable them for Tweets from people you follow. When you click on Tweets, DansDeals should now should up in this section. You can select which accounts you want push notification from.

You can also disable push notifications for other Twitter alerts and actions on this page.

WhatsApp push notifications

WhatsApp is a very good option for push notifications, though sometimes these can have a slight delay versus the other options.

WhatsApp has rolled out its newest feature ‘Communities’ which finally allows us to send deal alerts to your WhatsApp without you having to share your number publicly. With groups people can see your number and lead to spam and stalkers as has happened before.

Use this link to join the community and to share with friends so they can join as well.

In order for the links we share to be clickable, you will need to save an admins phone number to your contacts. Please save 216-302-4839 or any of the other admin phone numbers in the community.

In-browser push notifications

When you first visit you should have the option to be notified of new posts. If you said “No thanks” you can still turn them on by clicking on the notification bell icon on the bottom left of the site:


Alternatively you can click on the secure icon in your browser’s URL bar and then editing the notifications settings to allow or block notifications in order to turn them on or off:


If you don’t have a smartphone, then you’ll want SMS alerts

Update 2023: GroupMe is no longer sending out links for SMS alerts. You can always go to when a deal is posted or you can subscribe to notifications with links from WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, and more.

You will need internet access to setup a GroupMe account to start getting SMS alerts, but you won’t need to use it again after you set it up and you won’t need to download any apps.

Unfortunately, SMS alerts no longer include the direct link to a deal, but you can always view deals by going to

These alerts can sometimes have long delays.

Note that you will not be joining a mass group with this option, you will only get SMS directly from DansDeals.

Step 1: Signup for a GroupMe account here with your email address and then enter the cell phone number on which you want to receive deal alerts.

(Note: If you already have a GroupMe account or have the GroupMe app, ensure from the settings menu that “receive messages via SMS” is enabled and then skip to step 3.)



Step 2: Verify your number with GroupMe via a PIN and click start chatting. You can click “text me the pin” if you don’t receive it:


Step 3: Click here to enable SMS notifications of new DansDeals posts.

You’ll have to login to your newly created GroupMe account and verify the PIN they will send to your cell phone.


Step 4: Click the allow button to finish enabling DansDeals SMS notifications to your phone:


You will then be forwarded back to DansDeals with a confirmation that SMS notifications have been set up successfully.

There is no need to download the GroupMe app, though you can do so if you want GroupMe push notifications instead of SMS alerts.

Kosher Telegram for Android

Telochat offers a filtered kosher version of Telegram for Android.

You won’t see any images in groups unless you request access to the group and the request is approved.

You can click here for the @DansDeals channel to follow us and request access to view images.

Daily Email Digest

Get a daily email with the deals posted in the past 24 hours by entering your email address in the form below, or in the right sidebar of this site.


* indicates required

Other methods of staying connected

Happy deal hunting!

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How much of a difference (in time or otherwise) is there between SMS (GroupMe) and Telegram?

Try it

Signup up for all options and do a real live experiment.
Keep us post with your findings.


I have sms and my friend has telegram and was standing next to me. The difference was two seconds max.


And which one won?


It was so close so Idk.


Option D doesn’t seem to be working from my phone. Is it an iPhone issue?


Hey @DansDeals have you considered creating a WhatsApp group?


Yes he has, unfortunately it’s limited and won’t work for he’s needs.


I hear. Thanks!


I just started re-getting your messages. Only issue with group me is that it’s not limited to 160 characters like it used to be.. A little annoying to get more than one text per post..


If you use GroupMe with email instead of SMS, and you set the email as your SMS email gateway, then you’ll get everything in one text.


Hi Dan, thanks for always keeping us updated with all the deals. Random question not connected to this post (DDF blocked on my filter); what credit card do you recommend for an 18 year old to build up credit score?


Is the GroupMe SMS service still considered to be beta at DansDeals or can it be considered an official, supported and viable SMS option now?


Just a thought: I moved to the GroupMe SMS notifications. To know which text is from Dan vs my regular contacts, I set up DDs texts with a different notification tone.


I did the same! Works like a charm…


Dan, does the GroupMe SMS option work like the old Twitter option in which I will be able to receive messages from only you, or will any of the thousands of followers be able to send a message for all of us to get? We all followed your sms version here but are worried that joining the GroupMe will basically be joining a chat together with thousands… and my phone cannot handle that.


Is Telegram service notification finished? I haven’t received notifications since yesterday (May 11).


i dont see the red bell for in browser notification…. and i managed to click allowed notification in the settings… but still not getting in browser notification …. am using chrome… any idea?


Shout out to Dan’s Deals by R’ Eli Stefansky in today’s Daf Yomi at MDY RBS.



Anyone else having issues getting twitter push notifications on android since yesterday?


I have not had issues with the Twitter app on my phone and notifications that I can tell. Using pixel 3aXL


That’s funny, because I just got this through Twitter sms while not on wifi


@Dan It seems it was only an issue on Android, furthermore, an update to the app seems to have fixed it. See below reddit thread:


the GroupMe option is working good for me


Why don’t you do a whatts app Status or Group


Because WhatsApp is for bums.

Pin Perl

Hi Dan, I live in the UK and signed up to a group me account a few days ago, followed the steps but haven’t received any sms yet?
Do you think only works to USA phones?


group me stopped sending me texts yesterday any reason?


I am trying to enable your notifications via groupme but when i try to log in using the link in step 3 it says verification failure? I am trying it on a computer, any ideas? (I don’t have internet on my phone)


Never mind, i wasn’t verifying the robot thing correctly. I got it now. Thanks, looking fwd to receiving the notifications!!


I’m subscribed to browser push notifications and noticed lately I haven’t been getting notifications…

Is it possible some other setting need to be turned on?


Same. I haven’t gotten a browser push notification for a while. I checked, and I’m subscribed. Any ideas?


Is there any source code or documentation for the groupme bot? I’ve been trying to create something for SMS notifications for a subreddit since twitter made this change.


Isn’t there some sort of DD Yom Tov today (5/24)?

A freillechin 5/24 to one and all!


I know it might not be the best in terms of getting notifications, but have you given any thought to the Apple News app?


can i follow with the group me thing also all other stuff i used to follow/? if yes how do i do it?



Thanks for the great group me notification service! as i used the twitter sms till now and now its vary hard for me to get twitter updates i would like to ask you if you can please share with me how to make such a bot for other accounts for my and my friends. i will really appriciate it thanks.


I would like to receive browser push notifications but I do not see the bell icon on the bottom left of the site. I’ve tried Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Any suggestions?

Thanks in adavnce.


Oh well… Is Google the next platform to nix DumbPhone users?

The following is an email I got from them today:

Securely signing in to Google just got easier
Google is improving 2-Step Verification so you can use Google prompts to sign in securely and better protect your account.
Prompts are push notifications that are sent securely to your phone. Because they don’t use SMS, they’re safe from emerging SMS-based threats.
Google sign-in prompts will be able to reach every eligible phone where you’re signed in after July 7, 2020. In most cases, other 2-Step Verification options will continue to work as backup second steps.
Google prompts protect your account
After you enter your password, Google sends a secure push notification to every eligible phone where you’re signed in. This prompt tells you when and where your password was entered, so you can decide whether to approve or block the attempt to sign in.
To stop getting prompts on a particular phone, sign out of that phone. Learn more about Google prompts.
You can always review your security settings in your Google Account.

The Google Accounts Team


Oh well, this sure seems like the beginning of the phase-out of a feature many non-smartphone users were relying on. 🙁


Use the backup codes, and save it on your dumb phone


Hi Dan,

I would like to receive browser push notifications but I do not see the bell icon on the bottom left of the site. I’ve tried Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


I wanna use this same GroupMe option but for a different Twitter account, can someone tell me how to set it up?


Trying to signup via Groupme. On the final page where it asks for the pin I’m getting the below error. Any advice?
“Sorry, an unknown error occurred. Please try again or contact


so any1 with an answer on that?


Can any 1 pls help, i had *like to follow also some other accounts (of course first is #DansDeals!) how do i do that? where do i found them? PLEASE HELP US HOLY NON SMARTPHONE JEWS!!!


Same here, anyone?


So I finally downloaded Telegram after missing way too many deals! Notifications seem spotty though I’ll get 5 notifications at once but some are from awhile ago. Tonight- I have no notifications showing up but when I go into Telegram there are 9 notifications! And yes; phone is set to allow Telegram notifications.

Any suggestions to improve this?


Do u have to keep telegram open to receive messages


Do you have to have telegram open to receive notices


Does option D work on an iPhone




Maybe its your phone.

Avi B

Seems like desktop chrome notifications have stopped working for a while Dan. I removed and reenabled notifications on chrome. Not sure.


i noticed that too, i thought the issue was with my browser…..
is there any fix for this?


Same here. It has been a while..


Dan why don’t you build a mobile app? That would be amazing!

Rivky Reiss

The link to find & join the DansDeals channel on Telegram doesn’t seem to be working.
I want to make sure I join before Prime Day.

Deal hacker

@Dan I have the GroupMe app and having a hard time adding myself to sms notifications. Is there anyway I can just get added to the group?


how do i disable my sms with groupme as i see its not much of a difference to my email thanx for e/t


Incredible. When do you ever sleep? Motzei Black Yom Shishi? Then there’s Cyber Yom Sheni. It never ends. Like 24/6.25, at least.


Chrome notifications just stopped working today. I resubscribed, we’ll see if that does it.


Back working for me now.




Hi Dan, upon trying to add my UK number to the groupme sms it doesn’t seem to work (I’ve read someone else complaining about it in this post) do you have a solution for us Londoners?






Dan, will you be joining the movement away from Twitter after they made it blatantly obvious they are politically motivated and biased? I deleted my account.

Dan is the best

Dan why don’t you make whatsapp status?


I see people pushing to move from WhatsApp to signal.
What’s the difference between signal and telegram?
If you know and don’t mind to share


In short, Whatsapp (belongs to Facebook) collects data about you, who you talk to, when, etc. It’s a company that makes it’s money by monetizing its data. They can’t read the content of the messages, however they know everything else about you.

Signal can’t read your messages either, and they claim not to keep track of anything about you, so if the government will them how often you talk to someone, they won’t be able to provide anything.

Yes, other companies also know that and keep track of you. Some things are easier to replace.

Texas Totty

It’s good we have so many options; no telling when we’ll be banned from what.


Haha bring out the crazies from the woodwork they said. And it looks like they’re showing up (here). People think they’re better because they’re using a different platform? Oh please! It’s all the exact same thing, read any companies terms or privacy policy if you’re so concerned what you’re getting into when using a service. I’m sure Dan will gladly remove a comment or ban someone for posting hateful language (talking extremely offensive ie racist or anti-Semitic) or incitement of violence (maybe why each comment is moderated before it goes live?). Social media is a lot worse for other things than removing people from their platform, I personally don’t use it for the privacy issues (think social dilemma movie) nothing to do with politics. If you don’t like it, don’t use it… it’s actually also a big reason why many people don’t get jobs or lose jobs is for posting harmful things on their social media. Happens all the time!


Time to move to Signal!!


Since a lot of us patriots are now avoiding Amazon as much as possible, can you try to show more deals on places like ebay or other online retails that don’t suppress half the country?


Thank you! I also wanted more eBay deals.


Hey Dan would it be possible to enable each subscriber to filter out which SMS messages they would like to receive? For example I personally would only want to receive price mistakes and crazy deals, as I’m not interested in almonds that went on sale on Amazon


Me too. I only want credit card and airline deals. Dont want the shopping deals or sponsored posts


Dan, you need to make your own texting line like Kolhaolam did.


@Dan, why cant you just post as WhatsApp statuses and whoever follows you will be able to see them just like KolHaolam and others?

Kosher phone yid

Dan can you make a regular txt w/o any apps or internet needed even to sign up like kol haolom, yeshiva world, VIN news (vos iz niyes) and possibly others did

Kosher phone yid

Why does this keep getting reposted any updates?
And can u plz make a no internet required sms ( thank you


You seem to be on the internet right now…

Kosher phone yid

I’m actually not really on the internet right now I’m using the Dan’s deals viewer from (which doesn’t work perfectly so I can’t respond to a specific msg only post general sry.) and am trying to stay with a kosher phone which Is why I won’t get telegram. So Dan plz? Thanx in advance (hopefully)


Hi dan why doesn’t GroupMe allow me to turn on sms notifications for always whenever I try that it says there’s an error it only lets me turn on sms notifications for 24 hours at a time I tried this on a few different devices how do I fix this?


Is there any way to subscribe or alert for certain keywords? No issues w/ Twitter/Telegram/etc., but sometimes I’d like to be alerted especially when something is “hot” and may go out of stock quickly – so I’d like to be alerted if a keyword matches my interests. Is this possible? Thx!


Pls open a discussion about the google photos policy changing on 6/1


I dont understand, what happens once I have GroupMe how am I getting your notifications?


Did google voice stop forwarding texts? I signed up for sms with my google voice number, due to concern of my number being on a group with all your followers. After today’s Target price mistake, I realized that I have not been getting the sms forwarded to my phone for the past few weeks.


Yes, they did.


Is there any way to only get notifications for HOT deals and not for all deals?


There are ways to filter it by wording … dont know exactly how…should not be to hard to set up


Do know how to do that?

Mr. CC

Anyway of signing up for specific categories?

Need to be cool?

The groupme sms texts are coming hours after the post was on website. Any way to get that fixed? By the time receive the txt the deal is over


Are the notifications going to include advertisements and sponsored “deals”?


Try it and let us know.


How can I enable Telegram notifications for only specific categories?


@Dan Is there any new update to this post or is it just reminder?


Is there a way to add a push notification to the website itself or put out an app?


In the Kosher Telegram Telochat you can’t Search for any groups/names, so rather add a direct link to you channel in the post above at that Telochat section.


How do i unsubscribe from the groupme texts?


@dan I would appreciate an answer to this too. I subscribed a few months ago, but it’s too much and would like to unsubscribe. Anyone knows how I can?


How do I stop getting texts while still getting group me?


@dan u needa make an app!!!!!!




You should honestly consider making one. It shouldn’t be too expensive and would reduce the dependent on other apps for notifications.


Ffs, just get Simple RSS+ from the App Store. Problem solved.


Lately, when going to the Facebook goup page I get the following message:
This content isn’t available right now
When this happens, it’s usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it’s been deleted.


Is there any way to sign up for sms or browser pushes just for a certain deal category? (I could’ve added example: credit cards, but I’ll be honest and write:) for example only airfare deals?


want this too


I have the same question as the “Canadian”, as I missed the deals for the flights from EY-USA, but do not want to receive a text for every other deal posted on the website.


@dan do you not recommend telleteens anymore?


@dan, Option E: Shmuzy Notifications Shmuzy for Android link does not work


“Shmuzy for Android”
broken link


Is there any way to be alerted by email? That way I can open a separate email account for this and set filtering rules to only alert by sound for certain keywords like “Smoking” or “Hot” etc. 🙂


great idea!


Very happy with the SMS without the links. Thanks


I use the GroupMe app for notifications. I find it to be quicker than WhatsApp. I am know getting 2 notifications per deal. One with a link and one without.


not always by computer to get deals please help get back sms


You can use Remind to send out notifications


dan i thought the sms is not working at all not just the links?


I’m signed up with groupme but so far I didn’t see any messages posted yet.


I can never find the additional discount on the product site. If it is a coupon that I need to check the box no problem


When are you going to offer alerts on threads?


For some reason my WhatsApp lately got really annoying about Dd and other commitments,
You have to first click on the chat, and then click again on ‘announcements’..
Is it just me?
Any way around this?


WhatsApp now requires 2 clicks to read the messages. Only for dansdeals of all my groups. My husband is in group one, his group required 2 clicks before mine did, I am in group 2. We both have android phones. We also find it very annoying. (I know we are spoiled) not sure if there was a setting that changed that can be changed back?! Thanks!

El cheapo

I don’t know what you did different with this message that you just sent out, for the first time in a long time the link to this post showed up in GroupMe and a way that I could click open.
It also had a preview that showed up normal.
It came in at about 4:32 PM


Clickable links with photos now back to GroupMe!


Whatsapp is annoying that I have to click twice to open the group


Can we get the reels also posted to WhatsApp status please?


I’m trying to join the WhatsApp community from the link, but it says it’s full.


Is there a way to restrict the times when the Whatsapp notifications come in? I would rather not have these alerts to come in during the night and early morning.


Time to add the newest method?


Community is full on what’s app can you make another one please


When will the app be avail for iPad?


Did you stop your RSS feed? I access it through Outlook and haven’t seen an update since 7 days ago.