Last Chance! Get A 100,000 Point Signup Bonus On The Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Credit Card+Annual 35K Free Hotel Night!

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Update: DEAD!

Update: Offer expired, now earn up to 75,000 points!

Originally posted on 5/3:

Chase launched the Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Credit Card today with a limited time introductory 100,000 point signup bonus for spending $5,000 in 3 months.

  • This card offers a free night upon every card anniversary at Starwood and Marriott hotels that cost up to 35K points per night. There are tons of great hotels to choose from, view sample hotels here.
  • You’ll earn 2 points per dollar on everyday purchases and 6 points per dollar at Marriott and Starwood hotels.
  • There are no foreign transaction fees.
  • The card comes with Silver elite status and if you spend $35K/year you’ll earn Gold status. Starting in 2019 you’ll also get 15 night credits towards earning elite status.
  • Cardholders will get free Premium WiFi at Marriott and Starwood hotels.
  • There is a $95 annual fee.
  • The product is not available to either (i) current cardmembers of the Marriott Rewards Premier or Marriott Rewards Premier Plus credit card, or (ii) previous cardmembers of the Marriott Rewards Premier or Marriott Rewards Premier Plus credit card who received a new cardmember bonus within the last 24 months.

If you have the old Marriott Premier card you can check here for a targeted offer to upgrade that card to the Premier Plus card. You would need to close that card to apply for the Premier Plus card as a new card.

This card is generally subject to 5/24 rules, though some readers have reported that they were approved despite being over 5/24.

Now is a great time to rack up Marriott and Starpoints points:

Currently you can transfer points back and forth between Starwood and Marriott with 1 Starpoints equaling 3 Marriott points.

In August, the Marriott and Starwood programs will begin their merger process with the launch of a unified award chart and the tripling of all existing Starwood points to become Marriott points. That August chart will have lots of incredible bargains. In February the programs will get a new name and the award chart won’t offer as many bargains.

Previous Starwood ChartPrevious Previous Marriott ChartAugust 2018 Combined ChartFebruary 2019 Combined Chart
Category 16,000 (Weekends)
9,000 (Weekdays)
7,5007,5005,000 off-peak
7,500 standard
10,000 peak
Category 29,000 (Weekends)
12,000 (Weekdays)
10,00012,50010,000 off-peak
12,500 standard
15,000 peak
Category 321,00015,00017,50015,000 off-peak
17,500 standard
20,000 peak
Category 430,00020,00025,00020,000 off-peak
25,000 standard
30,000 peak
Category 536,000 off-peak
48,000 peak
25,00035,00030,000 off-peak
35,000 standard
40,000 peak
Category 660,000 off-peak
75,000 peak
30,00050,00040,000 off-peak
50,000 standard
60,000 peak
Category 790,000 off-peak
105,000 peak
35,00060,00050,000 off-peak
60,000 standard
70,000 peak
Category 8-40,000-70,000 off-peak
85,000 standard
100,000 peak
Category 9-45,000--
Ritz Tier 1-30,000--
Ritz Tier 2-40,000--
Ritz Tier 3-50,000--
Ritz Tier 4-60,000--
Ritz Tier 5-70,000--


The August chart has 7 categories, which should map nicely with Starwood’s current 7 categories. SPG category 7 hotels like the S. Regis Maldives, S. Regis Bora BoraS. Regis Bal Harbour, the S. Regis Princeville, Kauai, the Al Maha Desert Resort Dubai, or the Gritti Palace Venice currently cost 30K-120K Starpoints, which is equal to 90K-360K Marriott points. Starting in August you’ll be able to reserve these hotels in the highest category for just 20K Starpoints per night or 60K points in the new program! With a 5 night stay those hotels will drop to just 16K Starpoints per night or 48K points in the new program!

Read more about those amazing changes here.

Starting in August you’ll be able to transfer to more airlines than ever. 60K Marriott points will convert into 25K airline miles.

You can also lock in some unbelievable bargains now with Marriott’s Miles+Nights Travel Packages.

Need more Starpoints/Marriott points? Buy them for 35% off on sale now for the last time ever!

There are lots of other great uses of Marriott points and Starpoints, where do you use your points?

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Any chance to get matched if I got the 75K bonus card last week?


5/24 applies?


Good question, funny Dan left that peice of info out.

Dan Fan

Subject to 5/24?


is the 100,000 Marriot points which is really only about 33,000 points for travel


Thanks Dan. I am a current Marriott Rewards Premier Card holder and was offered 20,000 points after making one purchase by the end of the year.

Leslie Sokolow

My husband got the 20K points after a single purchase, whereas I got offered 10K after a single purchase.

Both us have credit card anniversary dates in early June. If we upgrade now, we might be giving up the free night certificates we expect to post next month. From this fine print, it looks like we would miss out on our anniversary free night, however the language is confusing to me: “Please note that completing this product change may result in a change to the month you receive your annual Marriott Free Night Award e-certificate. Anniversary year means the year beginning with your account open date through the first statement date after your account open date anniversary, and the 12 monthly billing cycles after that each year.”

It sounds to me like we should wait on this offer until after our free night certs post.


I have an Amex spg
is it the same? Or should I apply for this one too?


Anything to loose if they offer to upgrade? Is the AF the same? I got offered 10K bonus’s


yes! losing the signup bonus!!! surprised dan didnt mention that


I was also offered 20,000 points to upgrade. I opened my Marriott Premiere card more than 3 years ago. Is there any downside to canceling the card and applying for 100,000 card, or should I upgrade and get the 20,000 points?




On a side note- does the 3BM method still work?? Can I apply for multiple of the same card using 3BM? How about two different Chase cards? Thanks!


What is more valuable? This card or SPG?


Im over 5/24 and got approved


can i get the signup for the Marriott Rewards Premier BUSINESS as well?

daniel s

when does the offer expire? I am going on my honeymoon end of July and will most likely spend more than 5K.. I want to open it as close to July as possible


Is there an international exchange fee on this card when using it in another currency? I live abroad…


Thanks dan,
Sad that category 6 Marriott increases from 30k night to 50k night, unless I am missing something, am I?


Does upgrading require a hard pull?


If I signed up for the 75K bonus card and need to call Chase Reconsideration – is it possible to get them to approve me for this card instead? Or would that require a new application?


off topic
By applying for a business card as sole proprietorship, is the same as applying as a corp, on the personal credit report?

dan\'s fan

if my card annaversary is may will i get a free night in aug or need to wait till next may


Can these 100,000 points be used like other Chase points? For example can I use my Sapphire Reserve 1.5x multiplier to get 150,000 travel points with Chase?


where is the link for 100K for Business Marriott Card – only see 75K?


what does the 24 month bonus apply when you opened it? closed it , recieve the bonus they all happen at diffrent times and i keep getting conflicting answers from people and reps when it can or cannot be used etc


Dan sounds like a good offer but i cant get over the $95 annual fee


Anybody know if it’s possible to transfer these 100,000 points to a chase sapphire reserve account?


It’s not possible


What does gold status get u


Just applied and got approved and had more then 5/24


Confirmed by Chase:
1) If you close a current Marriott Premier Card account and wish to apply the new Premier Plus account with 100,000 bonus points, you may do so as long as you have not received any sign up bonus points within the last 24 months.
2) There is no credit check processed for a product change (i.e. Premier to Premier Plus)
3) You may keep your current Premier Card and apply for a new Premier Plus Card.

Sorry if this information is repeated.


Dan – If I have the SPG card, is there a downside to closing the SPG card and applying for the Marriott card? I don’t want to pay the $95 fee on both cards.


Is there a fee for additional card holders like the Reserve?


6/24 – 30 day notice


Is there a free card to downgrade to?


What do you think of the current 75K offer for the Marriott Rewards Premier Business credit card after $3K spend?


Taking out a mortgage shortly. Will applying for a business cc affect my cc (vs consumer)?


Typo. I meant credit score when applying for a business cc (or 3 using the vaunted 3M method).


You can probably find this topic discussed at length elsewhere on this blog. But business cards from most banks do not appear on your personal credit report even if it’s a sole prop and you use your ssn. Look on the blog for business card offers and you’ll find more details on this…if you want to be extremely cautious bc you’re about to take out a mortgage and you’re worried about 2-3 points on your credit score (most of the time your rate is dependent on a band of score) then you can always just wait until you get your rate lock from the bank.


Got the Mutombo finger wag from Chase (oy vey)


Can I merge mine and my wife’s Marriott points, similar to SPG points?


Is there a small business Marriott Rewards credit card that has the same 100,000 signup bonus offer?


Hi Dan, is there a DDF thread that tackles the chase credit card shutdown slaughter.


If approved despite 5/24 that means you will get the 100k bonus too? Or does it just mean approved. (I was once “approved for an amex card, assuming oh if approved I get the bonus. But they denied the bonus despite approval)


5/24 has nothing to do with the sign-up bonus. 5/24 should stop you from getting the card but has no ramification in terms of the sign-up bonus.

Sammy j

Hi just wanted to know if I can sign my wife up for this one and then transfer her signup bonus points to my marriot rewards account, I am not eligible for the signup bonus

Big moe

Can I transfer these points to airline FF programs similar to SPG, or can I only use the at Marriot?


will a 2bm work with a business ink card and this card?


hey dan, does the credit trick apply to the fee?


I also got denied due to 5/24.


I want to cancel this card as I have no need for it. I just received my free night. If I cancel the card before I use the free night will they take the night away or is it mine no matter what?

different route

thanks Dan, this post made me excited to get a new chase: I was only a few days out of 5/24 (need the full month) so i needed to decide between This, CSR, or ink preferred but BH chose and was approved for the 80000 ink preferred.
thanks 🙂


Have you heard of a premium Marriott rewards credit card offering 10 points per dollar spent?? I think it’s black


I was told that there were no offers on my old card which I got just over 24 months ago. I was advised to close the card and apply for the new one. That application was denied because their system still showed my having the old card. I was told they would not reconsider the application because their system would not allow them to do that.I was told I had to reapply. When I asked when I should do that, they refused to give me an answer, but stated “it can take several billing cycles.”


denied “too many cards opened in the last 2 years”


i applied and was denied. i am over 5/24


Trying to decide if I should go for the signup bonus on only one of the following (can’t meet minimum spend on both at once):
1. Marriott Rewards – 100K
2. Ink Business Preferred – 80K

OR start building Chase Quadfecta arsenal? I only have Freedom… and which one to get first/next CSR,CIC,CFU?
If this option, I’d try for CFU and one other with 2BM.

At most I’m 2/24.



1) Are there any benefits to having both this and the SPG card (besides the anniversary night)? I have them both but perhaps would cancel one once AF kicks in 2) How does this card compare to the SPG as far as other benefits goes? 3) Return protection the same? Thanks!


I just signed up for the premier card about 2 months ago. Can I upgrade to the plus card and then in about a few months close this one and apply for the premier plus card?

Ddf memeber

Hi. Just got the marriot rewards few days bfr this one came out.
Didn’t get bonus yet. Can I apply for this one?
What’s the perks +/- btw both of them


my applicator was denied because they said I was over the 5/24. How did everyone else get around this?

Saudi prince ll

Where can I apply?? Nothing on the post


when is this offer good until? I need to charge my kids’ tuition on the card to spend 5000 and I don’t know if the school will agree to already charge me for fall tuition.


I never heard of a school turning down tuition 🙂

Saudi prince ll

Got denied for 5/24 ….anything I can do?


I saw some where that The upcoming Amex SPG will offer similar bonus, but the bonus will not be available if u already have this card. Is this correct? And if so, is one better than the other?


Dan, thoughts on this offer vs the 100K offer?:

Also, any thoughts on the Ritz card moving forward? A good time to apply? Will the Cat 1-4 credit essentially be up to cat 6 moving forward…120K points under the new system or only work at Ritz properties?


If I want to combine my wifes marriot points into my account, I know I can open a spg account for her and then transfer them to my spg account.
Can i transfer directly from her marriot account to mine? and if not, then come august will i be able to just like spg?


4/24 – Application went to “pending” initially.
Called reconsideration line, and the application was cleared without any further questions.
They only verified the cell number by sending a one-time code


Can I sign up for this marriot card? If I signed up for the Hyatt card 3 days ago?…. do I need to wait a month ?


Any nice hotels in Jerusalem to use these points on?


Will there be any difference, between the SPG Starwood card and the Marriott card, once they merge both programs?

Elliott Goldstein

Hey Dan
Few months ago I signed up for spg buisness card and git the 35,000 bonus
Will I still get the 100,000 bonus for signing up for Marriott card?


HI, is this valid 24 months from opening a card or 24 months from using the points?


Does the free anniversary night room over if it is not used?


I have a Marriott rewards card but it doesn’t say Premier or Premier Plus on it. Does that mean I would be eligible for the 100,000 points sign up bonus or is every card a Premier?


Applied for this card, was told it was pending. Multiple calls to verification line also told me it was pending and they don’t have any issues with the app but no answer yet. I was expecting the worst, but called up again the other day and was told it had been approved! They also gave me almost double the limit of my next highest card.


Hi dan i would really appreciate if you can answer me this one! Im exactly by 5/24 and a few months away for 1 card to fall of will i get approved? If yes how many cards is the max amount personal cards i could apply for true chase? And if i get approved for the max limit of cards i could apply for. will that stop me of getting approved for a business card?
Sorry for the whole complicated question Just there is too many cards out there with amazing Sign up bonuses to pick from! Tnx!


What credit score do I need


If I get approved after the SUB expires, will I still receive the SUB?


Application page is down for me 4:15pm eastern on 7/11


Will the sign up bonus still work if I get approved after the promotion ends because my application has been pending for a few days…


Can I sign up for this card, spend the $5k to get the sign up bonus and then transfer the points to my Amex starwood card, so I can avoid the $95 annual fee?


How to these points compare to chase points?


Please HALP. Have a solid credit score (725), am under 5/24, but they said no because I have a relatively short credit history (2 years) and have delinquencies on my report (but they’re quite old- forgot to pay student loans).

I’ve tried HUCA but same thing! Any magic words like with the authorized user issue?


Hmm. Sorry not sure. Good luck tho!




Applied and got 7-10 days on the automated system. I’m currently 5/24 on 08.01.2018 I will be 3/24. Can I call recon in 3 weeks tell them I’m under 5/24? and still be eligible for the 100k bonus?


Do these chase points merge with other chase points?
Is this an equivalent to the 100k points of chase sapphire?


No and no


The sign up bonus is 100k ultimate rewards or 100k in Marriott?


If I recently (last month) opened ritz card and was approved, will I still be able to open this card?


Wanted to confirm, are you eligible for the signup bonus if you are a current holder of the Marriott Reward Premier Business Card (as a sole proprietor), but you are not a current or former holder of the Marriott Rewards Premier or Marriott Rewards Premier Plus credit card? Thanks


is it dead? It doesnt show up on your link


Hi Dan, urgent question at last minute! My wife and I are both just out of 5/24 I think we probably only able to do 1 or 2 more before we’re out again. Do you think we should “waste” 1 on this or since we don’t need the points now, meanwhile stick to biz cards that don’t hurt 5/24? (We both never had the reserve card, hoping a bonus will come on that soon)


Dan, if I opened a Marriott premier card a month an a half ago and just reached my 3k spending, but still haven’t received my 75k bonus, will I be able to product change today and get the 100k points after I spend 2k more instead?


is it dead yet? i’m having trouble applying


It seems to be available on the chase website


can you post a link? I cant find a working one anywhere?


The offer is now for 75K…….


Does this card also earn ultimate rewards points?