Poll: Did You Buy A Powerball Ticket?

Every news site that you visit is covering tonight's record smashing $1.5 Billion Powerball. So I figured it would be interesting to know if my...

Poll: Will You Be Changing Your El Al Ticket To Fly Nonstop?

So we know the facts now, changing your flight to a nonstop will allow you to not only fly nonstop but also to change...

Poll: How Many Tickets Did You Book To Israel Today?

Include tickets that you purchased for family and friends in your poll response. Think you booked the most tickets? Post a comment!

Poll: What Do You Do With Your Starwood Starpoints?

Related: -Starwood AMEX Linky   The US Mint should be able to help you there in no time! -Starpoints Rewards Catalog Linky -dansdeals.com/forums, where experts will tackle your...

What Are Your Shopping Plans For This Black Friday?


Poll: To Take Or Not To Take The Bump?

Update 2: I think the saying "pigs get fat, but hogs get slaughtered" applies here-I'll take my winnings and head home on the 8:30...

Poll: Which Network Carrier Will Be The Next To Eliminate Free Checked Luggage?

Update: 4:35pm: That's all folks, USAir has now matched! {democracy:7}

Reader Poll: Which US Based Airline Do You Think Will Be The Next To Cease Operations?

With ATA, Aloha, and Skybus all gone who do you think will be next? It's always good to remember that while miles will...

Pick The Next Article I Should Write…

{democracy:5} Feel free to suggest your own idea in a comment! You can only vote once so make it count!

2008 Caucus/Primary Voting Starts Today In Iowa-Which Candidate Are You? Play USAToday’s Candidate Match Game And Find Out!

USAToday's Candidate Match Game Linky Answer questions about 11 key issues and find out which candidate you are most closely aligned with! After you play the...

Please Participate In This Poll!

Please take the time to participate in this poll so that I can know why you come here and to help better tailor the...

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