Poll: To Take Or Not To Take The Bump?


Update 2: I think the saying “pigs get fat, but hogs get slaughtered” applies here-I’ll take my winnings and head home on the 8:30 Continental flight. Then again if it wasn’t a holiday I would probably waste the day away in the airport.
Best of all? I’ll get double elite flight segment points on Continental because I was rebooked on a full fare Y ticket, which will push me over the elite requalification line for 2009! It’s the first time I’ve ever become elite based on elite flight segment points (30 this year).
So, what would you have done today in my situation?

Update: Bumpity bumpity…Just got bumped off my next United flight to Cleveland. The calls for free tickets echoing across the terminals at O’ Hare today were quite the contrast from Continental where their revenue management has been boiled down to a science and bumps are quite rare.
I could keep playing this game all day long, but tonight is a jewish holiday and I do need to get home at some point…
So I’m now holding 2 tickets, 1 on an 8:30am CDT flight on Continental and a 10:30am flight on United in first class that I can probably get bumped off of as well, but the next flight wouldn’t be until 12:10 on Continental…quite the dilemma 😉

So I just got bumped while flying United from Chicago to Cleveland last night.  I love the media stories of the horrors of getting bumped…With a free hotel room, a confirmed first class seat and a free future flight what else could I do?!?