Has Your Matched JetBlue Mosaic Status Been Extended Again?

Eric Salard [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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Last July, JetBlue offered the ability to match status from another airline to earn Mosaic status on JetBlue.

Last month, I noted that JetBlue had once again extended the status from 12/31/17 to 1/31/18, as I predicted might happen.

Numerous readers have let me know that their status was extended again through 12/31/18. However others have posted that their status has expired.

You can check the expiration of your Mosaic status by logging into your TrueBlue account and clicking on “Print my card”

Officially, you had to spend $1,250 on JetBlue flights within 90 days to have your status extended. From a small sample of responses, it seems that people who flew a lot less than that still got extended, though people who didn’t fly weren’t extended.

Has Your JetBlue Mosaic Status Been Extended Through 12/31/18?

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Was your status extended? Share your flying patterns in the comments!

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Although mine was not extended. My wife’s was! We both flew on several paid flights during the match period.


I have Mosaic, anywhere I can get a status match with it?


Alaska Airlines


Do they match mvp or mvp gold from mosaic?


JetBlue TrueBlue Mosaic -> Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan MVP

Andrew Lock

It’s a shame mine didn’t get extended. The mosaic status was so useful that I flew JetBlue instead of Delta on multiple flights – even though that meant giving up the possibility of an upgrade. Just didn’t fly enough to keep the status.


there must be some glitch. No status, but when I look at the page that shows what you need to qualify it says “not yet qualified”


MIne wasnt extended and we are flying Jetblue on Tuesday…they wont give me free bags even though I had the reservations while in Mossaic status. They said have to have mossaic at time of flight..missed it by a week! annoying


this is wrong and id complain to dot- doesnt your email clearly say 2 bags? i have a similar situation coming up in may

Kvetch Kup

Get a life.

Crazy Tools

Mine got extended through January. I flew one paid flight in January but I am now back to being a plain trueblue member..
Oh well


Mosaic was not extended past end of January but just flew in February and had *even more speed*


did u have bags included?


flew once bwi-bos while under mosaic and got extended till the end of 2018!


I see my acct. exp. 12/31/2018. I think maybe the reason for the glitch is because i did it the last day of the promo, which was aug 14 & also maybe it depends which airline it was matched, mines was delta. Now i just hope they dont wake up.


And I flew 3x in December and January


Interestingly, I was just notified my United Silver status was extended again due to my Marriott Platinum status rolling over which is how I received Mosaic status last year originally. Anyone know if I can ask for a match again for Mosaic based on my United Silver which I earned from my Marriott Platinum (LOL)?