Poll: Have You Been Able To Get A Refund For Your Cancelled Flight?

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If an airline cancels your flight, the law is clear, they must refund you. That’s why I always advise people to wait until the last minute to cancel their non-refundable flight to see if the airline winds up cancelling the flight.

Refunds for cancelled flights are required according to US law, Israeli law, European law, etc.

Refunds have to be given within 7 days, they can’t be held onto for a year, ahem, United.

Be sure to call your booking agent or airline to request a refund and ask for a supervisor if needed. You may need to HUCA. If you accept a voucher you may not be able to get a refund.

But what are your options if they refuse?

  • You can dispute the charge with your credit card. Just note that if you used a personal travel agent that you’ll be taking the money out of their pocket rather than the airline’s pocket.
  • You can file a complaint with the US DoT or with the relevant local complaint board.
  • If those options fail, you can take the airline to small claims court.

I once had to wait 8 months to get a refund for a cancelled flight. The airlines are quick to charge fees if you need to cancel, but they hate giving back money when they have to cancel. You’ll have to work to keep them honest.

Have you been able to get a refund for your cancelled flight?

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Share which airlines have given a refund or refused to give you a refund for a cancelled flight in the comments!

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Westjet canceled our flight and refused to refund the money back onto the CC. Will only give travel bank credit.

Ilene Van Houter

United redeposited all my points, waived change fees and refunded my taxes


Was this on a canceled flight?

Rachael S

I’m curious to know if this was a United flight or another flight that you just booked with United miles? I have an American flight that was booked with Chase Sapphire reserve points…


It was a Copa flight booked through United. The flight wasn’t cancelled yet, but they weren’t letting foreigners into the country

Adrianne Berger

United won’t redeposit my miles without charging me $100 (flight wasn’t cancelled though)


What are my options if united refuses to refund and was purchased with UR ?

Carl Sherer

I’ve been promised a refund (technically that they won’t charge my credit card) by British Airways, but nothing confirmed in writing yet. Flight was this morning.


Received refund for self and 2 companions (I’m 1K) but my third companion (cross referenced but not on same PNR) did not receive refund. Same itinerary, requested refund at the same time. (only one leg had been canceled by LH, United claimed it’s not their problem. Ahemm, all long haul segments were on UA, and ticket was on UA stock)


I have a British airways ticket to Rome for April 1st and the ticket was cancelled but I didn’t receive a refund. I called up and they’d refused to refund me they said they will only give me future credit.


Booked Delta flight using Virgin Atlantic miles. Delta canceled. Waited on line for 1.5 hours. Virgin refunded points only, but not taxes. Previously Virgin had a form online to request refunds. That is no longer on their web site. Instead it redirects you to a page on rebooking.


I had a direct IAD to TLV flight on UA they cancelled and changed me to a long connection in EWR.
They refuse to refund me.
What should I do?




What are the chances of seminary girls and yeshiva boys being able to go to Israel after Pesach


Very slim chance. If they came back to the US already, then their school year is most probably over


will yeshivas open?


I hope not. Stay safe all




I just got my Air Canada refund today. It was cancelled on 3/17 and that’s the date posted in my cc account. It was for flights on 4/6, where the connecting leg got cancelled.

Bonnie Kurnick

Air Canada gave me a full refund because it was booked before March 2nd ( I think that date ).


help me please they are telling me only credit , what do i tell them


how did you get them to give a refund they only want to give me 24 month travel credit and they canceled my flights


I booked flights via AMEX travel (using points) and AMEX says I must speak with the airline to cancel & the airlines (air france outbound and alitalia return) both say that I must speak with booking agent. I have been on hold for hours and spoken with both airlines and AMEX – nothing resolved.
I also booked another set of flights using the AA mileage saver rewards and site says they are non-refundable. anything to do here?

Sam the man

United would only give me credit for flight this weekend to Canada that has closed borders !


If Canada is Considered international then I believe the policy is that they will refund the credit if you don’t use it before 12/31/2020


Isnt it….. international? ???


Transavia refunded automatically. Level/vueling didn’t offer the option via email or on their website, but when I called them and told them the law they quickly refunded. Still waiting on Turkish to cancel the last of my flights..


I have a United flight booked for mid-May and I DON’T want a voucher credit so I will patiently wait to see if the flight will be canceled to get a refund.

Bonnie Kurnick

I just spoke with UA and they said even if they cancel my flight……they will only give me a credit. They claimed it was the governments fault for having to cancel the flights not theirs!!


Thank you for the heads up.


…And the government is probably going to bail them out with your tax dollars so…

Need the money

My brother in law booked a flight with justfly the flights were cancelled by the airline but we can’t get a refund from them, it’s impossible to get ahold of them (4 he wait time and then they hang up on you) and their automatic system still requires their usual fees if you try to cancel were not really sure what to do.


On March 4 Lufthansa cancelled my flight, I called and was told I will get a full refund in 7-14 Business days. Have not received it yet (hasn’t been 14 business days though)


Dan are you sure that you’ll be disputing the agents charge? Recently I went through an agent and there were 2 charges one for the agent and one to the airline.


As you suggested, I haven’t tried yet, especially since it’s United! What’s the latest before travel date should I leave it to?


Couldn’t get through to United or Expedia to cancel my flight within 24hrs of booking. Disputed it and got all the money back 2 days later


United first refused but eventually felt bad for me and agreed to fully refund


What was your claim other than Carona virus which they apparently don’t care about for an excuse?


They canceled my trip a day or 2 before the Mexico ban and told them I needed the money to rebook on another flight. I also told them I’m not in the business of lending airlines money interest free for a year


I’m having a tough time with reaching Priceline. My flight for April 6 tlv-lhr-ewr was cancelled by Virgin however Priceline still shows it active on my itinerary, they have sent me no notification, and they won’t answer my call because my travel is not within 72 hours. Can you please give me some advice on how to handle this? I can press cancel on my Priceline itinerary but I don’t want to do that because I want the refund. I’ve never dealt with Priceline before so I’m not sure how to approach this. Thanks for any advice you can give.


Welcome to the club. I wrote a letter and sent priority mail complete with timeline and chat histories.


Can’t get AC on the phone.


United cancelled my flight (well, didn’t actually cancel, but they changed the flight schedule by 12 hours into Shabbat). They refused to refund my paid ticket, and would only issue a travel credit.


I was told today that if the change is more than 6 hrs from the time of the canceled flight then they have reason to issue a refund.


AC wont even put you on hold. Insane
Any ideas would help. Please


Jut an FYI…..do not ever purchase through “trip.com” say they will refund, email that they will refund but dont!
CC was very good and reversed the charges immediately.
(Not just me but two others that I have spoken with as well)
Stay away from them!


My sister booked NYC to TLV on El Al, but bought the ticket through Vayama.com. So El Al says they can’t cancel it, but they did freeze it for one year. Vayama customer service is very hard to get through to by phone. Should we email them? Any advice? Please help.


Bought tickets with UR on SAS for 04/05, SAS website is updated with cancelled flights only thru 04/02.
Any suggestion how i get my 200k points back???
Thanks Dan!


Sue them!


I booked via Expedia with Kenya Airways and it was impossible to get a refund. I was on the phone with Expedia for 7 hours and they finally issued me a full refund. It was not easy.


Once el al cancelled the first leg of my flight, Kiwi.com refunded my entire trip in less than 24 hours.


Norwegian has almost $4k of my money for a spring break trip to Europe. They aren’t answering the phones so I disputed the charge with Chase. Time will tell…


Norwegian is waiting until the last minute to cancel. I had a flight for tomorrow and they just canceled. They’re trying to get the passenger to cave in first and cancel so they don’t have to refund so I’d recommend waiting it out.


How many hours prior to flight is someone suppose to notify Swiss Air to cancel? My son’s return flight from israel was canceled 2 weeks ago by Swiss air and they rebooked him with United for Wednesday night. He wants to stay in israel now. I am waiting for United to cancel first.


Booked through UR with ElAl for March 30. ElAl keeps changing the flight, including moving it to 4:50 AM on March 31.. In yesterday’s change, they gave me the option to ‘confirm’ or ‘decline’. Am afraid to hit ‘decline’ yet. What do you think would be the next step if I declined? Unfortunately, they will likely never cancel the flight.


I have the same question, regarding an April flight. So, please let us know what happens !


If i book today will flight be refunded if don’t travel in next few weeks? Most likely will book Jetblue


I booked LGA-DFW-SYD for July, and return SYD-LAX-JFK. Booked with American using AA miles. Paid extra USD $110 going and AUD $180 returning for extra legroom seats on the Qantas transPacific flights. Now the DFW-SYD flight switched lanes from A380 to 787, and the seat I paid for (71D) no longer exists. They switched me to a regular aisle seat. What to do? Can’t get them on the phone. No sign that they are refunding my $110, or attempting to give me a different extra legroom seat.

Esti A

AA – refused refund. This despite stating how we are quarantined and it will be a PR disaster for AA if word gets out how the airline knowingly allowed infected ppl to fly.
Porter – refused refund.
Spirit – refused refund.

Elisheva Appel

I think my daughter’s flight next week from TLV to ORD through Paris will be cancelled if it hasn’t already. Anyway, we decided to bring her home this week straight to the U.S. I’m wondering if she will be able to use the original return flight on 4/23? Or will that get cancelled too.


Air France is very strict about refunds. No one to talk to!


I had a Jetblue flight for Pesach that was canceled. I called and they offered to put me on a flight for the same day. They said they don’t have to refund me because they would put me on a comparable flight. I asked to speak to a supervisor and after a few minutes on hold, they refunded me. (They tried to push a travel credit on me…)


Hi, I had 3 flights on 3 airlines. interjet booked through Expedia. Eventually, I was able to get an airline credit (valid for a year) through Expedia, after trying, to reach Interjet For days. So, it’s not a refund, but as closest I was able to get.
Latam, and Viva Air Columbia, both allowed a single change for free. Latam claimed they only refund for those in higher tier price categories. Viva Air Columbia was easy as they allow free changes regardless for my ticket….
So overall, ironically, the ticket booked not through the airline was the most forgiving and flexible.


Is this law true even if they reschedule you within 12 hours?


Jetblue is wiling to give me a travel bank credit for my pesach flights if I cancel. But I really don’t want to take the risk of that balance in the event that I don’t fly again soon.

(Some of the legs on my trip were paid for by miles, and I canceled those. They refunded the miles and gave me the $5.60 fee per leg as a travel bank credit).

Any strategy to get them to refund me the $$?


Aeroflot refunded all four tickets


Did you call them? Or did they send you information via e-mail about refunding?

Leib Meadvin

My daughter had 5 tickets r/t to Orlando on spirit. Because they changed the time of the return flight they were willing to refund that leg

I also bought 2 tix on that flight using Chase Portal. Should I contact Spirit to cancel or Chase?

United Question

@Dan, according to US law, is an airline required to refund a canceled return flight?

We flew to Eretz Yisroel March 3rd, our return on March 24th was changed from UA85 to UA91. Are they required by law to refund the return flight?


What about tickets booked with UR? Aeroflot agreed to refund it but Chase did not give back my points so far. No one to talk to. I am sure others have the same issue. TY


Delta will only give us a credit that we have to use in a year from the date that we purchased the ticket.


My son’s flight back to Israel at the end of April has been changed twice. Our travel agent said we should be able to get a refund. He contacted EL AL last week and EL AL’s response was that they have no money, so no refund. I just filed a dispute online with my credit card. I have not been accepting or declining the info EL AL has been sending me every time they change his flight. The flight might not ever be cancelled because they will just keep pushing it off.Anything else I should do , Dan?


If United only cancels the return (after having flown the outbound)am I entitled to a full refund? Or only a partial refund


Is the only option with Jetblue “travel bank credit for a year” or can I demand a refund if they cancel my flight?


I believe both Israeli law and US law, state that if flight are canceled by circumstances beyond airlines’ control, they are exempt. Is that grounds for them to refuse refunds?


US and EU laws have loopholes for airlines to get away with. The IL law doesn’t.

Meir Levi

I have a aeroflot flight on Wednesday and I came home already is there anything for me to the flight is still going


United refuses to return my taxes and restore my miles. I have called many times. My flight from EWR has not yet been cancelled. They told me that they won’t fulfill my request even if the flight is cancelled. They told me there are many empty seats on the flight. They haven’t even had the decency to inform me that if I show up at the airport I will be denied boarding. They told me they expect me to read the papers.


How many hours before a Qantas miles booking do you have to cancel the flight to get your miles back?


Refunds for partner award redemption tickets have not been easy at all, especially with KrisFlyer where the redeemed miles have now expired.


El Al cancelled my flights. Said I’ll get a refund once things return to normal, and definitely not before May.


I got back points from Delta cancellation and preemptively cancelled a post pesach round trip flight with Turkish to Israel and was refunded at 100% of points. Both refunds credited by Chase Ultimate Rewards travel. It did take many many hours of hold time tho.


Lot airlines- not sure how long it will take


I booked an Alaskan cruise set to sail on NCL at the end of June. My credit card was charged in full in February but I have not as yet paid the cc bill (payment is due on April 10th.) In the event that the cruise is canceled, or, if we will not yet feel safe going on the cruise even if it is sailing, I don’t want to be stuck with a cruise credit rather than a refund since we generally have a very limited window of when we could go each year, and we won’t know if we’d be able to get the same itinerary, or class of cabin, for the credit amount within the rebooking period. And even if there is a refund offered, who knows if the cruise lines will be in the financially solvent position of making all these refunds to tens of thousands customers as the stuff continues to hit the fan?

My question is whether there is any wisdom to trying to dispute the charge with the cc company (it’s an Alaskan Airlines Visa card through Bank of America) based upon the fears and uncertainty of the times, etc. — just to try and be on the safe side? In other words, am I better off trying to have NCL chase me for the money rather than me trying to chase them for a refund, or is there a risk to me trying to be a bit too clever and somehow losing out on everything in the process?


I was bringing in 4 family members from Israel. 6 of them had 2 reservations and none had the same routing!!! For one of them I was on hold or passed off to the next level of management from 1:25 pm to 7:50 pm I did most of the holding but my husband baby sat so I could eat dinner. The others also took at least an hour each but I was done.

Isidore Teitelbaum

I cancelled flights to Ireland that were booked by Priceline working with Cosmos. Cosmos originally told me the air portion was non refundable. I went to United and cancelled, and they said the purchase price would be returned to my credit card within 7 days.
I had a second set of flights on United to Florida for Pesach – cancelled those but they gave me vouchers, no cash. Still have Frontier tickets for the retrurn from Pesach in Florida, haven’t cancelled yet, waiting a few more days.


I had a flight on Turkish booked through Amex. It took a few hours to finally get to a person that could cancel it. They cancelled refunded and no fee because Turkish had changed the flights from my original booking, which appears to be happening a lot. I have two more trips coming up both on ElAl and one on United we will see if I get that lucky

Bernice Gilbert



I was bringing in 4 family members from Israel. 4 of them had 2 reservations and none had the same routing!!! For one of them I was on hold or passed off to the next level of management from 1:25 pm to 7:50 pm I did most of the holding but my husband baby sat so I could eat dinner. The others also took at least an hour each but I was done.

I am sending it again because one of the numbers make no sense 4 of them not 6 of them


Not quite what Dan is asking, but I wanted to rant. =) I bought refundable Main Cabin one way tickets on Delta through UR portal (CSR). Submitted a cancellation last week. Just found out that UR “fought for me” and got them to give me flight credit? What?! Unfortunately, I can’t decipher the class fares on Delta to prove my point, but it seems to me like an L is refundable (if I try to book the same flight with the refundable option enabled right now, it gives me K. Instead of T for non-refundable. Both in Main Cabin)


I had a flying blue award ticket, with Delta jfk – Bru, and they re routed me with KLM Jfk – AMS and AMS – BRU, i called up to cancel, and i had the mileage back in 5 minutes, and the taxes should be back in a week


Air New Zealand, don’t ever use them.

Charles M

Air Canada refunded two tickets to London, minus c$275.


I have a flight with El Al booked the 29 through a travel agent, they keep changing my flight which I am not declining or accepting if they don’t cancel it. should I cancel it or have my travel agent cancel it and when?


Americans are not allowed into New Zealand, Air New Zealand will only give credit which must be used by Dec 2020. I requested to be rebooked for January and they said the fare increase would be an xtra $1100 PP.


Ryan air and Norwegian refunded. Aegean gave credit. All were cancelled by them.


Have a flight on TAP booked with CSR points. They just emailed me flight credit without even asking me first. No one to talk to cuz flight is more then a week away. What can I do?


Frontier emailed me offering if i cancel before EOD (3/23) not only do i get full refund, but also get $50 travel voucher per ticket.
Not looking forward to dealing with a united flight for April. Based on what I’m reading here, i suspect even though booked with miles

Ed Travel

I have to cancel a lot of flight. My first call West Jet, they will just give me credit I won’t get a refund…


Thanks for consistently accurate and informative posts!
Can I ask you to add that by disputing a charge for a ticket issued by a travel agency, consumers will be hurting the booking agent…
Passengers deserve to get their money back, and many travel agents are working hard obtain refunds. It’s important that people are aware of who will suffer if they reject charges….


TAP refused anything besides a 1 year voucher, refused to transfer me, charge disputed.
Ryanair’s website page for refunds is suspiciously not working.
ukrainian sent me voucher, will have to dispute
wizzair sent me airline credit, i put in a request for refund, still waiting


Question: My son had a return flight from Israel to NYC on British (the first leg was flown in September), the British flight was cancelled by British. My son flew home from Israel to NYC on El Al last week on a round trip scheduled to return to Israel after Pesach. Does it make sense to ask for a refund on the British flight or is it better to try to reschedule the British flight to use to get back to NYC since he needs a return for the El Al flight. (of course this is all assuming my son will be able to go back to Israel after Pesach).


If I have an upcoming domestic delta flight that I want to cancel is there any way to get refunded? It seems they’re only offering vouchers. Shouldn’t I be reimbursed due to the current situation?


Had an ELAL booking for this week that was cancelled and rebooked on alternate flights – one leg 8 hours later, onle leg to a different NY airport.
Finally got through to Chase and they said my only options were to cancel and get a refund with $270 fee, or get a travel credit for use by one year from the date I booked, which means I have to use it by November! They also said I have to use the credit on ELAL, and for the exact same passengers, so I can’t use it to buy a fewer number of more expensive tickets.

“To redeem your credit, you must book your travel by calling Chase Ultimate Rewards. Travel must be fully flown and booked by November 10th 2020. Credits are issued for each traveler and are non-transferable.”

I agreed to this because it was 1 AM and my MIL had waited on hold for 6-8 hours before talking to a human being so I felt like I had no choice. Question is, do I have any options now? Can I dispute the charge if I made a Chase travel booking with a Chase credit card, due to the time and airport change? Did I forfeit that option by accepting the travel credit?
Or any chance I can call back in a few months and plead my case to get a refund instead?


One option should be, “Yes, because I fly Southwest.” 😉


I booked on United using CheapOair. They are no longer answering the phones or engaging in online chats. You can’t even wait on old. I booked six people on a reservation from Israel. Four are coming and two are not. Is there anyway to just cancel two of the tickets?


I was told by El Al that I have to go through Priceline for the refund, but that I’m eligible for it. Haven’t gotten through to Priceline because I’m not traveling in the next 72 hours…


Both happened last week. Had a KLM flight from TLV to IAD In March as well as JFK to TLV in April and they graciously put all points back in my account and refunded fees.


Had booked Turkish Air for flights JFK to TLV via IST, with a 5 day layover to visit Istanbul, and then arriving TLV on April 6. Tickets were non-refundable. we soon regretted the IST layover, and tried to cancel. Turkish Air initially refused to refund; we could cancel but would get no refund. Eventually, Turkish itself rescheduled our IST-TLV flight from the Tuesday to Friday (the second day of Chag). I phoned, explained that their proposed change was unacceptable to us (specifying the conflict with the Chag). They readily offered to fully refund the entire four-legged trip. We happily accepted the offer, cancelled the reservation, and had our full refund restored to our credit card in four days!


I booked flights for a family of 5 with UR points from Israel to USA, USA to Canada and then return to Israel. It was a Air Canada ticket. The return flight had been cancelled. I tried calling to cancel and waited for 2 and half hours on hold and then the agent spent an hour and a half processing my refund until i got cut of. He never called me back even though i gave him a callback number. A week late i tried calling again and waited on hold for 4 hours until i got cut of. I called again and had to wait 3 and half hours to get someone for them to tell me that i was eligible for a refund but that he was having technical difficulties giving it to me.. He wanted me to call AC and get the refund, then call back and they would give me back my points. I pushed and said there was no way AC was going to let me cancel as it was booked through an Agent and there was no way i was going to call back and wait on hold again. I was very nice about it but was pushy. Finally he agreed to call AC. After 1 hour of waiting for AC he got approval to give me a refund and the miles are back in my account.. The whole thing took 6 hour but i’m happy i got my points back!! We also got cut off multiple times but he was nice to call me back every time.. It crazy how its so easy to book a ticket but so hard to cancel!! And all this was on the day the outgoing flight was suppose to be.

C Schoenbrun

JetBlue refunded the points I used to purchase my ticket to FL, plus credited the checked bag fee to my credit card.


Got credit towards a future flight


I had a return ticket on United for tomorrow, where one leg was cancelled and I was automatically rebooked. I called this afternoon and asked for a refund. The first person and his supervisor refused, saying they weren’t giving refunds. The supervisor mentioned that if I waited a year and hadn’t used the credit I could then ask for a refund. I asked for documentation and they transferred me to the internet department. There the person showed me where the website said that, but it actually said that the policy was for international only. He said that it was good for domestic too. When I asked for more clarification, he transferred me to his supervisor… who apparently was actually in reservations and processed a refund! So apparently persistence is helpful.

On the plus side, after getting through the automated menu, I hadn’t had to wait on hold at all.

Outgoing was on American, and I got a credit (not refund) last week. That flight wasn’t cancelled, unfortunately.


Cancelled a JetBlue flight from JFK to Quayaquil Ecuador today (flight scheduled for 4/15/2020). Received all my TrueBlue points back and “most” of my $ fees / taxes back, less approx $50 that Ecuador keeps (that’s what I was advised by JB staffer, who was super kind)

GOD bless us all !!!!


How long did it take for your points to be refunded? My flights were canceled a few days ago and i still dont see them

Adrianne Berger

Awgean air and TAP have not given refunds for cancelled flights


Have insurance on AA business seats to arizona. When do I cancel?


Do you have links for the EU/IL claims department (DOT equivalent)?


El Al cancelled my ORD-TLV flight and refunded the next day.


Dan, what should I do if Air Canada cancelled my flight from Montreal to Florida, and refuses to give a refund. They Wana give a travel credit. Dispute the charge?


If Chase wouldn’t refund the ticket for a cancelled flight is it worth calling iberian?


What exactly does canceled mean? We have a non-stop flight leaving motsai shabbos before pesach and that flight was cancelled and they automatically put us on another flight leaving shabbos morning. Is that called a cancelled flight since its not the flight we booked? Should I call to cancel that flight now or wait it out?


Delta cancelled my flight.
I just called to request a refund back to my original method of payment.
(My flight was to depart within 48 hours.)
The CSR interacted with a back office function and with 5 minutes Delta agreed to the refund. The CSR said I should expect the refund to be processed within 7 days.


Swiss cancelled my flight.
I got an email from Lufthansa that I have the right to rebook for free, but will have to pay for the price difference to the original ticket price.


I was able to get a rfnd from United for a domestic flight but it wasn’t easy & took a lot of persistence, I mean anxiety provoking type of persistence. Must speak to a supervisor if you want a fighting chance.
I also ended up having what they considered a good excuse because I originally tried canceling within 24 hrs and the sight didn’t work but I was able to cancel the next day online. I rescheduled when all I was offered was a credit and I was hoping that I would still be able to go. Made a final decision not to go and called less than 24 hrs before flight. Nothing doing. When I mentioned the attempted cancelation then she said that the site may have had issues so it could be their fault.
I was told that all refund requests are being audited and Even in my case where she was ready to issue a refund, supervisors don’t have the direct authority to do it now because of the high volume of requests.
International flights are easier to deal with because if you don’t use your credit before 12/31/2020 then they will issue a refund. The domestic flights credit is good until 12/31 Or a year, not sure, but if not used it’s forfeited and even if you accept a credit it can only be used for the same people on the original ticket, destination can be changed but passengers must remain the same. I tried using the international policy as a bargain for the min. I would accept but once I mentioned the cancelation thing, she said that I had a valid argument and she submitted an authorized refund to be reviewed by the audit team.
I was told that simple requests even due to the health crisis Are most likely going to be rejected by the audit dept. and they will only issue a refund for a cancelation on their end that they couldn’t rebook for another flight within 6 hrs of the orig. flight.
Also It seems that the wait time gets shorter the closer to the flight it is. I had to wait only 10 min today with the flight scheduled for tomorrow and last week it was over an hour hold time and I doubt they’re less busy now unless they piled on a bunch of new reps.
Basically, unless you have some really juicy excuse, they’re not being very flexible.


southwest, spoke to a supervisor and he would not refund to my card, only credit


Had a flight booked for pesach LAX to EWR for Sunday 04/05. Alaska cancelled the flight and rebooked me for next day. I called and got a refund without any problems


I had BA return flights from Israel to LHR. What should I do if BA cancelled only the return flight to Israel and not the flight to get to LHR? They just give you the option for getting a voucher. This is not very helpful and I would like to get a refund for the whole ticket.

Julie C

We got a full refund from Turkish Airlines. Booked tickets May 2019 for pesach on their website and received a full refund via the website as well. I never spoke to a single person.

Mark E

Dan, thank you for this post. Really helps. I am just waiting for AA to hopefully cancelling the flight that I have coming up during passover for me to get the refund. As of now, they are only providing credit for the end of the year.
Can you also post regarding non refundable hotel reservations, especially regarding the ones that have completely been shut down in Miami, and what are our options?


Instead of trying to fight with JustFly or AirSerbia to get a refund, I simply disputed the charges on my credit card and will see what happens. Let the booking agency and airline try to get the money from the Mastercard….


When was your flight with air Serbia? Why are they not refunding you?


April 6th and 19th, went through JustFly as the booking agent, they said they are only issuing vouchers. I’m not interested in flying at another point this year. Citibank has already refunded some of charges, waiting for them to refund the rest of the charges, had five people booked on the flights, close to 4K.


If you need to cancel using chase ur … use the chat..it will take an hour or two. Could not get an agent on the phone.


United will not reinstate miles on cancelled award flight. Should I be able to get a refund on the taxes?


My flight was cancelled and I was told that el al put a stop to all refunds as of now
I don’t wish to make a chargeback as I dealt with a heimishe travel agency I’m not worried about losing the funds however I do need my credit card to be freed up for other pesach plans have you any suggestions as how to get my money back I can’t even file a claim as cancellation due to corona is not included in the policy I’m waiting for your input thankyou


Finally after many many hours of HUCA with Chase I was able to get someone to refund and return over 300K UR points for tickets on Air Canada ( who refused to refund and only credit. )


Booked a flight through Chase UR on United. Flight was cancelled. Full refund within a week. Miracle, surprised that it was that quick.


Booked round trip TLV – NYC with lot polish. They cancelled TLV to NYC. Can i ask for a full refund on the trip, including the return flight NYC to TLV if that wasnt cancelled?


Orbitz just notified me they issued an AIRLINE CREDIT (rather than money REFUND) for the CANCELLED El Al flight bought many months ago. How to dispute? With Orbitz or El Al? Here’s Orbitz email: “We have issued an airline credit for your flight … You are receiving this email as either your airline has cancelled your flight, or it was noted that you did not take your trip as scheduled because of the current situation related to COVID-19. … All the details of your airline credit, such as traveler name, amount, and expiration date, will be emailed to you in a confirmation email that you will receive soon.”


I booked tickets through orbitz. First was a round trip ticket from NY to Israel and back with Swissair. First part was used months ago. I bought my son a new ticket home and Orbitz says they are giving credit on their automated chat. But they will not give a refund and I can’t get through to a live person. I prefer a refund, but swiss air says I have to go through Orbitz. I paid the bill months ago.
I also booked tickets for 8 to Canada on Air Canada for $3000 leaving April 7, through Orbitz. I was just notified of a flight change. We are not allowed to fly there anyways, as US citizens….Orbitz won’t answer and I have a $3000 charge on my credit card. Should I simply dispute the charge with Chase and give up on Orbitz? I definitely want a refund.

Kris Julin

American Airlines and LIAT, both have cancelled my flights

dave s

Still waiting for Chase to advise the status of flights not taken due to virus. Used UR points, submitted forms online, received confirmation that they received them but still waiting for a response of a refund or not.

I sure hope this ends better than the baggage delay travel claim that was denied for bags lost over 8 days while on a cruise back in November.


I called elal in israel office
Wait time on hold was surprisingly short

Was told that due to the law, they are only allowed 2 employees working where normally that have 30+
I got a letter by email confirming I can call when things normalize and request for them to process a full refund in light of the multiple cancellations to my flight which was for a specific event

PSA their office is open from 8am-1am Israel time


American said they would refund the ticket, since 3 out of 4 legs were cancelled, but it’s going to take a while for it to go back onto my credit card because of the volume. Of all the airlines I had to call to cancel tickets, American’s policy of calling back customers worked the best.


I have bought 2 set of tickets for me and my family to watch Euro Cup in UK in July. Although, the airlines haven’t officially cancel the flight, I’m trying to understand my options

First 2 tickets are BA First Class : KUL – LHR – KUL. I tried to cancel it Online but the link leads me to a small pop up that told me to call customer care. I haven’t done so. My concern about this tickets is, I got a really good deal $USD4,000 each for first class ticket from KUL-LHR. If they rebook me for future trip, I don’t think I can get the same fare and might have to significantly added more money….

Second 2 tickets are SQ Business Class from KNO-SIN (transit) – LHR.. LHR – SIN – KNO. I actually called SQ to try cancel this ticket and they strongly rejected my request. They said the best they can do is to rebook it for free. The sad part Is, I paid USD $5,500 for each ticket. The outbound to LHR is business class Lite and return is Business class flexi. They won’t even let me refund the flexi portion because they said the other half is business lite. Seems like everyone is making up the rule as they go.

Very sad. I’m out $20,000 for a game that has been postponed… painful



Elal Cancelled both legs of an upcoming TLV-JFK round trip and put me on different flights without my consent, I just called them to request a refund, They picked up the phone in about 5 minutes and told me that i will get a refund.
Next step – in case i dont get a refund – dispute the CC


What is the United States law if a bus company cancels your ticket? I know that the US DOT lists the law for flights that the airline must provide a refund if the airline cancels the flight. I could not find any website about train or bus travel. Megabus emailed me that my bus tickets were canceled. They offered to reschedule and when I insisted on a full refund the customer service agent said that Megabus was not providing refunds.


I had flight to JFK to FLL with Delta. Delta changed my flight. In under three minutes on the phone I had the flight refunded. Return flight from FLL with JetBlue canceled twice and rescheduled to a different airport. 58 minutes And two supervisors later I was refunded. What a headache

Mo Mo

I booked a basic economy flight to London with United. Generally that means that there’s no refund or cancellation. In my case they were the ones to cancel, yet they said I wasn’t eligible for a refund, because it was Basic Economy. Instead, I got a credit to be used within a year of original booking. Very frustrating.


Our Non-stop flight on April 1 from Dulles to Tev Aviv was changed to Dulles to Newark, 4 hour layover until evening flight to TA We chose United ONLY because it was a non-stop flight from our area. Do we have to accept the change?

Dante Ferman

I called AA and cancelled 4 award international reservations with no fee and miles redeposited. 🙂


called chase to cancel my ultimate reward tickets on elal for pesach. they had to call elal to confirm that they could refund me the money(points) which they did. the elal site is not updated so make sure you get chase to call elal. i called elal myself and because my flight was cancelled and they were going to put me on a flight over 5 hours from the original flight i was able to cancel and get refund. but again elal site isnt updated so chase has to call.


I had tickets on Frontier to Miami – I did NOT accept the incentive (though they kept extending it) and tried to watch for my flight; they were canceling some but not all. I called mid-afternoon today before Shabbat. I waited on hold for 50+ minutes, but when I got a representative, I asked if they had canceled my flight – he checked and they had. I asked him to refund the fare to my credit card and he said absolutely, and processed it with no further difficulty. He said that he sent a message to the back office, they’d confirm with me in 24-48 hours, and I should get refund in 5-7 days.
Thank you for your advice, Dan!


Update: they bait-and-switched and sent me a 90-day credit in a shell. I will call & ask for supervisor when I have two hours to waste; credit card company refers me to the airline’s policy but Frontier has zilch on their website.
Frontier aiming for the lowest level…


Update: credit card referred to airline’s policy – I found clauses in Frontier’s contract of carriage that promised refund (section 18B & C when airlines cancels – https://www.flyfrontier.com/legal/contract-of-carriage), filed charge dispute with credit card including the COC and will see what happens.


Anyone have advice on how to reach Aeroflot for a refund? I keep trying the 866 number, keep getting busy signal. TIA


Hey dan, iberia won’t refund me, only a voucher. Is that allowed in their part? Should I dispute the charge?


Got refund from 2 different airlines. Spirit and UA. UA was a tough one bec they never canceled but gave in eventually. Spirit canceled on me and I called next day and got refund after they tried pushing for me to take a credit.
I told them not fair to double dip after bail out and ruining mine or anyone I know chances of flying again with them so they’ll lose more money in the long term and ruin their reputation.
Rep got so overwhelmed she just said ok and issued a refund.


Booked ElAl with Thank You Points awhile back.. Citi shut me down.. What happens to my refund if ElAl tries to refund me?


Swiss, TLV to ORD cancelled the flights. So far, haven’t gotten through totem even with numerous attempts personally and from the travel agency.

United, TLV to DEN cancelled the flights, so far they will only issue credit towards tickets through December 2020.

terri kalker

Alitalia, ElaL , delta, KLM. 4 different people


Dan, can you please help me. Two weeks ago, El Al cancelled my flight for April 4. I spoke with them and they said I am entitled to full refund but need to get it through Expedia. Spoke with expedia, they said they would issue it but needed to be passed on to a supervisor and I would receive notice of refund via email within 48 hours. It’s been 2 weeks. I can no longer get through to Expedia (long holds and frequent disconnect on phone). What is my next step? Dispute the charge with Chase? Should I wait until after the flight date or should I do it from now? Thank you!


What is HUCA?

Hirsch apfelbaum

air europa refused to refund for a canceled the only offered an airline credit


Had direct flights for family on Alaska for Pesach. Outbound and return separate reservations. outbound was 6 passenger through chase ur, and 1 directly with Alaska.
Outbound was cancelled. Placed on a stopover flight departing 7 hours later.
Called. Offered callback in 15 mins.
Refunded all the outbound tickets to “original payment method”.
1) does this entitle me to get a refund for return, even though it was bought separately?
2) will my ur points be redeposited automatically, or do I have to do something?
Did not contact chase at all.


British Airways canceled flight. Booked through Expedia. Haha, NO ONE will help us.

Mrs parry

Ryan air keep asking me to reapply for refund. I dont want a credit note!

peter kelly

Vivaair have refused to give me a refund due to the coronavirus situation stating that it was an outside occurance.


We were booked on a flight from Vancouver to Memphis with a plane change in Chicago with United. United cancelled Vancouver to Chicago but rerouted us from Chicago to a stop over in Houston then on to Memphis. I still am amazed by this!! When I called the man I spoke with wanted me to pay an extra 65 dollars each to cancel the second part of our flight to get a refund. I hung up with him and called back. This time I got a woman with some sense. She refunded my money for the cancelled flight with no fees.


Hi Dan, Thanks for the advise last time. I have a June 30th LAX-SFO-TLV. The SFO-TLV has been cancelled, so they changed my flight to LAX-EWR-TLV with a too short layover in EWR I assume keep the LAX flight change under 6 hours. I called and asked for a refund, and the rep said she could not give a refund if she could find a flight leaving about the same time. The rep scrambled and found LAX-FRankfurt-TLV with about the same LAX flight time, so she said I did not qualify for a refund. I said the itinerary was a significant change, she said I could request the refund online but there was nothing she could do. I guess I should try calling a few times. Any suggestions on what I should say to push through the refund? Should I bother with the online refund request?


I booked Lufthansa through viyama.com and received a notice that my trip was cancelled. No refund yet, and they say the refund will come directly from Lufthansa. Strange thing is that when I go to book another flight, the original flight sill shows up in search results. I ended up booking another flight directly with a carrier, hoping I’ll have better luck. That said, I think the the original flight is still active and for some reason they cancelled my booking.


I booked a flight with Qatar Airways through Vayama and as they canceled my flight early March, Vayama put me on a process to get Full Refund and told me that I would get a refund in 45 – 60 days. Today its been more than 70 days! I even called 2 weeks ago and they told me that the refund should come in 2 weeks. It still hasn’t! And now they dont pick up the phone nor do they respond to my email. Should I go ahead and dispute the charge on my credit card? or wait another week to see if I can get a hold of Vayama? or should I directly call Qatar Airways?


I have been attempting to get a refund from LATAM for fully-refundable tickets. LATAM is based in Chile and is the largest airline in Latin America. They just have me chasing my tail, sending me an email every few weeks telling me to fill out the same online form that I have already filled out several times. Comments from others suggest getting a refund from LATAM is almost impossible in the best of times, never mind now. If it was a US airline, I would have some leverage. Not sure even what the laws are in Chile, much less how to enforce them. I have also disputed this with my credit card company, which looks to be a more promising route.


Air Canada rebooked us on another flight, and then canceled the flight and refused to refund us.


Alitalia kicked over half the people off a flight in order to maintain social distancing. Our reservation was one of them however they say they can’t offer a refund because the flight itself is technically not canceled even though we technically got booted from it. We will try the credit card dispute path and hopefully it works out for us. All of our other flights and hotels and cruise have been refunded during the coranavirus shutdown. Alitalia is the only one that had poor ethical standards with us so that is four passengers that will not fly them again.

Sean Kinnear

Both my sets of flights were booked through online agents. Icelandair flights through Vayama.com and Ryan Air flights through Kiwi.com.

No refunds received so far despite they have been cancelled almost two months.


Delta cancelled our round trip flight to Rome. There would have been no problem getting a refund had I booked with Delta, but for the first and last time I booked with Kiwi.com, and although I continue to try to get my refund from them, I despair of ever seeing my money.

Bsrbara Zimmerman

ElAl cancelled our flight. We were told they’ll refund when back on “full operation.” No target date given.


Family’s Air Serbia flights were canceled. Booked thru Chase with UR and minimal amount on my CSP. Chase rep said they need to check with the airline prior to giving a refund as all they offer is a voucher. Advised her that legally they’re required to issue a refund so there’s nothing to ask.

She kept telling me Air Serbia was not picking up their phones. Was on for 1 1/2 hours. After all that, she says she’ll submit a refund request electronically as they’re not picking up the phone. If they agree to issue a refund, I will hear back from the airline- within TEN weeks!

If I booked thru Chase, shouldn’t they be able to issue the refund?

Is there anything further I can do?! This is ridiculous. Thanks!


I have just now requested a refund from Air Serbia for flights scheduled on May 2020 that were canceled by them, as I wrote in a different post.

Chase is right in that Air Serbia is not picking up phones! I have tried several times, almost half an hr on the line, no response. Nor are they answering my emails or Twitter requests.

I booked through Trip.com via SkyScanner, paid with Southwest Visa, so called the card to dispute, but they argue it’s past 118 days from paying and according to the terms I can’t dispute anymore.

SW includes travel insurance, so I wonder if they’re not supposed to insure and compensate for cancellations besides general charge disputes?

Finally, I filed a DOT complaint, let’s see what comes up.


See comment from Steve2 here https://forums.dansdeals.com/index.php?topic=112918.msg2310304#msg2310304

Keep in mind, he initially wrote 067 instead of 607 to determine whether it is an Etihad flight or not. He later corrected it. Good luck!


AirIndia cancelled my flight in March 2020 and Vayama has not refunded money till date even after several follow-ups.