JetBlue Devaluing Beverage Service

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Airlines have found a way to devalue everything, but Coke dominates the soft drinks served onboard. Now you may find your next flight attendant asking you if Pepsi is OK.

JetBlue will switch next month from Coke to Pepsi. They will also eliminate the personal bottles of water that they currently hand out in favor of pouring cups for passengers who want water.

Personally I’ve changed my drinking habits from soda to seltzer and JetBlue will serve Pepsi’s Bubly brand of seltzer, which is just fine with me.

In the past United tried switching to Pepsi and wound up rolling it back. Who’s going to start the campaign to stop this devaluation before other airlines decide to match?

You can let JetBlue know how you feel on Twitter or via email.

Do you prefer Coke Or Pepsi?

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tomato juice


This is what i get on planes. I dont know where to find Mott’s tomato juice outside of beverage service because it sure does taste better than V8. I usually have a water for myself i bought post security or filled in a water fountain

Texas Totty

Does anyone know which Hechsher Mott’s has?

Yechiel Z

Dr Pepper only

Slim Sim

Diet Dr Pepper. Or Diet cherry Dr Pepper. If I get a cold 1.5 liter of that, I’m Gucci and I’m winning the grepps contest on the flight.


Southwest has Diet Dr. Pepper.


Only AA has Dr Pepper wish more would have it.


as long as I get the whole can I’m Gucci


Seems like ana excuse for post. I usually enjoy every one


Meh. Pepsi vs Coke totally doesn’t matter to me. I was surprised at the headline. I guess the personal water bottles being taken away is the devaluation. That was nice, especially in cross country flights.

Coke is it!

How much is Pepsi paying them to switch? I’m Mosaic, so I guess I’ll be drinking Diet Sierra Mist instead of Sprite Zero from now on. I just hope they keep a Pineapple Juice option.


What does Mosaic mean in the context you used it?


I have JetBlue status. So I fly JetBlue a lot.


Is Pepsi really cheaper than coke? Maybe some airlines will start serving mayim chayim instead 🙂


haha that was funny


Am I voting for Coke Classic or New Coke?



Slim Sim

Vell said.


I was on a flight to fll 2 weeks ago, they only had Pepsi 12oz tho


Rum and Pepsi for Mosaic members will be fine.


I’m fine with the ice tea but not happy about the water thing


American has Coke, but Sierra Mist instead of Sprite


I prefer Pepsi, so hardly a devaluation

Ken Adams

clearly you have bad taste


Pepsi boycotted Israel in the past


Used to be on the 70’s to 80’s people boycotted Pepsi because USSR didn’t let Jews out. I believe that issue has since been resolved. Boycott the New York Times & CNN as they have been anti Israel for ever! Coke has reformulated a newer version (new Coke) to be sweeter to compete with Pepsi.


“you believe that issue has been resolved”? Have you been living under a rock?


I’m referring to Pepsi refusing to sell in Israel for many years.


I love the water bottles! I wonder if they’ll be pouring tap or from a larger bottle. Tap airplane water is gross.

Water :-(

I will miss my own little bottles of water.


Is this post for real?


Not cool by the airline to only give 1 month notice.

If we book our tickets before the change takes place, can we lock in our tickets at the old Coke rate?




why is coke to pepsi a devalue? some ppl prefer coke other people like myself prefer the end if the day its almsot the same…The water is being “devalued”,yes, but not the soda

Shay peleg

Because most people prefer coke


Third option: Seltzer, so I don’t care


Upgrade for me.

Pepsi over coke anyday!!

Thank you JetBlue!!


Same for me, though I’d be happy if more places offered both so anyone can get whatever they prefer. And I actually like the switch from individual bottles if water. We waste so much plastic on individually bottled beverages so anything that can help reduce that is fine by me.


Maybe he prefers OU to Kof K.

Admor Aleph

Empty Ein Gedi 2 liter bottle
Once past security fill it up and I’m ready for the Midbar


Not sure if they still do but VS was serving Virgin brand beverages for a long time.




Yes, the quiet loss of Sam Adams on JetBlue a few months ago went unnoticed by many…

Oh No!

If I booked a ticket before they announced this, can I file a DoT complaint for some sort of refund?


To the people who say they fill up on water past security: I believe that is illegal


Nah, they have water bottle filling stations in many airports.


not at all.


Not happy about the cups of water. I really like the bottles!!


Why cant the people ask the public before making changes? Will they change their name to spirit or frontier.if you need to fill planes .bring back standby fairs.maybe do companion fairs specials


I still believe that Jetblue will eventually be the same at Spirit within the coming years. I mean, according to various statistics Jetblue’s on-time arrival stats have been declining, I could see them charging for carry on luggage in the coming years, and I most certainly could see paid advance seat selection becoming a reality soon. Just my humble opinion.


The removal of bottles of water bottels me waaay more than the brand of soda! when I fly to Israel I try to book Delta just because they give out nice full-size water bottles as soon as you get on the plane, just what you want after security trashed all your liquids. unlike other airlines that give you those ugly short fat cups and ask you wait till in-flight service begins just to get water!! sorry about the rant, but airline cost-cutting strategies are really frustrating!

Andrew The New York Vyonder And Aviator Guy 2497

I Like Coke Better