Poll: Will You Be Changing Your El Al Ticket To Fly Nonstop?


So we know the facts now, changing your flight to a nonstop will allow you to not only fly nonstop but also to change the day of your flights and earn more AA miles than the connecting flight.
It seems that some reps will let you pay $75 to change just one-way while other reps insist on changing both ways for $150.

What will you do?

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Wife hates non-stop. Keeping our original booking.


If they discount or change my 3 year olds ticket then I would change it right away.


What do you do to get them to let you change one way only or a date change. I requested the one way first and was turned down. Then on requested two way but only with a date change and she said no. Am I doing something wrong?


changed one way for 2 days earlier no problems


what are the chances that space opens up on a full flight ?


Thry only let me change to one day before or after my original dates. I did it though. I was mondy morning they offered me Sunday morning. I asked for manger and she said ok to sat night.


So here was my experience with manking changes. I called this morning at 9:40, was on hold until 10:00, then transferred and on hold until 10:15, got a really nice agent. I changed my flight to direct only for the return flight at a cost of $75 each ticket. Initially he told me, they only had availability on the dayu before or the day after when I wanted to go, but after asking again “Are you sure?” , I was put on hold for 10 min, and he came back and told me he found seats available for that day. I then added my baby which I neglected to do in the original booking in haste and he added it no problem at a cost of $152.75. I then chose seats for my NYC-London flight, London-Israel flight and Israel- NYC flight and he was very nice and accomodating and hooked up good seats. SOME IMPORTANT INFO: He told me that now that I was changing flight to direct (even for one way), it would now cost $250 each ticket if I were to cancel or $220 per ticket to make another change. Also, he said that (duh) the $75 change to direct fee was non refundable. The good news is that for the baby, it’s only be $25 to cancel (should I decide to leave him home). All in all, a great experience, painless and pleasant. Thanks again for the deal, looking forward to trip. GRAND TOTAL- Initial Booking for me and my wife $706.00 + $75 x 2 for change one way to direct + $152.75 to add baby = $1,008.75! What a deal!


Dan, I just received an email with this:
Time is running out! Your American Airlines AAdvantage® miles may expire in the next few weeks. In order to keep your miles active, you must earn or redeem miles through a qualifying activity at least once every 18 months. You currently have 13,667 AAdvantage® miles, but without any qualifying activity, they will expire on 08/27/2012.

Below are some great ways to keep your miles from expiring. Just complete one of these activities before 08/27/2012, and your mileage balance will remain active:
•FLY – Book and travel on American Airlines, American Eagle, the AmericanConnection® carrier or any other airline participant
•BUY – Buy miles through the buyAAmiles® program. For less than $65, you can purchase 1,000 AAdvantage miles and keep your total mileage balance active
•REDEEM – Redeem some or all of your miles for flight awards, upgrade awards, hotel stays, car rentals and more at AA.com/redeem
We’ve missed your participation in the AAdvantage® program, and we hope that one of these suggestions will help you become active in the program once again.

I got tickets with the El Al deal/error, can I upgrade with these miles? What else do you suggest I do with them rather then letting them go completely to waste? I need your expertise… Thanks


Nach, buy the minimum number of miles, or go the american airlines shopping portal and buy the cheapest item you need and you,ll get the miles added to your account and you are set.

DZ Telzer

I called them, it seems that they are only offering to change to the morning flight (leaving Tel Aviv) (direct), was anyone able to change to any other flights besides the morniing one. Also tried to change back to fly to Newark and they said none are available, was anyone able to change to Newark


changed one way for direct for 75$ .but my return was pushed off till the next day .


So do I need to wait for a returned phone call from elal to the email I sent, or just call the directly?
Thanks for your help. Anyone from miami able to switch?


I was told no availability in either direction for next February!!! When I checked online I would have no problem flying on the dates I wanted at the cheapest price as there is availability so I don’t know what they are playing at. They offered me something 2 days later from Newark but I live 10 minutes from JFK so declined. Going to contact them again today.


call them



I was able to change in Feb.

2 Elal Tix

I purchased 2 tickets leaving the day before Presidents Day and returning the day after Purim. I called and they were happy to change my flight to leave Saturday Night instead of the Sunday and return on the Monday AM non-stop. Now here is my question. I got a confirmation from Expedia who I originally purchased the ticket from. And it shows my original flight as cancelled and the new NON-Stop flights having been booked in Business Class…. However, when I tried going onto Elal to select a seat. It would allow me to only select economy. Do you think this is an error on Expedias’ side?