COVID-19 News Roundup 3/14/20: New Travel Bans, Airline Suspensions, Israel Shutdowns, An Alternate COVID Approach, JetBlue Ban, TSA Changes, Poll, And More

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As our lives are interrupted by a deadly virus, we will keep posting deals to keep everyone’s shelves stocked without needing to leave the house. However as I’ve been doing in the past, I’ll also be keeping readers updated with coronavirus coverage as it disrupts our normal daily routine.

My brother JJ’s father-in-law wrote a great op-ed yesterday on COVID-19 and I hope that he will write more for us in the future.

As countries around the world go into lockdown and as schools are cancelled, let’s keep in mind that we’re being asked to sit on our couches at home and avoid spreading the virus. That’s certainly easier than the wars our parents, grandparents, and great-parents fought in the 20th century.


As noted above, the main thing is not to panic, but to take precautions.’s Rabbi Moss has a nice perspective on COVID-19 as well.

Here are COVID-19 news stories that have caught my eye:

LOT Polish, Air Baltic, and La Compagnie are suspending operations

Poland is banning foreigners from entering the country for at least 2 weeks and in turn Lot Polish has cancelled all flights until at least March 29th.

Cancellations will be extended if Poland’s quarantine is extended.

Air Baltic has also suspended operations until at least April 14.

La Compagnie has suspended operations until at least April 12.

The US is adding countries to the Europe Travel Ban

The US announced that they will add the UK and Ireland to the travel ban on Monday at 11:59pm. US residents will still be allowed to fly home, if they return quickly to beat the flight cancellations.

Rumors also have the US adding more countries and possibly even some domestic flights from hard-hit states to the ban. If you need to fly somewhere, you’ll want to do so ASAP.

Israel is locking down non-essential activities

Israel has ordered schools, daycares, hotels, restaurants, coffee houses, wedding halls, malls, gyms, and all leisure activities closed indefinitely. PM Netanyahu warned this may be for weeks or even months and that people will have to adjust to a new way of life.

Gatherings over 10 people are banned.

Supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, and essential services will remain open.

Netanyahu also said that he plans to use technology and cell phone tracking to track people violating quarantine.

JetBlue Bans Coronavirus Passenger For Life

A passenger flying on JetBlue from JFK to West Palm Beach learned in midair that he tested positive for coronavirus. He told the crew about the test result after landing.

JetBlue has now banned him for life for failing to disclose the pending test.

Remember folks, if you think you have coronavirus, be sure to self-quarantine!

The UK may order people 70+ to self-isolate for 4 months, Won’t close schools; Should other countries change their approach?

Coronavirus is most deadly for senior citizens with weaker immune systems.

Reportedly, the UK will soon order those who are over 70 to self-isolate for 4 months. The hope is to avoid the spread of coronavirus to those most vulnerable to it.

They plan to keep schools open.

Is the UK approach the correct one?

My kids will have no school for at least the next month, perhaps much longer.

The US approach is to flatten the curve and drag COVID-19 out as long as possible in order to save lives. By stopping peak hospital demand, more people will survive.

But perhaps the US and other countries should be quarantining the elderly and allow younger people to go about their lives as normal? Would the virus burn itself out and eventually the world would become safe again for the elderly without the need for a lengthy worldwide lockdown?

Countries around the world are going into lockdown

The world’s eyes are on Italy, where confirmed COVID-19 cases have spiked to 21,157 and deaths to 1,441.

They locked down the country and the question is will it be enough to stem the tide, or do countries need to implement China style lockdowns to stop COVID-19 from spiraling out of control?

Spain is now on lockdown, France is ordering non-essential stores to close, and Denmark, Norway, New Zealand, and other countries are banning foreigners as well.

After Argentina’s ban on Americans, US airlines are suspending flights there.

You can travel with larger bottles of hand santizer through TSA

The TSA announced that you can now travel with bottles that have up to 12 ounces of hand sanitizer.

It’s nice to see that rolled back during COVID-19, though it would also be great if we can travel with our own water too…

President Trump has tested negative for Coronavirus

President Trump has tested negative for coronavirus.

That comes after he was in contact with several people who have tested positive.

World leaders are often older, which puts them more at risk of complications from coronavirus. The wives of the Spanish and Canadian Prime Ministers have tested positive for coronavirus.

Will Elective Surgeries Be Suspended?

The US Surgeon general is advising that hospitals stopped performing elective surgery in order to flatten the curve of coronavirus infections:


Will you suspend any elective surgeries?

Resellers with massive stocks of hand sanitizer and masks are finding them hard to sell

Many opportunists are stocking up on cases of essentials like hand sanitizer and N95 masks.

Online retailers like eBay and Amazon aren’t allowing sales on those items due to price gouging, leaving the stockpilers high and dry.

Please Stop The COVID-19 Preparation Emails…


Should Shuls and Places of Worship Close?

I was able to daven in a small shul this Shabbos, but I wonder what the coming weeks will bring.

What do you think should be done?

Should Shuls and Places of Worship Close?

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What are your thoughts on these stories and what other COVID-19 articles caught your eye?

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Crazy times!


I definitely agree with the UK approach, why have economy struck indefinitely?!




The elderly can easily catch it from others.


That’s why they would quarantine until a vaccine is found!
At least your economy stays alive!


The elderly wil still be at risk. A delivery person cN give it to them. If they have to go to the doctor they can catch it then

Dan\'s the Man

Not if they’re stuck at home!
Keep the old and sick at home. Hospital rates and deaths won’t go up!




I totally agree.

Uk approach

I think the UK approach makes the most sense. Keep all elderly and people with a compromised immune system quarantined And let everyone else run their daily life.


They will still catch it. A five year old child who is quarantined lives with their family. Someone in their family can bring it into their home

Dan\'s the Man

Yes. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail!


From what I heard from a family member in New Rochelle where the outbreak in new York started, 8 people in the area are on respirators who are young and had no underlying conditions.

Maybe the virus is more dangerous to the elderly, however, simply allowing the virus to spread throughout the younger communities will quickly escalate and bring them to where Italy is at now with no hospital beds available and determining which patient will have a better quality of life to treat them first. Full lockdown is the only option.

Dan\'s the Man

China has the most stats. 15% of those 70 and older that have tested positive have died. 0% of those under 10 have died.


Will filling taxes be extended this year?


Agree with the UK. I am due for travel to Southern California, April 1st. I’m 37 and healthy and so is my wife and 2 children. I am in the constant daily battle of if I will be traveling or not. My gut tells me why not, I’m obviously in a wait and see over the next couple weeks here but anyone else have any thoughts? Worried about US travel?


I do not how old your children are, but I would not fly with young children. It is very hard to prevent young children from crawling on the floor, putting things in their mouths……


Children affected by COVID19 usually have mild symptoms and there have been virtually NO deaths reported of individuals under 10.


Actually, under the age of 40, there were virtually no deaths


But young children can be carriers.


Look at the airports. It’s a Petri dish. Did you read about the guy who flew on jet blue who had it?


Personally, I’m holding off with travel. Can’t justify doing so in the current climate. There will always be opportunities when all this dust settles


I had a ticket for Florida for a wedding and to see my 99 yr old Dad. Wedding was postponed til June, but I figured I’d still go down April 1 and see my Dad. His Assisted Living is in Lockdown. So be it! I was quite concerned about flying, but the decision was made for me!


will domestic flights be banned in the us?


Maybe we add a vote on the uk approach?


Shuls Should close until further notice. Fact.



Dan\'s the Man

just bar those who are sick and old like the UK is doing

Dan\'s the Man

They should close to women and men over 60


I guess 3.5 oz is temporary not a threat.

Chuchum Ainer

I think we should quarantine anyone who tested negative, to keep them safe. Everyone else should go about their daily lives, catch it and become immune, and meanwhile the economy will recover, people will be happy (which helps in fighting diseases) and we’re all good to go. (/humor)


you mean tested positive.


The UK approach is smart, however the elders have young family and/or nurses caring for them who will be exposed to the virus.
And why 70+? Maybe 60+? How do you draw the line? And for how long? Many older citizen still work for living, not everyone has millions saved up or a decent retirement.. how will they manage?


So rather we should quarantine the general public and not only the elderly? Does the general public afford this? The question is if to quarantine everyone or only the elderly.
This is self-inflicting damage!

Just a thought

Yep. The elderly need our help, and with all nurses on the free, and in contact with coronavirus, they will also get infected.
Like letting in water on the ship, and closing the door of your room.


Just Google about the health conditions that has increased in the 2008 recession (Heart attack, Stroke, Myocardial Infarction, hypertension, Suicide, psychological issues…) which is the direct result of the financial problems, so think it over if this is only financial, or also damaging health simultaneously.


Myocardial infarction = heart attack


Agree 100% how will they be taken care of.
A country that cares about their citizens well being wouldn’t take that approach, but I Guess that if you care about money more than that’s what you do.

Dan\'s the Man

draw the line?
making all kids quarantined doesn’t make sense.
15% of those 70 and older in China that got the virus died. 0% of those under 10 have died. Just quarantine the old and sick people.


dan so do you think all these flights will be canceled for months to come??
i mean what will even change after a year?


Think good will be good thats How we fight it




“Will you suspend any elective surgeries?”

Our health care system is suspending all elective procedures, effective Wednesday. The key issue for us is the low supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). The main rationale behind curtailing elective procedures is to ensure adequate supplies of PPE for urgent and emergent procedures. There are other benefits, as well.


Is there a chance that domestic flights will be stopped ? I am flying to Miami Monday & don’t want to stay stuck there


We were supposed to be traveling from Cleveland to Auckland New Zealand for 7 nts next week (3/20-30). Today NZ announced a mandatory 14 day quarantine for anyone entering NZ. That would mean our entire trip would be spent in quarantine!
United still wants to charge us $250 to cancel – I don’t have the availability nor do I want to spend the extra miles* to rebook flight before 12/2 when I purchased.

How can I get redeposit fee removed?

—*purchased Cyber Mon at a reduced rate thanks to DD – 24k each leg = 96k RT for 2 people, to rebook they want the difference which is 160k or +66k miles


if you purchased this trip on a card that offers trip cancellation insurance. Call the card and see if that can help.

Brenda Roff

Rule of thumb in this volatile time dont go anywhere you cant drive back home




Regarding Davening in shuls. There is a Teshuva from Rav Akiva Eiger, where he writes about the davening restrictions he imposed during the Cholera outbreak that they had in his times.
He only let them daven if they were well spaced out and they had to take turns coming to shul


The death rate in the cholera epidemic was over 50%.
Death happened in hours. Whole towns where destroyed. No comparison at all to the present situation


Everyone should learn it. Brought down on nedarim 39


how come we still see listings of hand sanitizer on ebay? will ebay close your account if you break this rule or just remove your listing?


Who’s taking care of all the elderly in the UK????


whats with reb elimelkeh of lizhensk this year what is going to be


I think Lot cancelled his Flight to the USA


Would Dan fly this week?


For those of you who think people under 60 are safe, read this:


Only god keeps you safe .. last year before covid19 next year after covid19. under 60 over 60 whoever however only god keeps us safe

Dan\'s the Man

Prob #1 don’t go to Holy Name for any life-threatening condition. Go to Englewood or Hackensack

Dan\'s the Man

The article says “Holy Name’s 11 positives are all males — and all between the ages of 28 and 48.”
It doesn’t say any of those are hospillized. Patients that age with no underlying health conditions are being sent home.


This virus can mutate and become much more deadly, even to youngsters. Isolate yourselves, don’t go out to shul or school. Parents – THIS IS NOT A SNOW DAY!!

Dan\'s the Man

source please?
In Chine 0% of those under 10 died. 15% of those over 70 died.
Science Not scare tacicts please


“Rumors also have the US adding more countries and possibly even some domestic flights from hard-hit states to the ban.“

Not exactly rumors, Trump mentioned banning domestic flights as a real possibility today.


I have a flight to Israel via KBP with Ukrainian Airlines. I checked on my flight to see what’s going on, turns out they changed my NY- Kieb departure flight to take place AFTER my Kiev-TLV leg. I kid you not. What a terrible airline to deal with. I don’t know if it’s just something to laugh about or I should get in touch with travel insurance.


IT is very simple: quarantine elderly and those with respiratory problems. Everyone who gets covid and beats it becomes immune. In three months the virus would be no threat to the elderly since no one would have it anymore. An added point is that when this comes out again if chas veshalom we don’t have a vaccine, it will be far more dangerous for everyone if people haven’t gotten any immunity!!! (not to mention the economic ramifications)

Dan\'s the Man

UK might be doing that. I wish the US will. After a few weeks of this crazy restrictions hopwfully cooler heads will prevail.

אמונה פשוטה

It’s time to start realizing that we cannot do anything about it and Hashem is showing us that he’s in charge! It’s totally out of anyone’s control.

Dan\'s the Man

Hashem wants us to do our histadlus.
All rabbis should say ederly and those with compromized immune systems must stay hope. For everyone else: Open the schools! Open the shuls!

Dan\'s the Man

do i have to quarantine if i fly tlv-jfk with stopover in london if i dont leave the airport in london?


No one can be 100 percent quarantined. There is always a way fir contact to be made

Jew from the Orient

I hear chinas evil laugh in the background …


Thank you Dan for the updates!!


I completely disagree with UK’s approach. The whole point of social distancing is to not overwhelm the healthcare system. Even though the death rate is lower for those under 60, lots of those (younger) people infected still need hospitalization. What happens when these people are taking up all the hospital beds and the elderly have heart attacks, strokes, etc? Where do they go? What happens to our medical staff? Who’s taking care of the elderly.

C’mon people! It’s a couple of weeks to a couple of months of our whole life! Stay home, enjoy your family, organize your closets. This is a time for us to reset and slow down. Take the opportunity for what it is. Let’s let this thing burn out and get on with our lives!


Majority of people needing hospitalization have a health issue or are elderly, if those people where quarantined they hospitals won’t be overstuffed, it literally solves that exact issue!

As for your free time, nice of you to be home and all, but don’t forget what happens when you wake up from your dream and you don’t have a job and the economy is non-existent..

Dan\'s the Man

The Majority of the US can’t survive a few weeks with no paycheck, and the aftermath of the economy’s collapse is well more than just a few weeks.
Besides the fact that this itself is adding new health issues from the financial fall, as in 2008, there was an increase in Heart attack, stroke, hypertension, Suicide, psychological issues.
I don’t see the problem with the UK’s method. Why shouldn’t the nurses in the hospitals wear protective gear not to give over the virus, and quarantine the elderly and sick?


So how about Embrace the curve? build hospitals ( China did it in a week) it’s going to cost us a lot less then the closure of our economy! double down on manufacturing medical supplies. This virus is going nowhere and it’s wrecking havoc on the economy! Manufacturing jobs can actually go up economy will continue to hum along as everyone can continue with their daily lives… it’s a win win situation! As long as there’s one person out there with the virus were at danger of an epedemic – if you get a lemon make lemonade! #embracethecurve

Binyomin Moscowitz

The USA does not allow buildings to be built like China allows. It is not win win if ppl are not surviving this…


quarantine to enjoy the family? sure pesach and after pesach, but for now it’s EREV PESACH BTW!


Regarding the passenger that got banned from Jet blue for life, well next time don’t travel if you have Corona (and if you do, don’t tell crew…)

Fellow Clevelander

There is a flight being chartered from TLV-JFK tomorrow night for $1900. To join visit


Where can we suggest to the people that make the laws, that if they enforce the ban on plastic bags in NYC, then people will have reusable bags which could spread the virus?

New York Jets

Why isn’t anyone posting the name and a picture of the frum guy who had the nerve to fly on a plane knowing he was waiting for test results from corona. He should be publicly shamed for what he did and banned from all airports and airlines. Such a horrible thing. Poor Lawrence garbuz’s name is all over the news and I’m sure he got it from someone else. This guy should have been home in quarantine waiting for his test results. A real chilul hashem.


Hey Dan is LOT airlines going to refund for the tickets?