Walmart Will Match Amazon’s Next Day Delivery; Where Will You Order From?

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Amazon’s one day Prime shipping option went live last week.

And sure enough, Walmart responded by announcing today that they will also offer next day shipping. “NextDay delivery will be available first to customers in Phoenix and Las Vegas, and will expand to Southern California in the coming days. It will roll out gradually over the coming months, with a plan to reach approximately 75% of the U.S. population this year, which includes 40 of the top 50 major U.S. metro areas.”

Of course Amazon and Walmart have very different philosophies on shipping.

Amazon sells an annual Prime membership with free next day shipping sitewide or offers slower free shipping on $25+ orders if you’re not a Prime member.

Walmart gave up on their $49/year ShippingPass membership after a mere 7 months. That seemed far too quick to raise the white flag without ever pushing for mass adoption.

Walmart now requires a $35+ order for free shipping and it will stay at that threshold for next day free shipping.

Personally I prefer Amazon’s method so that I don’t need to think about needing to hit a $35 minimum whenever I want to order something. It doesn’t hurt that I can use my Chase Ink Cash card to earn 5 Chase Ultimate Rewards points per dollar (worth 7.5-10% back) on Amazon purchases either.

Do you prefer Amazon's free shipping philosophy or Walmart's free shipping philosophy?

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Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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Nice, asking your reader engagement question in the title


Can we PLEASE remind everyone that if you are an EBT card holder (medicaid, food stamps, etc, etc,) then you get prime for just $5.99 (plus tax) per month.
See below:


Save the money.


“Personally I prefer Amazon’s method so that I don’t need to think about needing to hit a $35 minimum whenever I want to order something.”

Oh, at a minor cost of ONLY $119 +tax per year!
Great strategy! Tough to see how the AVERAGE person comes out saving while paying that fee.

Convenient? Definitely! But you pay for it!

There’s many cool things which make life more convenient ….at a cost!

My point in short is, its not a logical choice for someone who is very frugal and not a huge spender (i.e. just household spending).


Walmarts app need improvement. After that i must say most random items i found to be cheaper on walmart.


Which office supply has Amazon GC?


Actually now that you bring this up, has there or can there be.a comparison of how a Prime Membership stacks up vs. what Walmart offers? Meaning when does the cost of a Prime membership become “worth it” over Walmart’s offering?

Personally I order from both places but I’m usually using Walmart’s ship-to-store option as I often don’t need $35 worth of stuff (it was also hard to find $25 of stuff when Amazon was doing the add-on items too). I prefer having stuff delivered though Walmart is close to us.


Amazon’s customer service become really bad. Amazon charged me amazon prime for months after I cancelled my prime account. The reason I cancelled prime is because since I moved to upstate NY my packages usually do not arrive on time and they use USPS which do a pretty bad job in delivery and keep on returning packages to sender claiming box doesn’t fit in letter mailbox.
Walmart has great customer service. If item return damaged they will replace or refund immediately without making an issue like amazon does. Also Walmart uses FedEx to deliver which is nice they deliver to your door without any issue.

Also why pay prime when you can get free shipping?
If you have a family it’s very easy to add on to $35… Walmart detergents and soaps are way much cheaper then amazon.


Have a family here. Not reaching $35 on every order. Only need so much detergent and soap (which Amazon has great prices on).


Strange. In my experience, Amazon’s customer service is infinitely better than Walmart’s.


I have noticed an improvement in cs from Walmart since the Jet takeover. They get back much more quickly and actually help.


Half the time Walmart orders are delayed anyway


Return and exchange policies are usually easier through Wal-Mart. And they have local branches to pick up today


Walmart is a usually cheaper, and they have free returns in the rare case that u actually need to return something


You don’t get free returns on most Prime items?


Half of my 1 or 2 day orders are always late from Amazon. When I chat with them they say sometimes stuff happens and their sorry. Lately items never arrive as they are ” damaged during shipping ” but I am free to order again at a price higher than the deal I had. Amazon has lost me as a frequent customer.


Best experience with Walmart I usually spend more than 35$ also thay have free store pick up Amazon has canceled orders on me and hd items delivered a week later with my prime membership I canceled that long ago


I found that Walmart has most of the time a 3+ months return policy versus Amazon only 30 days.


hey upstate dude you can advise amazon that you do not want usps and they can put it as a third option for shipping

Tech Guy

We spend $120 on many things throughout the year with much less value. Forking over $120 to Amazon to get all the Prime benefits, tangible or not, is well worth it. Plus Amazon goes the extra mile for very active Prime members like when you want to return something past the deadline. Oh, and I love the many Amazon Basics products and their recommendations also.

I just hate everything about They are an old school retailer that is trying to play catch up. Amazon is a tech company that keeps leading the way. It’s like shopping in BJ’s when you can shop at Costco. And yes, I know that at Costco I’m always buying something I don’t need which wipes out any savings, but when a Brand does everything right, you just get sucked into the culture.

Been There

I’m with you on this one. (Except that I like BJ’s better. My family is small and Costco stuff is way too big for me)

Amazon Scam

On most items, Amazon is overpriced due that most of its marketplace are third-party sellers. Sellers have no choice and will hike prices by over 100% to compensate for all the fees Amazon is charging them. In contrary Walmart sells goods directly to you, this allows them to offer their merchandise at low cost. Take an example Tresemme shampoo and conditioner on Walmart its sold for $6.97 and on Amazon for prime delivery anywhere between $15 and $17, isn’t Amazon a pure scam?


Walmart also has 3rd party sellers. Lots of them. You can see that on the filter when you search for products.

Voter fraud

I confess I voted 3 or 4 times for Walmart, while trying to work out how the site keeps track if I already voted


Not only are you a fraud you are also i liar! I tried to do what you said and got this “You Had Already Voted For This Poll. Poll ID #..”


I use both, for groceries I use Walmart which I end up spending more than $35, for other odds and ends Amazon = speedy shipping. I was also able to lock in for prime membership, and sharing it with 4 other friends.
Issue with Walmart and target is they still didn’t figure out how to ship, you don’t send a 150oz detergent in the same shipping box as cartons of almond milk… That guarantees for it to bust all over.


To be fair I’ve had that issue w/ Jet (before the Walmart takeover) and too. I’ve e-mailed them often about it but to no avail.


I prefer rather Walmart normally reach $35 anyways . Don’t have to pay $119 a year + tax


Amazon has a much better and faster website than Walmart, at least on my smartphone. Maybe because I have a kosher filter on my phone. Walmart takes forever to upload the item with the picture. Amazon comes up in 2 seconds.


Time to get rid of the filter. If I got a “kosher phone” then ultimately I would be blocked from much of my work’s websites, shopping sites, and sports results. Just not interested.




I’m sure its since been updated, but at one point in time I heard YUTorah was blocked because there are audio and visual elements to the site.

My own brand

Say what. R Chaim said an smartphone w/o a filter is almost gilui arayus. And you have the chutzpah to write shabbos as your name. Shame on you


With all the promotions Amazon offered in the last 12 months, I saved much more than $119.


The problem with WalMart (and Target) 2 day delivery is that it is typically a 2 day delivery from the time the item is shipped. I once waited about 1 full business week for a package of diapers from both WalMart and Target; customer service told me that it can take a few days for the order to be processed. I’m not sure if that is accurate or not, but I do know that most of the time my items haven’t arrived in two days.


Amazon treats all NON-PRIME customers like second class they send their packages with the slowest method, VS Walmart everyone gets fast shipping as long as they meet the treshold.


if i now had to choose between amazon ( where my family makes orders daily from) or from walmart,im going to go with walmart…..simply bc walmart started now walmart grocery delivery, same day, so yes i get tons of items still from amazon, buyt walmart grocery delivery which includes many items that arent grocery is just amazing…. you get incredible pricing , same day, how can amazon match that???


Amazon pro’s are; Free shipping,more items.
Walmart pro’s are; Free returns! you could buy household items with out amazons annoying prime pantry rules,cheaper on many items,no membership.


Dan, I am looking on Staples and Office Depot and I don’t see Amazon gift cards for purchase.


This is a bad decision by Walmart. It’s hard to sit on the side and let your competitor beat you in service offerings, but Amazon is going to suffer mightily from the 1 day shipping logistics.
1. There is not enough delivery capacity right now, as evidenced by Amazon offering employees $10K to quit and go open delivery businesses
2. Their staffing model is going to be overwhelmed because of the nearly non-existent slack time between order and delivery. They will need to be overstaffed all the time to be ready for heavy days, because they no longer can let heavy days average themselves out by spilling over to the next day.

Walmart will hurt from this move moreso and more quickly than Amazon.


Amazon values/leverages the data they obtain from such gambits much more than Walmart. Walmart knows brick and mortar, look at their annual sales. Amazon knows online but sales don’t hold a candle to Walmart. Someone can pull up numbers to show you.


The vote question is misleading, shipping philosophy? everybody likes amazons shipping better (unless you take prime pantry items in to consideration). The question should be, ”is amazon’s price tag worth it?”


I usually check both for availability, pricing and delivery estimates and order with the one better option.
They each have their pros and cons