Poll: How Many Tickets Did You Book To Israel Today?


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Include tickets that you purchased for family and friends in your poll response.

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How about “How many people booked tickets and still feel good about it?”


Could this have been booked with Citi thank you points?


I read on the other blog post that some one booked 20+ people for a bar mitzvah… I had only 5 tickets booked in total but plan on using only 4 at most.


@jf feel awesome about it! Whats the big deal on capitalizing? When they charge for bag fees or overweight and we have no other choice its ok?


Booked 2 tickets and feel AWESOME!!

I have a friend who booked his tickets too close to Shabbos, he feels less then awesome.


@JF: JF, they have no shame…..I’m sure they’ll all get cancelled.


@JF: ME!!! Does that make you feel better??


I bought 2 tickets.

Thank you Dan.


In Montreal a family is making a wedding in eretz yisroel, they booked 25 tickets.


@senior editor i think ur just jelous that some ppl lucked out


Booked 2 and never felt better!


adam can i please buy the 1 ticket you not going to use


Dan your the man! didn’t get to a chance to book tickets. But love these deals!!!


@senioreditor: @KolHaolam
NEW YORK: El Al offices in NY
releases statement that they will
honor the tickets from NY to
Israel sold in error for as low as


This deal is definitely awesome. Especially for those who have an upcoming occasion and can include many more than otherwise possible!! And cool for all others who get to hop on the plane for a bargained vacation!


thank you so much. booked one


It is totally mutar to keep the tickets, ELAL was mochel the mistake that was made.
besides for the fact that it was not ELAL who made the mistake, but an outside company which is another reason why it is fine to keep the tickets!


Are tickets transferable?? Anybody book extra and want to sell??


Booked four tickets for my family. Thanks Dan.

As for the issues of Gezeila or whatever else that have been raised, im no Talmid Chochom, but im fairly certain that it is halachikly impossible to personally “steal” from a corporation (i.e. many many joint owners). This is part and parcel of business, so i kinda feel great i got to capitalize. Mistakes happen and companies deal with it – as El Al has happily confirmed.


By now that this deal is gone, I think it’s time for a good deal from NYC to LHR (London), as the prices are extremely high.
NU DAN Find out something


I booked 17 Tickets through cheapticket.com


@Motty: What are the prices to London that you say “extremely” high?


@rivka: I never even tried to book.


Edit: spoke to soon. While it is true that classic sources dont formally recognize a corporation and therefore any stealing from one would basically transfer to the many owners/shareholders (being less than a significant amount), modern-day poskim (rav elyashiv, rav z.n. goldberg) rule that stealing is forbidden even froma corporation.

Luckily, El Al was “mochel” here, so no worries.

Avi Miller

I booked 2 tickets through Expedia at $353 each at 11:50am. Flying 2/20-2/28 Purim week baby!!!


I need to call and add a lap seat for a one year old- did anyone have any luck getting the 10% from the original flight price or 10% of what it is right now?
Also, can we upgrade to business on american airlines points?


To all wise guys/travel agents?

Can you please share how you are changing the name????????
You are all begging for tickets but no one is sharing how to change the name????

I have 2 extra tickets. i will give one away if someone shares with us how to change the name on the tickets!!!
I am sure some of you are travel agents who have some tricks in changing names! can you please help before it is too late ???


@dan do you know how much luggage we can bring along?


I booked 11 tickets thanks to you Dan and I think everyone who got those tickets are thanks to you,
I don’t see any reason why it would be called stealing since you don’t have to know that this was a mistake and in any case I don’t feel bad for them at all since they raised ticket prices so much the last few years with adding huge fuel surcharges, and they drop the ticket prices so now when they forgot to add in the fuel surcharge it was very costly for them


if someone does find out how to change the name on the ticket please let me know because i want to buy one from someone! but only if it can be used on aug. 28
let me know at


If anyone cancels a ticket, then that’s one ticket someone else could have booked for a flight. Yes, I’m jealous. If I were to book a flight, I’m going to be sure I’m going. Why purchase the ticket otherwise if you’re thinking you might cancel the reservation? You can cancel if the fare is not honored, sure, but what other reason would there be to cancel such an amazing deal? If it doesn’t work around your schedule, why did you book it in the first place? Do your research before buying a ticket. I tried booking, but for each fare, the site said the ticket was unavailable. That’s not because El Al or the third-party site amended the fare; it’s because the tickets were sold out.


The fare was pulled at 1pm and it just took time from then for it to be pulled from all website.
Nothing to do with the quantity of tickets.

itzic golfeiz

@adam: @<a
so…would u by any chance sell that ticket or once its under ur name can u not do it anymore?? cuz i sorta kinda missed out on this awesome deal..


I booked just 1 ticket, I was honestly running out the door to the doctor and my brother texted me.. I was late at the Dt but bh.

I already bought a ticket last deal, my only regret is in my rush to book this deal i didnt even open a hebrew 2013 calendar and miss purim by 5 days oy

Thanks Dan, I heard people got at $260 but im not worried.. I should have bought for family members but it is what it is


If anyone has 5 or 6 tickets any date that they dOnt want and can transfer to us we would love to buy them off you!!
Please let me know. Reuvenandsara@yahoo.com


My return flight leaves madrid on friday at 10:30 am and arrives miami (same day) 2:10 pm. (Miami timezone is 6 or 7 ahead of madrid). Shaboss starts at 6:00pm. Are we permitted to fly?


If anyone knows how to change the name on a ticket, would love to buy 4 tickets (or less). let me know: hanakaufman@gmail.com Thanks

Cincinnati Yid


Do you have any to sell? Please call if so 513-470-6145



Also booked a little close to Shabbat, just going to bring only carry-ons and rush out of there!


Dan can we have a poll on how many people cancelled their tickets?


if anyone has extra tickets can u please email me ? thanx


if anyone has extra tickets can u please email me? i never went to israel and would love to go!!! adinae21@gmail.com


I’m looking to buy for December if you’re selling. yonit.tx@gmail.com.


i making a wedding for my son in isarel in nov4 we got 11 tickets that was great

chany feldman

i am looking for tickets on oct 31 at least 2 tickets email me at chanyfeld@gmail.com


Two things:
1) People are saying on how the airline is going to now make an effort to scrutinize people who booked for the cheap far by charging for luggage, etc. That’s not gonna happen. Truthfully at that price I would buy a ticket just so I can ship luggage to Israel, it seems almost cheaper (if this were a possibility).

2) Although I didn’t buy for myself but I did buy for others, the question came up about selling tickets to other people. I read some places where people convinced El Al to make a change of the name for free because they entered the wrong name when booking, however how can someone do this with more than one ticket (one mistake is plausible more than that is a “profiteer”) Also if people start selling single tickets and lots of people start making this claim it will only be a matter of time before the airline catches on. I am 100% positive that if the airline does make a change for free this is not standard procedure, so how are people selling tickets and why are people so willing to buy tickets that cannot properly be sold? Or am I missing something here? Just curious?


guys, no name changes are allowed on air tickets. all airlines do forbid this. really.


I am looking for up to 3 tickets in the beginning of the winter
if someone is willing to sell. please email me at meilechgross@gmail.com


For all those that are worried about ELAL losing money. It os very simple why ELAL would honor the deal, they will not lose anything since the mistake was made by a third party. ELAL only stands to gain from this mistake because the third party will take the hit and will be charging them full price.

This is a win win, ELAL booked their planes and is going to be paid the amount they intended to charge and we all got cheap tickets. The 3rd party is the loser today.


am i able to buy a ticket off someone that purchased it yesterday that doesnt need it?


looking for one ticket end of september till middle of september


If you have a ticket that you are looking to sell please email Me


i found out too l8 just when it switched to a higher price!!! 🙁


any willing to sell their tickets??? please contact me
need at least 2…are they transferable?


I booked one ticket with the last alphebet an “e” of the name missing. Do I need to change it or it’s not a problem flying with that situation?



Nice try, but you’ll have to find another way to assuage your conscience. The “3rd party” in this case could not possibly begin to cover the loss from the mistake. So even if El Al sought damages from them they’d never be able to collect.

My conscience isn’t bothering me, so don’t ask me for help self-justifying 🙂


@Suzanne: dream on theres no way to buy tickets from someone


I need a ticket desperately and i would have loved to get one for $350.00. I wasnt in Israel for 5 Years and i have to go before 7 years. I need a cheap ticket QUICK.


Sarah, that is touching. I am in my thirties, as well as my wife, and weve never been to Israel. We troed getting yesterday, but no luck. If anyone has tix they want to sell or transfer, Im accepting. Thx


any info on name changes?


18 tix flying with a group four times this year thanks Dan hope we all get of work the same time as all


@yk: how can u make this statement. Do u have an official statement from el al that they are “mochel”. By US law, they must honor it. I’ve heard that tickets booked via Israeli websites (ISSTA) that do not need to be honored, were cxld this morning. (not cnfmd, someone can easily check it out).
I personally believe that any halachik, Gd fearing person needs to check with his/her Rabbi. If they says it’s OK – good for you. If he says it’s prohibited, then all the rationalizing is nothing more than that.