[Delta And KLM Updates] Israel Flight Change Policies And Next Bookable Flights For Major Airlines

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  • Update, 5/20:
    • Delta confirms to DansDeals that, “there has been no change to the June 7 start date. We of course continue to evaluate, as always, but that remains the current plan as of now.” The airline has not flown to Israel since October 7th.
    • KLM is currently flying to Tel Aviv, but confirms that “due to continuing unrest” they will pause all flights “to and from Tel Aviv from July 1st until at least August 31st.” Passengers can be rebooked onto Air France or get a refund.
  • Update, 5/9:
    • Air Canada confirms to DansDeals that their return to Israel will be further pushed back from the previous 7/2 scheduled resumption and says that, “We continue to closely monitor the situation, and will adjust our plans accordingly.”
    • The next scheduled Toronto-Tel Aviv flight is now 8/6 and Tel Aviv-Toronto is now 8/7. This flight will only operate 3 times weekly through 10/24, at which point it will increase to 6 weekly flights.
    • The next scheduled Montreal-Tel Aviv flight is now 8/12, and Tel Aviv-Montreal is now 8/13. This flight will only operate once weekly through 10/21, at which point it will be suspended for the winter season.
    • Affected customers on Air Canada’s flights to/from/via Tel Aviv between now and August 5th, 2024, will be able to rebook to alternate flights if available, or obtain a full refund.
    • DansDeals has reached out to Delta to see if they are still planning to return to Tel Aviv on 6/7, but the airline has not yet responded to our request.
  • Update, 5/8 at 2pm ET:
    • United’s media team confirms with DansDeals that United early flight 84 from Newark-Tel Aviv is now canceled through 6/5 and return flight 85 is now canceled through 6/6. United late flight 90 from Newark-Tel Aviv is now canceled through 6/19 and return flight 91 is now canceled through 6/20. These flight cancelations will be processed in the coming days.
    • Notably, the 6/6 scheduled return date is 1 day earlier than Delta currently plans to return to Israel. If Delta sticks to their 6/7 scheduled return date, I’d expect United to stick to this date as well, but if either airline pushes back, the other may match.
    • United statement: “We are canceling our daily Tel Aviv flight through June 5 as we continue to evaluate our next steps. We continue to closely monitor the situation and will make decisions on upcoming flights with a focus on the safety of our customers and crews.

  • Update, 5/8 at 10am ET:
    • As we speculated yesterday, United has now confirmed in a memo to Israeli travel agents that United will indeed cancel all flights from Newark to Tel Aviv through 5/31 and from Tel Aviv to Newark through 6/1.
    • These flight cancelations will be processed in the coming days and due to the end of the United travel waiver, you have to wait until that happens before United will offer a refund or reaccommodate you with other options.
    • This is despite the United website still showing that flights to Israel starting on Friday are still on schedule, together with the usual upgrade lists. As we have said before, we find United’s pattern of last minute cancelations to be disrespectful. As noted in that post, this may be considered a deceptive practice under US law (you can complain to the DOT if affected) and in violation of Israeli law.
    • Passengers can request a refund or be rebooked within 7 days of their scheduled flight onto United flights to Athens, Dubai, or Tel Aviv with no difference in fare, but if you fly through Athens or Dubai you will have to buy another ticket to/from Tel Aviv. Passengers can also be rebooked onto Austrian, Brussels, Lufthansa, or Swiss within 3 days of their scheduled flight with no difference in fare.
  • Update, 5/7 at 6pm ET:
    • United has suspended sales of all flights to and from Tel Aviv for the entire month of May. Typically, this is a precursor to canceling flights, though flights from 5/10-5/31 are not yet officially canceled. The next available flights for sale from Newark to Tel Aviv are currently UA84 and UA90 on 6/1 and the next available flights for sale from Tel Aviv to Newark are currently UA85 and UA91 on 6/2.
    • When contacted today after the flight sale suspension, United told DansDeals that they have no updates to share since what they shared with us on May 1st, which was Our daily flight from Newark to Tel Aviv remains canceled through May 9 as we complete our safety assessment. We continue to closely monitor the situation and will make decisions on all upcoming flights with a focus on the safety of our customers and crews.”
    • Due to the closure of Meron for Lag B’omer, El Al will allow tickets purchased by May 6th for departures from May 19-23 to be converted into a voucher.
  • Update, 5/1:
    • United early flight 84 from Newark-Tel Aviv is now canceled through 5/9 and return flight 85 is now canceled through 5/10. United late flight 90 from Newark-Tel Aviv is now canceled through 5/24 and return flight 91 is now canceled through 5/25. These flight cancelations will be processed in the coming days.
  • Update, 4/30:
    • United early flight 84 from Newark-Tel Aviv is now canceled through 5/6 and return flight 85 is now canceled through 5/7. United late flight 90 from Newark-Tel Aviv is now canceled through 5/24 and return flight 91 is now canceled through 5/25.
  • Update, 4/20:
    • United early flights 84/85 between Newark-Tel Aviv are now canceled through 5/2. United late flights 90/91 between Newark-Tel Aviv are now canceled through 5/17.
    • Air Canada has extended their flight waiver for flights booked through 7/15.
  • Update, 4/18:
    • Air Canada has officially canceled Tel Aviv service through 6/30, with the next available flight from Montreal on 7/1 and Toronto on 7/2. Change waivers have been extended through 6/30.
    • United’s next available flight for sale is now from Newark to Tel Aviv on 4/29 and Tel Aviv to Newark on 4/30. Change waivers now include changing the origin or destination of your ticket to Athens.

Originally posted 4/17:

Wondering which airlines are offering waivers for Israel flights now? Below is an updated roundup as of 4/17.

Resuming operations in the wake of the Iranian attack are much easier for European carriers, as they can double crew a flight or make a technical stop where crew can be housed outside of Israel. North American carriers are going to struggle to resume flights until they are comfortable housing them in Israel once again.

By law, all flights that are canceled or have a major schedule change are fully refundable to your original payment method.

No airlines are covering expenses for new flights that you purchase on your own, so always ask your airline for rebooking options before buying tickets for another flight.

  • AA: Tickets booked on or before 2/11/24 for travel through 10/28/24 can be changed to travel through 11/24/24 with no difference in fare, or you can request a full refund.
    • Next bookable flight: JFK-Tel Aviv on 10/26/24.
  • Air Canada: Travel between 4/13/24-6/30/24 can be changed with no difference in fare, or you can request a full refund. Travel between 7/1/24-7/15/24 can be changed with no difference in fare through 8/15, or you can request a full refund.
    • Next bookable flight: Toronto-Tel Aviv on 8/6/24. Montreal-Tel Aviv on 8/12/24.
  • Air France: Travel waiver has ended.
    • Next bookable flight: Flights operational.
  • Austrian: Travel waiver has ended.
    • Next bookable flight: Flights operational.
  • BA: Travel waiver has ended.
    • Next bookable flight: Flights operational. BA has resumed flying between London-Tel Aviv, but on a short-haul A320/321 with Euro-business class seating. With this downgrade, full meals will not be offered in economy. Additionally, the flight from London to Tel Aviv will make a 45 minute operational stop in Larnaca, where it will switch crew, so that crew don’t need to leave the plane in Tel Aviv. Passengers won’t need to leave the plane in Larnaca. The flight from Tel Aviv to London will operate nonstop. This arrangement will run through at least 6/30/24. Passengers can request a refund if they don’t want to take this flight. BA also announced that effective 3/30/25, passengers will only receive tier points for short-haul flights on this route, for the lowest fare class that means a drop from 20 tier points to 10 tier points.
  • Brussels: Travel waiver has ended.
    • Next bookable flight: Flights operational.
  • Delta: Travel waiver has ended. Contact the airline to discuss options or request a refund. You can now be rebooked onto El Al, but you may have to ask for a manager to approve that option.
  • El Al: Travel between 4/13/24-5/4/24 can be converted into a voucher for future travel by anyone, or can be changed to travel through 5/4/24 within the same geographic area with no difference in fare. Travel between 10/29/23-5/4/24 can be converted into a voucher for future travel by anyone, but flight changes are subject to difference in fare.
  • Emirates: Travel waiver has ended. Contact the airline to discuss options or request a refund.
    • Next bookable flight: Dubai-Tel Aviv on 10/27/24.
  • Finnair: All flights canceled through 10/29/24, with limited rerouting options or you can request a full refund.
    • Next bookable flight: All flights canceled through end of scheduling.
  • Iberia: Tickets booked on or before 4/14/24 for travel between 10/7/23-4/30/24 can be changed to travel through 5/31 with no difference in fare, or you can fly to Athens, Cairo, or request a full refund.
    • Next bookable flight: Flights operational.
  • ITA: Travel waiver has ended.
    • Next bookable flight: Flights operational.
  • KLM: Tickets booked on or before 4/12/24 for travel between 4/12/24-4/22/24 can be changed to travel through 4/29/24 with no difference in fare, or you can switch TLV for Athens, or you can request a full refund.
    • Next bookable flight: Flights operational with a technical stop in Larnaca from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv, flight operates nonstop on return.
  • Lufthansa: Travel waiver has ended.
    • Next bookable flight: Flights operational.
  • Swiss: Travel waiver has ended.
    • Next bookable flight: Flights operational.
  • Turkish: Travel waiver has ended.
    • Next bookable flight: All flights canceled through end of scheduling.
  • United: Tickets booked on or before 4/11/24 for travel between 4/12/24-5/1/24 can be changed to travel through 5/1/24 with no difference in fare, or you can request a full refund. You can also change your ticket to depart or arrive in Athens.
    • Next bookable flight: Newark-Tel Aviv flight 84 on 6/6, Tel Aviv-Newark flight 85 on 6/7. The next scheduled Newark-Tel Aviv flight 90 is on 6/20/24 and Tel Aviv-Newark flight 91 on 6/21. San Francisco/Chicago/Washington DC-Tel Aviv are on 10/26 or 10/27.
  • Virgin Atlantic: Tickets booked on or before 10/15/23 for travel between 10/7/23-9/2/24 can be changed to travel through 12/15/24 with no difference in fare, or you can request a full refund. You can get rebooked on El Al at no extra charge. If your flight has been canceled and you are away from home, we will offer reimbursement for hotel accommodation, and transport to and from the hotel, in addition to meals and refreshments.
    • Next bookable flight: London-Tel Aviv on 9/5/24.

Have your flights been affected by the war in Israel?

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Notable that I have heard reports that United will not rebook travellers through Europe with exceptions to normal change policies (unlike what they did immediately after 10/7).


They offered me free rebook via Athens.


With ticket to TLV?


I had United flights TLV-EWR and back. They offered to change to ATH-EWR instead, or a full refund. I would have had to find my own way to ATH. In the end I just took the refund.


PS They also offered Dubai or Amman but with the matzav being what it is that wasn’t an option for me. (I have a frum friend who does not look at all Jewish and he’d travel via Arab countries and even walk right past angry crowds screaming “death to the Jews”, and never an issue. But they would notice me in 1 second)


AA ticket flying with British will only agree to change my flight to one with an overnight layover in London.
Any prediction on when the morning flights out of TLV wil be reinstated?


ELAL, If used NY-TLV 4/18 iyh, return scheduled for 5/1 – would they give 1/2 voucher for cancel return? change fees apply?


Does that mean Air Canada is cancelling all flights until June?


According to Flightaware, Aegean has resumed TLV-ATH.


Correct, I almost took that flight. United- Aegean but snatched an available EL AL for piece of mind.

Hate the Snatchers

Why “snatch”? Why not “book”?


Is AC canceling flights?


Cancelled till June at least.


I’m in Thailand and flew in with Air India. They’ve canceled flights until April 20. I’m worried they won’t resume on the 20. Any idea what their policy is?


I asked Dan about Air India a couple days ago but for some reason he doesn’t seem to respond to questions abkut Air India


Is United’s 4/21 Tel Aviv to Newark flight still on?


No, even 23 is cancelled already


how does united policy of athens help?. who pays for the Athens to US leg?


do they allow u to switch to any flight from Athens regardless of price?


@Dan United canceled already April 23 UA84 and UA 85 on next day return, next bookable flight is May 3

Some rumors that the UA90 and UA91 flight that supposed to resume now in May has for now been canceled for 4 weeks


What about air Europa?


My may 7th flight ua90 is saying CANCELED


UA90 canceled for May 12
@Dan any ideas


What’s with delta, any word?


Why should we resume flying to Israel on United after the way they have cancelled service especially a few days at a time at the last minute. I am a United premier member and think that I will fly only ElAl from now on.


@Dan interesting what I had, a light booked on May 14 with UA90 I got an email that my flight was changed to UA84

The schedule for your trip to Tel Aviv has changed
If this new schedule and seat assignment work with your travel plans, you’re all set – there’s nothing else you need to do.
If these changes don’t work with your travel plans, you can choose a different seat, change your flight, or cancel your trip using the button below.
See other options
Flight to Tel Aviv
New itinerary
May 14, 2024
3:20 p.m.
New York/Newark
May 15, 2024
8:55 a.m.
Tel Aviv (TLV)
UA 84
Duration: 10h 35m
Seat Changes:
47E Middle
Flight UA84 is operated by
Original itinerary
May 14, 2024
May 15, 2024
Tel Aviv (TLV
UA 90
Duration:10h 35m


my son had a flight from LaGuardia on United and was not notified of any cancellations, but when he got to the airport – CANCELLED. Had to get a refund because there are no United flights going to Israel, had to wait for my refund and rebook a flight on American. What. nightmare. Ticket was so expensive.


Is swiss air flying?


After careful consideration, SWISS has decided to suspend its flights to Tel Aviv up to and including next Thursday, 25 April. There are various reasons for this decision: The situation in the Middle East is developing rapidly. This means that SWISS must react at short notice. In recent weeks we have repeatedly cancelled flights at short notice. This always causes inconvenience for passengers, who are unable to find flights to Tel Aviv in time or miss their connections from Zurich. With this measure, we want to create stability, reliability and predictability for passengers and flight crews.


Any idea why the late flight UA90/91 cancelled but 84/85 not?


Are we in a place where they keep canceling one day at a time as time passes by (like it has been in the last week), or is there actual hope that we will have TLV-EWR flights at the end of the first week of May?


is KLM flying?


Just got an email from Brussels airline canceling a round trip BRU-TLV in Aug/Sep 2024. No bookable flights for the time being.


Hi dan, Any ideas on flights for after pesach? elal is crazy expensive and United doesn’t have flights for a long time and my daughter needs to get back to Seminary.


I have a ticket on UA84 EWR-TLV for 5/7 and not showing cancelled. Just called united and they claim it on and not cancelled.
Where do you see it’s cancelled??


this insane elal price gouging has to stop

Chaim Green

If you would buy ElAl instead of untied airlines you would support our own and yourself without complaining of gouging. Untied left you in the dark, blame yourself for it. I hope you learned a lesson.


For $5000 one way?


Is there any laws in the US or Israel about this? both United and elal are guilty.

Chaim Green

In my shop I charge what I want it’s your choice to buy or not. Supply and demand sets price. Take Norse and connect with Bluebird or Israir via Ber for 1/4 of it.


if United cancelled the return leg TLV-EWR flight are they obligated to find us a different flight(El AL?) without any cost to us? any other recourse?


I have a flight Ua84 on 5/6! Is it flying? I haven’t gotten any emails? What should I do?


I received a text that my flight on May 6 UA 84 was canceled due to unrest in the Middle East. They say they are flying May 15 but do you think they actually will resume flights by then?


I can’t wait until the 15th. What can I do?


Reached out to my travel agent a few times and they spoke to united, united said the UA90 on May 19 is not cancelled.
Where is this info from?

Shmuel Stefansky

Does that mean 5/9 is cancelled?


@Dan, how do you see in real time when these are cancelled?


yikes flight on 5/8 was cancelled received the email.They basically gave me no options when i called.Does anybody know what i should be asking for ? what partner airlines are flying? I checked luftansa and swiss air and it seems neither are flying and austrian airways is sold out most of next week.What other partners do they have? (I would add that anybody wanting to go to israel in the next few months should stick to elal -it’s no fun to scramble at the last minute )


I booked United flights before Oct 7 for dates in January. I had to spend an hour on the phone each time, but as they cancelled flights, a supervisor was always willing to put me on the next available flight with the same trip duration. The regular agents were never able to help me. I was able to move my trip to the next available flight at least 4 times as they announced cancellations between October and late February.


yes they offered me the same thing but i need to get back to eretz yisroel next week


dan is United obligated to get you back to the US with no extra cost to the passenger if they cancel?

Just s

Why does my ua84 flight on may 9 still show that it’s flying in my reservation?


Do you expect United to cancel flights going forward?


I was on the UA 84 flight on Sunday and my travel agent got 2 separate tickets, so ill be in Lisbon for 12 hours, any recommendations where to stay or what to do there for so long? is there a reasonable hotel in the airport?

Just curious

Same here Anyone with info for hotel options in airport for LIS


Around $200 stayed here a few weeks ago. Decent hotel, very friendly, shuttle from to airport. Literally across the street from the airport. (5minute walk)


@dan Whats the chances UA84 will fly May 19???


How do i get to to israel from NY for may 5 6 7 ?


If my return flight to US gets cancelled, How would united help? will they book me on other flights?


Dan maybe a good idea for a new informative post would be something detailing what to do and strategies(which airlines to fly, how to rebook, strategies you could impart etc..) when your flight gets cancelled especially to and from Israel which would be most apropos now and probably in the foreseeable future as it seems its one thing or another in Israel that causes airlines to cancel! this might be the norm going forward at least with United and Delta


Did anyone fly ITA recently (looking at a flight from JFK with a short layover in FCO)?


United came out Yesterday saying it’s “completing a security assessment” and cancelling flights through May 9. Is there any indication United is actually imminently resuming flights?

Larry Engelhart

If you book flight to Israel on a European airline that is code-shsred with ElAl but they have to cancel the to-Israel leg, will ElAl fulfill that flight?

Sam Stern

Do u think United will fly Monday may 13th?
Or I should stick with a stopover?


Do u think Israel and Iran will attack each other this month?


Was there an attack that caused the extension?


My son’s flight was cancelled on May 14th. Only recourse was to get a refund and rebook him on an American flight the next day.


I’m trying to book United RT from Tel Aviv to EWR Feb 2025 and Premium Economy is not available….what happened? Thx


So, KLM is still going? They tell me there are no cancelations…


Any update if United resumes 5/9?

Yankel the Yarmulka Man

Anyone know whether LOT polish is flying?


Yes they are flying


United’s website shows that flight 84 on Thursday the 9th – is also canceled


at this point they should just give their landing slots to Elal 🙁

Dan\'s the Man

Why is United still not flying? I understand stopping the night Iran attacked but it just doesn’t seem to make any sense. It’s just as safe now as it was the week before Iran attacked when they were flying. I’m beginning to think it could have to do with pleasing pro Hamas people…


Why is delta and AA still not flying? ‍♂️


I would love to hear the Dan’s editorial view on this. Also what is your view on the delta chances of canceling? I have a ticket on delta for June 20th that I booked back in january via virgin atlantic points when I saw the post on your site about wide open delta availability, so thank you for that

Dan\'s the Man

Dan- why do you think they aren’t flying? It seems like it could be more than the original reasons they stopped flying in October.


How long before the flight can they update if it is canceled or not?


I have a flight leaving in May from Israel. I am assuming that this flight will get cancelled – if this happens, will I be able to still use my excursions perk flight and keep the return ticket to Israel?


When flights are canceled, are they automatically rebooked on Lufthansa/Austrian/Swiss or do I need to proactively do it? Have a flight next week and wonder if I should go ahead and changed though the fare difference is pretty hefty


Have a flight 5/12 from EWR-TLV returning 5/19
What are the chances United gonna be flying at this point?


I have ticket June 3rd which I assume will be cancelled. Price difference in business between United and El Al is crazy!!!!!I was paying close to 10k for 2 tickets and now it’ll go to over 16k!!!

Mo Kamioner

I had a flight booked with United 85 on May 19 through a travel agent in Israel. The travel agent spoke to a senior United employee in Israel who said that the flights will “likely” be cancelled – it sounded like a not committal way of saying find alternative flight plans.


It is very odd that according to the United App they have assigned an aircraft to Fridays flight. When indications that you can’t buy tickets until June would make you think it’s going to be canceled. They have the upgrade list active with some customers being upgraded. Very strange and unhelpful to customers who believe they are leaving on Friday.


What do you mean to TEL AVIV?
“Passengers can request a refund or be rebooked within 7 days of their scheduled flight onto United flights to Athens, Dubai, or *Tel Aviv* with no difference in fare”

Mo Kamioner

Maybe rebooking in Tel Aviv through June?


But it says in 7 days


So if you have a flight on May 29, they will rebook you in a flight out TLV on June 4 etc since that flight is still scheduled to fly


Has anyone successfully gotten Israeli air compensation for a United flight cancelled within 14 days? Are they claiming circumstances beyond their control?


Yes they are claiming it’s out of their control


Just spoke with united agent. Since they did not yet cancel our flight they said it will cost money for any change. Not only that but while on the phone the agent told me that they just received a message that anyone trying to change their flight they MUST charge them! #sick.


“Passengers can also be rebooked onto Austrian, Brussels, Lufthansa, or Swiss within 3 days of their scheduled flight with no difference in fare.”

United will book you all the way through with no added cost from nyc-tlv or tlv-nyc?


With this new round of cancellations United is apparently not allowing rebooking on Lufthansa to TLV. I can’t understand this — they will only rebook to Athens, Jordan, or one other city near TLV — but they won’t book open connections through Europe to TLV. Makes no sense why they changed this policy now.


Does United partner with Emirates? Like would they put me on a round trip flight from Newark to Athens with this cancelled ticket on an Emirates flight?


Ua84 on Friday is now cancelled officially


My UA85 flight next Monday was just canceled. I was rebooked on the exact same flight on the exact same day smh


Update: I called and they booked me with Lufthansa. Now waiting for the return flight to be canceled.




I had a friend that was rebooked through nice in france and then on elal from nice to tel Aviv .it was all on 1 ticket and united booked the whole thing so it is possible for them to book on elal.
I also have a friend that rebooted to Barcelona and then bought a ticket on bluebird airways from Barcelona to tel Aviv for under 200 dollars and that included paying for. A carry on and a checked bag so that cam also be a option although it was 2 separate tickets so the bags had to be rechecked


Any ideas about what United is likely to do in June? We have my daughter returning from Sem straight after Shavout on United, and going off to work at a camp two days later. If we wait until United has decided about June, ElAl will probably be full, especially with all the Yeshiva and Sem kids returning from the year in June. We are definitely regretting not going on the group flight for the Sem through ElAl.


try to find something on points that you could cancel


at this point just keep on huca till you get what you want every united rep is claiming a different policy [regarding rebooking]

Lukshen Kugel

Any chance in the world united will rebook my cancelled direct flight onto Elal direct?




Fly delta or American to Europe. Then El Al to Israel.


Have a flight for June 16, for a wedding. Do you think it’s safe to stay w United or should I quickly book on Elal?


Anyone got a cancelation for TLV-EWR on May 30 yet


I’d like to book a ticket to Israel for July 2 is it wise to book with airccanada ty


Nope. You’d be better off swimming there than waiting for AC to fly. Just imagine if ElAl still flew from Toronto!!!! Sooooo chaval.


I have a booking with United from Tel Aviv to EWR May 28th and I booked it with points will United rebook me even I booked it with points or only rebook when you buy it with money?


United doesn’t differentiate between a flight booked with points or dollars when it’s cancelled by United.
I got a supervisor to actually cancel the flight instead of leaving it as a “schedule change”. Now that it’s cancelled united reps are willing to work with me in getting a flight on United’s tab. (My original ticket was 39,000 miles).


PSA: I just got off the phone with United (supervised) he said he got a message that all flights are canceled until June 5th.
As for my flight that got cancelled (May 9, TLV-EWR) he only offered ATH-EWR. After polite talk he tried looking for flights TLV-ATH via star alliance airlines but all were sold out for the next 7 days.
Anyone have any better options or just call every day for cancellation…




BH’ I was successful!
Though I had a 21 hour stopover but united said they will reimburse me for hotel & food. After looking at more flights I decided it was worth my while to go to London and have a 10 stopover to break up my time. TLV-ATH-LHR-EWR all for my original 39,000 miles award ticket.


“As of this moment all flights from and to TLV are cancelled, best option right now is to cancel and refund the ticket or if we are going to rebook the flight, your flight can only be rebook by Jun 7 onwards.”


United rebooked me to Athens, had to buy a ticket from athens to Israel. Many options are available. With liggage it cost me almost $300


But why should you be on the hook for the the TLV-ATH flight!?
If you call again and speak politely but firmly- you’ll get united to fly you to ATH- only with partner airlines.

Haim g

Try getting reimbursement from united customer care complaint form. It doesn’t hurt to try.

Kevin P

Hi, I I paid $1,600 for United round trip starting in tlv, I used the first flight, and the second got canceled, they put me onto a Swiss flight, at the time that I booked there were stopover flights for $1100 (and the Swiss flight was through JFK…….)

Does anyone have any experience with this? Any recommendation..


United is not formally updating ticket buyers about the cancelations. It is very frustrating.


Weird update that just happened to me, got a call from United saying that a Lufthansa flight from TLV-FA that’s codeshared with United (a rebook from a canceled flight) is no longer operating. On both the United AND Lufthansa site it said that the flight is indeed operating, called United and they said it’s not operating but when they called LH they said it is. It’s a whole mess right now.


Just got them to rebook me even though the cancellation did not officially go through yet on my booking


What options can I expect to be offered for current millage reservation UA90 on 06/05, UA91 on 06/24, UA662 on 06/25? Asking so I know how to respond when told of cancellation.


Uh oh, succos flights getting sold out fast.


At least air Canada gave 45 days notice.unitedbgiving 4 days notice says they care about their bottom line and not their customers.if you thought about your customers you would give more notice

shlomo Y

Hi, I bought a flight with miles and now my flight was cancelled. I tried to get a flight with their partner airlines but the agents all said that since I bought the flight with award miles than star alliance airlines won’t have availability for award flights till the middle of June. There is availability for paid flights which they suggested I get a refund and buy a new ticket which is ludicrous as it will be close to $1000 more per a ticket..
I’ve tried calling multiple times, the best I got was that they are willing to change orgin from TLV to any European airport and email customer care for a possible reimbursement for the flight from Tlv to that airport. Is that something to rely on?
Anyone have any suggestions? Will a DOT complaint help?


im in the same boat.. i don’t think you have any options but to buy a flight on El Al
if the flight is to tLV, el al has a flat fare they offer but the other direction


Is there an official announcement or channel about the elal meron flight change policy?


Did Delta ever cancel do close to the date of flight?


*so close
Meaning did they ever wait for last minute to cancel?


Why is KLM cancelling only as of July 1? How do they know what will be happening 6 weeks in advance?


Magic 8 ball.


Perhaps, unlike United, they feel a certain sense of responsibility to provide some reasonable notice before they cancel flights for no identifiable reason? Seems like all the airlines have demonstrated more care for customers than United, which makes decisions on a whim and doesn’t even bother communicating in real time.


If you buy a ticket with Delta on ELAL.com and they dont fly, will ELAL automatcly put you on an ELAL flight? To your choice or theirs?


I’m a newbie to the Israel flights drama.

If I book tickets NYC – TLV on United for mid July and they don’t actually end up flying, will they rebook me on another star alliance route? Or will they just refund me and I’ll have to start all over?


Any updates from United? Would like to book end of June. Thanks


I have tickets with United on June 11th. If they haven’t cancelled their return on June 7 until now, does it mean there’s a good chance they will get back flying?


If my ticket was canceled, can I request a refund even after one or two months or is there a limit?

Yaakov B

Any united updates now that we are a few days away.