WalMart Kills ShippingPass, Now Offering 2 Day Shipping On $35+ Orders

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WalMart’s ShippingPass has had a bit of a rough run

In 2015 I posted a deal to get ShippingPass for just $1. It turned out that WalMart was still beta testing the program, so they gave a $50 gift card to everyone who enrolled in the $1 offer.

ShippingPass went public last year for $49/year and shortly thereafter started offering a a free trial and 2 day shipping instead of 3 day shipping.

And today they are killing the ShippingPass program. They will automatically refund everyone who paid to join it.

Instead they will offer free 2nd day shipping on most items when you make a $35+ order.

Orders under $35 will cost $5.99 and they will also come in 2 days.

Personally I don’t see why WalMart can’t offer free $35+ shipping and a ShippingPass membership option. I love using Amazon Prime and ordering items without needing to meet minimum order requirementsthough I can’t stand add-on items that require a $25 order, let alone a $35 order as WalMart will require. Luckily Amazon offers the ability to subscribe to some add-on items which waives the requirement to make a $25 order.

Still, the $35 order level is competitive for people who don’t pay for Amazon Prime. It will be interesting to see if it forces Amazon to lower their $49 free shipping threshold for non-Prime members or it they’ll be wary to do that in order not to cannibalize Prime membership signups.

One thing is certain, competition is always good for consumers.

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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In general WalMart pricing seems to be lower

Been There

If this brings the Prime membership lower, that would be great!! I am a big big fan of Amazon Prime!


I just ordered yesterday three 5 pound bags of Walmart (Great Value) Brown Rice for $10 using ShippingPass. They don’t sell them in the stores


Given that Walmart has B&M the $35 min. order is not so bad since you can buy anything to put you over the threshold and then return it at the store. For Amazon you’d have to make up an excuse of why its their fault to make them pay for return shipping. I guess it only works for people that live near a Walmart but doesn’t everybody?


Does Walmart offer free returns, with shipping labels?


Does it have to be returned in store or do they offer free return shipping?


Until now you needed $50 minimum for free shipping at Walmart. Not all items had a store pickup option. So for me (and I am guessing those that do have a Walmart nearby), this change is actually better. (I did not sign up for shipping pass. And I know which Walmart near me has the shorter lines for returns. :-))
Of course, yesterday I ordered about $40 worth of stuff and I will need to go to the store to pick up, but that’s ok. LOL!!
Thanks for the update, Dan!


My sister bought a new house, and bought then returned many items. Her Wal-Mart asks for ID when returning. After a few returns they banned her from returning !


I signed up for free trial shipping pass in July 2016. Thought I’ll cancel, but I didn’t.

As far as my experience amazon prime vs Walmart shipping pass, it’s not really 2 day for Walmart, more like 3. I guess I’m spoiled with amazon.

For on time shipping I’d definitely go with amazon!!! For value pricing and not so punctual shipping Walmart, like detergents, etc.

Thanks Dan!


Me too can’t stand Amazon’s add on items it never adds up #1 it’s completely random which products are add on.. #2 half of the time the other items in the order don’t even come in the same box #3 the order can contain a prime item but they still wont ship the add on item unless you hit the 25.00 requirement


@Mikey: IINM they only ask for ID when returning without a receipt. They want to avoid abuse of the system. But if you have a receipt, they don’t usually ask for ID.



Walmart does offer free return labels.

Are there workarounds for free shipping below $35 from WM?


2 unrelated questions : do all airlines offer seat upgrades using points on a paid economy ticket ? Is there a chart for it ? Also does amex platinum automatically offer u insider fares if they are available or u have to do something to get it


u can try and add a random item to your order to go over the threshold and right away cancel that portion of the order before they have a chance to ship it. it works sometimes, other times it gets shipped and u just return it.


Great to see some competition emerging.

Long time prime member but hate how they’ve become so political. looking forward to a comparable alternative.


Amazon policy with add on items is really annoying. I truly feel scammed when I have to hit a $25 threshold. We should really be buying add on items together with clothing (free returns items) and send the other stuff back just to teach them a lesson! Speaking of which, usually Any clothing item I buy feels like it was used and returned (just saying). And once I’m at it, I might as well I might as well complain about the really expensive prime grocery item prices (say, listerene) they are WAAAY overpriced. Try comparing an Amazon shopping cart to target or and you’ll save tons of $$! Also annoying is the VERY messy pantry/fresh programs which can drive a person insane, with the whole box percentage junk. Also subscribe and save should be called subscribe and LOSE, being that they have full control to raise the prices each month! (Besides the fact that it’s Wholly unreliable and not necessarily will your item be in stock when your delivery is scheduleded for) (oh and they pack the items TERRIBLE!) thanks for letting me vent, Dan!


@Eli: or just buy a free return item like clothing


Heads up on some Walmart returns…I bought an item and it was mis-priced (I was to receive 144 packs of gum for ~$15 and I even had a screenshot of it. Well, I only got 144 pieces of gum which was something like 8 packs). Of course I called to get sit’n rectified. Walmart did NOT stand behind this and told me I needed to contact the ‘seller.’I did. The seller said it was Walmart’s fault so I three-way called Walmart customer service back. And, after nearly an HOUR of this mess, the seller finally agreed to charge me what a reasonable price for the 8 pack gum would of cost anywhere else. Lesson learned. Walmart doesn’t stand behind online products!



or just buy 7 of them if such great deal 😉



so why r u a prime customer or a customer at all ?


@sol: I got grandfathered in on someone else’s plan who is willing to pay. I myself. Would NOT waste the money (though amazon is ok on lots of OTHER items)