Now Live: Millions Of Items Are Available With Amazon Prime One Day Free Shipping!

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Update: Amazon has just rolled out free Prime one day shipping on millions of items!

Amazon changed online shopping for good 14 years ago when they launched free 2nd day shipping with Amazon Prime.

Amazon announced that they will spend at least $800MM this quarter upgrading the default free Prime shipping speed to one-day shipping.

While some items currently have one-day shipping and others offer it on $35+ orders, Amazon is expanding that to cover most products, in most locations nationwide, and with no minimum order over the next couple of months.

This comes on the heels of Amazon allowing Prime members to order add-on items without needing a minimum order.

That’s a lot of meaningful new value being added for Prime members. Hopefully Amazon is able to hold the $119/year price point for Prime.

Don’t have Prime? Signup For An Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial And Get A $10 Off $20 Credit At Whole Foods Stores

I’m surprised that Walmart hasn’t figured out a way to successfully launch their own shipping membership. Walmart gave up on their $49/year ShippingPass membership after a mere 7 months. That seemed far too quick to raise the white flag without ever pushing for mass adoption.

My default online shopping goes to Amazon as I don’t need to find $35 of items to order in order to get free shipping. That will only increase with next day Prime shipping. Walmart will likely respond and offer free one-day shipping without a paid membership on $35+ orders, but that spending threshold will continue to hinder their growth against Amazon.

It doesn’t hurt that I can use my Chase Ink Cash card to earn 5 Chase Ultimate Rewards points per dollar (worth 7.5-10% back) on Amazon purchases!

Amazon Prime member benefits include:

Also available is a free 6 month trial of Amazon Student which costs just $49.99/year and EBT cardholders can buy Prime for just $5.99/month. That comes out to just $71.88/year instead of $119/year for regular Prime paid up front or $155.88/year for regular Prime paid monthly.

Do you have Amazon Prime? Will the recent improvements to add-on items and one day shipping make Prime worthwhile for you?

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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Dan- does the wedding gift 20% off still work? know of any luck creating a ‘dummy’ registry for the 20% off code?


Meh, it’ll probably still take two days to get to you but now they’ll call it “one day shipping” instead of two day shipping, like how what they currently call “two day shipping” can sometimes take 3-5 days.

mivakesh shalom

your life sounds like one long narrative of negativity


He’s actually being positive considering amazon giving you a credit for any late shipment.. now it only got better!


Not true, shows get free tomorrow


I just put a spice rack in my cart, clicked ordered, and it’s supposed to be here by 8pm tomorrow. I still had 4 hours to complete it, if I was not going to order right this second.


Don’t have it and I won’t be getting it. It just encourages you to spend more.


Dan, thank you.
If I get the EBT prime, do I get every single one of the above listed benefits?
I’m specifically worried about 20% off diaper subscriptions, which I believe in the past didn’t work. If anyone can confirm that it’s included in EBT prime I’d greatly appreciate it!

Amazon for life

I signed with my Medicare for prime discount and have all the Benefits!!


It definitely is included (20% off amazon family). I can testify to that.


Living in LA and this whole it’s been promoted these last couple months they’ve consistently delivered the package late. I’m sure they’ll get better


“My default online shopping goes to Amazon as I don’t need to find $35 of items to order in order to get free shipping.”
Very interesting to hear that. I find Amazon great for electronics, baby gear and so on, but for everyday essentials, like detergents (especially bulk sized) , paper goods, diapers, and most of our household needs, Walmart and Target seems to be much cheaper than Amazon. And of course there is Costco too. (although their online options has been diminishing, more and more items are no longer avail, and the new $75 minimum on Google Express and on are simply insane. However, their always jam packed parking lots at their physical stores prove that they continue to succeed with their own business model.)


Looks like my no rush credits expired. Any way to get them back?

Liam K. Nuj

You forgot the following Amazon benefits:
Amazon will use their 3rd Party merchants as a free Research & Development source (actually, the merchant is PAYING to be that R&D source!). Meaning, when they see an item selling well, Amazon will begin selling it for less – most times a lot less, even making less per item than the 15% cut they were getting from the 3rd Party Merchant. (I know this from personal experience)
Amazon will shut down any merchant that sneezes the wrong way, putting that merchant out of business overnight, along with its dozens of employees. (Sadly, I know this too, from personal experience).


Check Aspkin. Amazon is evil but there are ways to circumvent their draconian rules

Liam K. Nuj

Thanks. Yes, I see you can avoid Amazon’s draconian rules for sellers.
Until the NEXT time.


Was wondering why that was an option when I ordered a $25 item this morning.


Dan how come you don’t order from Alibaba or Ali express?