Only 15 Minutes Left! Earn 70,000 Alaska Miles Worth 15 Domestic Flights, Business Class To Israel, And More!

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Update: This limited time offer will be ending today at 1:59pm ET! See this post for sample mileage bargains with Alaska, and this post for bargains on El Al.

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Earn 70,000 Miles On The Alaska Airlines Visa® Credit Card

Welcome bonus:

Earn 70,000 Alaska miles for opening the Alaska Airlines Visa® Credit Card and spending $3,000 in the first 90 days.

You’ll also get Alaska’s Famous Companion Fare™ from $99 fare plus taxes and fees after meeting the spending requirement.

Alaska miles are some of the most valuable and hard to obtain miles.

Annual fee: 

There is a $95 annual fee.

Companion fare: 

With this offer you can bring another passenger with you on a one-way or round-trip paid ticket for just $122 ($99 fare plus taxes and fees from just $23). You can also use your credit card to book companion travel for 2 other people.

This is valid anywhere that Alaska flies to, including Hawaii!

The companion will also earn their full flown miles for their tickets as Alaska still awards miles based on flight distance.

Card earnings: 

  • 3 Alaska miles per dollar on Alaska Airlines purchases
  • Earn unlimited 2 miles for every $1 spent on eligible gas, EV charging station, cable, streaming services and local transit and ride-share purchases.
  • Earn 1 mile per dollar elsewhere.
  • There are no foreign transaction fees.

10% Rewards Bonus:

Earn a 10% rewards bonus on all purchases if you also have an eligible Bank of America® account.

Free checked bag + priority boarding: 

The primary cardholder and up to 6 additional guests on the same reservation get a free checked bag and priority boarding on Alaska flights, even on Saver Basic Economy tickets. That’s a savings of $60 round-trip per bag.

In-Flight Discounts:

Cardholders get 20% back on inflight food, beverage, and Wi-Fi purchases when you pay with your card.

Alaska Lounge Discounts:

Get $100 off an annual Alaska Lounge+ Membership purchased with your Alaska card.

Alaska miles sweet spots:

Alaska’s award pricing on OneWorld partner airlines is typically excellent, and they also partner with other airlines like Aer Lingus, El Al, Icelandair, and Singapore.

Plus you can get a free stopover on one-way awards or 2 free stopovers on round-trip awards.

They will be launching a new award chart in March with many sweet spots, such as:

  • NYC to Cleveland, Detroit, Montreal, Pittsburgh, or Toronto, or Newark or Philadelphia to Chicago in AA economy for 4,500 miles or business class for 9,000 miles.
  • NYC to Miami in AA economy for 7,500 miles or business class for 15,000 miles.
  • Tel Aviv to Athens, Bucharest, Budapest, Chisinau, Dubai, Dubrovnik, Eilat, Istanbul/IST, Krakow, Kyiv, Larnaca, Paphos, Rhodes, Rome, Sofia, Tbilisi, Thessaloniki, Tivat, Venice, Vienna on El Al for 7.5K miles in coach, 10K in premium, 15K in business, or 22.5K in first
  • Melbourne to Sydney or Sydney to Queenstown, NZ for 7.5K miles in coach, 10K premium, 15K business, or 22.5K first
  • Chicago to LA on AA for 12.5K miles in coach or 25K miles in business class.
  • LA to Honolulu on AA for 17.5K miles in coach or 35K miles in first
  • JFK to London, JFK to Iceland, Cleveland to Dublin, Tel Aviv to Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Casablanca, Dublin, Frankfurt, Geneva, Liege, Lisbon, London/LHR, London/LTN, Madrid, Marrakech, Marseille, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Nice, Paris, Prague, Seychelles, Warsaw, Zurich on El Al for 22.5K miles in coach, 30K in premium, 45K in business, or 67.5K in first
  • NYC to Honolulu on AA for 25K miles in coach or 50K miles in first
  • Sydney to Nadi, Fiji for 25K miles in coach, 32.5K premium, 50K business, or 75K first
  • JFK to Rome or Casablanca for 27.5K miles in coach, 35K premium, 55K business, or 82.5K first
  • JFK to Frankfurt or Houston to Manchester in Singapore economy for 27,500 miles or business class for 55,000 miles.
  • LA to Papeete in Air Tahiti Nui economy for 20,000 miles in coach, 30K premium, or business class for 60,000 miles.
  • Melbourne to Hong Kong or Tokyo to Sydney for 30K miles in coach, 40K premium, 60K business, or 90K first
  • Boston, Fort Lauderdale, JFK, Newark, or Miami to Tel Aviv in El Al economy for 35,000 miles, premium economy for 45,000 miles, or business class for 70,000 miles.
  • LA to Tel Aviv in El Al economy for 42,500 miles, premium economy for 55,000 miles, or business class for 85,000 miles.
  • Melbourne to Los Angeles for 42.5K miles in coach, 55K premium, 85K business, or 130K first

Note that the Alaska-El Al partnership will end after 7/31, so be sure to book award tickets for future travel by then!

Here are the new award charts:


While the above charts are for partner travel, here is the chart for travel on Alaska Airlines:


Need more Alaska miles? You can buy them on sale here.

Will you signup for the Alaska Airlines Visa® Credit Card?

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Which cc points transfer to Alaska?


Can you use the companion pass on a round trip ticket to Israel?


If I just applied for the card (the end of December) and the offer was 60,000 but I still didn’t receive the points do you think I can be matched to 70k ?






same here
applied when they offered status match for delta customers


Same here. I called BoA and the agent said they couldn’t match me to the new higher offer. Hope others are successful.


Will this work for AA flights to TLV (if they ever start flying again)?


can you get this bonus offer if you have had this card in the past (no longer open) and got the old bonus offer (like 3 or 4 years ago) ?


Does anyone know if it is at allpossible to get approved for a BofA credit card if you don’t have a US phone number in your name? I live overseas and use a US address for credit card applications which have been approved by Chase and Barclay’s. I heard it’s not possible with BofA though.


Approved! 20k limit


If i already booked a flight on Alaskan. Will i get free luggage if i open this card? Flight is in 10 days


If you got the card and added it to your profile, please let everyone know if it works.


How about their fuel charges?


If I close the card at the end of year do I keep the miles?


did you got any answer?


When you say must book by 7/31 does that mean you have to travel by that date or can I get tickets for succos as long as I book by 7/31?


did you got any answer?


I didn’t see it mentioned in the post but I believe you need to spend $6K annually on the card after the first year in order to keep receiving $99 companion fare benefit.


Dan, if I currently have the card-old acct from many years, can I get a second one and still get the bonus? Thanks


Are the sweet spot locations and points for round trip?


You wish


I also do


Same day I heard about the Hawaiian Airline deal with Alaska I applied for the Hawaiian credit card, easy spending and good offer.


How soon do they grant the points if $3000 paid the first day receiving the card? Is it at the end of the month?


Do you know how to book Ela flights with Alaska points?


are the sweet spots available on award availablilty only?


how do you get the free one way stopover?


Can you transfer Alaska miles between family members at the same address? Or between spouses?


Anyone know what availability is like on the short-haul AA flights?
Same as BA?
Better or worse?
At 4500…seems to be almost half as many points!


If i book an elal ticket with Alaska points before 7/31 and I want to change the date after 7/31 for the Elal ticket, will I be able to do so or I’ll have to cancel the ticket or change airlines?

A Yid

Hi Dan!
Thanks again for a great offer!
This is the emai I got from BOA:

In review
Alaska Airlines, Inc.
Your application is in review.

Thanks for choosing Bank of America. We’re carefully reviewing your application and need to check a few more things. We appreciate your patience.

You can check back at any time to see if there has been an update on the decision. We’ll also send you a letter in the mail after we’ve completed processing your application. If we have any questions, we’ll call you.

Why is my application still in review?
Any good idea what to do?


Does the Companion Fare apply to El Al tickets, also?


Looks like the link to the cc in the post is dead


if im not specifically planning a trip to Israel (not that i wont) is the card worth it?


can I book a return flight with the points as well e.g. from London back to JFK for another 22,500 point


Can I get the bonus on the card, while I still have an Alaskan Airlines CC open? The one I have open, I’ve had for several years.

Or do I need to close the other one first?


“You can also use your credit card to book companion travel for 2 other people.”

So…does this mean you can book one fully paid ticket for another person and a companion fare ticket for another (without you flying on that flight)?


Is it true alaska and porter airlines from toronto will be partnering?


Watch southwest, talking of merger with B6 which could mess with Alaska’s plans as Porter already partners with Jetblue.


Thank you, Dan. Just got approved through your link. I have had both consumer and business Alaska card for nearly 10 years, so we’ll see if I get the 70K bonus now. What does the Magic 8 Ball say?


What’s the benefit of purchasing companion tickets for 2 other people?

Mr. CC

Just got approved.
I’m happy I was able to do it with your link this time. (couldn’t refer etc.)


Will this affect for chase 5/24?


Yes, (personal cards affect 5/24)


Can I downgrade the card after the first year, to a non-annual fee card?


How soon do they grant the points if $3000 paid the first day receiving the card? Is it at the end of the month?


That’s what we did too, still waiting for the points.


Is the companion pass only a once a year thing or all flights?


1. Can you redeem miles before you spend the $3,000?
2. If you do spend the $3,000, is there a three month waiting period to redeem the miles?
Thank you.


how do i book elal flights with alaska?


I was declined.
I have great credit and never been declined from opening a CC
Any ideas?


Same here, never been declined before, have excellent credit.


Does it make sense that there is a $19 fee on top of the 4,500 miles for the short flights? Is there any way to avoid it?


Sure is. Just don’t book it and fly


Do I get the free bag when I book with miles and pay the $6 with my Alaska CC?
I know that with United you do.


I tried myself. It works! I made a booking with miles and paid the $5.60 with my Alaska cc. I called customer service and they told me that my reservation indicates I’m intitled to free bagage!


I just applied for myself and was rejected so I applied for my husband and he was rejected as well. I think it may be because we are dual citizens–this is the first time I’ve actually seen that question on an application. (Him Israel and me Czech Republic).


i applied from ISRAEL and it got flagged for fraud it took an extra 2 weeks but ended up getting approved

Dan\'s the Man

Just to confirm if I booked an EL AL ticket using Alaska miles after 7/31 I’d not longer be able to change the flight but I’d still be able to cancel and get the miles back?

Dan\'s the Man



This post is not listed as an ad, why did I get an email pushing this deal from DansDeals – ?


That’s our daily email address.


Strange, I’ve never gotten an email before unless it was a reply to a comment


Thanks Dan just opened it!! Gotta get the elal flight in before the end of July


actually, you just need to book it by end of july. travel can be till next june, as stated elsewhere in one of dans related posts


Thank you Dan!!


Can I cancel the card after one year and keep the miles?


probable not they dont have another card to where to downgrade


Yes you can


We’re unable to approve your application.
What’s next?
We’re sending you a letter explaining the reasons for our decision.

Because we declined your application, you’re entitled to a free copy of your credit report. The letter you receive will include instructions on how to request your free copy.

Note: Any balance transfer requests included with your credit card application will not be processed.


My wife and I both tried and both declined even though we both have excellent credit. Is there an option to get it reconsidered?




i applied for the card and got a message that the request is under review so i called in and got them to reconsider and i was approved on apr 17 now i got the card in the mail but i also got a letter saying they suspended the account for suspected fraud


i applied for this card got approved but the letter in the mail said for olny 60,000 points. i called them and they said i need the code of the promotion does anyone have the code if i applied using this link posted above.


What if I have to book Elal before 7/31 but don’t have definite dates yet?


Do I get the companion pass from Alaska when traveling on ELAL?