[United Cancels Flights Through Tuesday, Air Canada’s Next Flight For Sale Is Now In July] Trying To Find A Flight Out Of Israel Before Pesach? Try This Strategy

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Update, 4/17 at 11pm: United has now canceled their Newark-Tel Aviv flight through Monday and their Tel Aviv-Newark flight through Tuesday.

Air Canada’s next Toronto-Tel Aviv flight for sale is now July 2nd and next Montreal-Tel Aviv flight is now July 1st.

Update, 4/16 at 7:30pm: United has now canceled their Newark-Tel Aviv flight on Thursday and Friday and their Tel Aviv-Newark flight on Friday and Saturday. 

Air Canada has also canceled their Tel Aviv flights for the week, once again leaving El Al as the only operator nonstop between North America and Israel.

Update, 4/15 at 6:55pm: United has now canceled their Newark-Tel Aviv flight on Wednesday and their Tel Aviv-Newark flight on Thursday.

Update, 4/15 at 11am: United has now canceled their Newark-Tel Aviv flight on Tuesday and their Tel Aviv-Newark flight on Wednesday.

United only returned to Israel last month after a hiatus since October 7th. The airline quickly moved their crew out of the country on a ferry flight to Munich after the Iranian attack and has been evaluating a return on a day by day basis. United tells DansDeals that, We continue to closely monitor the situation and will make decisions on upcoming flights with a focus on the safety of our customers and crews.” 

Update, 4/14 at 3:30pm: United has now canceled their Newark-Tel Aviv flight on Monday and their Tel Aviv-Newark flight on Tuesday.

Many readers have asked for help finding flights out of Israel after most airlines canceled their flights to fly abroad before Pesach.

El Al’s flights to the US are operating, but Air Canada canceled their flights from Tel Aviv to Canada through at least Tuesday, while United canceled their flights from Tel Aviv to the US through at least Monday. It appears that the United crew that was in Tel Aviv are being ferried back via Munich now, so it’s unclear when United will resume service, but clearly their crew didn’t want to wait in Israel to find out. When United resumed service to Israel last month, they did so by flying via Munich for the first flights back.

American and Delta haven’t flown to Israel since October 7th.

As I wrote after October 7th when people had flights home after Sukkos canceled, your best bet is finding any flight to Europe, and then find another flight from there to the US, with flights on Israeli carriers having the best chance of operating.

To help with that, just copy the list of the top 150 airports in Europe and plug them into the destination field on ITA Matrix.


You’ll then get results for all flights into Europe with seats available, which you can purchase directly from the airline or from an online travel agency like Orbitz, Expedia, or Priceline.

Flights on Israeli airlines are the most likely to operate without being canceled. Beware that if you book separate tickets to the US, you won’t be protected in case of delay or cancelation from Israel, so be sure to allow for plenty of time to make a connection.


Availability is constantly changing, so be sure to keep checking. Many readers told me that they were able to find flights in October by continuing to check for availability using this strategy.

You can also use El Al’s tool to view flights from Tel Aviv here and to Tel Aviv here. Alas, those don’t appear to be updated in real time.

Let’s all pray for the safety of Israel and her inhabitants, along with a return of the hostages, and victory against Hamas. May we experience true peace in the holy land and around the world very soon!

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L’Shana HAZEH B’Yerushalayim HaBenuya!


Why not just use Google flights from TLV to “Anywhere” or to “Europe”?


Google Flights wasn’t working for me when I tried to help 2 people buy tickets on Sunday. This ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search seems much better.


@Dan, I saw already United on their way with UA3381 on the way to TLV and monitored that UA3022 will be leaving back to MUC, I contacted reservations desk and they couldn’t confirm what that is, reached an airport agent and they confirmed that they’ll be rescuing the crew, with just 8 seats full and a full 787-10 Dreamliner leaving TLV empty.
I asked to be putting up passengers on that empty flight and they were acting nasty and constantly knocked the phone down,
Can you confirm how they got an authorization from insurance provider to land today to rescue flight crew but UA84 couldn’t operate?
And why did they refuse to let ppl join that flight??!!


Is it likely that they’ll cancel past Monday?


It’s important to note that you should check ongoing flights to the US from the European cities before booking the ex-TLV flight. After 10/7 many people flew to Cyprus, only to discover that there are very limited options continuing from there to the US. Larger cities like ATH, FCO, MXP, BCN, AMS, CDG, MAD would be much better than smaller cities.

New York Jets

We usually fly delta and after 10/7 I said if you fly any airline besides el al you need to have an escape flight on el al to Athens or somewhere in Europe. It’s a cheap insurance policy!!


ITA Matrix used to be the go-to site for hidden cities.
Skiplagged is “meh”.
Anywhere else to search hidden city fares?


You can still access their old website until end of 2024

I also wonder if there’s any other way (besides skipleplagged) after 2024


Please explain a bit more about skiplagged


Any way to book Arkia through a 3rd party site?




is 2 hours enough in athens?


two hours in ath Shouldn’t be more than enough


Should or should not?


2 hours is enough, especially if your bags are checked all the way through.


managed to book united to Athens and El al to Israel but connection is tight.


United did that for you?
Or you booked 2 separate tickets?



TLV Help

Currently had to rebook for Sunday 4/21 TLV->Dubai on Fly Dubai. I know it’s early, but what are the chances the flight actually takes off / isn’t cancelled?


Fly Dubai resumed service

Dany boy

Any experience rebooking a Flying Blue reservation on a Delta flight to ELAL?

Marv shoe

Is it possible to have an updated summary of which airlines have resumed flights to Tel Aviv and which have announced when they will resume? Any update on Aegean airlines? Air Canada?


Any update on Uniteds Tuesday and Wednesday flights from EWR to TLV?
What are the chance of the flights flying? What actual info is there?

Dan\'s the Man



Is i book United to attend and Aegean from Athens to Tlv, can United check the bags all the way through?


I’m waiting to hear of some clever people who take the daily flight from Tel-Aviv to Egypt, which is mandated by the peace treaty and I understand has flown every day since its inception and then take a flight from Cairo to wherever they are going. While that flight is hard to find, a bit of effort and it can be found based on what I’ve read. If you do take this approach, I’d love to hear about it.


There really aren’t many nonstop North American flights from Cairo


Not been operating since the Oct 7

Chaim Green

Connecting now 4.15/4.16 in Dubai FZ to EK, smoothly.


Anyone have information about United’s flight this Thursday?
If united cancels that flight my father’s chances of being together this pesach is extremely slim. Other airlines tickets prices are extremely expensive. (We booked with miles). Any pointers will be appreciated.


Just to let you know, it’s canceled already


EL AL new FLL-TLV has one way seats on 4/17


Trying to get my son home to my from TLv he was booked on yesterdays united flight…I’m not to tech savvy… i tried this matrix but it couldn’t find me anything in my searches can anyone post if they found something that worked and the steps they put in..to get the flight


Does anyone know if the Sunday flight will get csncelled


Flying to Israel on Thursday. Delta to ATH then Aegean to TLV. Separate tickets. What are the chances of Aegean flying? My brother is flying on Neos airlines any chance that’ll fly to Tlv?


Aegean is flying. Obviously not as reliable as Israeli airlines but they did take off after a slight delay today from TLV. They landed in TLV earlier today.


Is luftansa flying




I was booked on the 4/14 from TelAviv to Newark which was, of course, cancelled the night before…. as soon as air space reopened the morning of 4/14, I called United and got booked on “first available” option: flight 4/18 from Tel Aviv-Dubai on Fly Dubai and then direct flight from Dubai to Newark to get back 4/19 Friday morning to Newark. My Mom and sister were booked on El Al direct flight to Philadelphia which left no problem whatsoever on 4/16 and are now home! grrrr….. feeling like I learned my lesson and will be more loyal to ElAl in the future. nice to have more time with the family here, but I am ready to be home!


Hi Dan do you think a two hour stop over in Athens connecting a United to el Al flight is enough? It’s erev pesach flight. The other option is a four hour Athens layover but that means getting in to israel only a few hours before pesach which is risky. Would el Al be understanding if we missed our first connection or there’s no way to bank on it?


Meaning would they help us get on the second flight

UA Premier

2 hours should be enough, but try to get thru customs / luggage as soon as possible.


2 hours is over enough, United even lands usually before scheduled, check your bags all the way to TLV
And you can proceed to your gate and even waiting to be asked ELAL stupid questioning…….


It can be checked all the way thru even though United and elal are not partners?



leora l

Has anyone heard of el Al is adding flights?


While certainly sad, I can’t say I am surprised that united had to cancel a slate of flights. I hope anyone planning to go to Israel to leave Israel for Pesach had contingency plans in place, as this development was predictable.

CA based travelers

United has pulled their nonstop flight and it’s not able to be booked until April 22


Ua84 just canceled for Thursday!


Thank you Hashem , for giving us the thought of buying LY in November. it was a a small fortune. was contemplating stop over LH. Is Lh going this week to TLV>


Yes LH resumed, but how much did you paid for the LY flights?


Why do still cancel?


Any insight on what’s happening with the Sunday flight from tel aviv to Newark?


I wish I saw this article on Sunday morning. There were 25 of us on a volunteer trip from the US and two had their flights cancelled going home on non-Israeli airlines. We eventually enlisted the help of a travel agent who got them out Sunday night – Tel Aviv to Larnaca to Athens (24 hour layover) to NY and then onward to final destination. Luckily, I decided to fly into Israel on El Al and bought 2 separate tickets – one from the US to Madrid on Iberia and one from Madrid to TLV on El Al for only $950 roundtrip total. That’s the cheapest way of flying to Israel – on 2 separate tickets through Europe – with the greatest chance of actually flying. I also bought a seat on my TLV – Madrid leg for 30 Euros to minimize the chance of being bumped from my flight, the day after the Iran attack. There were, surprisingly, several empty seats on my El Al flight to Madrid so I didn’t need to buy that seat, but it did give me greater peace of mind.


will united fly the Sunday flight?


Just got a message from united that flight departing on Monday from Newark to Tel Aviv has been canceled, so I’m assuming flights has been canceled much further then that


Dan would you advice to ONLY book elal if planning to go for sukkos? Seems like they are the only reliable airline that will keep on flying? Prices are almost double on elal compared to delta and united but look what is happening now….. please give your opinion.


Buy on both. If Delta flies, cancel El Al and pay the $270 cancellation fee. That’s your insurance cost.

Dan\'s the Man

Wouldn’t Delta put you on an El Al flight if they cancel?


You are assuming there are seats available, which there won’t be. Change the fact pattern and say United and El Al.


If I have an air Canada flight that before then that I booked with United but it hasn’t been cancelled on my itinerary yet. What are my options?


BTW TravelEx travelers insurance is not selling insurance for travel to Israel even for travel in july.


I just got a text from Air Canada saying my flight on this coming Sunday TLV to YYZ is still scheduled to fly.


I think you should call them. When I was there for Oct 7th, my flight officially got canceled like the 2 days before even though the website had no information. Better be safe then scamble.


any tips for one way way flights OUT of israel after pesach?


Dan: will United rebook you with other flights if they cancelled their tlv-ewr return leg flight. any other recourse for someone in Israel to come back to the US short of booking their own getaway flight through Europe?

Fredyz boyz

Hey Dan

Do you belive these cancelations are due to safety/security .Or due to anti Israel sediments