Targeted: HURRY! HOT! Massive Savings On Household Items From Amazon; Save On Tissues, Toilet Paper, Freezer Bags, Garbage Bags, And K-Cups!

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Update 4: Many of the deals below are no longer available, post what is still working for you!

Some more deals have been added as well.

Update 3: Even more hot deals have been added below on Hot Cups, Pasta, Tissues, Toilet Paper, Coffee, and more! Be sure to check each item if you don’t see the coupon on some items. All Amazon Brand items come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Update 2: Diapers have been added below as well, Amazon Family subscribers get 20% off diapers via subscribe and save with 5+ monthly subscriptions in addition to the 50% off coupon.

Update: These are on sale now with a targeted 50% coupon on each product page, you can use this coupon for each deal below, each item is an incredible price, be sure to subscribe to 5 items to get the 15% subscribe and save discount. 

Pay with Amazon gift cards purchased at an office supply store with a Chase Ink Cash card to earn 5 points per dollar!

Deals after clipping the 50% coupon on each product page:

New Deals Just added:

Trail Mix:

Hot Cocoa K-Cups:

Espom Salt:

Paper Towels:

Hot Cups:


Coffee Grounds:


Body Wash:

Toilet Paper:


Storage Bags:

Trash Bags:

Toilet Paper:


K-Cups (OU-Parve):


If the Subscribe & Save button is adding the item to your cart instead of taking you to Subscribe & Save checkout you will need to read this post for instructions on how to subscribe to an add-on item!

-Use Subscribe & Save for these prices. If you subscribe to 5 items then the lower price applies. If you add enough items before your next monthly Subscribe & Save order goes out then the price for all subscription items will automatically drop to the lower price with the 15% off. It can be worth adding more subscribe and save items before they ship so that you save 15% on all the items you subscribe to.

-You can cancel the subscribe and save service with absolutely no obligation or penalty once the item ships. To do so just click here to manage your subscriptions.

-All subscribe and save orders ship for free with no minimum order amount.

Click here to learn how to expedite an Amazon subscribe and save item to receive your subscription item in a week or less.

-Read all about Amazon Subscribe & Save with lots of tips here.

HT: Davidthebest.

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership save on Prime Membership here.

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how is the quality of the paper towel compared to bounty?


I’m sure bounty is king


Where do you see the towel paper?


Same quality!!

Not for Shabbos

From the comments it seems that the tissues are not for Shabbos use

reb yid

Thank you for pointing that out. It’s actually not so easy to find out in advance, and sometimes one can be unpleasantly surprised.


Why not?


Sometimes tissues or wipes in a ‘pull out’ box are attached one to the next, and you have to tear their connection in order to use it.


How is that rule applied to toilet paper?


I purchase precut toilet paper

Devorah Leah Lederman

You have to prepárate toilet paper before Shabbos. You can either tear each piece off, or cut through the paper lengthwise at one place.


– cut through the paper WIDTHwise at one place. ie take a roll and cut accross through all the layers and you’ve got a pile of 3 quare peices.


That’s so smart ! I’m gonna take a scissor and do this next time


Correct, this is the case with their regular boxes which I recently bought, not sure if the cubic boxed are different.

Robin Belsky

These tissues are attached one to the next. Not for Shabbos use.


How do the garbage bags compare with Glad or Hefty?


FYI – in the pictures for the Solimo products, they say if you’re not completely satisfied, they’ll refund full amount, no return necessary. For any of you wanting to know how it compares to the other brands, they obviously want you to try it.


One of the reviews states that shabbos observers should not purchase the tissues as they are attached. Wow what a yid!


Toilet paper showing up as $19.99


dead. shows regular price to me and no coupon to clip


Not seeing a coupon…

orrin d

Low sodium Marinara not available:

“Item Under Review

This item is currently unavailable because customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are shipping it, or the way it’s described here. (Thanks for the tip!)

We’re working to fix the problem as quickly as possible”

Ariel A.

Yeah, they shipped it and one of the jars was open. At least that was my experience.


Not targeted 🙁


no coupon to clip 🙁

Dan\'s the Man

Am I the only not seeing any coupons to click?


For me, the coupon appears in some of the pages only.


Not seeing the 50% off on any of the K-Cups.


paper towels too


It only works if you subscribe and save otherwise it doesn’t give you 50% off


Y am i not getting free shipping if i chose subscribe and save?


When u s&s you have to choose the most frequently delivery if not cupon won’t be applied(u can always cancel the subscription like dan sais)


I was targeted for the wipes on the previous posts, but none of these links show the 50% coupon


I only got the 50% off coupon on things I have never ordered from them before. Anything I have already ordered, they would not give me the 50% off. Moreover, once I did the larger quantity for the freezer gallon bags, they did not offer the 50% off coupon on the smaller version.



Michael Mendelson

How do I get the coupon to show up? I subscribe to the item but the price is not 50% off.


The 120 count and 150 count are both showing up as $10.49 for the gallon size bags before coupon is applied. Anyone else?

Joseph Stern

It’s pathetic – when you change to 150, you are also changing to quart size. It’s badly labeled.


This is from the coupon details “If you later modify or cancel the subscription or delivery date for the qualifying item, the discount will not apply.”
has anyone had the coupon discount reversed??


Also eligible for coupon – Amazon Brand – Solimo Facial Tissues, 160 Tissues per Box (18 Flat Boxes)


Lots more of even cheaper Solimo brands that end up being $8 from 100 count!

prime kicks walmart

If you are targeted for the 50% off coupon on one item you should see it on all the items below.

Should but it’s only targeted for me on most stuff not all


I see what’s happening. It will only offer me the coupon on items I have never tried yet


Any ever use mama bear diapers? What is it compared to?


only targeted on some not all


Got 50% on most of the items on the list (didn’t go after K Cups).

Thanks Dan and JJ

Rachel A.

Ordered diapers, wipes, and storage bags! Thanks!


Not targeted either 🙁


Where do you see if you’re targeted?


Anyone know the diaper quality compared to pampers or huggies?


Thank you, I bought a ton of things.
BTW some storage bags have a option for 150 for the same price as 120 and you only wrote the 120 option. Same price but for more bags.


they are different sizes

Joseph Stern

Not true. Change to 150 and the size changes to quart.

Joseph Stern

Another tissue option:

Amazon Brand – Solimo Facial Tissues, 160 Tissues per Box (18 Flat Boxes)


Thanks Dan


how are Mama Bear Diapers compared to huggies and pampers?


Is it targeted only I dont see any coupons?


Thanks! Diapers included in this target as well FYI

Paper hot cups

Solimo paper hot cups and lids are on sale too. Excellent deals with the 50% coupon. Presto brand toilet paper as well.


Was targeted 50% off on these paper towels:


Seeing and applying the coupon but it’s not showing discount at checkout.

shulem k

Why am I only getting 5%? Some is shipping tomorrow, some in 2 days and the 15% is only going to be applied in 2 months


Pasta and Body Wash do not have the 50% coupon on my screen.


stupid question, I tried to add 5 diff things to S&S but still only shows 5%? do I only get 15% after first S&S delivery?


make sure the first delivery of all is in one month go to “Your subscriptions” press “edit” by every one and it should show you by skip the next delivery when its supposed to get to you if its not in the same month go to “Change your schedule or quantity” and put by next delivery the same month by all.


was not clear first go to “Your Subscribe & Save” then on the top you should see “Your upcoming deliveries” and “Your subscriptions” go to “Your subscriptions”…


Once the subscription is confirmed can you see the 50% discount in your subscribe and save page? I currently don’t the 50% reflected but assuming it will be when it ships. Is that correct?


WOW! Bought a TON of stuff, thanks Dan!


Diapers are showing 50% off coupon on my sister’s account but not on mine


Tissues problem for shabbos


50% off is working a second time on some items.


Do you lose the discount retroactively if you cancel the subscription after the items are delivered?




No 50% coupon for any k-cups 🙁


How do i get the 50% off. seems like their all added already to my account and only one of the items got it. I wasnt sure how to do multiple orders for subscribe and save so added to list and than from list added to cart. Is there a way to get the 50% off without removing everything?


you need to click on the subscribe now below the price for each individual item you can still do it, as long as you clipped the coupon on the page




No coupon for 200 Pack Of Amazon Brand Solimo Tall Kitchen Drawstring 13 Gallon Trash Bags only for the 120 count


Deal dead? Don’t see coupons

Faya Lipskier

I don’t see any coupons at each items page.


Officially dead


seems dead


JJ please mark it dead


not fully dead


Thank you dansdeals for putting all links to all items available on the site!! This makes it a pleasure to click and shop straight to the product page.
Much better than having to sort through on amazon!


For some orders I placed in my email confirmation shows the discount but now when I go to the order in my account the total does not reflect it………..

Same here

Me too

Order details

You need to go to “order details” to see the true price.


I had the same issue. Received email confirmation from amazon with discounted price. Went to order details and only s&s discount applied. Talked to amazon for a long time and they asked for coupon screenshots and a bunch of other stuff. Got escalated up to a team leader before the discount was refunded (as a gift card/promo balance) to my account. Only solution avail since the items won’t ship for a month and the coupon is no longer avail. Total pain and long chat. Be careful you are being charged the correct amount

martin kay

cannot find any 50% off coupon when shopping? where can I find it?


Does anyone have a screenshot of any of the items? I only got the discount on some of the orders.


Received the Amazon brand k cups there garbage. I had Amazon give me a refund.