All About Amazon Subscribe & Save: Watch Out For The Skip Button, Pesach PSA, Filler Items, And Other Tips

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Amazon Subscribe & Save is a great way to save money. If you subscribe to an item you can save 5%-20% off the regular price of the item.

How to properly push off a delivery:

With Pesach around the corner it’s important to check your upcoming subscriptions to make sure you’re not going to receive food items over the holiday.

When pushing off the delivery of an item it’s important to do so by changing the delivery date of your subscription rather than skipping the item from your order.

Don’t press skip:

When you push the skip button it will move the item from this month’s subscription to next month’s subscription. However it will also cancel the original order you made and invalidate any coupons or sales that you took advantage of. You will pay the regular price when the item ships with your next order without any coupon savings!

Instead, you should change the date of your subscription delivery by clicking on “Change delivery date” and selecting a new date. This preserves the sale price and coupons used in your original order:



Note that items often arrive several days before the schedule delivery day, so allow for time after Pesach when using this method.

Of course there are other reasons to change your date besides for Pesach.

  • You can keep pushing off a subscription delivery date until you have 5 items in your order. Once you have 5 items in your order you will retroactively save 15% on everything in that subscription delivery. Note that all 5 items must be shipped to the same address to get 15% off.
  • You can choose the next available delivery day to expedite your order to ship as soon as possible and still save 5-20% off the items.

Amazon is limiting when some accounts see the Subscribe & Save options, but there are workarounds:

For example, look at the 6 pack of Glaceau Smartwater Vapor 1L bottles, an add-on item.

On one of my non-Prime Amazon accounts the option to select Subscribe & Save still shows up as normal:


However on another of my non-Prime Amazon accounts the only option is to check a box for Subscribe & Save. In this case the only option is to add it to your cart and get 5% off while it ships instantly and 15% off for subsequent subscriptions. Unfortunately with this option you need to add at least $25 of items to your cart to checkout as there is no option to subscribe to the item now without adding it to your cart:


My primary account with Amazon Prime also only shows the box for Subscribe & Save, however it has the option to “Skip immediate delivery and just create subscription”. This is actually the best of both worlds as it allows you to choose between immediate delivery with a 5% discount or a subscription with a discount up to 15%:



There are workarounds to get the Subscribe & Save option to show up. The results vary based on whether you are using a mobile or desktop browser and whether you are using Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. So if you don’t see the option to skip immediate delivery and create a subscription try using another browser or switch between your phone and computer.

Here are some other Subscribe & Save tips:

  • Carefully manage your subscriptions here to be aware of any surprises before they ship.
  • If you want multiples of the same item, create a separate subscription for each one. If you subscribe to multiple items in one order then it will only count as 1 item towards the 5 required to unlock bigger discounts. However if you subscribe to them in separate orders then each item will count towards the 5 item requirement.
  • When you subscribe to an item only because of a sale or coupon, be sure to cancel future subscriptions after you get the email that your item shipped. If you don’t cancel the item after it ships you’ll keep receiving it in future orders without coupons or sale pricing. The regular pricing at the time of the new shipment will apply for all subscriptions after your first subscription ships.
  • Add-on items that require a $25+ order will ship free when you subscribe to them when that option is available.
  • If you have Amazon Prime, don’t forget to signup for Amazon Family for free. If you have 5 total subscriptions you’ll get 20% off Diapers, baby food, and more!
  • Look for filler subscriptions to get to 5 items. With inexpensive filler items you can wind up saving more than the cost of the item as all of your subscriptions will drop in price! For example, if you ordered 3 bottles of Vanilla with this deal, you can save $6 off of those bottles by adding 2 more subscription items. For example12 Pentel Color Pencils will be just $1.19 with 5 subscriptions, a Colgate 360 Toothbrush will be just $1.83 with 5 subscriptions, 3 Colgate Extra Clean Toothbrushes will be just $2.37 with 5 subscriptions, a Philips Flood Light will be just $0.59 with 5 subscriptions, 8 Tetra pH Tablets for Aquariums will be just $1.06 with 5 subscriptions, TetraColor Tropical Flakes Fish Food will be just $1.68 with 5 subscriptions, 128 Avery All-Purpose Labels will be just $1.39 with 5 subscriptions, etc. Post what Subscribe & Save filler items you find!
  • If you have Amazon Prime you can share Prime with another household member. Amazon coupons are typically limited to just one use per account, but with 2 accounts you can take advantage of coupons on each account. Just don’t forget to watch the subscriptions on both accounts!
  • Don’t forget that you can save even more if you have a Chase Ink Cash, Plus, or Bold card by buying Amazon gift cards from an office supply store. You’ll earn 5 point per dollar and those points can easily be redeemed for air travel or hotel stays that make this an effective 7.5-10% rebate on your Amazon purchases. Click Here to get more details on this card and compare to other cards! Read this post for more info.
  • Save 10%-15% off Amazon purchases with an Amazon Mover’s coupon!

Have any more Subscribe & Save tips? Hit the comments!

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 2nd day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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don’t you own the chametz @ time of purchase not delivery L’Halacha


Dan, haters will hate. Glad you can just ignore them, as you should! This post is another example of providing clear and useful guidance. How “greedy!”

The most valuable thing I got from this post was about multiples, as I always wondered if I could do this:

“If you want multiples of the same item, create a separate subscription for each one. If you subscribe to multiple items in one order then it will only count as 1 item towards the 5 required to unlock bigger discounts. However if you subscribe to them in separate orders then each item will count towards the 5 item requirement.”

Many thanks, Dan. Shabbat shalom.


How come my S&S orders got canceled when I only changed the setting of how often I should get the item ?
” I did not select skip this monthly delivery date”

mary ma

Just added to items. Oddly they said 0% savings and increased to 5% after I had 5 items? This was subscribe and save. I’m grandfathered into Prime from my mom. What’s going on?

ddd fdfdd

That Old site was better person is out of their mind.


If I have student or opt into Medicaid amazon membership am I eligible for amazon family?


Works for me with Amazon Student Prime.


I have this issue every single month. I’ve been doing the method you say: “change delivery date” and every month I have to chat in about the coupon I clipped.

Additionally, 1st level reps do not know how subscribe and save and the coupons work.


Dan, can you still use your Amazon Prime Chase Credit Card to purchase from your “non-Prime” account?