All About Amazon Subscribe & Save: Watch Out For The Skip Button, Filler Items, And Other Tips

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Update: Bumping this post as a reminder to review your subscribe and save items for orders made on Prime Day, unless of course you want to pay for $60 worth of dog food 😉

You can view all of your current subscribe and save items here. It is a good habit to check this page once a month to review your current subscriptions.

There are some reports of people being charged more than they expected, so be sure to always check the final price you are charged on anything you buy, once the items ship.

Originally posted on 3/23/18:

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Amazon Subscribe & Save is a great way to save money. If you subscribe to an item you can save 5%-20% off the regular price of the item.

How to properly push off a delivery:

With Pesach around the corner it’s important to check your upcoming subscriptions to make sure you’re not going to receive food items over the holiday.

When pushing off the delivery of an item it’s important to do so by changing the delivery date of your subscription rather than skipping the item from your order.

Don’t press skip:

When you push the skip button it will move the item from this month’s subscription to next month’s subscription. However it will also cancel the original order you made and invalidate any coupons or sales that you took advantage of. You will pay the regular price when the item ships with your next order without any coupon savings!

Instead, you should change the date of your subscription delivery by clicking on “Change delivery date” and selecting a new date. This preserves the sale price and coupons used in your original order:



Note that items often arrive several days before the schedule delivery day, so allow for time after Pesach when using this method.

Of course there are other reasons to change your date besides for Pesach.

  • You can keep pushing off a subscription delivery date until you have 5 items in your order. Once you have 5 items in your order you will retroactively save 15% on everything in that subscription delivery. Note that all 5 items must be shipped to the same address to get 15% off.
  • You can choose the next available delivery day to expedite your order to ship as soon as possible and still save 5-20% off the items.

Amazon is limiting when some accounts see the Subscribe & Save options, but there are workarounds:

For example on the current deal for 8 Boxes Of Amazon Brand Solimo Pasta, Elbows, Penne, Spaghetti, And More For $6.49-$7.49. It says that the first delivery will be on 4/19, so if you click subscribe now it just adds it to your cart with a 5% discount and sets you up to subscribe after your first order.

However you can click on “Change” as shown in the red box below:

You will then get this pop-up asking if you want to get it with your next subscription order or to get it sooner.

Here are some other Subscribe & Save tips:

Have any more Subscribe & Save tips? Hit the comments!

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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don’t you own the chametz @ time of purchase not delivery L’Halacha


Dan, haters will hate. Glad you can just ignore them, as you should! This post is another example of providing clear and useful guidance. How “greedy!”

The most valuable thing I got from this post was about multiples, as I always wondered if I could do this:

“If you want multiples of the same item, create a separate subscription for each one. If you subscribe to multiple items in one order then it will only count as 1 item towards the 5 required to unlock bigger discounts. However if you subscribe to them in separate orders then each item will count towards the 5 item requirement.”

Many thanks, Dan. Shabbat shalom.


How come my S&S orders got canceled when I only changed the setting of how often I should get the item ?
” I did not select skip this monthly delivery date”

mary ma

Just added to items. Oddly they said 0% savings and increased to 5% after I had 5 items? This was subscribe and save. I’m grandfathered into Prime from my mom. What’s going on?

ddd fdfdd

That Old site was better person is out of their mind.


If I have student or opt into Medicaid amazon membership am I eligible for amazon family?


Works for me with Amazon Student Prime.


I have this issue every single month. I’ve been doing the method you say: “change delivery date” and every month I have to chat in about the coupon I clipped.

Additionally, 1st level reps do not know how subscribe and save and the coupons work.


Dan, can you still use your Amazon Prime Chase Credit Card to purchase from your “non-Prime” account?


Dan, today I tried subscribing to diapers:

It’s not an add on item. When i press subscribe now it takes me to the check out page. I don’t see the option to “change” like you mention in the solimo pasta figure above.
Which way to work around this and get the 20% on my first order? If I have to add something, how do I add so that it subscribes with 20%?


Which price do u get charged with s&s, the original price when u signed up for s&s or for the price that item is at the time of delivery each month?

Texas Totty



Dan, could you publicize the fact that there is an amazon prime option for ebt card holders – wic/medicaid, etc that reduces the cost of amazon prime to just $5.99 a month (plus tax?). Many people don’t know about it and pay full for no reason.
The only disadvantage of this over regular prime – that I know of – is that you can’t share an account with amazon household. For most people that isn’t really an issue.



Hey Y,
Would love to hear how that works!
Care to explain the process?

Walter W Stumpf Jr

Dang-I needed a filler and looked all over for this information last week:( Ended up buying $4 worth of pencils I’ll donate to a school class.


I wonder. Can you add 5 different subscriptions of the same item and get the 15% discount? Even if they are identical items?

If anyone knows this answer for sure, feel free to pipe in and let me know.

Walter W Stumpf Jr

Some of the ‘cheap’ items listed for Subscribe and Save fillers have changed. The paint for example is now $4.40!

Walter W Stumpf Jr


Can you explain anything about Amazon Medicaid? Can that be used if you are on Medicare and no EBT?


Interesting I have two separate orders of the exact same item on this months shipment. One was a second time shipment that was ordered before and one order was made for the first time for this shipment. The price went down on the item and it only applied to the the more recently created order, but for the other 2nd time order it only deducted the 15% from the original more expensive price, even though now its cheaper… I guess if any item gets cheaper we have to cancel and reorder…

Thank you Dan!

I just searched in Google “if you skip a subscribe and save delivery do you get the original price on the next delivery” and this page was the first result.
Kudos to you, for this wealth of information. Shalom!


Why when I try changing the date does it only allow me to select a future month instead of the calender drop-down? Did they kill the expedite trick?


Does changing credit card to future deliveries cancel applied coupons?


Good thing dan posted this. Just checked my head and shoulders order as well as a toilet paper order. The shampoo I bought at $6, and I’m being charged $10. The TP I bought at $13 and it is charging me $24. Took over 30 minutes on the phone for their idiot Philippine customer service to even understand what I’m saying. Of course they didn’t help. I had to cancel

Scam company. What a sleazy illegal thing to do.


How do you know what you are being charged?

If you are just looking on your orders page that is not accurate, you have to click on order details to see what you will be charged…


On my order details it shows the higher price, and my emails when I purchased them clearly show the lower price. Not only that, the order numbers have now changed. Amazon literally cancelled my first orders and placed new ones for me at the higher price.


they charged me hundreds of dollars on one of subscriptions!
Buyer Beware!


Can I push of the delivery for each item or once the day is changed for 1item it will change that date for all subscriptions?


I tried changing delivery dates for individual items but was unable to do so. It’s all or none.


If the price goes DOWN on an item I already subscribed to (first order) but my S&S date is still several weeks away, can I cancel that subscription and immediately subscribe again at the lower price? (Again, this would be for the original order, not a subsequent month.)


“When you subscribe to an item only because of a sale or coupon, be sure to cancel future subscriptions after you get the email that your item shipped. If you don’t cancel the item after it ships you’ll keep receiving it in future orders without coupons or sale pricing. The regular pricing at the time of the new shipment will apply for all subscriptions after your first subscription ships.”
Does this method have any risk of being shut down by amazon?


Dan, thanks for the posts. I have so many Subscribe & Save (S&S) items that I told my better half that if something should happen to me, to immediately contact Amazon to stop my orders (!). If I see an item I use offered on S&S, I immediately set up a subscription. If I don’t need the item right away, I postpone the first delivery for the 6 month maximum. I learned the hard way that if you don’t grab an S&S once you see it, you may not be able to get a subscription on the item in the future. I have a fraction of all my S&S items come in a given month. On my monthly cut-off date, I review each order detail and compare it to the current pricing. I have often set up a new subscription for the same item and then cancelled the old subscription to get better pricing. If S&S was no longer available on that item, but the current pricing was better, I skip the current delivery, then once the associated order cancelled, I move it back to the current month (BEFORE 12AM PST/3AM EST on my cut off date (ie: if your S&S cut off date for that month is the 15th, you have until 11:59PM PST on the 15th/2:59AM EST on the 16th). No guarantee the new order will queue up at the lower price, but this trick has worked for me most of the time. For keeping tabs on an item price, you can add an S&S item to your cart as a 1 time purchase and then Save For Later. You are notified of any cart item price changes whenever you login to Amazon or refresh your cart, so you can purchase when the price is right. There was a glitch with my Oct 2019 S&S. An item that should be 15% off (has been and can still be ordered at 15% off) – only 5% was taken off. First time this happened. (Maybe I am capped because I have too many S&S items!). The rep gave me a $2 gift card- more than the difference for that item. So I recommend double checking your Invoice: Payment Information to make sure you were charged correctly. Chat is my preferred contact with Amazon, so I have a copy of the dialog. Thanks and happy shopping!


What day will my card be charged for the S&S item? I see tons of info about ‘delivery date’ but no clarification on what day my credit card will charged. For someone on a fixed budget, this is important for me to know.

Stephen Thomas, MD

How do you turn off Amazon default setting on items that are subscribe and save as I never ever want to subscribe to anything, but if you don’t purposely change the button to buy one time you signed up for a subscription forever. My wife accidentally has done this several times and I see no way to turn off or change the default setting to one item and if I want a subscription which I don’t, Then you can switch the option