Here’s What You May Need To Do In Order To Subscribe To Amazon Add-On Items

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Amazon often does A/B testing to see how people react to changes on their website.

I noticed today that Amazon is no longer letting me subscribe to add-on items. In the past I’ve been able to get around the $25 minimum order requirement by using subscribe & save. However today it was just adding the item to my cart and requiring a $25 purchase to checkout. Commenters notices that as well.

Luckily there’s an easy way to bypass this. For example on the current deal for 3 boxes of Life Cereal for $4.22-$4.87. It says that the first delivery will be on 11/13, so if you click subscribe now it just adds it to your cart with a 5% discount and sets you up to subscribe after your first order.

However you can click on “Change” as shown in the red box below:

You will then get this pop-up asking if you want to get it with your next subscription order or to get it sooner.

If you choose to get it later with your next Subscribe & Save delivery then you will be able to subscribe to it, despite not spending $25+ in order to get the add-on item.

Of course you can also change your subscription date after ordering to make your order ship much sooner. Read this for instructions on how to do that.

Don’t forget that you’ll need to find the order in your account to see the total price paid as the Subscribe & Save page won’t reflect the discounts you received. And don’t forget to cancel the item after it ships because you only get to lock in a discounted price for the first order. You’ll need to cancel the subscription and make a new subscription to get the discounted price again.

Have you noticed this change on your account?

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Have it a long time like this


For a couple of months in the summer I “upgraded” my account to Amazon Business” after a short approval process with amazon thinking i will have access to better pricing.

Within a few weeks I noticed that all the special orange coupon deals would show up on the search page, but disappeared once I click on the item and moved on to the actual item page.

Needles to say I switched back to regular account and the discounts were visible again.


i have an option of subscribe and save on this item


Thank a million. This was driving me bananas!


I got a new checkout layout for the first time yesterday where I could choose the day of delivery. There was a box for each day this week.


I’m not understanding this.

If it just ADDS it to my cart, I can’t change my FIRST delivery, because its not letting me subscribe.

I can only change a “first” order if it allows subsequent orders.

My only option is to both “save till later” and check a box telling it to add it to my next $25 purchase.

What am I missing? Please help me to figure this out.


same question here


On two accounts i see this option, while on this 3rd account doesn’t allow me to change this to a different date, it automatically adds it to my cart, and its not an add on.


can you do s&s without being prime?


I don’t have the option to change the delivery date. Anyone have this issue?




Not working for me. Do you think it’s because I don’t have Prime? I’ve been able to subscribe to items with free shipping without prime for a while.


It doesnt even have the change option now