Master Chart Of Mileage Expiration, Transfer Options, And Transfer Times For 60 Loyalty Programs: Keep Points From Expiring And Bring Them Back To Life!

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Originally posted on 2/18/15:

Read more about cards, points, and miles in this updated post for beginners.

Expiration of credit card points:

  • Points earned from an airline or hotel credit card, where the points are deposited monthly into your airline/hotel account like Marriott, are not forfeited by closing the card.  The points are subject to the normal expiration dates listed in the chart below. Some representatives use scare tactics and say that all of your points or tickets will be lost if you cancel the card, but it’s just misinformation.
  • Credit card point programs (American Express Membership Rewards, Barclays Arrival Premier, Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, Citi ThankYou Points, Chase Ultimate Rewards, etc.) do not expire as long as you keep a card open that is enrolled in their respective program. Some programs store points individually under each card account, so be sure to transfer points from that card account to another account before cancelling that card. If you do accidentally close a card before moving the points to another card you can try reactivating the card, moving the points over, and cancelling the card once again. Note that only select cards from each program have the ability to transfer points into miles.

Keeping points alive:

There are thousands of ways to generate activity to keep points alive.

  • One easy and free method that works with many programs is to book an award flight or hotel night and then cancel it. Be sure that the airline allows for free cancellations on award flights or the hotel allows for free cancellations before doing this. Note that this will extend miles in many, though not in all programs. It has worked for me with British Airways, United, and IHG, among others.
  • If you have transferable points you can move points from programs like AMEX, Barclays, Capital One, Chase, Citi, or Marriott to an airline to keep your entire account alive. Note that some airlines require the name on the Marriott account to match the name on the airline account. You can transfer Marriott points to other members and from there transfer points to an airline.
  • Another easy way to extend your miles is by redeeming a few hundred miles for a magazine subscription. Redeeming miles is safer than the various methods of earning miles, as point earnings don’t always post and it can turn into a fight in case your account expires. But as with everything else in life when you’re paying for something you can be sure that it will always post without any fighting required 😉

Reactivating expired miles:

You can credit past car rentals towards your airline mileage account. Most car rentals earn a nominal amount of airline miles, but you can call the car rental company to credit your airline mileage account up to a year after the car rental.  If you lost your miles 6 months ago you would have to locate a car rental from more than 6 months ago, but less than 12 months ago. Shortly after the miles post to their account it should automatically reactivate all of their miles retroactively to the date of the car rental.  Just don’t forget to add new activity to prevent that from happening again!

The same process would work for past hotel stays or other activities that can be credited towards airline miles.

Some airlines, like British Airways, will actually reinstate miles for free if you just call and ask nicely. BA will give you 3 additional months to use or redeem some miles to keep your account alive for another 3 years.

Other airlines like American will charge to reactivate miles, but those are often worthwhile if you don’t have any other avenues.

American also has a unique challenge that I wrote about in 2009 that allows you to reactivate miles by completing tasks like opening a credit card or flying on a paid AA flight. Since then they’ve added a small fee to take that challenge, but it should be much cheaper than paying to reactivate the miles outright.

Points transfers:

In the chart below you can see transfer options from American Express Membership Rewards, Barclays Arrival Premier, Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi ThankYou, or Marriott points. Note that the rates below don’t factor in limited time promotions that temporarily increase the transfer ratio,

Chase premium cards with transferable points include:

Chase no annual fee cards with transferable points if you, a spouse, or an additional user have one of the premium cards above include:

AMEX cards with transferable points include:

Barclays cards with transferable points include:

  • Barclays Arrival Premier World Elite (No longer available to new customers)

Capital One cards with transferable points include:

Citi premium cards with transferable points include:

Citi no annual fee cards with transferable points if you or someone you know have one of the premium cards above include:

Marriott earning cards include:

Other hotel programs also have mileage transfer options, but the transfer ratios are typically quite poor and are therefore not included in this post.

In general, there is no good way to transfer miles from an airline program to any other program. Once they are in an airline mileage program they are stuck there, they can’t be reverted into credit card points, hotel points, etc. That’s why it’s normally a good idea to keep your points as credit card points or hotel points until you are ready to redeem them.

Mileage expiration policies:

There are 4 main categories of expiration policies.

  1. All miles can be extended with any redemption activity, including earning miles, transferring miles from a credit card or hotel program, or using miles. In these cases I’ve highlighted “redeem or earn” in the chart below.
  2. All miles can be extended only by earning miles, including earning miles or transferring miles from a credit card or hotel program. In these cases I’ve highlighted “earn” in the chart below.
  3. All miles can be extended only by taking a paid flight and crediting that flight to the program. It’s important to make sure that the flight is in a fare class that earns miles, which you can do by calling the airline or checking a site like WhereToCredit. Most programs in this category also allow partner flights to extend the validity of your miles, though LATAM requires a LATAM flight only. In these cases I’ve highlighted “earn…from a paid flight” in the chart below.
  4. Miles can’t be extended with activity. Each mile earned will expire a certain amount of time after they are earned and you must use it by the deadline or it will be forfeited. In these cases I’ve highlighted “regardless of activityin the chart below.


Airline/HotelMileage transferability and typical transfer timeAllianceExpiration
ANAAMEX 1K:1K (1-2 days)

Marriott 60K:25K
Star AllianceMiles expire after 36 months, regardless of activity.
AeroflotMarriott 60K:25KSkyteamYou must earn 1 mile every 24 months from a paid flight to extend the validity of your miles.
AegeanMarriott 60K:25KStar AllianceYou must earn 1 mile every 60 months from a paid flight to extend the validity of your miles.
Aer LingusAMEX 1K:1K (Instant)

Capital One 1K:1K (Instant)

Chase 1K:1K (Instant)

Citi, via Qatar 1K:1K (1-2 days)
None, but partners with select airlines like BA, Etihad, and UnitedYou must redeem or earn 1 mile every 36 months to extend the validity of your miles.
AeroMexicoAMEX 1K:1.6K (1-5 days)

Barclays 1.4K:1K

Capital One 1K:1K (Instant)

Citi 1K:1K (Instant)

Marriott 60K:25K
SkyteamYou must earn 1 mile every 24 months to extend the validity of your miles.
Air Canada AeroplanAMEX 1K:1K (Instant)

Barclays 1.7K:1K

Capital One 1K:1K (Instant)

Chase 1K:1K (Instant)

Marriott 60K:25K
Star AllianceYou must redeem or earn 1 mile every 18 months to extend the validity of your miles.

Accounts belonging to minors under 18 are exempt from the expiry policy until they turn 18.
Air ChinaMarriott 60K:25KStar AllianceMiles expire on 12/31 that occurs more than 24 months after they were earned, regardless of activity.
Air France/KLM Flying BlueAMEX 1K:1K (Instant)

Barclays 1.4K:1K

Capital One 1K:1K (Instant)

Chase 1K:1K (Instant)

Citi 1K:1K (Instant)

Marriott 60K:25K
SkyteamYou must earn 1 mile every 24 months to extend the validity of your miles.
Air New ZealandMarriott 60K:375Star AllianceMiles expire on account signup anniversary that is at least 48 months from when miles were earned, regardless of activity.
Alaska Marriott 60K:25KOneWorldYou must redeem or earn 1 mile every 24 months to extend the validity of your miles. After 24 months, miles can be reinstated for 12 months for free by request.
AmericanMarriott 60K:20K (1-2 days)OneWorldYou must redeem or earn 1 mile every 24 months to extend the validity of your miles.

Accounts belonging to minors under 21 are exempt from the expiry policy and activity requirement until they turn 21.

AA credit cardholders miles never expire.
AsianaMarriott 60K:25KStar AllianceMiles expire after 10 years, regardless of activity.
Avianca LifemilesAMEX 1K:1K (Instant)

Capital One 1K:1K (Instant)

Citi 1K:1K (Instant)

Marriott 60K:20K
Star AllianceMiles earned before 4/15/18: You must redeem or earn 1 mile every 24 months to extend the validity of your miles.

Miles earned on or after 4/15/18: You must earn 1 mile every 12 months to extend the validity of your miles.
British AirwaysAMEX 1K:1K (Instant)

Capital One 1K:1K (Instant)

Chase 1K:1K (Instant)

Citi, via Qatar 1K:1K (1-2 days)

Iberia 1K:1K (Instant)

Marriott 60K:25K

Qatar 1K:1K (Instant)
OneWorldYou must redeem or earn 1 mile every 36 months to extend the validity of your miles.
Cathay Pacific Asia MilesAMEX 1K:1K (Instant)

Capital One 1K:1K (1-5 days)

Citi 1K:1K (Instant)

Marriott 60K:25K
OneWorldMiles earned through 12/31/19 expire after 36 months, regardless of activity.

Miles earned as of 1/1/20 will no longer expire as long as you earn or redeem 1 mile every 18 months to extend the validity of your miles.
China EasternBarclays 1.4K:1K

Marriott 60K:25K
SkyteamMiles expire on 12/31 that occurs more than 36 months after they were earned, regardless of activity.
China SouthernMarriott 60K:25KSkyteamMiles expire after 36 months, regardless of activity.
CopaMarriott 60K:25KStar AllianceYou must redeem or earn 1 mile every 24 months to extend the validity of your miles.
DeltaAMEX 1K:1K (Instant)

Marriott 60K:20K
SkyteamNo Expiration.
EVABarclays 1.4K:1K

Capital One 2K:1.5K (Instant)

Citi 1K:1K (2-3 days)
Star AllianceMiles expire at the end of the 36th month after they were earned, regardless of activity.
El AlNoneNone, but partners with Alaska, Etihad, and Qantas.Miles expire after 36 months, regardless of activity.
EmiratesAMEX 1K:1K (Instant)

Capital One 1K:1K (Instant)

Chase 1K:1K (Instant)

Citi 1K:1K (Instant)

Marriott 60K:25K
None, but partners with select airlines like Alaska, JAL, and KoreanMiles expire after 3 years (at the end of your birth month), regardless of activity.
Emirates US credit cardholders' miles never expire.
EtihadAMEX 1K:1K (Instant)

Barclays 1.4K:1K

Capital One 1K:1K (Instant)

Citi 1K:1K (Instant)

Marriott 60K:25K
None, but partners with select airlines like ANA, American, Brussels, and Korean.You must redeem or earn 1 mile every 18 months to extend the validity of your miles.
FinnairCapital One 1K:1K (Instant)OneWorldYou must redeem or earn 1 mile every 18 months to extend the validity of your miles.
FrontierMarriott 60K:25KNoneYou must earn 1 mile every 6 months to extend the validity of your miles.
Garuda NoneSkyteamMiles expire after 36 months, regardless of activity.
GOL/VarigMarriott 60K:25KNone, but partners with select airlines like Delta.Miles expire after 36 months, regardless of activity.
HainanMarriott 60K:25KNoneYou must redeem or earn 1 mile every 24 months to extend the validity of your miles.
HawaiianAMEX 1K:1K (Instant)

Marriott 60K:25K
None, but partners with several airlines.No Expiration.
IberiaAMEX 1K:1K (1 day)

BA 1K:1K (Instant)

Capital One, via BA 1K:1K (Instant)

Chase 1K:1K (Instant)

Citi, via Qatar 1K:1K (1-2 days)

Marriott 60K:25K
OneWorldYou must redeem or earn 1 mile every 36 months to extend the validity of your miles.
JALBarclays 1.7K:1K

Marriott 60K:25K
OneWorldMiles expire after 36 months, regardless of activity.
Jet Airways IntermilesBarclays 1.4K:1K

Citi 1K:1K (Instant)

Marriott 60K:25K
None, but partners with select airlines like United.Miles expire at the end of each quarter, 3 years after they were earned, regardless of activity.
JetblueAMEX 250:200 (Instant)

Chase 1K:1K (Instant)

Citi 1K:1K (Instant)
NoneNo Expiration.
Korean Marriott 60K:20KSkyteamMiles expire after 10 years, regardless of activity.
LATAMMarriott 60K:25KNoneYou must earn 1 mile every 36 months from a paid LATAM flight to extend the validity of your miles.
Lufthansa Miles & MoreNoneStar AllianceMiles expire after 36 months, regardless of activity.

If you have a Miles & More credit card and use it monthly, then your miles will not expire.

If you have Miles & More elite status miles will not expire.
MalaysiaBarclays 1.4K:1K

Citi 1K:1K (1-2 days)
OneWorldMiles expire at the end of the 36th month after they were earned, regardless of activity.
QantasAMEX 500:500 (Instant)

Barclays 1.4K:1K

Capital One 1K:1K (Instant)

Citi 1K:1K (Instant)

Marriott 60K:25K
OneWorldYou must redeem or earn 1 mile every 18 months to extend the validity of your miles.
QatarAMEX, 1K:1K (Instant)

BA 1K:1K (Instant)

Capital One, via BA 1K:1K (Instant)

Chase, via BA 1K:1K (Instant)

Citi 1K:1K (Instant)

Marriott 60K:25K
OneWorldMiles expire on 06/30 or 12/31 that occurs more than 36 months after they were earned, regardless of activity.
SaudiaMarriott 60K:25KSkyteamMiles expire on 12/31 that occurs more than 36 months after they were earned, regardless of activity.
SingaporeAMEX 1K:1K (Instant)

Capital One 1K:1K (Instant)

Chase 1K:1K (Less than 1 day)

Citi 1K:1K (1 day)

Marriott 60K:25K

Virgin Australia
Star AllianceMiles expire after 36 months, regardless of activity.
South AfricanMarriott 60K:25KStar AllianceMiles expire after 36 months, regardless of activity.
SouthwestChase 1K:1K (Instant)

Marriott 60K:25K
NoneNo Expiration.
SpiritNoneNone You must earn 1 mile every 12 months to extend the validity of your miles.
TAPCapital One 1K:1K (Instant)

Marriott 60K:25K
Star AllianceMiles expire after 36 months, regardless of activity.
ThaiCiti 1K:1K (3-7 days)

Marriott 60K:25K
Star AllianceMiles expire after at the end of each quarter, 3 years after they were earned, regardless of activity.
TurkishCapital One 1K:1K (Instant)

Citi 1K:1K (1 day)

Marriott 60K:25K
Star AllianceMiles expire on 12/31 that occurs more than 36 months after they were earned, regardless of activity.
United Chase 1K:1K (Instant)

Marriott 60K:30K
Star AllianceNo Expiration.
Virgin AtlanticAMEX 1K:1K (Instant)

Capital One 1K:1K (Instant)

Chase 1K:1K (Instant)

Citi 1K:1K (Instant)

Marriott 60K:25K
SkyteamNo Expiration.
Virgin Australia Marriott 60K:25K

Singapore 1.55K:1K
None, but partners with select airlines like Delta, Etihad, and Singapore.You must redeem or earn 1 mile every 24 months to extend the validity of your miles.
AccorCapital One 2K:1K (1-2 days)

Citi 2K:1K
-You must redeem or earn 1 point every 12 months to extend the validity of your points.
Choice PrivilegesAMEX 1K:1K (Instant)

Capital One 1K:1K

Citi 1K:2K (Instant)
-You must redeem or earn 1 point every 18 months to extend the validity of your points.
Club CarlsonNone-You must redeem or earn 1 point every 24 months to extend the validity of your points.
HiltonAMEX 1K:2K (Instant)

Capital One via Virgin Atlantic 1K:1.5K

Chase via Virgin Atlantic 1K:1.5K

Citi TY via Virgin Atlantic: 1K:1.5K

Marriott via Virgin Atlantic 60K:37.5K
-You must redeem or earn 1 point every 24 months to extend the validity of your points.
Hyatt Chase 1K:1K (Instant)-You must redeem or earn 1 point every 24 months to extend the validity of your points.
IHGChase 1K:1K (Instant)-You must redeem or earn 1 point every 12 months to extend the validity of your points.
MarriottAMEX 1K:1K (Instant)

Chase UR 1K:1K (1 day)
-You must redeem or earn 1 point every 24 months to extend the validity of your points.

Note that transferring points and social media points do not count as activity.
WyndhamCapital One 1K:1K (Instant)

Citi 1K:1K (Instant)
-You must redeem or earn 1 point every 18 months to extend the validity of your points.
Additionally, all points expire 4 years from when they're earned regardless of activity.
AmtrakJetBlue 2:1 (Same day)-You must redeem or earn 1 point every 24 months to extend the validity of your points.

Questions? Find a mistake? Is your favorite program not on the list? Post a comment!

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I have chase points and want to get Starwood instead. Anyway I can do that?

Bill from Maine

If they are UR points, transfer to Marriott and than link your SPG account to transfer at 3:1 ratio.


This is usually not recommended as the transfer ratio sucks and you can normally book through Chase’s portal cheaper.

Not always, so make sure you do the math on the redemption.

ur to sw?

Will a 1k UR transfer extend the expiration immediately for Southwest?


Sure, open a Starwood card and start earning Starpoints.

No, Chase points do not transfer to Starwood.

@ur to sw?:


Chase UR points can be transferred indirectly to SPG but transferring UR to Marriott (1:1) then Marriott to SPG (3:1)

Devorah Leah Lederman

Wait a minute! We had a SPG AMEX and Marriot turned it into a Bon Vuoy AMEX. How can we get our SPG back? Is it worth it?


enterprise told me they don’t participate with Frequent flyer accounts?


@Dan should we still be calling them “Skypesos” I mean you can now get to Israel for 40K direct, and Delta doesn’t “break guitars” 😉


40K direct? what dates? I’ve never seen that.


40k o/w


They actually do participate with some airlines, but they are one of the exceptions to the general rule (and why I said most).

Considering this bush league move they pulled, most definitely,

They can make changes whenever they want now without even having to announce them.


@Ben: still pesos, because flying blue is 25k. And AA doesn’t break guitars either




Dan –
My Etihad miles (2 yrs expiry time) expired, around 5000 of them. They are counting my last flight (that I took Feb 2013) accrued miles as the last activity. This is inspite of me having activity of hotel stay etc later in that year, which is still within 2 yrs. I contacted them and their response was rather stern. They said they weighed all the options and cannot re-instate the miles now. Any thoughts?


Does booking a SW milage ticket, then cancelling, extend the life of SW miles?


@Dan: i just looked at all the site .. none of the sites offer “the week” magazine.. or am i missing something.. oh well.. if you ever see a good deal lmk!


Are SPG points really only good for 20K:12.5K united miles? This seems to be half the amount of the other airlines (20K:25K)?


Is there any way to get awarded for Hertz Car rental in Israel ??


Personally, I see Delta seems to have improved. I recently flew with them from Tel Aviv Direct (via hidden city fare… thanks to @Dan), and it was my best direct flight ever. Also their miles program improved at lesat for the time being, which is why I sine up for the 50k offer which I got targeted for…


Anyone know how to keep Air Berlin miles from expiring? They emailed me with an offer to open their credit card, but I’m not sure if anyone had experience with some other method.


air berlin doesnt exist anymore but then again i’m not sure if you were serious or not


Article was originally written in 2015…


My United miles expired in September. If anyone can help me reinstate them, I would greatly appreciate it!


You are a GENIUS!! I found out last week my daughters 62,000 aa miles expired in October. I was davening over paying the $400 plus tax to reinstate when I saw this post. Just called hertz re rental last March. Credited rental to my daughters aa ac and should be good to go. Thank you so much!!


For ba if I book a ticket but cancel it within 24 hours (no fee but they debited the miles and then put them back in) does that work to extend it?


Amtrak I believe that if you have their chase credit card, the miles will not expire


do points earned through shopping count?




i’m new at this…how can you get airline mile credit for car rentals? our AA points expired and i would be very happy if i can reactivate them through prior car rentals i just don’t get how it works! thanks for your help!!


Read the 2nd paragraph of this post.

Etihad miles expire after 3 years regardless of activity.

If I had to guess I’d say that probably wouldn’t work with Southwest.

That’s correct.

No clue, sorry.

The flights are good, their mileage program is uber shady.

I don’t think there’s a way to extend them.


I’d wait until after 24 hours, pay the $5.60 cancel fee and you should be good to go.



Call the car rental company.


Only thank you points that are earned from a credit card do not expire. TY points that are earned from citigold, banking or sign up bonuses do expire. I should know because I had 37K ty points expire and had to beg to get them reinstated.


True, the 2nd paragraph only mentions credit card points.


@TS you can earn air berlin miles by doing hotel reviews at holiday check or by linking a sixt car rental account or by signing up for some of the various promos on the website. I would take advantage of the card also though.


None of those things will stop them from expiring.


I see that now. I just didn’t want anyone to think that all ty points don’t expire at all. ty points are the only points that you mention that can be earned in multiple ways. I don’t want anyone to get burned like I did. I know ty points are for the most part useless but at least you can still get gcs with them. The singapore transfer is good only with ty points earned from cc not banking (which I have most of my points from).


Do you have a chart showing which milage accounts can be saved by wich car rentals….
(specifically BA)


Any way to reinstate points accrued from flying on Lufthansa Miles and More once they expired?
Would this car rental technique help for this? Again, these are points earned from flying and not from a credit card signup. TIA


Is there a post or thread that discusses the most to least valuable types of miles? Might be interested in getting one of those mags that my subscription is expiring for.

Ari J

Any nifty way to get Chase UR into AA? Can one xfer chase UR into starwood via virgin, then from starwood into AA? Is that right or is there an easier/simpler/better wsy?


Any way to keep Hyatt points from expiring other than transferring in more points from chase ?



In the wake of all the Delta changes, you might want to reconsider your term “Skypesos” I think “Skyrubles” is more accurate. Plus, its more fun to say rubles.


Great post – thanks.

What about Aegean


I have some miles with Singapore Airlines. Is there a minimum number of miles that I would need to transfer in from Chase Ultimate Rewards to extend the expiration or could I simply transfer one mile?


with Aegean , one has to consider whether the points get cancelled, as well as whether the account gets cancelled for no activity. It is also relevant what tier status one has.

I can’t imagine that Dan will be able to answer the Aegean expiration policy as it is too complicated for any mere mortal to understand.

My situation is miles earned in April 2013, gold status earned at the same time, no travel since then and travel currently difficult (so hard to earn more miles or use the miles that i already have). Wish I understood the expiry — I would take a 23 minute flight at the last possible date if it significantly extended the expiration (but the 23 minute flight would be costly due to high fares, and I would have to take a boat back and several buses, so a whole day would be involved).

If you can clarify Aegean expiration it would be appreciated — the Greek c.s.r. Do not understand their own program.

Your chart above is so very very useful, thank you


I wanna close my Amex green because of the fee from Which hotel will I get the most out of my points


Dan, I think citi TY point to all program is 1k:1k except hilton.


I had 30k aa points expire called and mentioned the challenge they said even if you open a new card account you need to spend 5k not just 750 is it huca or has the policy changed in the last 5 years


It seems that qantas is the only airline that has a decent partnership with elal -45k for direct flight. Are there any credit cards that work with them.


Amtrak points actually expire after the account is 36 months from the last paid trip, meaning that if you don’t pay for travel and your account is 36 months old, even points transferred will be subject to expiration immediately…



Andrew, See, to me i would rather rack up a few useless points in order to keep my current gold status. Meaning, even if i do fly any star alliance i will put in my Number in order to get the points and keep the account active.


Thanks a lot for this. Any chance to include south African airways?

Clare N

Amtrak points don’t expire as long as you have their credit card. I know this is true, because it has been much longer than 3 years since I have a paid trip and my points are still there.


When i click on the mileage posts tab, this post does not come up.


Did any one ever get a financial review from amex if yes what triggered it know of people that spend 10 thousand dollars on business platinum and got triggered and to man additionals can also can any 1 post if they got a fr and what triggered it


How do I transfer chase rewards to Hyatt? The only transfer options see is to combine points.


@Dan: In your opinion would it be better to use 40,000 Skypesos which are already in an account + 27 in Taxes, or to Transfer 11,000 MR or TY points to top off a FlyingBlue account to get the same flight for a Total of 25,000 FlyingBlue miles +100 in Taxes and surcharges?


any ideas on how to easily extend Hyatt or Marriott points would be welcome. they are implementing new expiration policies in beginning of 2016. thanks.


Just booked last minute one way return flight SFO to BDL On August 1th for only 12,500 Delta miles. Would have cost $396 if purchased. Point is they won’t get you great value for first class flights or anything but there is still pretty good redemptions to be had traveling cross country domestically. It’s not useless by any stretch of the imagination. Using Delta miles enables me to save my Star Alliance points for other flights.


AAdvantage will expire even if I have a citi AA or Barclay’s AA card ?


@yanki: Yes


@dan I got a lot of United miles that expired how can I get them back?


You need a Sapphire Preferred or Ink Plus.


When did they expire?


@dan About 18months ago


I had 42k united miles expire feb 1 2016.
Is there any way to get reinstated?


@dan If I have a small pool of Virgin America Elevate points is there anything I can do to redeem them on? I can’t seem to find a magazines portal for them… Thanks!


@yanki: if you have either of those cards why not just make a $1 charge somewhere with it to extend the expiration? Am I missing something?


Any way to reinstate continental/united miles that expired 2.5 years ago??

Dan's the Man

What’s the expiration policy of Starwood points?


I have the card and I use it and I just wanted to know if having the card alone will not keep the points from expiring


Anyone want to trade some Hertz (maybe some others would also work) rentals uncredited to a program? I would like to revive some United accounts. Needs to be between January 2014 and April 2015


I am looking to retrieve my expired united miles as well. Please let me know if j can help. Ty


Can you help me as well?


Hilton “Starwood via Virgin Atlantic 20K:37.5K”. how does this work?


DDF thread here:

20K Starwood transfers into 25K Virgin Atlantic.
25K Virgin Atlantic transfers into 37.5K Hilton.


Dear Dan:
1. I have a grand total of 4,071 Hyatt points — which will expire in January due to inactivity.
2. I do not want to get the Hyatt credit card this year — because I will not be able to use the 2 free nights before they expire. (Currently, I can’t travel due to illness. But I hope to travel again starting in 2017.) I am also home-bound — and can’t go to eat at a Hyatt hotel restaurant.
3. The price that Hyatt charges to buy 1,000 points is not a good value.
4. I can’t get the Chase Sapphire Preferred card — because I have had many more than 5 credit card applications in the last 24 months.
5. Any suggestions as to how I can — inexpensively — keep my 4,071 Hyatt points from expiring?
Thanks in advance!


Booking a refundable cash and points stay should extend their life, YMMV.

Also there is no hard and fast 5 card 24 month rule, exceptions are made all the time.


i have 185K with chase and 65k with american airlines.
How do i know when it expires?


I have 21,618 united miles. They don’t let me book hotel rewards. How can I use it on hotels?


If Amer Express will not cancel my yearly fee, and i close my acct will I forfeit the bonus sign-up points? I don’t have another Amer Express except for Serve. Can I transfer the points.


Dan — Thank you very much!!!


Anyone know how to find cheapest rate on hotel? Priceline? Cancellation policy? Any assistance would be appreciated:)


Any way to “revive” hilton points?


Dan, I had my wife’s southwest points accidentally expire two months ago, and had two separate rentals that I thought would work. After my account wasn’t reactivated I contacted SW, and they contacted the rental agency (Payless) to check the reservation so they could reactivate the points. They then told me that since the reservation wasn’t under her name (it was under mine), they couldn’t do anything to help… My other was with budget and that also seems to not be working. Are there any agencies which don’t require the names to match? Is this a new issue? You don’t mention anything about this issue in your post, so I’d appreciate if I could get some insight. Thanks in advance!


Another option for Hyatt points would be to transfer them to the Hyatt account of a close family member or friend (e.g. your spouse). If you wish, you even could arrange to transfer the points back to your personal Hyatt account at a later date to roundtrip the points. For Hyatt, transfers between accounts are free. Immediately after transferring the points to a new account, the points would reset for another 12 months. This approach should work with other travel rewards programs, though ymmv.


Beautiful!! Was just about to look for this this weekend. Started doing my yearly mileage refresher as part of filing my tax returns as a reminder, but haven’t had a chance to yet this year!


How long does typ to quantas take to post?


@Dan Hi I have expired aeroplan miles…any thing to do about that? Thanks


You can reactivate them for a fee per mile. I looked into it about a year ago and remember debating whether the fee was worthwhile……
I also don’t remember how long that offer lasts after they’ve expired.




If i want to jump from Amex to Prestige, id there a way to transfer my miles somewhere


my virgin atlantic miles expired 7 months ago
can I reinstate them?


What’s the best thing to do with city thank you points? or where do they transfer the best?


Can I transfer points from Miles and More to Starwood and then to Delta?


Any info on Hertz? And any way to get them back?


Was thinking of putting some paid flights in air Canada to Turkish because iirc they allow pooling points with family members. What’s their expiration policy?


Great chart. The only problem with this post is that you can no longer use points for a subscription to the “The Economist”. Really bums me out.


@swch, @dan

I have a rental with and they have no clue what I am talking about when I ask to add my mileage plus account number from united to the reservation. Same with Avis. Hertz says it is possible but only prior to the start of the rental. I also have a hotel reservation in Yerushalayim but they don’t know anything about it either. What am I missing??


I was told (by IHG?) that IHG points do not expire if you have a Chase IHG card. Can someone confirm this from personal experience?


Should update post that M&M needs activity on card ‘every single month’ to keep them alive.

Lotsa people making this mistake.

andrew rogers

I noticed you didn’t say transferred, only earned or redeemed–I want to transfer miles from chase ult rewards to British avios to avoid xpireation–any ideas? should be free as well. and looks like there is NO way to extend Am Air miles if you no longer hve a credit card??


If your asking such a question that means you didn’t read the post correctly, reread the post and then ask away.

British Airways AMEX MR 250:250

Chase UR 1K:1K

Starwood 20K:25K

Starwood 90K:120K+ 7 Marriott nights OneWorld No expiration as long as you redeem or earn at least 1 mile every 36 months.


Dan if I have a citi thank you preferred CC, are the points transferable to airlines ?


“Starwood 23.3K:25K via Marriott” I’m not clear as to how you arrive at this amount. Is the transfer from Starwood or Marriott and how do you arrive at 23.3?


I had about 350K Qantas miles for flights taken mid 2012 and it expired at the end of 2013 without any warning. I have spend hours on the phone with Qantas back then trying to re-instate my point but without results.

Does anyone think that I can still re-activate it by crediting car rentals to the Qantas account?


Dan, awesome post. The guide is better than ever.
As long as you’re asking for “mistakes,” the only think I would suggest would be to change the column header to Airline/Hotel, or add a second column header mid-table for Hotels. Other than that, it’s terrific. Thanks as always.


@Dan thank you for the post!
Its time to update the Ultimate Milage Guide to Israel 🙂 !


You should Accor transfers 1:1 for Iberia and Qantas (3000:3000 for Iberia, 2000:2000 for Qantas).


What a great posting; Thank You very much. What I need need is a post that updates periodically on category spending. Groceries and utilities seem to be spending that only gets 1 point for $1 usually.

Jack out of the box

How long do Starpoints last?

Jack out of the box

Sorry, I found where you wrote it Dan. My error was that I though the entire list was alphabetical.
Thanks for keeping us so well informed!


Citi thank you points expire even if u always use the card


Citi ThankYou points expire no matter how much u use the card they tell me it will expire


when something expires after 36 months regardless of activity (ELAL), so how does that work?
Do all my miles expire from the first day the first mile in the account is earned, or is it that each transaction a mile was earned has a 36 month timer on it which individually expires.


Each point expires 3 years from the day earned (i.e. FIFO, first in first out).


so for AF miles if i dont fly, i can’t do anything .. (like transfer from AMEX)



I had 70 k united miles expire about two months ago
I stayed in the the summer at the JW Marriott for a week this past summer
Is there any way that that stay could reinstate my miles


Where can i find on United ans BA’s websites my expiration date?


does it help to extend ua with chase transfers?


Is there anything to do for Hertz points expiring?


I lost 60k IHG points as they expired due to inactivity. Tried calling them, connect on Twitter. No luck! What else should I have tried?


Is it possible to transfer airline points (like Jetblue or Delta) to Marriott points? It seems like it only goes the other way, but I hope not. Thanks!


Hi Dan, I tried the trick for my expired aa miles, with doing the car rentals points, called the rental (avis) and (alamo), and niether of them worked, nothing was posted to my account and no activity, what am I missing?



What does this mean from my BA Avios account?

“Points Reset for New Membership Year -140”

I had activity in the preceding 36 mos. Thanks


Can southwest points be reinstated?

Ben Rbibo

how do I find availability on Air France? When I check expert flyer it states business and first is only for elites?


You don’t have Wyndham which is a weird and strict one.

Rental car ones are also tough.


Thanks Dan for a very helpful post. 2 comments:
– Aegan Miles & Bonus points do no expire, maybe a change of rules recently.
– SAS Eurobonus is missing. AFAIK points do expire after the 4th year after sign-up date has elapsed. So if you signed up the 1st April 2018, your points collected until March 2019 will expire on the 31st March 2023 and so on.


I had 42k united miles expire feb 1 2016 (2 years & 2 months).
Is there any way to get reinstated?


You list Frontier as one of the MagsForMiles partners, which is correct, but using miles does not extend you expiration with them (your chart notes correctly you must earn miles every 6 months – a very short expiration period.). I’ve signed up with e-Rewards Opinion panel and so long as I have earned $25 with them, I can use that every 6 months to buy 500 Frontier miles to keep them active.


what about using your awards to get a ticket and then cancelling it less than 24 hours later? for united? for elal?




Dan, this is really fantastic. You seem to be the only one online to have explained this in such detail. Just wondering, I just tried Budget and they said that they don’t work with United anymore (they said they work with AA, Frontier, Air Canada and Spirit to name a few). What other general “activities” other than car rentals and hotels may I be able to revive my miles from? Thanks.


If i have 30k lufthansa miles, am I allowed to transfer those into ultimate rewards or other rewards programs?

Shaye Es

My IHG points are about to expire. I tried booking a hotel room with points + cash but these are only non refundable. Anything I can do ?

Steve Missry

My as miles expired in Jan. Don’t fly much and didn’t know. What could I do


can a united ticket that was paid with point be refunded ? ( the points can be refunded ) dose anyone have any experience with that ?

a good yeshiva bachur

what about Ukraine International how long do those miles last?


Air Canada’s relationship with Aeroplan isn’t ending in 2020. They just bought them out


“If you have a Miles & More credit card and use it monthly, then your miles will not expire.” lets say i forget to spend any money on the card for a month and then I start spending again the next month does that reset the clock or does it start ticking and because you didnt use you M&M card for a month, so now you lost out and your miles will expire in 36 months regardless of whether you started spending right away the next month?


Which is a better card: AMEX platinum or Chase Sapphire Reserve

Yechiel Z

Depending on
1-would you prefer Amex Points or Ultimate Rewards Points
2-Chase let’s u use ur travel credit on any travel, including the subway, with amex, you need to select a specific airline and then still beat around the system to get your $200. Also the UBER $200 is $15/Month ($35/December)

So with the Amex it’s a bit more annoying.

As for lounges, Amex blows it out of the park. All Delta lounges when flying Delta. Also Centurion lounges, and they’re opening some new ones. And then priority pass. Chase only gives priority pass.


Thank you.


Can you create a similar post on how to handle points when a family member passes? Thanks.


Any luck reinstating Chase UR after closing card?
I forgot to merge em and 30 days has elapsed.


Is transferring miles from another program considered as “earning” miles? For example if I transfer from Marriott to American will that extend my American miles?


Doea capital one transfer to qantas?


Thanks, super useful! One small point: I think Latam is a little more complicated, my understanding is that under multi plus, miles would expire on a Jan 1, so essentially it would be between 24-36 months depending on when you earned them.


Hi, how to transfer miles from the Delta to AF/KLM?


Somebody knows the answer?

feeling left out...

you didnt mention Royal Air Maroc and Ukraine International…


I may be wrong, but I think AF flying blue has 2 catagories of miles, which each can only be extended by earning of a similar kind.

Ie. there is one expiration for points earned from flying or cc spend, which can be extended by earning more.
And a separate expiration for points bought from Amex or Citi, which can be extended by buying more.


Does anyone know if you can credit car rentals to a mileage program in addition to the car rental program -(such as National Emerald Club…) Or is it one or the other?


Some you can get both, but national it’s one or the other


Any way to extend the life of my united electronic travel certificate from expiring?

John Moore

Where’s the “bring them back to life” or reinstatement section?

Jude gold

If I downgrade from the AF to the no AF Miles & More cc ( 1pt for $2 spent) will that work for the points not to expire?


Anyone know AA policy for cancelling a reward flight, and does it work to extend AA miles?


Sheila Rimmer

I have about 2400 Avios points from British Airways. Any suggestions on what to do with them? I also have miles/points with Delta (Amex Gold) and Capital One with credit cards that are active.


Perhaps book an experience with them


Does transferring points between hilton accounts help extend the expiration date?


I have 100k Citi thankyou points expiring in April
What’s my best value


Any Wyndham advice for expiring points if not ready to book yet? Does booking a year out extend the points? @Dan Wyndham not on your list.


hi Dan
I have 90k AA miles that expired in 2016 is there anyway to get it back they told me its past 18 months so they cant do anything


Thanks Dan, this post is great, and it’s bookmarked for me the past year.
Is it possible to highlight the updates?


Does anyone know how to reinstate expired miles on ValuJet?


If i just realized that I did not use my full $300 travel credit (for my Chase Sapphire Reserve) and my annual fee was just posted on September 1st is there anything I can do? or did I lose it?


you can still buy 7 night packages?


Lufthansa/Miles And More is no longer a transferable option from Marriott.


how can i prevent my elal matmid points from expiring?


BEWARE of ALITALIA – 3 years ago i transferred from amex, since they had a promo. I used some and didn’t end up needing the rest on that trip, and it showed at the time 18 month expiration or something of that nature. I look in my account before the set expiration and see 0 points. They changed there policy midway and expired the points early. Any recourse? they claim they sent email, but it got mixed in with other marketing from them.


Hi Dan, could you add to chart, if option to hold award exists.


Jet airways is gone…


Anyway to reinstate my hertz points that expired last month?


My Marriott points are expiring in 2 weeks. I dont have their CC and not planning on staying with them anytime soon. What would be the best way to extend the thank you


For IHG Rewards, I just tried a book-and-cancel strategy. The website shows a new expiration date (though curiously it only extended by 8 months and not 12). However, given this clause in the Terms and Conditions indicates that my expiration would not be extended. Can you please clarify?
“If you redeem Points for a Stay and subsequently cancel that Stay, the redemption activity does not prevent Point expiration.”


Could you update Turkish expiration to “end of calendar year following 36 months”

L Steinherz

How do you transfer points between members of Star Alliance. For Example: If I have Turkish Airlines points, how can I use them towards TAP Air Portugal or United. Neither Turkish nor TAP customer service seemed able to tell me.

Deal Guy

I believe hilton writes 15 months on their website.


Are you sure you can extend Airfrance/flying blue miles by transferring from credit card points? You defined “earn” either from flying or transferring from credit card. AFAIK, flyingblue miles can be extended only either with booking a paid flight or having airfrance cc


I have been doing so for a long time already since they made the change with their exp. policy by earning miles which worked for me by tranferring bank points. ACTIVITY OVERVIEW
375,492 MILES
375,492 valid until December 31, 2021
0 XP
Please note: It can take a couple of weeks for your Activities to appear in this overview.

December 11, 2019
+1,000 Miles
+0 XP

December 1, 2019
+1,250 Miles
+0 XP


Thank you genius. I do confirm transferring 1000 MRs to my FlyingBlue account did extend the expiration of my points till Dec 31, 2021. Was the change of exp policy when they did switch to dynamic pricing (beginning of 2018)? for which destination you use your FB miles mainly if you don’t mind? One thing I don’t like about FB is the high fees of award tickets compared to other FF programs


The change of exp. policy i think has nothing to do with dynamic pricing. I use flying blue miles mostly fot NYC TO TLV or vice versa whenever available for 29,000 miles with Delta Airlines with no fuel surcharge.


I have Hilton Honors points and i do not travel anymore, would like to close down my credit card, to avoid annual fee.
Any ideas for redemption? Or at least a good place to transfer for storage?


You can downgrade to a no annual fee hilton card.


@Dan just one correction … there is a way to extend Turkish points. Its a horrible value though. $10 per 1000 points


Any way to reinstate HERTZ points that expired. I wasn’t aware HZ points expire if you don’t rent a car in 12 mos. (they just changed it to 18 mos.)


Club Carlson point require activity only ever 24 months. My point were still active 22 months later and I confirmed this with them as well.


I called Iberia and they said transferring UR points to my account will not help extend the life of my miles. Dan, are you sure that with Iberia the earn or redeem includes transfers of UR points?


@dan it doesn’t look like MagsForMiles is taking American miles anymore.


British avios expiring. Booked a flight. To cancel they only offer a voucher. Not redeposit miles into my account?


Can I transfer Marriott points from my wife account to different mine. If we are both registered to different addresses?


Unfortunately, for those of us whose miles expired July 15th (I am kicking myself over not staying up to date on the changing expirations!!!!), I assume the 18-month expiry does not apply to our accounts. Do you know if Air Canada would backdate those?

Hilton Question

Dan, when I log in to my Hilton account it says points expire after 15 months of inactivity.


I was told by Citi that their TY preferred card with no AF is also transferable points.. is that true?

Kelly GC

Q about BA EXPIRATION of 36 months:
if both family are pooled together, does each have to have an activity every 36 months to avoid own expiration? or one family earn extend the other in pool?
2. did BA extend expiration due to covid?


I just chatted with Alaska. They said, “Your account can go inactive. This can happen if you have had zero activity with us for two full years as the website mentions. However both your mileage account and miles can be reactivated by reaching out to our customer care department. This will restore all of your previously earned miles, thus they would not disappear.” Customer Care is 800-654-5669, 7am-7pm PT M-F, 8am-5pm PT Sat.


What about Citibank Expedia Voyager card hotels points? I do not see them listed..


can you tell us about the lufthansa vouchers issued from the M&m credit card?mine have expiration of dec 31 and i wanted to know if they can be extended? thank you


plus 1 I had the same question if anyone knows


Is British Airways Avios being extended due to Covid?


I had a Hyatt free night certificate converted to points two days ago, and it shows up in my Activity tab when logged on to my Hyatt account. Would that type of activity count to extend the expiration date of my Hyatt points another 2 years?


Maybe you can update the chart for COVID extensions? E.g., Singapore and Qantas.

Richard Rubenstein

I have an Emirates Mastercard and according to the rules of that card as long as I have that account the Emirates Miles do not expire.


Dan – I have a Hyatt Day of Gratitude Bonus of 500 points from 12/15/2020. That alone should keep the rest of my points from expiring, correct? Thanks!


I called Wyndham as my points expired a few months ago and as a one-time courtesy they reinstated them. Very pleasant and super friendly experience.

xprd lfmls

Does anyone know if transferring car rental points works to reinstate Avianca Lifemiles?

xprd lfmls

Update: I requested a retroactive credit from Hertz from back in August to reactivate my Lifemiles and I received the credit but it posted on the date I received them (Jan 8) and not the date in August when I rented the car. My 20,000 are dead. :(:(:(:(

a yid

united points transfer to chase 1:1?
or only vice versa chase transfer to united 1:1?


I just got an email that Delta is extending eCredits another year till 12/31/2023. Does anyone know whether United will follow suit?


First time contributor. You said that American doesn’t expire points for those under age 21, but that’s exactly what they did to my kids a few years ago. Said I’d have to buy them back. 🙁


What happened to magazine options for AA? TIA


Just transferred TYP to Turkish and was instant.


so if i book something with AA points and then cancel it will give me 18 month more right ?


Just checked my account, and I don’t see expiration today. It says 10/1/22. Does that mean they expired some earlier today? I haven’t flown AA since before Covid, and their look-up is only for 2 years. Any suggestions?


as per Alaska airlines website their miles do not expire. They may lock your account after 24 months of inactivity but will reactivate and restore the miles if you call.


@Dan I transferred Amex to Lifemiles and it did not post right away. It seems that others had the same problem where it did not post until midnight El Salvador time (1 a.m. EST). Would be great if that was noted in the chart. See TPG that posted about this back in March.


Hi. You mention success booking and canceling with British airways. On their website it says about $50 mileage reinstatement fee. Is that info wrong


My account showed points expiring t-1 days, so I just transferred 500 MR to Qantas. They transferred immediatley, but now my account shows that the expiring points actually expired. I guess I need to contact Qantas. Aargh.


I dont have any activity on my Alaska account in 24 months but points are still active.
Is this because I have a CC or is it the “SIGNATURE CARD $99 COMPANION TICKET” add yeary that’s triggering activity?


From my understanding, they don’t actually expire after 24 months, the account is just considered inactive, and can be reactivated afterwards.
Maybe the companion ticket is what is preventing it from becoming inactive, although don’t you have activity from earning points from the credit card?


I see that my points are still active. How can I see when they are set to expire? Last transaction was a transfer of points in from Citi sometime last year. Does it make sense that if I have an amex card linked to my Qantas account it won’t expire?


I just realized my Bonvoy points expired back in Feb. due to inactivity, any ideas how I can get them reinstated?


My Qantas points expired June 30th 2023. Is there anyway to get them reinstated. I have car rental from National. How do I go about getting them reinstated?