The Best Current Sign Up Bonus, Plus Incredible Approval Odds! Capital One Venture X Visa Infinite Card: Earn 100,000 Bonus Points Along With Awesome Benefits!

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Update: Many readers are reporting getting approved for this card with large credit lines, even after getting rejected for previous Capital One cards or cards from other banks!

Capital One Launches Venture X Card: Earn 100,000 Bonus Points Along With Awesome Benefits And Lounge Access!

Signup bonus:

Capital One has launched their first ultra-premium card, the Capital One Venture X Card. 

For a limited time, new Venture X cardholders will earn 100,000 Capital One miles for opening this card and spending $10,000 in 6 months.

Additionally for a limited time, new cardholders will also get $200 in statement credits for vacation rental purchases like VRBO, Airbnb, Vacasa, Turnkey, Sandbridge, and more, for use within 12 months. Those credits can be applied multiple times until you spend $200.

As you earn at least 2 miles per dollar everywhere, that’s a potential 120,000 miles for spending $10,000 in 6 months. 120K miles can be used for $1,200 of travel, dining, or gift cards. Or it can be transferred into 120K airline miles where they can be much more valuable.

Note that Capital One pulls and reports to all 3 of your credit reports. It can be difficult to get approved for more than 1 Capital One card every 6 months. You can have both the Venture and Venture X cards.

Annual fee: 

There is a $395 annual fee for the primary card and no annual fee for up to 4 additional cardholders. There is no minimum age limit for additional cardholders and you don’t need to provide a SSN for additional cardholders.

Annual travel credit: 

Receive a $300 annual travel credit every cardmembership year for all travel booked through the Capital One Travel portal, where you can book flights, hotels, and car rentals. Those credits can be applied multiple times until you spend $300. If you maximize this credit, this card’s effective annual fee is just $95.

Anniversary bonus: 

Cardholders will get an anniversary bonus of 10,000 miles every year that they have the card. Those miles are worth $100 towards travel or gift cards, but they can also be transferred into 10K airline miles where they can be much more valuable. At a value of 1.5 cents per airline mile, that’s like another $150 back every card anniversary.

Between the $300 annual travel credit and the 10,000 mile anniversary bonus, the annual rewards can be worth more than the card’s annual fee!

Global Entry/Pre-Check Fee Refund:

It costs $85 to apply for a 5 year TSA Pre-Check membership which makes flying pleasant again. Shorter lines, no need to remove your shoes, belt, jacket, or hat. You can keep your laptop and small liquids inside your carry-on. And you go through a good old fashioned metal detector instead of assuming the position in the body scanner.  If you charge it on your card the fee will be refunded.

It costs $100 to apply for a 5 year Global Entry membership which lets you bypass the customs line. If you have Global Entry you also get TSA Pre-Check for free.

If you charge it on your card the fee will be refunded. You can get refunded for this charge once every 4 years.

You can read more more about the differences in this post.

My whole family has Global Entry and it sure makes traveling a whole lot easier!

Capital One Lounge Access:

Capital One airport lounges have now launched with its first lounge in Dallas/DFW in terminal D near gate 22. The lounge is open from 7am-7pm. Lounges in Denver/DEN and Washington/IAD will open next year with more lounges to come.

Venture X cardholders get unlimited free entry and can bring 2 guests for free. You need to have a departing or connecting flight within 3 hours to use the lounge.

Best of all, Venture X additional cardholders are free and they also get unlimited free entry and can bring 2 guests for free!

Lounge access for Capital One Venture and Capital One Spark Miles cardholders is $45 per person per visit. Those cardholders also get 2 free visits per year. Lounge access for everyone else is $65 per visit. Kids under 2 are free.

Lounges feature grab and go food with to-go bags for your flight, fully stocked bars with local beers and craft cocktails, coffee bars, work zones, exercise rooms with Peloton bikes and yoga mats, nursing rooms, kids rooms, soundproof relaxation rooms, luggage lockers, multi-faith prayer rooms, and shower suites!

Priority Pass Membership:

Venture X Primary and additional cardholders get a complimentary Priority Pass lounge membership.

You can enroll here.

Priority Pass lounge membership allows you to bring 2 guests with you into over 1,300 airport lounges.

There are also many airports with restaurants that have $28 credit per person with Priority Pass membership. I’ve used that to get free granola bars, potato chips, and drinks to go!

Other airports have spas that are accessible with Priority Pass.

While AMEX no longer allows Priority Pass to access spas or restaurant credit on their cards, Capital One will allow cardholders to use that credit!

Card earnings: 

  • 2 miles per dollar everywhere.
  • 5 miles per dollar on flights booked via Capital One Travel, plus get a refund if Hopper by Capital One Travel says to buy a flight and the prices goes down within 10 days. Cardholders can also freeze the price of select flights for up to 14 days!
  • 10 miles per dollar on hotels and rental cars booked via Capital One Travel.
  • There are no foreign transaction fees.

Spend Threshold:

You’ll need to spend $10,000 on this card within 6 months for 100K bonus miles.

You can pay your federal taxes for a 1.96% fee. If you overpay your taxes you can request a refund or apply it to your next year’s taxes.

My local natural gas company allows me to prepay up to $1,000 on a credit card for a $1.65 flat fee. That’s a great way to earn miles and help meet a spend threshold. My electricity supplier allows me to pay with a credit card for free as long as I am enrolled in autopay.

See this post for more ideas on meeting a credit card spend threshold.

Hertz elite status:

Venture X Primary and additional cardholders get Hertz President’s Circle elite status. Benefits include skip the counter and e-return, the widest vehicle selection, guaranteed upgrades, free additional driver, and more!

Excellent Visa Infinite card benefits:

This will be a Visa Infinite card, which means it will come with awesome benefits like 3 free years of Shipt for free deliveries from Target stores and more.

Primary and additional cardholders get benefits like:

  • Primary rental car CDW insurance, up to $75,000 of coverage
  • Return protection, up to $300 per item and $1,000 per year.
  • Cell phone insurance, up to $800 per claim and $1,600 per year if monthly bill is charged to card. $50 deductible applies.
  • Trip delay insurance, up to $500 per person on delays of 6+ hours.
  • Trip cancellation and interruption insurance, up to $2,000 per person.
  • Extended warranty of 1 extra year, up to $10,000 per item.
  • Lost Luggage Insurance, up to $2,000 per bag and $3,000 per trip.
  • Travel Accident Insurance, up to $1,000,000 per person.
  • Purchase protection for items damaged or stolen within 90 days, up to $10,000 per item.

Product changes:

You can change between the no annual fee Capital One VentureOne, the $95/year Capital One Venture and the $395/year Capital One Venture X, but you won’t get a signup bonus for upgrading from VentureOne or Venture to Venture X.

Use points for paid travel reimbursement:

You can redeem your points to pay yourself back for any travel related expenses (airfare, hotels, car rentals, cruises, ride sharing, etc) or book new travel at a value of 1 cent per point.

Airline and hotel transfer partners:

You can transfer points from Capital One into these programs at the following ratios:

  • Aeromexico (1:1, SkyTeam)
  • Air Canada Aeroplan (1:1, Star Alliance)
  • Air France/KLM Flying Blue (1:1, SkyTeam)
  • Avianca LifeMiles (1:1, Star Alliance)
  • British Airways Avios (1:1, OneWorld)
  • Cathay Pacific Asia Miles (1:1, OneWorld)
  • EVA (2:1.5, Star Alliance)
  • Etihad (1:1, No alliance)
  • Emirates (1:1, No alliance)
  • Finnair (1:1, OneWorld)
  • Qantas (1:1, OneWorld)
  • Singapore (1:1, Star Alliance)
  • TAP Air Portugal (1:1, Star Alliance)
  • Turkish Airlines (1:1, Star Alliance)
  • Accor Hotels (2:1)
  • Choice Hotels (1:1)
  • Wyndham Hotels (1:1)

By transferring points to Accor, you can also transfer points to the following airlines via Accor at an effective 2:1 ratio:

  • Iberia (Which can also be transferred to British Airways)
  • Virgin Australia

You can also combine points between Capital One miles cards and you can transfer miles to any Capital One cardholder!

A nice perk is that after the 1,000 mile minimum transfer, you only need to transfer points in increments of 100, meaning you have fewer leftover points compared to other bank transfers.

Dan’s Quick Thoughts:

This card seems like a no-brainer thanks to the annual credits that more than cover the annual fee.

Assuming you take advantage of those annual credit, there is essentially no cost for all of the card’s valuable benefits, like Capital One lounge access, Priority Pass lounge access, Hertz elite status, high end protections, and more. Plus, all of those benefits apply to free additional user cards and there’s no age limit for Capital One additional user cards. And the Priority Pass access isn’t restricted as it is on cards from AMEX.

With the ability to reimburse yourself for any travel purchase and the option to transfer points to airlines like Turkish, where you can fly anywhere in the US50 for just 7.5K miles in coach or 12.5K miles in first class, spending on the card is valuable and doesn’t require jumping through hoops with multiple cards as with other banks.

The 100,000 point bonus and $200 credit is just gravy on top of those benefits!

Will you signup for the Capital One Venture X Card?

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Sounds pretty sweet


Glad Capital one joined the Premium game…

Terrific benefits on this one.

Now all we need is categorized spend and we are all set 🙂


I haven’t had much success in recent years getting approvals from Cap1. Are there any thresholds where rejection is guaranteed (i.e. something along the lines of 5/24)?


When is next Tuesday? LOL. I think you mean THIS Tuesday.


Ha! Age old debate… THIS Tuesday might mean the Tuesday that was 2 days ago 🙂


No. That was last Tuesday.

Travel portal

How does their travel portal compare to ones like Amex Travel or Chase’s?
if I want to book a car, does it show comparable rates or accept corporate codes?


Yes! Because changes will no doubt be made fairly quickly. Such as the lounge policy, once they realize the issue with overcrowding they’ll be forced to limit it….


Can we downgrade this card in the future? If yes to which cards?


Nice post!


How does this compare to Chase Sapphire Reserved? If you had to choose one, which would you chose?


The capital one has return protection while chase sapphire don’t have so I think for that reason itself capital one is better


If I block them from checking experian howich will it lower my chances?


What benefits do additional users get?


No fee for additional users, and additional users get their own priority pass membership?
Is there any other card out there that offers that?


It’s actually even crazier. Not only do free users get Priority Pass, but they get it including access to restaurants. AMEX doesn’t even give that to primary cardmembers. This is huge.

As Dan mentioned in his linked post, the only other card that offers free users their own Priority Pass is the JPMorgan Ritz card, which isn’t available for new signups (the only way to get it is to convert from a Chase Marriott Consumer card). So yes, this new card offering this is big.


I truly hope it last – we are traveling almost at much pre-pandemic and PDX (home hub) has three restaurants ( it was easy to hit two of them before boarding – but construction has the air-side concourse connector blocked- as well Capers Cafe closes at 2PM).


Will they also offer a business card?


CDW primary or secondary?


If everything holds, this is non-brainer. I would sign up. However, If they increase annual fee (which is likely) in the future, it would become another 2% cash back card with an annual fee. All the extras are nice but duplicated from other cards I own.


Free Priority Pass with restaurant access for free additional users probably doesn’t duplicate another card (unless you have the Ritz card) 🙂 But I agree, depending on your situation that might not be as valuable. For people living in airports (like myself here in CLE) with no Priority Pass lounge but with a great restaurant, it’s huge. 🙂

Dan fan

I was thinking the same it’s pretty obvious that they will eventually hike up the annual fee to 495 then 595 the sweet offering is just for the beginning so they get sign ups however you can always downgrade to the venture with no annual fee and


Any cards cover primary insurance if I’m not on any car insurance?
I would regular insurance besides the collision one.

The One Who Does Not Know How to Ask a Question

What are the chances of getting approed if you already have a Venture card?


How strict are they? Would an 18 year old have good chance of being approved for this if it’s their first ever cc?


Probably not


Would one be able to book & then cancel, in order to Receive a $300 annual travel credit for all travel booked through the Capital One Travel portal?


Feel terrible that missed out on recent 100k points offer on venture one card after spending $20k, so guess will have to do this.


Does Capital One require SSNs to add additional users? Is there a limit on how many you can add, and is there an age limit? I’d love to get Priority Pass for everyone in the family to add more guests 🙂


Strong offering, however they were offering the same SUB on the $95 Venture card.

Now all they need to offer 1.25-1.5c when booking through their portal to leapfrog Chase.


1. Thanks a lot!
2. Does the refund for hopper telling you to buy exclusive to this card? Or Venture card too?
3. On that note, maybe you can do a comparison post between their cards?
4. How to transfer to any cap1 member? When I tried it said only to myself?


Can existing Venture cardholders get this card?


Can i have this and the venture at the same time?


you haven’t touched the moist important point – is it going to be metal? 🙂


It will be


No cards cover liability?


Call your car insurance provider. It may be included with your policy.


Amex platinum ICC

El Capitan

Does it earn points on foreign spend?


Why wouldn’t it

El Capitan

For some reason, it seems my AMEX biz gold doesn’t so I was wondering

Chaim D

I got a Capital One business card in the past 6 months, is that likely to prevent me from getting approved for this card?


Card doesn’t seem all that great to me… particularly because I really hate cards/points/credits that require you to use their own travel portal.


They don’t!

You can apply credits at a 1% rate towards any travel already spent on the card. The portal requirement is for the $300 credit. That’s like a 2% cash back.

You can get the same value with a Citi Doublecash and apply the value towards any spend (not just travel).

Chase bifecta will get you 2.25% return but requires travel booked through portal.

This is a strong card but the only real benefits over the cheaper Cap1 cards are in the ancillary bonuses ($300 credit, lounge etc).

There is NO additional value in terms of spend or points value.


Now we just need them to give some kosher food at their lounges!


can u get this if u already have a venture and can u pay the annual fee in points


In essence +10 extra points for first 10k of spending. Nothing crazy in that area being that u can get even better than that on the amex plat now


For someone who already has most of the benefits on other premium cards, Is it worth applying for the 100k points and paying the AF?
(I have no C1 cards. But have 2 Amex plats, Aspire, and many other cards)


Any Forex fees associated with this card?


i just wish they had a business card that didn’t report to all the credit agencies


Approved! ty Dan


Approved! First Cap1 card since well… forever
Appreciate the great breakdown of this card; fingers-crossed the Auth User benefits don’t get nerfed too soon.


Dan, After first year, can this be down graded to a no fee card and still keep points alive? If so, what are the choices? Thanks.


Should be able to convert to no AF venture one. Correct me if I’m wrong


Able to book flights thru portal to get $300 travel credit and then cancel ticket for refund while still maintaining credit?


Is the $300 credit based on calendar year or anniversary?


Is it time to downgrade my CSR ?


I would say absolutely not so long as you have 30K+ points and use CSR for travel spending and restaurants. The $300 annual travel credit on CSR is awesome, and getting 1.5cpp is huge. I see this card as a supplement to CSR personally since I can use it at grocery stores and non-travel/dining expenses.


In order to take advantage of the better benefits of PP thru C1, do I need to cancel PP I have with Amex, or simply just apply for a new one with C1?


$300 annual travel credit, so double dip opportunity for year 1 then? If so, this is a no brainer.


Wondering the same. Maybe you can even downgrade after getting the anniversary 10K…


also to ponder if they pro-rate the annual fee when canceling after 13 months (and double dip on 10k/$300 travel)


Are you sure this card has return protection? Extremely underrated benefit


Dream card for those of us TLV based. Will apply, bit highly doubt I’ll get approved…


Please elaborate. Do you mean for PP membership?


Just got denied


Anyone else get this?

“Oops, our bad!
We are experiencing technical difficulties right now and may not have received your application successfully. Please wait at least 24 hours and call 1-800-903-9177 to check the status of your application. Our hours of operation are M-F 8AM-8PM EST.”

Stam a guy

Seems like $30K is a common credit line. Myself & 2 friends all got that same number.


yup , me too


Applied and approved, thanks Dan


Do I need to have all three credit reports open or can I block experian?


can you us points to pay off annual fee?
can you use annual travel fee for buses like commuting?


Approved! Same 30k.


I mainly book travel with points, how I can still utilize the the $300 credit when it must be booked Thru there portal?


Remains to be seen if it will be an amex style credit (only selected airline) or chase which worked on literally anything


Approved for both wife and myself!

Anyone else having issues linking to Award Wallet? Ever after I authenticate, I get error that “We don’t see any reward accounts under this login” on Award Wallet side.


Dan something is wrong with the site lately. When I try to post a comment thru my default galaxy browser the comment would not go true. It will just roll and roll. It only goes thru chrome Browser . Can you fix that ?


Planning on applying for this plus a chase card same day credit pull, does chase allow moving over credit from any personal cards even from UR cards/Airline cards.

Than you sir

The card seems like a no brainer for the sign up bonus. But if someone has both an Amex platinum and a CSR (and plans on keeping them) Not sure that the incremental benefits is worth keeping the card and remembering to use the $300 from the travel portal annually. The only difference I see is that you get 2 points per dollar for every day spending that can be 2 airline miles per dollar vs 1.5 per dollar on the freedom unlimited or ink. Though I still think that is a push since I would value the UR more since you have the flexibility to redeem those at 1.5c per dollar.


@ Dan – you wrote how there’s “no age limit for Capital One additional user cards”. Does this mean that with Amex there is?


If i have the venture already, will i still get sign up bonus for this?


Anyone approved that had TU frozen?



simcha wilner

got approved thanks DAN


Does spending by the additional user count towards the signup bonus?


Is the c1 travel portal easy to use?


Approved!! 20,000
Wondering if I need to wait to receive card to start signing up for all the status benefits and global entry etc…


Did you receive a virtual number upon approval?

C. Mucius



Dan i try not to pay for travel so not sure how it makes sense I will be out $395 at the end of the day. All this would make sense if you pay for travel and want to be reimbursed but if I’m missing something let me know. Some cards you can redeem points 1c per point for annual fee which might still make sense but this card doe snot have that ratio so…..
are there other ways to to creatively pay off the annual fee other than using the points?


Authorized users count towards 5 /24 right ?


i’ve earned my 100,000 bonus miles on the Venture card. Is there any value to keeping both the Venture and Venture-X cards (if approved)?

David Wolin

will all the benefits renew on the first of they year? So in the first year you get 2 of each one?


Thanks Dan!

I got approved for 30K.

How does their travel portal compare to Chase’s?


Is there any way of transferring to Hyatt?


what’s the best way to benefit from delta miles if I’m not flying now


A nice perk is that after the 1,000 mile minimum transfer, you only need to transfer points in increments of 100. Does this mean that once you have already transferred 1000 points for the 1st time, then you can always in the future transfer if you want even only a 100 points at a time? Or does it mean that you can transfer 1100 points instead of 2000?

Moshe Rabin

Dan, the AMES $ Centurion from the UK covers liability on car rentals as well as CDW, but it is very hard to get..


You can get industry-best travel protections with the Amex Platinum International Currency Card. $1 million rental coverage including 3rd party liability, which is non-existent on regular U.S. cards. 4-hour delay coverage also, among a slew of other amazing coverages like attorney/legal fee coverage, coverage for lost cash (yes, hard to believe but true) and documents, etc. Downside is no warranty/purchase protection and hard to get it you only have a U.S. residence.

Mark Silver

Approved for card today. Looked at my account and don’t see anything about Priority Pass. I know with some other card issuers you have to actually request the membership. Any idea how to requires the membership? Anyone else that was approved, do you see a link somewhere online to do so?

Mark Silver

Found out how to get the Priority Pass with this card. You go here to register:
Hope that’s helpful for everyone.

Varun agarwal

hmm!! i got declined. Any guesses why that may have happened? Have excellent credit in general.


Do you already have 2 personal (not business) cards open by capital one ?

Varun agarwal

I have none with capital one for at least last 5-6 yrs.

Varun agarwal

Ok- they informed that I have too many revolving credits. Any idea if reconsideration line may help?


How many revolving credits do you have? Trying to figure out if their algorithm is set to 20 or 25

Varun agarwal

I don’t think I have too many. May be 8-10. But I have HELOC which has a loan.

Varun agarwal

My wife got approved for 30K. She has a C1 venture card already..


thanks bh got approved


approved for card today, how do i sine up for Hertz President’s Circle elite status.


“Cardholders can also freeze the price of their flight for 14 days!”
Which airline lets holding for so long? Are they guaranteeing space on the flight?! Like no risk that the flight will be sold out by 14 days? Sounds like it’s missing a detail or something.



I currently have 2 C1 cards, Journey and Quick Silver from way back when. I decided to just try seeing my pre-qualified results on C1 main site.

It came back as too many C1 cards and too many revolving accounts in general.

Do you think I’ll get approved if I apply for the Venture X?



$300 travel credit per year plus $200 airbnb statement credit?


Is there an official date when this offer will end?


can you used codes (hertz aaa enterprise etc.) when booking car rental on Cap1 travel?
if not then 10x on car rental not really a deal


Can I transfer these points to the capital one Gm card


Would one be able to book & then cancel, in order to Receive a $300 annual travel credit for all travel booked through the Capital One Travel portal?


Just got approved instantly with 30k credit line


Is it true that Capital one limits 2 personal credit card accounts per person?


Would an AU under 18 be able to get PP? Would PP know the age of the AU and deny based on that, after they’ve already been added as an AU?

Marcus Guy

+1 Had the same question…


@ Dan, is there a way for a Canadian citizen who just bought an apartment in the US but doesn’t have a SSN, can they get this card? I know that Chase requires an SSN for personal cards.


Approved with a $30,000 line. Thanks!


What gift card can the points be redeemed for?


Awesome! Got instantly approved using P2 info. Added AU (me) at approval, didn’t need SSN.

Unlimited Priority Pass for entire family, and annual fee is mostly offset by credits/ points!

I’m sure they’ll Nerf this card soon, like the CNB Crystal card a couple years ago


Thanks Dan. Finally some love from Cap1 with an approval.


@Dan how much do you value Cap1 points?
And is there any clue or guess what could be min. income needed to be approved for this card?

Thank you!


Anyone with info on how flight fares on Capital one travel compare with sites like

Tried to check my self but access to site was denied since i don’t have any venture card.


Does this card offer road side assistance like the CSR card does?


Wow, got the cards last night through Fedex. That is quick and I am impressed. I briefly browsed the website and it is quite rudimentary. The benefits page is pretty much one-size-fit-all for all venture cards. Anyone knows:

1. How to link AU’s card to his/her own account?
2. how to request the priority pass?

Stam a guy

Sadly, just got confirmation that Israel is EXCLUDED from CDW benefit.


How is the prognosis based on: 800+ score, ~20 cards open, ~8k spending monthly, no MS, no balance, 3 inquiries in past 6 months?


Does the $200 Airbnb statement credit work for Airbnb gift cards purchased directly from Airbnb?


Anyone know if will count for the Vacation rental credit?


are there foreign transaction fees?




My 18 yr old kid, student, no income got it with a 10K limit! Why it worked: an authorized user on some of my accounts for years, got the first primary credit card few months ago. They did ask for income, bank statements; which I provided because I agree to share the income.

Bottom line: nice card to start on the credit card adventures!


Can i pay this card with a check at Cap1 branch?
And if yes can it be third party checks [payed out to Cap1]?


I am paying for my C1 card with a third party check payed out to C1 @ there bank




still cant think of an easy way to pay off annual fee with the airbandb credit and travel credit
can I do refunables?


Has anyone received the card yet? Was approved last week and haven’t received yet.


What chances of getting approved for this card if in July got the venture card (100k after $20k)?

Varun agarwal

My wife has a venture in April and she is approved.


Refunables will work with 200 and 300 credit?


got denied 🙁 any reconsideration line? do i have a chance in the bank itself?


Can somebody with accces to Cap1 travel check by the terms what is the max. refund you could get thru price match?

Page is loading but after a second requires to sign in but i don’t have a eligable card yet.


Price Match Guarantee

Flight, hotel, and rental car purchases made through Capital One Travel are eligible for price matches if you find a cheaper itinerary elsewhere and let us know within 24 hours of booking through Capital One Travel.

Qualification criteria. To qualify for Capital One Travel’s price match guarantee, the cheaper itinerary found must be:
An exact match to the original itinerary that was made within the last 24 hours (including the cancellation policy, i.e. refundable or non-refundable);
Priced in USD, including any taxes and fees;
Available to the general public. For example, this means that the rate doesn’t require the customer to log into a site or have a special membership;
Available at the time the customer contacts us. Our agent must be able to verify that the lower price exists.

Submitting a claim. You must submit a price match guarantee claim through an agent by calling Capital One Travel at 844-422-6922. Please provide the trip ID for the original booking, the amount of the lower price, and the website where you found the lower price so that our agents can verify the lower price. If the claim is verifiable, our agents will authorize the refund live on the phone.

If our agents are unable to verify the lower price, we will verify offline and will attempt to respond within 24 hours, though it may take longer in certain cases. If the claim is verifiable, you will receive an email confirmation of your refund. If the claim is not verifiable after an offline review, you will be notified of the decline by email, and you may not receive a refund.

Refund method and amount. For reservations that meet all price match guarantee criteria, we will refund you 100% of the difference in price to your original payment method (e.g., credit card and/or rewards redemption). If you used a credit card and redeemed rewards to purchase the fare, the difference will be refunded proportionally, up to the benefit maximum.

If your Capital One rewards are on a tiered structure (e.g.,15,000 miles are worth up to $149 when you redeem) and you used rewards to purchase your flight, you will receive any price guarantee refunds in the form of rewards. The rewards refunded will be equivalent to the dollar value of the refund (e.g., a 1,000 mile refund for a $10 price drop), regardless of any tiering impacts.

Refund timing and rewards adjustments. Refunds should appear on your account within 1-2 billing cycles. Please be aware that the portion of the transaction that is refunded will result in an adjustment of any rewards earned on that transaction.


Do I get car rental Coverage when I book with Reserve points?


Hey Dan! Is there a deadline of how long this offer will last?


Can I upgrade Cap1 rewards visa signature (1.25 miles/dollar) to try and get this or just open a new card? TIA

Joe S

Denied but wife got it. Both close to or under 5/24, has to be the number of open accounts. We only wanted 1 card due to spending so happy 1 of us got it.


Does the Primary rental car CDW insurance, up to $75,000 of coverage apply worldwide, including Israel?

Joe S

This may have been asked but is there a chance being added here as an authorized user by DW will count towards 5/24, even if not adding SS (but adding birthdate) – i.e. that it may show up on my credit report even if I didn’t add a social. If yes, is it ok if I add a card with my name but no other factual info?


Just putting it out there.
I believe that you can’t book JetBlue flights through the travel portal since Hopper doesn’t work with JetBlue. For using your mileage, this is not a big deal as you can credit back purchases for the same mileage amount. However, the $300 credit would not work for JetBlue flights


@Dan any tricks on how to downgrade my sapphire reserve (now that I have the new venture X card) after downgrading and upgrading recently in order to get the sapphire 100k sign up bonus? The agent on the phone said there is no way for me to downgrade my reserve now (my annual fee was just billed) 🙁


Thanks Dan Applied thru your link,

Instant Approval $30K CL BH


Same here! That’s a first for me such a high credit line!
Thanks Dan!


What’s the best card for big spenders (1M+)? been using capital one spark 2% cash back. wondering if I can do better, Are these points worth more than the 2% cash back? can I sell these points?


I plan to pay taxes to meet spend but want to avoid the processing fee. Can anyone recommend online stores other than Simons to buy gc’s or virtual cards? I cannot make it in person to purchase.


Anybody get on this card. Seems like a no brainer. Reviews?


I got an email from capital one offering me to upgrade my venture to the venture X and get a 50k bonus but I didn’t take the offer and I applied for a brand new card to get the 100k bonus and got approved then I called them to ask if the upgrade offer is still valid and they said yes! and I will get the 50k plus the $200 vacation credit


Hi Dan do you know if Capitalone would ship my cards to Israel?


Ours showed up via FedEx overnight – but we are in US not EY.


Whats the best non-business credit card?


They once shipped me my Savor1 card to Israel but was a bit of a hassle since they had to send it twice because first card never arrived probably got lost by the stupid Israel post.

What i did is applied online with my American address since you can’t fill the application with an international address. Was approved called them up right away and they did it for me


Thanks they claim they don’t send the initial cards overseas


You might choose to apply and try the HUCA strategy and ask as well for a supervisor and at the same time have an open eye if you someone coming from America.

BTW if I’m not mistaken Capital one lets you see your card numbers online in your account.

I know most stores here in Israel don’t accept card numbers but if you learn in the Mir you’ll still be able to shop at Zol Dafna 🙂


Hi, can points from Capital One be transferred to Virgin Atlantic?



Can we get a comparison:
Amex Plat VS CSR VS Venture One X


Can I book tix, get the 5 points per tik and then pay myself back with the points…..?


Does capital one make you send back items under the return protection or is it similar to AMEX?


Instant approval DP:

30K CL, 23.99% APR
810 FICO, 200K existing tradelines, 2% util, 2/12, 3/24
260K Income

Narayana S

Didnt get approved – I am 4/24 currently so not sure why I got declined.


Got rejected due to having to many lines of credit open but I only have 8 cards. Is there a recon number to call or is it worth reapplying for it? TIA!


Just got denied, despite an excellent credit score.
This is the only reason I got: “Based on your credit report from one or more of the agencies on the back of this letter, there are too many revolving accounts”

Does anyone know what that really means? I have a bunch of credit cards over the years (but less than 5/24 at this point), and definitely less than all of the bloggers across the many points blogs who seem to be getting instant approvals.

Any insight will be help me decide whether my wife should apply. 🙂

Steven Kastner

Got denied as well. I wonder how long has to wait before your application is trashed and you can try again with Cap 1?


Do you get a card number to use instantly after approval?




does capital one still do a hard pull on all 3 ?


Sounds like a great card…
Can I remove one of the four holder, so I can add another one? For instance, I would add myself, my wife, and my two children that are currently learning in Israel as holders of this card for the time being. This would allow those in my family that travel the most to take advantage of this card’s benefits. Say in two or three years from now, when I have a different child learning abroad, could I remove one of the current users and add my next child as a user? Would he/she still receive these benefits?


Instant Approval for $30K. Thanks Dan!


Trying to decide between this and the Amex Platinum business which offered me 150k rewards points if I add it to my wallet. Any thoughts about which is best?


If I close the card before it renews in a year, can I still keep my points with Capital One until I’m ready to transfer to an airline, or do I need to take the points out right away when closing the card like Citi requires?


Dose C1 have a ez and smooth return Protection or making problems? Anyone tried with them?


Hi Dan , if I want to apply for 1 credit card
Either this one or the Citi Bank thank you points.
What’s a better value in terms of promotion


Does one normally get rejected for applying as a US resident with an SSN but a Canadian citizen? How long do they hold onto applications until so that one can reapply at a later date?


Have a rather silly question. I had a C1 account years ago but got turned off based on how absolutely horrible their customer service was. Do you know if this premium card comes with premium customer service? Like the Sapphire cards from Chase, you get connected to a US based agent right away.


Just got vacation rental credit for a hotel in israel (kibbutz lavi hotel). Didnt know it worked on hotels…


how long did it take for it to be credit back to your account


About 5 days

Mordechai Hoffmann

Did anyone else have an issue with shipt not recognizing the card as a visa infinite card?


I don’t see offer for $200 for vaca rentals. Called them. They don’t show that.


Do they give instant number? i have 4K purchase in 3 days and wondering if they can give number instantly or ship card via overnight service?


Is the $300 travel credit per calendar year or anniversary year?


Any tricks on spending 10K?


Yes, first add my daughters as AU’s.

You will meet that minimum spend without any effort .


LOL, Ill be sure to send you my Zelle info so you can reimburse me 😉
Any ways of spending 10K which will NOT leave me in debt??


99 year loan? Lolz

It’s only $1,666/ per month

Best practice is to have a plan ahead of applying for a card to meet spend and avoid unnecessary debt.

If not, theb like Dan suggests you can over pay income tax and request refund, over pay some utilities, cell phone, etc.

See at the top of post for spending suggestions.

Some banks/CU allow you to open and fund with a CC., Ymmv based on where you

We just paid our property taxes and meet spend on four cards.


I paid hotel parking with my vanture x card, I just saw a “vacation rentals credit” on my account


Better value than the Chase Sapphire Preferred?


Does this come with rental car insurance?


Thanks Dan. Just got approved, for 30k. Can we add Authorized Users any time?


About five years ago Capital One started to give the option to add, and pay with, debit cards to some credit card holders. There are recent reports that this option still shows up in the app and/or website for some card holders. Does anybody here see this option in the app or the website?

Hopefully Venture X gives this option to more people.


Any DP on this? PP for an AU and wasn’t billed for the visit?

“Best of all, Venture X additional cardholders are free and they also get unlimited free entry and can bring 2 guests for free!”

I’ve requested an AU card through the Cap1 PP link above- waiting on physical cards to be delivered.

Just wanted to make sure we don’t get surprised with an $28~$84 charge for a visit on an AU card. Just asking as its a new product.



hey @Dan,

if i currently have a CapitolOne venture and am an authorized user on the venture x.
do i qualify for the signup bonus?



Is this a better value than the Chase Sapphire Preferred?


Thanks Dan just was approved thru your link. Appreciate all you do.


Anyone try to buy a air bnb gift card for the vacation rental reimbursement?


Did not get approved. I have a perfect credit score but I did get the sparks business card 3 months ago. Any ideas for me here?


So this currently only gets you access to one lounge in Dallas?


No. In addition to the Capital One Lounge, you can also get access to any of the Priority Pass lounges.


Got rejected the day it came out. Went under 5/24 on Nov 27, reapplied that day and was approved!


Hi. Did you do something different to get approved, the second time?


not sure if this was mentioned yet but you can lock your Experian file with the free trial on and still get approved for the venture/venture x or any cap1 card as long as transunion and equifax are open and you”ll only get a hard pull on those 2, saving you 1 Experian hard pull… did it 6mo ago w/ venture and now with venturex


Any military peeps get approved and if so, is Capital One waiving the annual fee and other fees?


would you know how long this offer will be available for?

Buenos naches

sorry for the rookie question- anyone been approved by Cap1 only unfreezing 2 of 3 credit bureaus?