Citi Custom Cash Intro Bonus: Earn 20,000 ThankYou Points And 5 Points Per Dollar In Your Top Spending Category!

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Signup bonus:

You can earn 20,000 Citi ThankYou points for opening the brand new Citi Custom Cash® Card and spending $1,500 in 6 months. The card is marketed as $200 cash back, but you’ll actually get 20,000 points. Those points are worth a minimum of $200 cash back as they can be cashed out at one cent each, but they can be worth much more as shown below.

Annual fee: 

None. Additional user cards are also free.

Signup bonus terms: 

  • Everyone is currently eligible for this bonus. You can receive a bonus on a Custom Cash card once every 48 months.
  • Only one Custom Cash card will be issued per person.

Card earnings: 

  • 5 points per dollar on up to $500 in purchases in your top eligible spending category each billing cycle.
    • This is marketed as 5% cash back, but will actually come in the form of 5 ThankYou points per dollar spent!
    • Eligible categories include Restaurants, Gas Stations, Grocery Stores, Select Travel, Select Transit, Select Streaming Services, Drugstores, Home Improvement Stores, Fitness Clubs, and Live Entertainment.
  • 1 point per dollar on all other spending.

You don’t need to enroll in any categories, you’ll automatically earn 5 points per dollar in your top spending category on up to $500 of monthly purchases. That’s a potential 2,500 points per month or 30,000 points annually per cardholder.

That means if a family spends $500/month on groceries and $500/month on gas, 2 spouses can each have a Custom Cash card and use one for gas and one for groceries to rack up 60,000 points annually. You can also each have additional user cards for free, just be sure to mark which card is for gas and which card is for groceries!

You can check how a merchant’s category is coded on this site. 

Virtual card numbers:

While Citi co-branded cards like their AA cards no longer offer virtual card numbers, their ThankYou cards still do.

With a virtual card number you can set a dollar limit and/or expiration date to generate a one-time use credit card number so that you don’t keep getting charged for subscriptions or have your real card number stolen, among myriad other potential uses.

Citi Quadfecta:

Citi now has 3 excellent no annual fee cards that pair perfectly with a Citi Premier® Card Card.

The Citi Premier® Card Card allows you to transfer all of your ThankYou points into miles with many valuable programs.

The no annual fee Citi Double Cash Card you earn 2% cash back everywhere, which can be converted into 2 ThankYou points.

The no annual fee Citi Rewards+® Card automatically rounds up rewards earned on every purchase to the nearest 10 points, meaning you will earn 10 points on a $0.50 Amazon balance reload, which is equal to earning 20 points per dollar spent! 

Having a Citi Rewards+® Card also gets you a 10% points rebate when you redeem points, up to a 10K points rebate per year. While the Rewards+ card doesn’t transfer points into most airline miles, if you have a Citi Premier® Card and a Rewards+ card you’ll even get a 10% rebate on mileage transfers!

And the Citi Custom Cash® Card allows you to earn 5 points per dollar on your top monthly spending category.

Citi allows applications for 1 card every 8 days and 2 cards every 2 months.

You can freely convert between all 4 of these card products, as well as to most other Citi cards!

Mileage transfers:

While this card won’t transfer miles directly to most airlines, if you have a Citi Premier® Card , you can transfer all ThankYou points from all Citi credit card into miles.

You can also share up to 100,000 points annually with another ThankYou member.

Citi mileage transfer partners now include:

    • Aeromexico (Skyteam): 1K:1K
    • Air France/KLM Flying Blue (Skyteam): 1K:1K
    • Avianca Lifemiles (Star Alliance): 1K:1K
    • Cathay Pacific Asia Miles (OneWorld): 1K:1K
    • Emirates: 1K:1K
    • Etihad: 1K:1K
    • EVA (Star Alliance): 1K:1K
    • Garuda Indonesia (Skyteam): 1K:1K
    • Intermiles: 1K:1K
    • JetBlue: 1K:1K
    • Malaysia (OneWorld): 1K:1K
    • Qantas (OneWorld): 1K:1K
    • Qatar (OneWorld): 1K:1K
    • Singapore (Star Alliance): 1K:1K
    • Thai (Star Alliance): 1K:1K
    • Turkish (Star Alliance): 1K:1K
    • Virgin Atlantic: 1K:1K

Don’t want to transfer miles? You can also redeem for any paid travel at a value of 1 cent per point.

You can also transfer points between any Citi cardholders to transfer points into miles.

Sample mileage uses:

Turkish Airlines:

As I’ve written about before, Turkish Airlines has a ridiculously generous Star Alliance award chart.

And they don’t charge any fuel surcharges for United flights.

Here is the North America version of the chart with one-way award pricing:

Between the US and:EconomyBusinessFirst
US, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and USVIWas 7.5K
Now 10K
Was 12.5K
Now 15K
North AmericaWas 10K
Now 30K
Was 15K
Now 40K
Western Europe (2)Was 30K
Now 55K
Was 45K
Now 90K
Was 67.5K
Now 135K
Eastern Europe (1)Was 30K
Now 50K
Was 45K
Now 85K
Was 67.5K
Now 130K
TurkeyWas 30K
Now 40K
Was 45K
Now 65K
Was 67.5K
Now 100K
Middle EastWas 32K
Now 58K
Was 47K
Now 93K
Was 68.5K
Now 140K
North Africa Was 30K
Now 60K
Was 49K
Now 105K
Was 73K
Now 160K
Central Africa Was 30K
Now 65K
Was 49K
Now 125K
Was 73K
Now 190K
Southern AfricaWas 45K
Now 75K
Was 67.5K
Now 140K
Was 100K
Now 210K
Central Asia Was 34K
Now 60K
Was 52.5K
Now 100K
Was 77K
Now 150K
Far EastWas 45K
Now 75K
Was 67.5K
Now 130K
Was 100K
Now 195K
South America and OceaniaWas 52.5K
Now 90K
Was 75K
Now 140K
Was 115K
Now 210K

As part of the Star Alliance, Turkish can book award travel on airlines like United and Air Canada.

You can open a Turkish Airlines mileage account online (Hint: Your password must be exactly 6 numbers or else it will give an error).

And you can book Star Alliance awards with Turkish miles here (Login and then click this link again). You can’t search for partner awards from their home page. Search for one-way at a time for best results.

For example you can transfer miles to Turkish Airlines to fly from the US to Tel Aviv on United for just 32K points, or 28.8K points in coach after the 10% rebate with a Rewards+ card:

Or 47K points in Polaris business class (42.3K after the 10% rebate with a Rewards+ card):

There are lots of other bargains, all of which will be 10% less with a Rewards+ card:

  • Fly one-way anywhere in the US, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and USVI, for just 7.5K miles in coach or 12.5K in business class on United with no fuel surcharges.
  • Fly one-way anywhere to Canada or Mexico for just 10K miles in coach or 15K in business class on United with no fuel surcharges.
  • Fly one-way to Europe for 45K in business class on United with no fuel surcharges.


Avianca Lifemiles: Awards on United start at just 6.5K miles and as low as 5.2K miles with frequent 25% transfer bonuses.

Flying Blue: Fly between the US and Israel for 25K miles or pay under 20K miles with promo awards from rotating cities. Fly nonstop on Delta to Israel for 29K miles.

Emirates: Fly in shower class with newly lowered fuel surcharges.


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With Qantas miles you can redeem for El Al award tickets without any fuel surcharges! You read more about this option here. Plus there have been transfer bonuses in the past.

  • A one-way coach ticket from NYC to Tel Aviv is 37.8K Qantas miles and there are no fuel surcharges.
  • A one-way premium economy ticket from NYC to Tel Aviv is 70.8K Qantas miles and there are no fuel surcharges.
  • A one-way business class ticket from NYC to Tel Aviv is 90K Qantas miles and there are no fuel surcharges.

JetBlue: All awards now have free cancellations!

Cathay Pacific: Avoid and lower fuel surcharges on partner airlines like AA and BA.

Singapore: Book highly rated premium cabin or suites on Singapore flights that are blocked with partner miles.

Virgin Atlantic: Bargains on ANA First Class suites and on Delta flights. You can now even book one-way awards.

Will you signup for a Citi Custom Cash® Card?

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walmart/amazon/target not in any category?


Can you product change into this card and still be eligible for bonus?


how are costco and bj’s gas stations coded? will we get the 5 points?


This or the freedom(s)?

Honestly it’s probably worth it just for the virtual card numbers.

Joe G

Do GC purchases in drugstores work?
If so, will they flag if you just do 500 a month in drugstores for GC’s?


So the category which you receive 5% back for could change from month to month based on what you spent more by?


denied 🙁


So, I have an AT&T Access card that I barely use. I was just late on the ability to PC to the Access More (which is why I initially got the card). I have not followed the PC change rule but since both the Access card and this new card earn TYP, what is the general thought about if my points would expire 60 days after PC?


FYI the balance transfer fee is 5%


Can you transfer points to a spouse’s premier card?

And for the additional card do you also get the 5% besides for the 5% on your card?


You can, but they acquire an expiration date, 90 days IIRC.


Great new offering!


could a merchant provide different level of data to different issuer? for ex, L2 to Visa but L3 to AMEX? if so how do you check for AMEX merchants?


I just spoke to a rep and he told me that the 10% back is only when you redeem the points, not when you transfer. @dan is there a specific way on how you have to transfer the points in order to get the 10% back?


You should have mentioned the booking fee for Lifemiles.


Can I transfer to household member?