Get A 100% Bonus When You Buy Hilton Points; Stay In An Overwater Villa With Private Pool From $380/Night!

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Get A 100% Bonus When You Buy Hilton Points

From now through 10/22, you can get a 100% bonus when you buy Hilton points.

For example, 160K points are normally $1,600 and with this sale you’ll get 320K points for $1,600. That’s just 0.5 cents per point.

Need more than 320K points? Friends and Family can transfer Hilton points to each other for free, so you can buy points from multiple accounts and then transfer them!

That will only make sense to buy if you have a specific redemption in mind or if you need more points to have enough to redeem for a 5 night stay, but I wouldn’t buy points speculatively due to the risk of devaluation, room availability, and hotels being able to leave the Hilton brand.

If you have a Hilton credit card or elite status you get the 5th night free on all award redemptions.

When will it make sense to buy points? An overwater villa with a private pool in the Conrad Maldives can cost $1,500-$3,500 after tax, but its bookable for just 95K points. That’s like paying $475/night with points from this deal. If you have a Hilton credit card or elite status and stay for 5 nights you’ll need just 76K points/night or just $380/night if you buy points for 0.5 cents each.

5 nights in the Maldives is pretty much the definition of Heaven on Earth. Read more about the Conrad Maldives here.



Most Hilton hotels are capped at a cost of 95K points per night for a standard room, but the new Waldorf Astoria Maldives opens in July and will cost 120K points/night. It is the only Hilton hotel that costs 120K points/night. If you have a Hilton credit card or elite status and stay for 5 nights you’ll need 96K points/night or just $480/night if you buy points for 0.5 cents each.

That’s an incredible value compared to the paid rates:


A 5 night stay can cost $20,333 or 480K points. That’s a value of 4.24 cents per Hilton point!



The Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem has gotten stingier with the King Superior room space required for a standard points booking. When there is space the rate is 95K points per night. That’s $475 per night with this deal. Given that the hotel’s rates aren’t always that high, you’ll need to see what rates and availability look like for your dates. If you have a Hilton credit card or elite status and stay for 5 nights you’ll need 76K points/night or $380/night with this deal.


The Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem is one of the finest hotels in Israel.


There is a mind-boggling quantity of awesome kosher food at the hotel’s daily breakfast, from dozens of daily hot dishes to hard cheeses, fresh fruits and pastries to fresh squeezed juices, as well as on-demand dishes like french toast, pancakes, waffles, and eggs. Unlimited wine, hot or cold chocolate drinks, and espresso drinks are included as well!

Breakfast is free on points stays if you have Gold or Diamond status, which you can get just by having a Hilton credit card.

The Hilton Honors American Express Business Card offers free Hilton Gold status, 125K welcome points, a free annual night for spending $15K/year and another annual night for spending another $45K/year. You’ll also get Diamond status for spending $40K/year.

With a breakfast like this, you may not even be hungry for dinner…

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A perfect way to start the day in Jerusalem

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It’s free? Ok, just a bit more for breakfast in that case 🤣

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Will you buy Hilton points with this deal? What hotel redemption are you gunning for? Sound off in the comments!

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The WA Maldives let you ‘downgrade’ for your beach villa to an overwater villa for a 2020 stay. They priced the beach villa on the highest category which gives award reservation a choice between the beach, reef or overwater.


Do uo know if this is possible for the conrad in BOB?


It’s a policy for a certain period of time from a particular hotel. Nothing to do with HH points.


Seems that even if you get a good rate on the room, costs at the WA (boat transfer, food, etc) are pretty ridiculous.


Yes, very high price for a short boat transfer. If you booking was made in February 2019 you can claim the ‘mistake’ price which was half of it.


Dan, would this be a time that its worth buying points with a non-Hilton card to meet a spend threshold?


How can you do 5 nights at the Conrad’s Maldives and make it back for Shabbas?


You said the WA Jerusalem is the only Hilton over 95k…..When look at the conrad BoB the rooms go up to the millions points per night ….what am I missing?


Standard room award only. Premium is higher. It means that on your dates the standard room award is fully booked.


Your comment is not so clear…..If a room says premium award rate that means that they always charge higher than the standard for that room? Or that means that they have a certain amount of premium rooms they will let you book for standard rates and once that fills up they start charging premium rates?


It’s a different category which the hotel makes it very limited.
Check this website to set up an alert for a particular date if availability will open up.


What is? I dont get what you ate trying to say. My question basically is if I search a room and it prices a premium award rate is it ever possible to find that same room for standard rate or there’s no such thing


That website works for award availability?


If you had to go to Israel and the only rate available in WAJ are the premium 190k night would you book at that rate or stay somewhere else in Yerushalaim and save points for other redemptions? (I’m not talking about buying points, rather points earned on my acc)


Overwater villa at Conrad Maldives only good for 3 people, family of 4 must go to the beach villa. Does buying the points using an Amex hilton considered as spent at hilton hotel?


I booked 2 free nights at the Waldorf using my nights I got from Amex Hilton card. Now I want to book a third night with UR points from my Sapphire, how can I get the 2 reservations combined into one?

Dan\'s the Man

I don’t currently have a Hilton credit card. Would paying $30 to buy 6,000 points be a good option? I was going to just transfer 1,000 Amex points to extend my miles. Also if I do spend $30 would that be categorized as travel (to use up some of my $300 Chase Saphiree Preferred travel credit)?


Sitting at the airport lounge and coming back from Male from the W.
They import kosher meat from Australia and Singapore. They have separate pans and pots for cooking kosher meals, we washed vegetables for them in the kitchen and they knew all the laws of kosher. If needed they charge $300 if you want them to buy and use a new set of pots and pans for cooking. Hot food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the food is about the same price or cheaper than their non kosher options.
For Shabbat you can prepay for your kosher meals and they even had non mevushal kosher wines imported from Spain.


You were in the w maldives or somewhere else?


W Maldives


Care to share which room and how many points you used ?


they have a mashgiah? how do they cook kosher on demand without supervision? they ask the customer to get involved? how the separate pots and pans are kept kosher? thanks for the details


No mashgiah on site. All meats were sealed and stamped. You put on the pilot light for them to cook and you may supervise and be involved if you wish. They just have a separate set of pots that they keep for kosher. You can get your own new set as well for $300 extra. They are even willing to set up their extra kitchen for $250 per meal to exclusively cook only kosher meals in that kitchen. Otherwise they take the kosher pots and use it in a separate section of their regular kitchen.