Hilton Devaluation And The Waldorf Astoria Maldives Now Bookable With Points

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2 years ago Hilton followed Delta in deleting their award chart. At the time they said it was not a devaluation as they would cap their most expensive redemptions at 95K points. Their last major devaluation came in 2013, back when you could book top-tier properties for as low as 37.5K points per night.

The Waldorf Astoria Maldives opens in July and their award inventory has just been loaded. Sadly though, the 95K cap appears to have been eliminated:

Award rooms cost 120K points per night or 96K points per night on a 5 night stay for elites and cardholders. That’s a great value given the paid rates here.

You can earn bonus points with the The Hilton Honors American Express Business Card.

A 5 night stay can cost $20,333 or 480K points. That’s a value of 4.24 cents per Hilton point, which is crazy given that you can currently buy points on sale for just 0.5 cents each.

So on the one hand it’s disappointing that Hilton has devalued their program yet again, but on the other hand, clearly this is an incredible value.

I’m just nervous about other hotels creeping up to the 120K level as well.

It’s worth noting that you can only get this value on the beach villa. You’ll have to negotiate an upgrade fee if you want one of the overwater villas that the Maldives are famous for.

Or you can always just book an award stay at the Conrad. It may not be as luxurious as the Waldorf, but it’s just 95K points (76K on a 5 night stay for elites/cardholders) and you can book an overwater villa with points:

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Izzy ben

I booked an off brand hotel in the maldives, got a huge suite with a very big PRIVATE pool for $600/night … Moral of the story: there are other hotels out there not only the big chains. Just because Waldorf charges $5k night does NOT make the redemption a good value.


Wordolf Jerusalem last year you found 74k now 95k min


Uh oh

Yossi Fisch

I’ve seen hotels for 200/300k points a night on Hilton for the longest time, am I missing something? For example the Hilton Tal Aviv for tonight is 276k points.

Chaim Aharon Hertzl

Am I crazy or is the rest of the world meshuga? I have a very good income and investments but in my wildest mood, I would never spend $20,000 on a 5 day hotel stay. And how much would a person have to actually spend/charge on a credit card to accumulate enough points to pay for it? This just doesn’t make sense to me!

Devorah Leah Lederman

I know exactly what you mean. Even using points. I’d love to go away for Pesach, but even with paying for just 2 people never works for us because of our other financial responsibilities.


I thought rooms at Waldorf Jerusalem were available for 75K?

Yossi the Fresser

I’m going on my second Shabbat with a free weekend night award at the WA Jerusalem. Best deal out there


I recently received a free Hilton weekend night from my Hilton Amex credit card. The Jerusalem Waldorf was not listed as an exclusion.
Is that correct?


do you think they would consider giving overwater to diamond members who book into beach ? or suite to suite is different then standard room to upgraded standard room


When does sale end and as a new member is there any way I can accelerate my ability to buy points without having to wait the thirty days mentioned after signing up?


I can’t see any award availability at the resort at all. I see for the cpp valuation you were searching Jan 2-7, were you searching those dates for award availability too?


Dan – what’s the best way for me to get value for my Hilton points. I have 180k points. How much can I sell them for? Or would I get better redemption on free award nights? plan is to go to Waldorf Jerusalem

Beni J

The Waldorf is a good redemption but I dont think Hilton points are valued so highly because of the lack of good redemptions there are. Very often you can buy these straight from Hilton for .5 cent per point. I’d prob value Hilton at .6 because of the redemption I do, but to sell it, you wouldn’t more than .3


is it possible to get the amex ascend free hilton night for spending 15k on the credit card in a calender year 2x as the card memebr year covers 2 calender years? i wanted to know this as i want to spend 15k on my card after already receiving a free night for an annual fee posting in june

Leon Fr

Any option for kosher food there . they are hiving it now for 120,000 a nigt