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Free $10 GC’s At JCPenney This Sunday Morning (04/15)!

The first 1000 shoppers at every JCPenney that are 16 or older will get a free $10 GC!
Most JCPenney’s will open at 11AM.


Free Aquafresh White And Shine!

Scroll towards the bottom of the walmart page for the link…
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Have An Ipod? Get Headphones That Will Let You Enjoy The Music For Just $25.46 Shipped From Amazon!

The Sony fontopia noise-isolating earbuds fit perfectly in your ear(it comes with multiple earbud sizes) and will really make the music sound better!
This is one of the best “bang for the buck” ipod accessories that you can buy…
I recommend these over the more expensive EX71′s(awkward cord size) and the EX81′s(less comfortable design).
The retail is $40, get them from amazon for just over $25 shipped…
They come in black/silver and in the original ipod “mug-me-white” colors (They also come in blue and pink if you so desire to pay the extra $5 for that).

EX51 Black/Silver ($25.46 Shipped)
EX51 White ($25.96 Shipped)


Hate Rebates? 1 GB Micro-SD Card With Full Size SD Adapter For Just $11.99 From Amazon!

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HOT! Renew Your GoDaddy .Com Or .Net Domain Names For Just $5.99 A Year

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Unhappy with your current registrar?
Godaddy is currently having a promotion(no coupon necessary) to allow you to transfer your domain to them for just $6.95 and get a free 1-year extension.
After you do that you’ll be able to extend for more than a year with the above coupon at the $5.95 rate.


Bad Month For Continental’s Newark-Tel Aviv Flight…

“Israeli Airforce Nearly Shoots Down A Continental 777″
Previous Incident Linky


On The Road…

Update-04/13: I have now answered many of the questions left in the comments section…

Checking in from the absolutely amazing (All of your clothes come out pressed while you shower!!!) 3-story Continental Presidents Club here in Houston, TX. (You have no idea the routings I’m willing to take in order to get a free upgrade to first class…)

It’s my first time back in Texas since my 2 day, 14 flight Texas sized marathon some 13 months ago.

Anyway there are some really great fares between Continental (Cleveland/Houston/Newark) and United’s(Chicago/Washington DC) hub airports and Brazil, which is normally a very expensive place to fly to. For anyone looking for an amazing vacation there I’d be more than happy to share what I learned during the year that I spent there…

Be sure to come back for regular posting as soon as I get over the jetlag!


HOT! HURRY! Houston To São Paulo Or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil For Just $430+ RT!

This is the lowest fare I’ve seen from the US to Brazil in a very long time…
Total is about $585 after all international taxes.

Houston-São Paulo-$430+ RT On United

Houston-Rio de Janeiro-$430+ RT On United


Free Kodak Gallery Welcome Kit!

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-mini photo alblum
-sample greeting card
-20% savings coupon


Ends Today! $10 Off $20 At Office Depot!

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Ends Today! 30% At Borders!

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Borders Rewards Membership(Free!) Is Required…


Fare Alert: NYC To/From Burbank For Just $108+ RT!!!!

Update 6: DEAD
Update 5: Don’t forget to save 3%-5% on all Delta tickets with Amex business cards…

Update 4: I have found the $108 fare on aa.com, united.com, and delta.com.
However expect the AA and United fares to be gone very soon!

Update 3: USAirways has pulled this fare, however AA, Delta, and United have all just filed the $108+ RT fares as well!!!
Those fares should be bookable by 2-3pm edt.

Update 2: HURRY! Fare is now bookable on Orbitz.com.
A sample working date is JFK-BUR from 05/08-05/15.

Update: I cant seem to find any dates on usairways.com where the fare isn’t sold out…

This fare should be bookable sometime after midnight tonight…
NYC-Burbank-$108+ RT On USAirways


On The Road…

Stickied: Originally posted 04/01

I’m off to sunny SoCal for Pesach today.

I will however update as often as time permits throughout the next week and a half…


Become A Heinz Product Tester!

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4 Six Flags Tickets For Just $99 With A Chase Credit Card!

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Enterprise To Buy Alamo And National!

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Easy Prediction: Higher rental car prices…


LOWEST EVER! 8 GB USB Flash Drive For Just $34.98 Shipped After Rebate!

Hold thousands and thousands of photos or songs in the palm of your hand for under $35!
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$15 Off $75 At Express!

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HT: Asher O.


AAdvantage Credit Card Reduced Mileage Awards For April-June 2007 Released!

Reduced mileage awards is one of the benefits of the AA Mastercard-read about more fringe benefits of the card in the ctownbochur.com knowledgebase in the right sidebar!

Q2 Reduced Mileage Awards Linky
Fly to select cities worldwide for 7,500 less miles than American Airlines regularly charges!

Destination Highlights-Valid From Any US48 City:
-Montreal for 17,500 miles.
-Numerous Carribean and Mexican options for 22,500 miles.
-Paris for 32,500 miles.
-Shanghai for 42,500 miles.

Point-to-Point Highlights
-Los Angeles To Honolulu for 27,500 miles.


Pittsburgh To San Juan For Just $127+ RT!!!

Save an additional 5% by using your Chase Continental MC and using the code: Onepass

Pittsburgh-San Juan-$127+ RT On Continental


500,000 Hit Promo Update!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the promo.
I have now sent out thousands of dollars worth of Amazon Gift Certificates to many dozens of dedicated ctownfans!

There were 2 grand-prize winners who applied for, and were approved for all 7 credit cards!
They are Asher Ohana and Noach Hurwitz, both from Crown Heights, NY.
Great Job, Guys!
They will each receive a a free round-trip domestic business class ticket and a 160 GB hard drive!

I have been unable to reach a few of the participants via email-please contact me asap!

The raffle for the prize winners will be held shortly after Pesach..


Today’s Woot: A $1,000,000 Bag Of Crap!

Update 3: Sold Out!

Update 2: Joy! I finally got my first bag of crap-at a nice discount as well!!!

Hurry before it sells out!


Any Chicagoland Readers Need A Last-Minute Plane Ticket? Get Up To A $600 Rebate When You Fly From Chicago/Rockford(RFD)!!!

Fly on any airline from RFD to any continental US destination besides Denver and get a rebate making your ticket just $200.
Depart RFD on a Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday and get an additional $50 Travel cert.
Travel must be booked by 04/05 and you must depart no later than 04/08.
No rebate on refundable tickets.

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Southwest College Rapid Rewards-Fly 3 Fly Free!

Enroll in Southwest College Rapid Rewards and you’ll get 4 credits off the bat.
Plus you’ll get double credits for flights booked at southwest.com!
Normally a free flight is 16 credits (8 RT’s)
With this program you’ll get 16 credits with just 3 RT’s!!!

Southwest College Rapid Rewards Enrollment Linky


Pennsylvania Airfare Deals!

Pittsburgh-Tucson-$108+ RT On Northwest
Philadelphia-Seattle-$120+ RT On Northwest


Pass On The Citi Premier Pass Elite Level Credit Card…

An anonymous commenter said,

“Dan the Man!!!

I have the best credit card offer ever!

This is a citi card thank you point, which has very minor disadvantages like you have written about a few times, but check this out (if you are not biased to starwood you will agree-anyways you can have both cards for each’s advantages)
Card: Citi card premier card
Annual fee: $75 (you can get it free but with less benefits)
1 point per $1 spent
1 point per mile flown that you or anyone flies on any airline (fly LAX to NY get 6000 points!!!)
2 points per dollar in supermakets gas, and traveling
Unlimited Companion tickets, free in U.S. whenever any round trip ticket you buy is more than $299.99!!!!!!

The max of points you can get a year is 200,000, with 100,000 being travel points.

So if you have even a 1 person family and fly in the US 5 times a year, you will make easily $500 and up a year!!!

The card is mastercard, but they have it together with American Express also!”

Sorry Anon, I have to disagree with you and it has nothing to do with being biased.

The citi card you refer to, the premier pass elite card,(with TY points rewards) is not the best, or even a good credit card.

1. The $75 annual fee is pretty hefty. (Starwood is $30, and free for the 1st year.)

2. You only get points for miles flown AFTER you spend the same amount in cash. so LAX-JFK will net you 5,000(not sure where you got 6,000) TY points for only if you have already spent $5,000 on the card!

3. The TY points themselves dont come close to the value of a mile, let alone a starpoint.
As I’ve covered previously a mile or starpoint can be worth .15 each, citi makes sure that TY points wont come close to that.

4. The companion ticket program isnt for regular priced tickets-they’re only for jacked up ticket prices (similar to the scam AA companion certs that citi gives with the AA card-looks great on paper but not when you go to use it)

5. The card offers none of the fringe benefits of great credit cards like return privileges and elite status, etc, as the starwood card does.

6. Besides for the rate of TY points needed for tickets not being competitively priced with a good mileage program, you must use the points a few weeks in advance and stay over a saturday night to use them, so they also offer none of the flexibility of miles.

In Conclusion:
As I’ve said numerous times, there is no credit card points program that exists that can compete with the potential value of airline miles.
The all claim to compete, but they have too much fine print to do so.

The ONLY exception is the Starwood Starpoints program, because besides for having great usage possibilities for hotel stays, you can transfer Starpoints into over 30 kinds of airline miles at an even ratio-and get a 25% bonus when you transfer 20,000 starpoints at a time.
It also doesnt hurt that both flavors of the Starwood card are fully churnable…


New York To/From Dallas For Just $78+ RT!!!


This is likely a delayed response to AA’s $98 incursion from NYC into Continental’s Houston hub…

NYC-DFW-$78+ RT On Continental


Cool! Subscribers To Wired Magazine Can Get Their Picture On The July Issue’s Front Cover!

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Palm Treo Owners-Record Your Phone Conversations For Free!

First you must register and login at mytreo.net (Or just use bugmenot)
Then you can download Call Rec by clicking here.
The program records calls onto your sd card-and it works quite well…


HOT! Buy 2 Already Marked-Down Board Games From Amazon And Get 1 Free, Plus Get An $18 Poster Print From Shutterfly For Free!!!!!

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Super Low Fares To San Juan On Continental!!!

Save an additional 5% by using your Chase Continental MC and using the code: Onepass

Detroit-San Juan-$116+ RT On Continental (03/29-1:00pm-Now Dead!)

Washington D.C.-San Juan-$127+ RT On Continental


HOT! Motorola Bluetooth Headset Carrying Case For Free After $6.99 Online Rebate From Amazon!

Free shipping if you’re prime, otherwise consider adding the ipod case below to get free shipping…
The rebate can be submitted online after you get the item!
Motorola Bluetooth Headset Carrying Case Linky
$6.99 Rebate Linky(Exp: 04/02)


BOILING HOT!!! Free Chicago Blackhawks Tickets For Tonight’s Game(03/28)!

03/28 Tickets Linky
Just select up to 2 tickets under the “Promotions and Special Offers” and use the following promo code and they’ll be free: Friday


HOT! Still Alive! Speck ToughSkin+Belt Clip For 2nd Generation iPod Nanos For Free After $19.99 Online Rebate From Amazon!

Free shipping if you’re prime, otherwise you’ll need to add $5.01 to get free shipping…
The rebate can be submitted online after you get the item!
2G Nano Case Linky
$19.99 Rebate Linky(Exp: 03/31)


2 Indoor "Comfort Meters" For Just $14.99 Shipped!

Measures the temperature, humidity, etc.
This is today’s woot, so hurry up and buy it before it sells out!
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10 Free SkypeOut Minutes…

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SMOKING HOT!!! ALIVE AGAIN!!! Get A $100 Rebate On Gas Purchases For Signing Up For A Free Trial Of Citi Credit Protector!!!

Note: Even if you have gotten the $100 rebate in the past, it can be done again!
Offer Linky
Citi Credit Protector is a service that is free for 1 month and costs .85 per $100 on a credit card.
The $100 gas rebate is valid even if you cancel during the free trial!

It offers 3 benefits:
“-Cancel your Account Balance—up to $10,000 if you should die or suffer a long term disability
-Defer payment and interest for up to 2 years—if you should lose your job, become disabled or hospitalized after you enroll
-Cancel 2 minimum monthly payments (excluding past due and over limit/over line amounts) for certain events such as a move, marriage, or having a baby.”

As long as you remember to cancel within 30 days though you will get $100 worth of gas for free!
The cancellation number is 1-888-592-7344


No Rebates! Altec Lansing inMotion Portable Speakers For Ipod Mini/Nano For Just $27.95 Shipped! ($17.95 With Google Checkout)

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No Rebates! Griffin iTrip Nano FM Transmitter/Charger For Just $13.99 Shipped! ($3.99 With Google Checkout)

Update-3/27: DEAD!
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