Last Chance! Free Artscroll Gemara Offer!

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3 days left to Get your free Artscroll (English or Hebrew) (free shipping too!) for simply trying out R’ Eli Stefansky’s Acclaimed Daf Yomi Shiur HERE or or call (917) 259-1271


[Important: Do you know someone who could benefit from a free gemara? Click here to send them a message via WhatsApp.]

Here’s how to get your free Gemara and then join the shiur:

–Go to and order your FREE Gemara.

  • 1) Subscribe to R’ Eli’s shiur via YouTube by CLICKING HERE
  • 2) Get the full shiur via WhatsApp HERE
  • Learn more about the shiur, visit 
  • Watch 2 full length interviews with R’ Eli, 1) Meaningful Minute Interview HERE, 2) Artscroll Interview HERE
  • To Sponsor Free Gemaras to Inspire other CLICK HERE (all donations will be matched 2x by anonymous donors)

Visit to sign up for your free gemara.

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4 Comments On "Last Chance! Free Artscroll Gemara Offer!"

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Ya gotta watch the Meaningful Minute Interview ( Skip to 22:45. Epic!


If I’m in a daf Yomi shiur in my shule Sunday-Thursday and I currently do online fri and motzeh Shabbat can I get a gemarah and do R’ Eli Stefansky’s for the days I do online?


You must commit to Reb Eli’s shiur for the first 7 blatt. So no.


A shout out and a big Yasher Koyach to Reb Eli’s great shiur and staff!

As a Chabad guy who learns daily Chassidus, Chitas, and Rambam, I took on a resolution (on 19th of Kislev) to also do Daf Yomi, as other Chassidim do. I began meseches Megilah listening to Reb Eli’s amazing shiur daily (if you miss no problem, all shiurim are recorded), and it BH keeps me going!

So strengthen your Hachlata to finish within 30 days the next meseches Moed Kotton, and (if you need) get a free gemorah too!

Obviously, if you prefer there are also local Crown Heights daf yomi shiurim and many online too, so “Chup Aruyn” – go for it!

Chazak V’Niskhazeik! Yagdil Torah V’Yadir!