[Check Inbox For Another $45 Gift Card!] Buy A Sam’s Club Membership For $45 And Get A $45 Gift Card And $25 Back Via AMEX Offers!

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Update: I joined Sam’s Club on 11/1/21 for $45 and got back $25 from AMEX and got a $45 Sam’s Club/Walmart gift card on 11/16. Sam’s Club just sent me (and several DDF members) another $45 gift card tonight! 

You can still take advantage of this offer below!

Originally posted on 10/29/21:

Buy A Sam’s Club Membership For $45 And Get A $45 Gift Card And $25 Back Via AMEX Offers!

Via the link above you can buy a Sam’s Club membership for $45 and receive a $45 eGift card. Allow up to 30 days to receive eGiftCard by email.

Sam’s Club gift cards can also be used at Walmart.

Plus there is a targeted AMEX offer to receive $25 back when you purchase a $45 Sam’s Club Membership through 4/30/22.

To see if you have AMEX offers in your account just login to your AMEX account, click on any of your cards to go the activity page, click on “AMEX Offers For You,” and save the offer to your account.

Note that there is a limit of 100 available AMEX Offers on a card at given time. If you have 100 offers, add AMEX Offers to your card and refresh the screen and you will get more offers to choose from!

Always check all primary and secondary card offers, as secondary cards will often have offers that the primary card does not.

Offers can fill up at any time, so be sure to save them to your account now!

HT: Joel & yochai, via DDF

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Do you know if you previously had a membership but cancelled membership you would be eligible for this offer?


I think the gift cards is for new members that didn’t have in the last 6months


Does this also work with the 120$ Uber credits?

Been There

This is great! Thanks Dan


Yes match to Costco for free $65 cash card


First thing I did was turn off auto-renew.


What do you mean? Costco will give you a $65 for signing up as well?


Called Costco and would not match any tricks?


Sam’s Club AUTOMATICALLY RENEWS membership with this deal, be sure and make a note to cancel that after you receive your gift card.


Turn off auto renewal under account settings. No need to cancel. After a year it will cancel


JJ, do you know for sure that it stacks? Officially it won’t (“Offer cannot be combined with any other Sam’s Club offer or promotion”), and I once tried this with Discover and I only got the Sam’s club side of the offer and not the Discover side, though Amex may have a different system.


Can someone confirm if it stacks?


I chatted with Amex and they said merchant is not eligible for this offer


Amex customer service reads the T&C just as well as you (or worse). The only things that CS is good for are things that you can’t do or authorize by yourself.


I can confirm it works


It does.


Update, I got the $25 from Amex and BOTH $45 gift cards:)


How do I know I will get the $45 gift card?

Old-time values

It’s possible, if you turn off the auto renewal, you will not get the gift card, it happened to me, when I opened a Costco membership


Just wait until you receive the gift card, (they say about 1 month) and then turn off auto renewal


Had anyone else received both the offer and the gift card?
Officially amex does not give 25 if any other promotion is being used


I got both although amex told me that I wouldn’t!

mike singer

i chatted with amex they said I wouldn’t be getting both, because cant be combined with any other promotion, but a few days later i got both gift card and 25 cash back


just to let the oilem know i chatted with amex and they said there is a delay in getting the credit as they wait for Sams Club re reimburse them first so it takes few weeks


I did on the 18th but the charge is not showing up yet on my card

David R

I signed up on 12/13 and still have not been charged. Sam’s Club site shows my order for membership is still in progress, but I was still able to use my new membership to place other orders.


Got charged $48.99 (3.99 tax) will i still get the amex offer?


Tax isn’t an issue.


Anyone else having issues signing up from Israel?




How can I do it? Do you have experience with VPN from Israel?


it seems like this gift card doesnt work in walmart. physical ones do but in my walmart they couldnt scan this one


Used it online no problem


Will it work for walmart.com third- party seller?


Which Amex cards have this offer? I have 5 Amex cards and it is not and has not ever been on any of them.


How long did it take you all to get the gift card after signing up?


Say it takes approximately 4 weeks. Still haven’t gotten mine.


I did this about a week ago and I didn’t receive an email from AMEX that I used an offer. How long does is it supposed to take for that to go through?


This offer can take a few weeks.


Amex said charge ineligible


If i have multiple amex offers can i sign up for multiple memberships? And if so how?


I got the second $45 gift card today. Surprisingly good deal! 😉


got it!


Where did you all find the second gift card? Was it emailed or in your Sam’s Club account?



David R

From what email address? What was the subject? I signed up 12/13 and have not seen the first gift card yet.

Been There

I just got it!


Got it! Thanks for the post! Would’ve missed it otherwise..
What are the chances of clawback?
Now I’m waiting for the 3rd gift card…


I still never got my first $45 gc…
Any ideas?


Got the 2nd today. Let’s hope it’s 45$ a month


I also still didn’t get my first


I joined 11/24 with different email and address even (ID changed) but still nothing in my email.


Does one get walmart + with a samsclub membership?


I’m having trouble signing up. Is the promotion still working? When I hit purchase membership it says “something went wrong please try again”.


This is over right?




The link isn’t working.


Works for me.


I tried multiple times and it says there is a problem


I’ve not gotten the AmEx credit or the gift card via email;it’s been almost 4 weeks since I signed up for the membership.


same. over 5 weeks.


I suppose this deal is dead. When I click the link, I go to a sign up page but no mention of the $45 GC offer. Since the last post here was about 3 weeks ago, just wonder if anyone knows if it is truly dead for new sign-ups?


Never get amex credit nor the gc, seems from amex the offer can’t be combined wth any samsclub offer..