[Now Live!] Walmart Amazon War Heating Up Again, Walmart+ Members Will Now Get Paramount+ For Free!

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Update: This is now live and available here!

The Wall Street Jounal is reporting that Walmart and Paramount have reached an agreement that will get all Walmart+ Members free acceess to Paramount+.

This is of course in direct competition to Amazon’s own Prime Video service which is included for free with a Prime Membership.

Many readers have been using Walmart+ for free same day or next day local delivery, free shipping on all orders from Walmart.com, and more benefits such as exclusive shopping events.

Read more on the Walmart Amazon war history here.

Paramount+ normally costs $4.99/month so this gives an added value of $59.98 to a service that is only $98/year.

This is the biggest move Walmart has made to compete with Amazon in the past couple years. Hopefully we will see more to come that will benefit consumers of both brands.

AMEX Platinum Cardholders receive free Walmart+ and this now adds an even better benefit to that card, read more about it here!

Do you use Walmart+?

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Pretty sure you meant $4.99/mo not yet.

John Doe

Paraount+ normally costs $4.99/month*


Is the war heating up, or is Walmart catching up?

Been There

Yes! I use it for food a lot. I have prime too. I find it better than instacart when comparing.

Thinking Jew

IMO, the main advantage of Walmart +, is that Amazon, until recently, used to sell most regularly used grocery products (mayo, spices, ketchup, etc etc) in single quantities.
They finally realized that they can’t make money on these sales, and are probably losing on them. They started selling in bundles of 2 or higher, depending on the product. You need to purchase 3 Hellmann’s Mayos now. Walmart will deliver one. Of course Walmart is playing catch up, so they might institute a similar policy, (although it will be harder because they give you an option of in store pickup, where they definitely can sell one unit individually.) but for now I purchase most of my groceries from Walmart.


Awesome. T-Mobile giving it for free for a year so this will extend it even more for free (Amex Platnium perk of free Walmart+). Not that I watch anything on Paramount+ anyway


How do i get Walmart plus with TMobile?


Does it say when this will be live?


IMHO Paramount+ has been a useless streaming service for me thus far. I got a 1 year subscription as part of a deal and have yet to find anything interesting to stream.


If you like soccer, they have the Champions League.


Reno 911


If i alrdy have walmart+, how do i access the paramount plus subscription?


Walmart + is so unbelievable, I’m scared to let the cat out of the bag. Walmart prices Bs same day delivery, unbelievable. I got it from my Amex Card, but if I would have know I would have paid for it without it.


I get same day many times. Recent it’s getting slower

Kosher Waterbury

Walmart + is awesome. I literally go to the bathroom and next thing I know full groceries are at my door


Use Walmart+ all the time great service best pet it’s free with my platinum


Walmart+ has been quite disappointing. The majority of items don’t ship.

Dan fan

They NEVER HAVE store delivery available times in Queens. NY.

As gold

Yes love it for the upstate no need to wait on lines or drive to the stores works


Anyone still paying or paying full for many of the streaming services?
1. Amex Platinum – Walmart+ Paramount for free.
2. T-Mobile cellular plan – Netflix for free.
3. Apple iPhone – Family Sharing Plan incl. cloud storage, photo storage, Apple Music, Apple TV+, Arcade. Not the account holder, can’t remember the price but it’s very reasonable.
4. Xfinity internet. Peacock Premium for free.
5. Daughter has AT&T internet. HBO Max for free she can share with family.
6. Hulu Thanksgiving sale for the past few years. 0.99 Per month or something like that.

Plus the frequent Amex offers e.g. Showtime etc.


Hulu ESPN+ Disney amex plat


How do you feel about tipping?
Many grocery type items are delivery or pickup only, which then presents the option to tip. I understand that the drivers really make their money on the tips so I feel guilty (/chillul Hashem maybe) to not tip which basically means I end up avoiding many items that I’d otherwise want to use Walmart+ for


WalMart+ is pretty impressive.
Prices on food are same as in store, and they’ll ship even one. Amazon food prices are 97% of the time higher. Unfortunately lately WalMart stopped shipping many food items, as there is no profit in shipping a $2 bag of flour or sugar, or ¢92 pasta.
Home delivery would work, but not offered in NYC.


Fortune favors the bold P+


Maybe AMEX can get their act together and fix their problem where the Walmart+ amount doesn’t get refunded!


A few typos in this post. You never post my comment nor thank me, you just fix them, so I won’t point them out this time. Be a mensch!


Does anyone know the reason there’s no Wal-Mart store in New York city?

Been There

I am seeing Prime same day for $25 on a lot of items. Is this in competition with Walmart+? Getting fun for the consumer..


Business platinum also receives Walmart+?


Unfortunately no


FYI: Only the Paramount+ Essential plan subscription is included with your Walmart+ membership.
You don’t get access to everything


Paramount+ normally costs $0.00/month thanks to the ever-present 30-day-free codes so this gives an added value of $0.00 to a service that is only $98/year.


CLE Rocks

The Walmart here in South Euclid is great! The next day free delivery is a game changer!


walmart plus had a 6 month free spotify which was great! ending now. wish they make it permanent.


would be nice if they offered a $5 discount on the premium Paramount+ choice


Hey Dan, Well this is no doubt a great deal I disagree with your assessment of its value at a straight-out “added value of $59.98” True they may charge that much but it is only worth that value if you would have paid it anyways. Take a look at amazon prime for a better example of this concept. If you use all the benefits and would have paid the full price on them all it is probably at least $1000 worth… 2-day shipping, streaming services, twitch gaming, grub hub, etc, but most people are not even aware of all the benefits and certainly don’t take advantage of them all. So it is only a theoretical value not a practical value on anything you would not use/pay full price on.


Another major thing what no one talks about is there new rewards program where u got money back on most essentials when u buy bulk with Wal-Mart plus membership