AMAZING! It’s A New Day In The Amazon Vs Walmart Battle: Free Shipping On All Orders With Walmart+ Is Now Live; 30 Day Trial Plus Save With Chase!

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The Amazon vs Walmart battle is personal.

Marc Lore launched in 2005 out of a garage. It quickly grew and by 2010 Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos decided that he had seen enough.

Amazon flooded the market with free diapers in 2010 and 2011, which meant I didn’t have to buy diapers for years. Eventually Lore was compelled to sell to Amazon for $545 million, a much lower number than he felt it was worth, due to Amazon’s relentless price war.

Lore worked for Amazon for 2 years, before leaving under less than amicable circumstances.

He immediately set about creating The business model would be a combination of Costco and Amazon, but people balked at paying another membership fee, so he quickly removed Jet’s membership fee.

Meanwhile WalMart was tired of getting crushed by Amazon in the e-commerce space. They wanted Marc Lore to turn things around. In order to do that they wound up buying in August 2016 for $3.3 billion and they made Lore their CEO of Walmart e-commerce.

Walmart tried to win by undercutting Amazon, but Amazon would not be undercut. Walmart experimented with pickup discounts, but Amazon matched those as well.

Walmart’s trump card was that they had brick and mortar stores. That convinced Amazon they needed to get into that business and they did so by purchasing Whole Foods in 2017.

Walmart launched delivery unlimited, which turned into Walmart+, allowing customers to get unlimited delivery from their local store on $35+ orders in exchange for a $98 annual fee.

Amazon offered the same from Whole Foods stores for Prime members.

Walmart lowered their free shipping threshold from $49 to $35, but then Amazon also lowered their threshold from $49 to $35 and then lowered to $25 to beat them.

And yet inexplicably, Walmart refused to offer free shipping from One of the greatest pleasures of Amazon Prime is being able to grab a good deal and not needing to have $35 in your cart to get free shipping.

That all changes today. Walmart+ members can now get free shipping sitewide with no minimum purchase on That’s in addition to free shipping on $35+ orders from local Walmart stores.

When I wrote about Walmart+ in October only 9% of DansDeals readers planned to pay $98/year for the service.

But when Walmart announced they would include free shipping with  o minimum order that number jumped to 26%.

Walmart+ doesn’t yet offer the plethora of other benefit that Amazon offers like Prime Video and more, but they also charge $21 less per year.

You can check your Chase Offers on or in the Chase app for $10 off for joining Walmart+:

For my offer, it says that it expires 12/11, but it will work for payments until 1/11 to allow for a free Walmart+ trial.

After you signup for a 15 day Walmart+ trial you will get a pop-up to extend your free trial to 30 days with 3 quick questions!


If you keep it after the trial, the program costs $98 per year.


How To Take Advantage Of Free Shipping On

When you search on, you can sort items by deliver to home to exclude pickup items:

For example if you just want a box of delicious Great Value Cinnamon Crunch  (OV-parve, search for “Great Value” under “Brand” here to find more kosher parve Great Value cereals!) for $2.93 you can order if with free next day shipping! You can find more Great Value cereals with free shipping here.

Some bugs are clearly still being worked out as even if you’re enrolled, it still says free delivery on $35+ orders:


But after you add it to your cart it will show free delivery:


Sample items that now have free shipping with Walmart+:

-Get fantastic prices on Walmart’s Equate brand and Walmart’s Great Value brand.


Will you signup for Walmart+? What items are you looking forward to ordering from Walmart with free shipping?

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matt matt

until Walmart fixes there really bad website they don’t stand a chance. horrible website!




Does Walmart offer monthly subscription instead of yearly?


I found Walmart’s customer service to be non existent and forget about their responsibility’s for their third party sellers i ordered a camera on black friday “2 day shipping” still didn’t get shipped yet :/ Walmart says their is nothing to do. While if this was amazon they would send me a new one asap. In my opinion customers go to amazon knowing that any of their purchases will be backed by the most customer friendly business on earth and hassle free complaints.
that’s why Walmart doesn’t stand a chance


1) Amazon CS is horrendous nowadays, you must have not tried them in a while.
2) Amazon will not send you a new item ASAP if one of their 3P vendors was delayed in shipping. Good luck even getting to someone who speaks English.
3) Amazon has become one of the least consumer friendly brands out there in recent times. As Dan posted here, they became big, beat the competition, and now that they own the online marketplace they dont care anymore about their customers.


Is it worth it to sign up for the Walmart credit card which offers 5% cash back when purchasing from the site? (Assuming I’m not into UR points)


Yes. It’s 5%


Walmart’s membership pricing makes Amazon Prime seem like a big bargain.


Is there a discount for the membership for SNAP recipients at Walmart+
like there is on Amazon prime?


Congrats to Marc for trying to get back at Amazon but IMO he would’ve been much more successful running jet on his own, Walmart is simply to”corporate “ and trying to do many things at once without having a clear vision what they want out and unless that changes they will not be Amazon competitor


I don’t understand what you mean by Unlimited home deliveries for $35+
Everyone gets free delivery for $35+ orders


I really see little reason to pay for the Walmart+ service in addition Prime. I rarely use Walmart anyway, and the Walmart+ features hardly stack up well vs Amazon.


I got the free 30 day trial and $10 off the first month, by trying it monthly through my Chase benefit. For $3 for 60 days – its worth the gamble. I will see if it is worth it.


Hmm it seems that some items are more expensive if you order them to be shipped – so they bare building the shipping price into the item.


Not available in nyc

Lakewood guy

I get free shipping on Amazon for $25+ without prime. If Walmart is only with Walmart+ why is it worth it?


Are there any differences between Walmart+ and ShippingPass that Walmart offered (and killed) a few years back?


Amazon has aweful customer service these days. How does that compare to Walmart?

Five towns yid

Not available in five towns from what I saw
…. typical walmart. Overpromise underdeliver.


Does Walmart have a “Subscribe and Save” option like Amazon? Walmart is already more expensive on nearly every item. I’d like to move away from Amazon and it’s support of leftist policies, and it would make it more palatable if Walmart was reasonably in the rainforest of Amazon’s prices.