[Updated With Additional Information From JetBlue] After In-Flight Incident, JetBlue Apologizes And Changes Crewmember Pin Policy

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Update: 5/7: After asking several follow-up questions, JetBlue has shared a few more updates with DansDeals:

  1. Mr. Faust’s flight was refunded in full. As policy, the airline doesn’t comment on compensation, but Jetblue is “working to ensure Mr. Faust remains a loyal JetBlue customer.”
  2. As far as the flight attendant who made the false report’s employment is concerned, “the investigation is ongoing, and we must comply with the process including working with our crewmembers’ unions, but we are doing all we can to expedite that process.” JetBlue says that after the investigation, they may be able to provide DansDeals with additional information, pending approval from their legal department which will depend on privacy laws that vary based on the state of their employment.
  3. “JetBlue has zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind, and our 25,000 crewmembers help carry millions of customers every year from all walks of life with no issues. We also feel strongly that swiftly closing the gap in our pin policy will help reduce the chance of conflict in our operation.”
  4. Here are the details of JetBlue’s new pin policy:
    • “Crewmembers can wear up to two JetBlue-issued pins or buttons at a time. However, in addition to JetBlue-issued pins:
    • Flag pins may be worn and count towards the two allowed pins. The pins must be flags of states, countries, or territories served by JetBlue-operated flights.
    • First responder pins (e.g. law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics) may be worn and count towards the two allowed pins.
    • For represented crewmembers, one pin may be from their union and counts towards the two pin allowance.
    • Inflight crewmembers working in Mint or on transatlantic flights have additional pin specifications.
    • Jewelry, accessories, and apparel that display political messages, political symbols, or that advocate positions not sponsored by JetBlue are not allowed.”

Overall, I’m impressed by JetBlue’s responsiveness to this incident, but I do hope that action is taken after investigating the incident and that the airline can share those updates. DansDeals reached out to American, Delta, and United yesterday asking about their current flight attendant pin policies, but none of those airlines responded to our request for comment.

This incident, along with the incident on American where a passenger was ejected for being visibly Jewish, are scary. It sure seems like the pendulum of power has swung too far in favor of a single member of the flight crew going on a power trip. What do you think should be done to correct for that?

Originally posted on 5/6:

Last week, Paul Faust flew on JetBlue and went viral for his video on his flight experience.

In it, he noted that a flight attendant sitting right in front of him in the jump seat was wearing several pins, including a BLM pin and a free Palestine pin. He sat next to another Jewish passenger and discussed the current state of the war and protests within earshot of the flight attendant.

What bothered him was that when the flight attendant put on an apron for drink service, she moved the free Palestine pin to her apron, though not the other pins. Paul took that as a sign that it was done deliberately.

Mr. Faust went to the lead flight attendant, identified himself as a Mosaic elite member, and expressed concern about the moving of just the free Palestine pin onto the apron. He asked that it not be dealt with onboard, but to pass on the feedback after the flight that it could make passengers feel uncomfortable.

He had no interaction with the flight attendant with the pin during the flight, but after the flight she pointed him out to someone, who pulled him over for causing an in-flight disturbance, which he says didn’t happen. That person said he needed to speak to him because the pilot had phoned in about a disturbance, and the person proceeded to call the Las Vegas police department about Mr. Faust. Paul then left the airport, rather than wait for the police.

His return flight was then canceled, without notification. When he called the Mosaic line the agent read the notes that said he caused an in-flight disturbance, didn’t listen to in-flight crew instructions, which he denies, and didn’t listen to the supervisor instructions after the flight, which he admits to, though says they never identified themselves as a supervisor.

Multiple passengers on the flight confirmed Mr. Faust’s version of the story to the Daily Mail.

JetBlue later reached out to Mr. Faust for his version of the story and said it would be investigated.

I reached out to JetBlue for a statement, and they responded that due to this incident, they have now changed their previous policy, which allowed crewmembers to wear one unoffensive personal pin of their choice. Crewmembers can now only wear pins approved or issued by JetBlue. The airline notes that they have apologized to Mr. Faust and hope to serve him again in the future. They also note that after further review of the incident, they will take action against any employees that violated JetBlue policies.

“As New York’s Hometown Airline, we are proud of our long history welcoming customers of different backgrounds and faiths from around the world. JetBlue does not tolerate discriminatory conduct, and we are committed to providing a respectful and welcoming environment for all our customers and crewmembers. We are taking this matter very seriously and conducting a full investigation into our crewmembers’ actions. We will take appropriate action once our investigation is complete as a result of non-compliance with any JetBlue policies.

At JetBlue, our #1 value is safety, and it guides every decision JetBlue makes. Our crewmembers should be focused on the safety of our flights and delivering a great customer experience. We have changed our uniform policy to make clear that on board the aircraft is not the right place for crewmembers to advocate positions on certain issues or political topics. Going forward crewmembers will only be permitted to wear pins approved or issued by JetBlue.

We had previously identified that our pin policy, which had dated back many years and allowed crewmembers to wear one unoffensive personal pin of their choice, needed to be updated to reflect the current environment. In light of this incident, we urgently expedited this change. 

We have reached out to listen to Mr. Faust and offer our apologies for the breakdown in our policies during his flight. We hope with these actions we can welcome him back onto a JetBlue flight in the future.”

I know that I wouldn’t have said anything about a pin, but in this case speaking up has led to a company-wide policy change that is certainly logical in these times.

What do you think of Mr. Faust’s actions and the airline’s response?

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Very impressed by Jetblue’s prompt and sensible response!


Why are you impressed? It was a inexcusable disgrace. Your type of attitude is what leads Yiddim down the road of no return. We need to fight back. Always remember Rav Meir Kahanne, z”l.


Kahane will forever be remembered with disgrace. We should do the opposite of his radical wrongdoings.


100% right. Don’t let the self-hating-jew below deter you. Kahane is proven right every single day. Hy”d


Kahane was a terrorist. His fellow travelers organization was even designated by the US Government as a terrorist organization.

Free thinker

First of all Kahame Chai was removed from the US Foreign Terrorist Organizations list.

Secondly , I wouldn’t use the USFTO as a barometer wether or not an organization is a terrorist organization or not.
The US removed The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine from their list as well as the Houthis before reistating it earlier this year.

Needs to be said



The fact that they didn’t refund him for his return ticket is dispicable


They owe Mr. Faust compensation for what he was put through. Maybe they did through a NDA. That flight attendant needs to be fired if the investigation confirms the story.


What about the behavior of the JetBlue employee and how they treated Paul to begin with?


If the flight attendant is kept on I suspect she/they/zher might face some hostility from fellow flight attendants for ruining a good thing.


Did they reinstate his flight to come back home?

Dan fan

What about compensation?


Good for Him! We should all speak up and act the way he did!


Exactly. I would’ve been more forthright—rather than just denying I caused a disturbance, I’d have complained that as a paying passenger, I was offended, appalled & made extremely uncomfortable because, you know: passengers typically get uncomfortable being served food & drinks by a woman who signals her approval of raping murderers.

Palestinians (& members of other professional victim groups) are constantly going on & on about how they “feel unsafe”… which is utter nonsense—the toxic jerks aggressively accosting people on campuses, in the streets & at town meetings clearly do not feel unsafe…
…While some clueless Jews are still clinging to the archaic notion that “we shouldn’t make waves”… how’s that been working out for us?


Actually, the Torah commands that “archaic notion” that Jews shouldn’t make waves. It of course has always worked out for us. I am surprised that Dan or his moderator allowed that portion of the comment.

Of course, if there is a legitimate concern for one’s well-being then the Torah would require an appropriate protective response. But that does not at all contradict the “archaic notion” to not make waves.


Absolutely! I had a terrible experience 2 years ago with a flight attendant from another airline. Once she knew I was “kosher” she threw the meal at me and said and did other nasty things. People saw and were wowed and even mentioned it to me that it was not right. I wrote the airline with the stewardess’s name and they apologized profusely with a very nice compensation. I would have rather not have such a miserable 8 hr flight


Is the flight attendant being fired for lying?


What about the fact that they had personal try to detain him for doing nothing and they cancelled his flight home. The pin is the least of the issues!


Sounds like the airline took the right steps, however, they should have credited him for the cancellation and given him a free round trip to express their apology.


Um, no. Sounds like the airline SAID they are taking the right steps… But actually taking those steps is another thing entirely, and it remains to be seen… in the unlikely event there’s even any way to know.

Universities routinely announce “an internal investigation” when the claims of campus antisemitism & of the faculty ignoring antisemitism become too numerous & loud for them to ignore without looking bad.
Then they form a Committee to Investigate Antisemitism comprised of antisemitically biased Lefties & a couple of court Jews who never see any antisemitism that doesn’t emanate from the Republican Party; they conduct their iNveStiGaTioN, and promptly pronounce the verdict: surprise—the college has no problem with antisemitism whatsoever.

If we don’t learn to be at least a bit more constructively cynical about the feckless, principle-free types who run corporations & colleges, and people who the media insists are “mostly peaceful”… we’ve learned nothing at all from the horrific events of the last few years.


Are we such snowflakes that we can’t handle someone wearing a Free Palestine pin? I’m not saying it’s okay for them to lie about how this passenger handled himself. And it seems like this wasn’t a “neutral” pin and therefore violated airline policy. But I don’t think it helps things to complain about this unless the flight attendant was somehow discriminating against pro-Israel or Jewish passengers.


Firstly, just because you or I wouldn’t speak up, doesn’t make him wrong. That’s just my comfort level because you and I are sheep and it’s easier to hide than speak up. Not speaking up doesn’t make you or me the better person. The issue isn’t the pin. Wearing a pin doesn’t make her an anti semite per the law. However, making a false police report in the name of your employer is against the law.






That’s not being a snowflake. Palestinians routinely claim to be offended by any mention of the Holocaust, or sympathy for Israel in any way whatsoever… These people were screeching in faux-outrage on 10/8—before Israel even began to retaliate—at the merest public expression of sympathy for the rape, torture & mass murder of 1200+ Israelis…
Did you lecture them all about not being snowflakes? Did you call out all those pro-Palestine types voicing hurt & rage, for their hypocrisy, let alone their depraved disregard for human life & basic civility?
I think not.
Jews have feelings, too… Some of us even have self-respect.
It’s those who constantly lecture other Jews to keep their voices down, who are the snowflakes—desperately afraid the goyim won’t like them if their fellow Jews seem too pushy.


I think your question was rhetorical, but yes, I often complain about people on the left being snowflakes and if I had more personal contact with these people I’d absolutely level that charge at them.

If the pin specifically said “from the river to the sea”, which I consider a clear call for killing Jews, then this might be different. But if you can’t say “Free Palestine” then what CAN someone say if they are against the Israeli invasion? To be clear, I am Pro-Israel. I would be mildly uncomfortable with a flight attendant wearing a free Palestine pin. But I’m an adult and I would just deal with it without complaining to their boss.

I do agree with JetBlue here though. The correct policy is to not allow any non pre-approved pins and the flight attendant in question definitely deserves to be punished if they lied about this man being aggressive.


Well said!

Righteous anger without seichel will get us nowhere.


I agree with JRS, in 1947-48, the swastika was merely a political symbol, on later was it determined to represent the Nazi agenda. Not every German or nazi party voter was a nazi sympathizer or supporter, anti Zionism is an excuse for calling for Jewish genocide no different than hitler YMS”M.


That’s 1937-38, fat fingered the 3.

FactCheck of Donald

Yes, snowflakes and seeking confrontation.

Bill Wildon

Thank you Abdul for your comment.


Were the flight attendants and crew disciplined? Was he compensated? I wouldn’t want to fly with that crew


He should receive a free ticket from jet blue…


Any consequences for the flight attendant?


I would rather flight attendents wear the pin so I can identify them and try and avoid them


Came here to say that. Now they are going undercover instead of wearing their loyalties on their shirt.


Many of us are afraid to speak out when we are victims of antisemitism. That fact that Mr Faust was a victim of a blatant lie makes it so much more scary.

I recently had an incident on Jetblue where the flight attendant tried to force me to put my teffilin on the floor under the seat vs overhead compartment. We were two passengers with just one carryon and the plane was 95% done boarding and half the overheads on the entire aircraft were empty.

It was obvious antisemitism but i held on to them until the attendant sat down for takeoff where i then put it back on top where there was more then 50% of the space available!!!!

Joe Koegel

The employee should be disciplined or fired for lying and for the inconvenience caused to their customer. There needs to be a zero tolerance policy in these cases

Sheila goodman



How about prosecuted for causing a false police report to be filed. Knowingly.


So if we believe the policy used to be one inoffensive pin, does that mean that the BLM pin is authorized by JetBlue?


What’s wrong with a BLM pin?


Bernard Lawrence Madoff


You want to be a fascist?

I disagree with both BLMs (Bureau of Land Management) but we can’t outlaw or suppress all objectionable speech.

There are too many in power and in the populace who think BLM is unobjectionable to win such a fight.


Yep anything for black people must offend you huh

Victor Cohen

The best possible outcome except firing the person that lied to the authorities!!!


I have a bigger issue with them just arbitrarily canceling his flight and banning him from the airline at the whims of a disgruntled employee. No one should be subjected to that.

There needs to be a clear policy in place that if someone is banned from the airline, 1) There needs to be an oversight committee that reviews customer suspensions. 2) anyone that’s suspended can dispute the claims. 2) If an employee is caught lying about an event, they need to be terminated immediately.


Common carriers shouldn’t be allowed to ban passengers in the absence of a criminal history of direct relevance between the individual passenger and the operating carrier. And since the passenger didn’t have such a criminal history, the airline shouldn’t have banned him. I hope the airline has to pay up for its hostility in that regard.


glad to hear


As far as Dan’s original question, sometimes I hesitate to believe the complainer because of nuances in their provocation. In this case I believe his story.


I’m glad that JetBlue was willing to so swiftly change their policy and apologize.

Mark Strauss

I’d be interested to hear what type of disciplinary action that they take against the flight attendant. In my opinion she should be fired.

Tony c

It should be a crime for airline staff to lie and exaggerate situations. It’s seems too often that some of the staff are cop want to be’s and have this need for power trips while causing a lot of headache or worse for customers. If it’s a federal crime to cause disturbance on flights it should be one to lie about one. There is rarely any consequences and don’t expect JetBlue to discipline them; too much headache from Union. “Investigation” buys them time for the story to die down and interest to die. So Mr or Mrs powertrip can continue to file the skies.



Tony c

I’m accusing @dan of plagiarism. My comments above made it to the post today. Complement gladly accepted.


The airline’s response is completely missing the point. That a flight attendant can fabricate a story about a passenger and get their return flight cancelled is the issue, not their pin policy.

Josh Zeman

The flight attendant did this on purpose to hurt a paying passenger and then lied


Was the flight attendant fired for lying and her antisemitic behavior ?


Unfortunately, JetBlue has recently become more and more anti-Semitic. I fly them quite often since I am a mosaic member, but even before this story, I contemplated many times to stop flying them. I myself have had in the past year encounters that were less than desirable.


Need to have a yiddishe airline..we have and make everything else..

R. Moshe

The issue is not the pin policy it is that a cabin crew member and possibly the pilot filed a false report. This is huge and should be grounds for being barred from the industry. Imagine if every time a Jew flew he/she had to worry about false reports of criminal activity.
Decades ago a Swiss person was randomly making accusations against any Jew he saw in the street. It was only after multiple people went through hugely embarrassing investigations that they realized the same person was always the complainant, he was ultimately arrested.


Pilot most likely followed protocols when notified by the cabin crew of a ‘disruptive passenger’. Doubt it’s his responsibility to leave the cockpit and personally investigate and assess the situation before communicating an issue with those on the ground.

How many times have we read of flights that made unscheduled emergency landings at the nearest airport because of truly disruptive passengers? Appears the pilot made no such request, and was merely trusting the professionalism of his cabin crew. Of all the JetBlue employees involved, the pilot might have been the only one who acted professionally and appropriately based upon the information he was provided.

In other words, this problem didn’t originate in the cockpit, it originated in the passenger cabin. Wondering how this could possibly end well for the flight attendants involved… Discussing a regional conflict with a willing fellow passenger is hardly creating a disturbance. At least not on a domestic flight destined for Las Vegas. Perhaps if it were Moscow or Tehran….


would appreciate a pilot’s perspective but I am surprised that a FA did not go through the lead FA to make this report, implying that the lead FA did not investigate or corroborate the claim


“they have now changed their previous policy, which allowed crewmembers to wear one unoffensive personal pin of their choice”
Personally I find a free palestine pin quite offensive.


I’m curious if Anyone knows What is the pin policy of other airlines?


Since Covid, flight attendants gained too much power making them in the position to remove passengers left and right kick them out the airline etc . It is time that airlines go back to the days that they cared for the customers and try to provide proper service. They should have harsh consequences for employees that overuse their power upon the customers


Since Covid? No, it started badly long before Covid-19. US airline FAs have been on a tear in hostile power-tripping and such lording over passengers since 9/11 — that is since 2001 and for the last 22 years and running.


Honestly, its frightening to repeatedly hear stories like this. Although this was a personal experience it has a very public effect. It creates a sense of fear in the Jewish community at large. Too often people are scared to speak up bec what are the odds that a successful blogger will find out what happened, take up the fight and ensure a resolution, like you did here.
Yes, they’re taking steps now to address this single incident but it doesn’t help the overall public issue. Jews are being made to feel unsafe more commonly and more publicly. Companies and employees should be scared to discriminate. Period.
Like any other civil rights related matter and discrimination, there should be massive lawsuits in response to stories like this. Our community at large was hurt and there needs to be larger repricussions for screwing around with Jewish people.
Only then will there be an example set. Only then will JetBlue, along with all other companies, work harder to PREVENT such disgraceful behavior. Only then can we start feeling safer.
Apologies and investigations are just words. They as a company should be hurting right now. We definitely are.

Israel Wiznitzer

Would encourage followers of Dans Deals to boycott and divest from Jet Blue. Yes, they changed their PIN POLICY. But was the offending flight attendant disciplined for falsely reporting the passenger as causing a disturbance. And certainly, Miss BLM is quite antisemitic.


It’s starting to be a non-shocker that JetBlue is rated below Spirit and Frontier. Race to the bottom!

Michael Behar

I think all Jews should get to fly for free on JetBlue for 1 year. LOL


Somewhere a JetBlue employee caused a false police report to be filed — knowingly — and Faust should insist on a prosecution.


Agreed. I’m more concerned that a false disturbance incident was filed. That’s more scary than anything else about this whole story. The flight attendant who wore the pin, it doesn’t say that they were mean or rude over refuse to serve the Jewish passenger She just wore her stupid pin. But the full report, that’s concerning.


Contrast this story with my daughter who was flying LOT Warsaw-JFK a few weeks ago, and the passenger sitting next to her clearly exhibited anti-semitic behaviour towards her by mocking her Jewish book and attempting to choke her. They eventually moved her seat and claimed they’d file a police report, no response at all. Sent emails to LOT and even to the CEO. Still waiting for any response from them.


How did the passenger sitting next to her attempt to choke her? Did that passenger place a hand on her neck or grab something wrapped around her neck and yank it?

Such a deliberate act requires action from law enforcement, and I would hope independent passengers on the flight who see such an incident would offer to corroborate as witnesses for such legal action to be pursued.

My own experiences with law enforcement at WAW doesn’t inspire confidence in their interest in taking racism or claims of racist attacks very seriously. Too many people in such employment in Poland are right-wing bigots and are more inclined to be upset about the mention of “Polish concentration camps” during the Holocaust than about racism directed against ethnic and religious minorities in their own backyard.


the employee must have been fired.. making someone’s else life a mess for no reason should not go unpunished


What happened to the female passenger that was sitting right next to him, I hope she wasn’t in any trouble, while Mr Faust had the courage to hold his ground, I am not convinced that the situation was the same with her.

Eric Goldschmidt

This happened to me 2 months ago. I complained to Jet Blue that a flight attendant wore a Palestinian flag pin and I found it very disturbing. I called Customer Service after my flight to Fort Meyers from NY. They said they would look into it , but I never heard back. I am glad Jet Blue resolved this matter and I look forward to future flights with no anxiety.


I would’ve mentioned it at the end of the flight – mid flight is only asking for trouble…

Wanda Wanda

Very impressed by Mr Faust.


I still think details are sketchy. The pilot still called the cops for what they admit was at most inhumane comments but nothing close to a disturbance or safety issue. The supervisor was also complicit This weaponization of law enforcement should be addressed and i would like to see some policy changes by JetBlue there preventing managers from being karens

B. Botnick

To Dan: These days a free Palestine pin is equivalent to a swastika. Good to speak up like Mr. Faust did. Jet Blue owes him compensation.


RE: Flight 2093 April 21 ’24 JFK-MIA
Anybody else getting disenchanted with Jet Blue?
My flight was delayed 4.5 hours.
Fox Car Rental was closed by the time I got my luggage.
Jet blue sends out an apology email, that says they will cover $75 of ground transportation.
In parenthesis it says “This applies for transportaion to/from a local hotel when an overnight stay is required”. This way it doesn’t cover any transportation when you land.
Spent $117 for a taxi to my hotel.

Granted they gave each passenger $75 travel bank.
However, they refused to cover the cab, or at least $75 of it.

Now with this shtick from an employee trying to lie outright to stick it to a passenger,
I am really thinking of stopping Mosaic, and going for AA platinum or similar.
Anyone else getting ticked off at Jet Blue?

Barbara Kessel

Good on him.

Sonya Levy

The person that needs to be fired is the person who asked for the ID and canceled his flight. One does not have a right not to be offended.


What about the pilot?


Did the flight attendant get a fully compensated flight to Gaza?

A poshute yid

I’m sure his gonna get a nice settlement and that will teach them and others a lesson how not to behave !

A poshute yid



i think Mr. Faust probably made a disturbance


Cant remember the last time an airline actually sided with a passenger and not their employee!


Where did people come up with the idea that the flight attendant was wearing a “free Palestine” pin? I thought the FA who got him in trouble was wearing a BLM pin and Palestinian national flag pin.

If the airline has since banned the Palestinian national flag pin from being worn by employees on the job, have they also banned the wearing of the Israeli national flag pin from being worn by employees on the job? The absence of consistency could open the door to a lawsuit for unlawful discrimination if an employee would test it.

My bet is that previously “banned” passenger who complained about the Palestinian-related pin would have possibly also fussed over a passenger wearing a Palestinian national flag pin. Would he fuss the same way over a US, Israeli or Indian national flag pin on a flight attendant uniform or on a passenger? I doubt it.


Moral of the story. Wear a body cam (just like you have a dash cam).


I know people who often go even into grocery stores with the smartphones video recording their entire time in the stores. They don’t want to be subjected to racist discrimination and accused of being a bad actor, and so they have a prominently positioned camera affixed to the loop straps on the backpack or elsewhere on their person so it doesn’t become a “he/she/they said” situation dependent upon questionable testimony from the employees of a place or too often unreliable customer witnesses or “witnesses” with their own biases in play.


Disgusted by the lies and how they treated him! They should either reimburse him for all of this or he should sue!!

Needs to be said

They COMPLETELY failed to address the flight attendant or attendants who LIED about the whole thing.

Considering security was waiting for him upon arrival, this means the captain put sometime over the radio about the non existent issue. To me, that’s VERY bad because the flight deck has to think something was going on behind then and could have made them nervous for no reason.



“Security” was waiting? Thought it was just airline employees with none in a professional security role.

After deplaning, the passenger refused to do as the airline asked and wait for the police to arrive and deal with him directly at the airport. It was his right to leave and get on his way without waiting for the police, but there was no “security” waiting for him at the airport on arrival.


i have heard of many anti-semetic incidents on jet blue recently, unfortunately not everyone, or rather very few ppl r willing to speak up for fear of retaliation. as a matter of fact last week Thursday a jewish couple flying from WPB to NY had requested tea, it was practically thrown at them, no napkin etc. it has been intolerable.

Ruth Klein

In this volatile world, jet blue members should leave their ideology outside of the work place. These jewish passengers- as well as others- are paying their salaries


Will they fire the crew members involved yet?

Sara klompus

I would never fly Jet Blue again despite their change in policy
I had a similar experience once with them and I was ambushed by police as they defended the stewardess who was nasty and belligerent
It never should have gappened to begin with! The stewardess is not always right, why does the customer have to be embarrassed and demeaned? An apology just doesn’t cut it!
The issue is not the pin, it’s the small mindset of Jet Blue and its culture. Something else will happen again until the rot is removed.

Stu Einbinder

Will there be any repercussions for the flight attendant lying about the alleged “disturbance” on the plane and the resulting consequence of that outright lie?


Is it only me that feels that these stories are more common on Jet Blue?
I’ve been avoiding them for

Tom Y

Don’t know what state has jurisdiction, but in NY, the attendant could be charged with filing a false police report. She should certainly be disciplined for abusing her authority and wasting so many people’s time on a false report.


Agreed. To win back the trust of their Jewish customers they should prosecute her to the full extent of the law, including for filing a false police report.

Felicia Weiner

Mr. Faust certainly acted appropriately and was the genesis for a much needed policy change in Jet Blue’s uniform political statements. In fact that’s what pins speak loudly… policy or politics. Cheers for Mr. Faust. Jet Blue didn’t go far enough in their apology to him. Where was the consideration for his canceled flight and cancelation?


Unfortunately anti semitism is prevalent on all airlines
This past Sunday Swiss air pulled aside frum passengers (were denied boarding)with round trip tickets as their ticket was longer then90 days and they didn’t have a student visa for 12 months
Of course they were just “following the rules”
JetBlue has anti semetic incidents every few months nothing new here and accepting and believing the crew over the passenger is also totally wrong so I’m not happy with JetBlues action if their was no video or witnesses and it didn’t go public nothing at all would change
The pin policy just hides the prejudice it doesn’t change the fact this stewardess would do anything in her power to make sure Jews have a miserable flight whether it’s not accommodating a seat request or meal request or a simple drink of water her prejudice will come thru and reflect on her service to a Jewish passenger
I’m willing to bet on this


Did anybody complain about this? was is spread on the internet? how come it didn’t appear on any news or newspaper? VERY WEIRD


I hope that he sues the company.


Flight attendant should be fired.. she wanted to make a point and clearly lied about the entire incident embarrassing the passenger..security must also be reprimanded not asking the proper questions ..also taking action without proof or discussion with passenger..
There is no excuse for this kind of behaviour..
Where were the other attendants.. ? They were present and witnessed the incident???

Joel Elliot

The only language these Nazis understand are lawsuits.

Take the crew member herself directly to court and sue the **** out of her


Besides punishment to the flight attendant for flat out lying, there needs to be a new system of punishing passengers who are ACCUSED of wrongdoing.
The current system is apparently not working well, to say the least.


That’s nothing new. It’s been an issue ever since soon after 9/11. That is to say this problem has been around since 2001 — yes, it’s been a problem for at least 22 years.


I think Mr Faust handled the situation perfectly. I t hink they should deal with all the employees that lied about the story.




These are Mr. Faust’s videos. I hope it’s ok to post, as it is original and earnest. If not, pls delete.


Flight attendant should be fired immediately and also whoever was involved in this
There is no excuse for making those lyes


JetBlue’s response doesn’t address the fact that Mr. Faust was unnecessarily detained and harassed as he left the plane. An unequivocal apology is due for putting him through that.


I’m confused. Why not just install hd cameras and audio that gets automatically deleted 24 hours after a flight and if any flight attendant has any issues with a passenger or the opposite they can report it to the surveillance team to backup a copy for the recording.

Problem solved with The powered hungry flight attends.


I think he did what was right, while many other would have flown the flight and went on with their day.
He did nothing wrong by going over to the lead flight attendant, which actually is the smartest move. But ironically all the flight attendants are in cahoots with each other so that was a bad move, well not really, just didn’t play out so nice, as planned. Now I think that the part where the flight attendant went ahead and made up a story and claims the pilot phoned in that there’s disturbance was where she should be penalized for that and leave it up to jetblue to decide what to do with that flight attendant. Then attacking the pax while deplaning and wanting him held till the police arrived. Since he didn’t want to give them his info.
Now, if it were another person that was not part of the fire department who had a decent build, I very much wonder what they would have done. Smart move on his end by walking away. Showing them they can’t do what they want.


Wouldn’t we want them to wear the pins, If they wear the pins, we will know who hates us and why!


Not bad.

Concerned with victimhood.

Some passengers need to stop starting trouble when none exist.
Ignore the pin and enjoy the flight, if nothing said directly to you. The cry baby stuff is ridiculous!!


when does the 9,000 ink bonus points return?


prob the end result will always be “the employees would be dealt with after an internal review of the incident”

Tania Hammer

I think Jet Blue’s new pin policies are exemplary and they managed the issue in super quick time, honoring Paul Faust’s report. The flight attendant and her manager need to be dealt with, the lies and pathetic reactions when the plane landed tell me they do not belong on any aircraft. They should be fired to let other JB staff know of a zero tolerance policy toward antisemitism. And it would give them an opportunity to join the several tent encampments all over the world, showing like minded people of their true beliefs.

Two Sides of the Story

Entrapment or triggering?
The passenger noted the two pins and proceeded to have a loud conversation on the controversially topic within the radius specific to one of the pins and he obviously knew was triggering for the FA. Resulting in having someone likely fired simply for wearing a pin is morally wrong and disappointing.


You are missing the main point.
The FA lied.
She should be punished (or possibly fired) for making up a story to punish someone who doesn’t have her beliefs.
I do agree that she should be allowed to wear her pins. It’s a free country.
If she actually put the pin on the apron for everyone to see, that was a deliberate act to incite. Would you agree that she was wrong to deliberately flaunt her free palestine pin?


Mr. Faust was badly treated and those involved will be delt with. The policy change is the real outcome here and it was made without screaming and shouting antisemitism. That is the real achievement here. Diplomacy often works a lot better than shouting from the rooftops. The name of the game is being able to make the right call when something bad happens.

Bill Wildon

It’s not safe for Jews to fly on JetBlue or American.


The flight attendant made a false police report. She should lose her job and face criminal charges.


Have you seen a police report that mentions this passenger’s name? What does a police report say about him?

For a false report to become legally actionable with criminal penalty in the jurisdictions of relevance for this trip so as to get a guilty verdict from a jury in court of law, there is a requirement to show bad intent and prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt and get a unanimous verdict from the jury on that. That may not be so even to prove, especially when witness testimony is not unimpeachable in a court.


I am currently on a JetBlue flight from FLL to EWR and one of the flight attendants is wearing a Palestinian Flag pin…seems like the policy update isn’t being taken too seriously.


On Unites flight.

FA wearing two free Palestine pins.

Jim Levy

Faust intentionally wanted to cause a disturbance to satiate his desire to harass the flight attendant. If she was wearing an Israeli flag pin he would have said nothing. Faust played the media and Delta airlines. The flight attendant should sue Delta and Faust.