Last Chance! Take Advantage Of Switching For A Year Of Free Sprint Unlimited Before It Goes Away!

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Update 4/5: DEAD!

Update: According to Sprint reps, this amazing offer will end tomorrow! If you signup now then service will be free through 4/30/20.

Originally posted on 4/30/18:

Take Advantage Of Switching For A Year Of Free Sprint Unlimited Before It Goes Away

Sprint has been running a promotion for a free year of service since last June, but with their T-Mobile merger I’d guess that this offer is now living on borrowed time. This is exactly the kind of deal that would be lost in a market with 3 competitors.

There is no published end date for this promotion.

If you switch to Sprint with one of the following phones you can get free service:

  • Apple iPhone SE, 5C (Verizon only), 5S (Verizon only), 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7 (Verizon only), 7 Plus (Verizon only), 8 (Verizon only), 8 Plus (Verizon only), X (Verizon only).
  • Essential Phone
  • Google Nexus 5 (Verizon only), 5X, 6, 6P, Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel XL 2, Pixel 3, Pixel XL 3
  • HTC One A9 (Sprint only)
  • LG X Charge
  • Motorola E4, E4 Plus, Z2 Play, Z3 Play, G4, G4 Play, G4 Plus, G5 Plus, G5 Plus Special Edition, X Pure Edition, X4, G6, G6 Play, G7 Reo
  • Orbic Wonder
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Special Edition, S7 edge Special Edition, S8 (Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile), S8+ (Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile), S8 Special Edition, S8+ Special Edition, S9 Special Edition, S9+ Special Edition,S10, S10e, S10+, Note8 Special Edition, Note9

Additional phones may also be eligible. You can check compatibility here.

I’m not sure what the special edition means, but my Verizon Note8 says that it’s eligible after inputting its IMEI into the Sprint site.

  • Free service until 5/31/19 for new customers who switch to Sprint.
  • A standard $2.50 admin fee, $0.40 regulatory fee and other taxes and fees apply
  • Your $30 activation fee is waived as part of this promotion. The fee will appear on your first bill and a credit will appear within 2 bills.
  • Requires a Sprint SIM card ($2.99 plus $10 shipping), eBill ,and Sprint AutoPay
  • There is no contract with this plan, you can cancel for free at any time. If you keep the service after 5/31/19 you will pay: Line 1: $60/mo, Line 2: $40/mo, Lines 3-5: $30/mo/line
  • You can keep your phone, number, and accessories.
  • You will get unlimited data, talk and text with HD streaming: Video at speeds up to 1080p, Music at up to 1.5mbps, Gaming streams at up to 8mbps
  • Unlimited 4G LTE data for most everything else. Data deprioritization applies during congestion.
  • Free unlimited Global 2G data.
  • After 4 months of service you can upgrade to a new Sprint phone by leasing or purchasing it in monthly installments – you’ll still enjoy your free year of service. If you lose or break your phone before 4 months and don’t have insurance you’ll have to bring your own eligible device or pay the full retail price for a phone from Sprint.

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Can I use one eligible phone and then swap to a different Sprint phone that I already have?


Yes, I have switched many phones, not just the ones listed


Dan, are you switching??


Does this work with Pageplus?




Do I need to cancel my Verizon line ? Or can I juts order a new sprint phone and keep my Verizon line ?


I rather have a root canal!


@dan Do I need to transfer my current Verizon number to sprint to take advantage ? Or can i just order a new sprint line with new number and take advantage of this deal?


it needs to be a port in


Asking the same


I have boost mobile, which doesn’t qualify, because it’s under the Sprint network. Where can I port my number too I should qualify but it shouldn’t cost me activation fee?


I ported out to H2O wireless for a week than ported in. Worked no problem


I switched in October and had to get a new phone. I had an iPhone 6s with at&t, but they use a different band than Sprint. Lots of articles online about it, and you can check your device’s IEMI code before doing any paperwork to see if you can port it over.

Brandon Whtie

Verizon and Sprint use CDMA
ATT and T-Mobile are on GSM


I gave Sprint the IEMI code and they assured me my phone would work on their network. But that was not true. Glad I went back to T-Mobile. My only regret was wasting a credit inquiry. Sprint loses tons of money for a reason.


so what was the reason it was no good?


I signed up for this deal when it first came out, 2 lines for my wife and I. It’s been awesome!
Sadly, ours will end on 7/31. Is there anyway to do the deal again so I can have it until 5/31/19?


Yes, have your wife sign up. The account depends on the primary line. Worked for me.


@Barry, are you saying that your wife was able to sign up with a phone that was already included under your plan?


Sort of. You need an inactive Sprint phone (we’ll call it Phone X) from the approved list for the promo and port a NEW number over. Call the promo phone number and use your wife’s SSN. Same address is no problem.

Then you can cancel your wife’s OLD number (Phone W) off the other account (easiest way to do that is to port it out to a prepaid carrier such as Ting (use any unused Sprint phone for that), or better port the number to Google Voice.

Once the cancellation or port goes through, your Phone W is now inactive. You go on chat and say you want to swap devices for your new line, and give your wife’s phone’s IMEI. Phone W now is active with the NEW number.

– You can swap the phone that you were using before in the free year into that number, but you cannot bring back the old Sprint number! It will activate with the number you just ported.

If the promo is still active then you can call back to add a line using Phone X again, since Phone X is now inactive. However you need a new number to port in again. Then you can cancel another line on your existing Sprint account and switch the IMEI from Phone X to Phone Y, etc etc

NOTE: I wouldn’t do any of this stuff now because we don’t know if the promo will die. If they extend it again then it’s another story.

ALSO notice your phone number will change – you cannot keep your Sprint number while flipping between free plans.

This is why you should use Google Voice so it doesn’t matter.

I don’t check here so often. If you have a follow up question hit me up on Twitter – @barryspar


Great tip! Just want to make sure I understand this- my wife is already included under my plan right now (big mistake to put her actual name in, at the time I really thought this promotion would end back in July, when they originally said it would). So, how can I have her sign up now? Port both to another company, then port them back in the next day but this time with her as the primary?


See above – you can’t port the same number out and in, but if you have a different number to port you can reuse your device.


Incorrect. I have ported multiple numbers *back* to Sprint after porting it out to Google voice.

If you have ported out to ting (which is a sprint MVNO), you won’t be able to be eligible for this offer. This is also the case to all sprint MVNO providers.

Neg Mor

Bought an unlocked Note 8 last yr (despite the fact of being advised to “special edition “, and it did work perfectly….


Now that sprint merged with Tmobile, how is the service? I have verizon now and their service is very decent. can someone please share.

Brandon Whtie

I don’t believe the merger is official yet, still has to pass GOV regulators.


Can I get this free service without switching service just using an older Verizon iPhone??


i have taken advantage of this offer last year. just wonder, can i cancel my sprint account and port in another number from google voice? can i use the same phone?


It needs to be a different person calling in (different SSN), but same device is fine as long as you cancel first. You will need a new number.

Twitter @barryspar if you have more questions. You can post them here but just give me a heads up so I come back to answer it.


You can’t talk and use the internet at the same time. Very poor service in my area.


Dan, I have tmobile now but I have a spare sprint note 8, and when I entered the IMEI number to check if I’m eligible for the deal it says that I am, is it possible?


My wife and I both switched our factory unlocked iphones 6s a little while ago and the service was absolutely terrible – dropped calls, terrible data coverage and speeds, static, voicemails not showing up, etc.

We spent hours trying to work through this with Sprint’s technical support and ultimately, we were told that Sprint’s service works best with iphones created specifically for their network. Any other iphones – even factory unlocked iphones – will likely experience problems.

After two months of shoddy service we turned down free cell phone service and switched to Metro PCS. No problems since.


Same experience here, I just bought a Sprint iPhone directly from them. Worlds of a difference, wished I have done it sooner.

Dan fan

I had the same experience


Btw if anyone wants a separate line without merging your personal number just walk into any cell store buy an H20 sim for $5. Set up a number and prepaid service don’t actually pay for the service (no need to) and then u can go to sprint and get free service for a year


Cool, interesting to know if I decide to do this transfer. Thanks


How can I take advantage of this offer if I am already on Sprint?


Good luck dealing with Sprint. Last October, I was told by Sprint that my T-mobile iPhone 6 was a qualified device and in reliance I ported my number to Sprint. Lo and behold, I could not connect to the Sprint network and without service for 24 hours before Sprint finally conceded that, in fact, my phone would not work on the Sprint network. And to add insult, I wasted a credit inquiry. Good luck to anyone who wants inferior product and service.


Hey Dan! I already signed up for this deal last year thanks to you. At the time it said the promotion runs out in either June or July of 2018 (I don’t remember). Does this promotion mean my current plan will be extended for a year or only for new users that sign up?


Only new signups. It’s always 12 months from the original signup.


What is the cheapest phone from the above phones that I can buy that will work?


Moto g4 is about $110 on Amazon.
Posting from aforementioned Moto using free Sprint unlimited


is it possible to get service on a blackberry keyone black edition( not silver) if you have sprint service? if sprint ends up merging with tmobile will that make it easier to use unlocked phones on the network? as sprint is diificult


Can this be combined with the offer from Sprint to get an iPhone X for $20 a month?


What if I transfer out from sprint and than port back my number is that considered as if it’s a new line ?


Does anyone know if sprint runs hard or soft credit inquiry to sign up?




So I’ll have a full year without service?
Not moving to Sprint.


can I get also the AA bounes?

David D

I have a sprint iphone 6s plus and my service is with Sprint.
I’m on the half off special until 5/31/18.
Any recommendations on what my next move should be to save $ on my phone bill would be greatly appreciated.


Step #1. Get a google voice number and link it to your sprint number. When calling/texting the google voice number, your Sprint phone should ring/receive the SMS. Free
Step #2. Unlock the google voice number so it can be ported to another carrier. Do not unlink it from your sprint phone. Cost is $3.
Step #3. Sign up for the deal with Sprint using the google voice number
Step #4. Wait for the Sim to arrive and activate it.
The only issue is you get a new number.


I am trying to sign up for this deal and it says you have to pay taxes and fees but I cannot get an answer what the taxes and fees will be every month. I called Sprint and got two answers,either $3.00 a month or $15.00 Does anyone in NYC have this? What do you pay? I am signing up one line.


About $4. Beware the service is bad in big buildings


anyone knows how much for the taxes and fees every month in CA?


In San Jose, CA I pay $2.50 admin surcharge, $0.40 regulatory surcharge, $1.57 San Jose 911 tax and $0.13 San Jose Utility tax. total is $4.60


thanks, @Maifriend, I called last week and got denied…they sent me a letter stating they couldn’t verify my identity…luckily, no hard pull


Just spoke with Sprint Rep, he told me the promotion ends on this Sunday (5/6).
Now because they have high volume of order for SIM cards it takes a few days to ship and if you’ll get it after Sunday then you no longer will be able to receive the promotion. So you might wanna go to the store to pick up immediately.
He also said that Apple Stores are giving out SIM cards for free!! (if you have an iPhone).
You might wanna consider this.


Take advantage in mountain climbing trying to make a call on sprint


i’m nearing the end of my free year.. can’t wait to get back to a network that works (T-mobile.. unfortunately the merger will take forever to go through if ever)

Dan laments this merger. I can’t understand how Sprint even exits..
realize, that without Wifi- you can’t do data and voice at the same time.. yes in 2018.

and just getting voice even in the NY metro area is a challenge


I currently have sprint can I still join, and if not can I leave sprint and then come back.


I left Sprint about 3.5 months ago, I just came back with my original Sprint phone & I was approved.


You need to open account under someone elses ss # and it should work.


Just signed up today!! Offer still working
Ported over from a prepaid plan (!!)
Thanks Dan!!


Do you think this means tomorrow is the last day to sign up? My SIM card isn’t coming until tomorrow.


You might want to go buy a sprint sim card and not chance it who know when tomorrow it might end and theres always issues come up especially if everyone is going to try to do it last minute before deadline


@dan can i still add new phones (up to 5) after deal expires to my plan?


Its unlcear if you open the account by deadline if youll be able to add lines after the promo ends


Please keep in mind you need to have someone open a new sprint account with a new ss number for this to work but then you can get a 2nd free year this way (if you havent had an account with sprint in last 45 days under your ss number and its your first time you can use your own social security number with this method and it should work) .

I would like to share a great way that i quickly moved two accounts from sprint to tmobile $3 prepaid plan (paygo) through the tmobile site (link is: and on tmobile site you can skip step 1 about checking imei and when youre looking for plan on tmobile site go down to plan thats called paygo ($3 + tax) very easily and very quickly after buying an esim which was all that was needed for $1.99 on ebay ( link is : that was delivered automatically almost instantly by putting local pickup for the shipping method.

This method was great because if tomorrow really ends up being the deadline people dont have much time to do other methods of porting out of sprint and then back to sprint and you only need to have someone else open a new account with sprint under their ss number and i was able to use my phone as well as keep my number and even reuse the same sprint sim card and it worked out very well and a very cheap way to do it ( just 1.99 for tmobile esim on ebay and then $3 plus tax for tmobile paygo per line). Dont forget to write down your account number from tmobile as well as the 4 digit pin you set with tmobile since youll need to give those to sprint rep to port from tmobile back to sprint. You can then use the same phone and same number and even the same sim that you had with sprint before.

Also, would like to say a big thanks to Dan and JJ for running such a great site and saving people so much money all the time, you guys are the best keep it up !!


Also wanted to say after you port to tmobile paygo usually within 5 minutes your number should port to tmobile and then you can check your eligibilty here ( to make sure its now eligible for another year (or first year) and once it says eligible you can now call sprint at 866-782-8777 to set it up which is better than online because you wont have activation fees and if theres any issue you can resolve it right then. Keep in mind you need all of the following to give sprint rep : IMEI of phone you will be using, phone number you want to port, account number from company you are porting from as wll as pin on that account, and finally sprint sim number (you can reuse sprint sims from before without any issue)


I know it was a long post but wanted to calrify that a tmobile esim is delivered instantly and its just the code and you dont need to wait for it to be delivered as it gets sent to your messages within a few minutes automatically and you can use it to port from sprint to tmobile very quickly without buying a physical sim. You will still need a physical sprint sim though to activate on sprint although you can use an old sprint sim if you have.


How can I sign up today, if sim card won’t come till later


If I order online today, which is the usual method for signing up for this, will I still be able to activate when the SIM card comes on Friday?


Im not sure but if I were you guys I wouldnt be waiting for a sim I would go spend the few dollars and go buy one from the store asap. How would you feel losing out a free year of service trying to save a few dollars on a sim card?


I’m on vacation now, and can’t get to a store. I’m coming home Friday. All I can do is order online.

Simple yid

thye are telling me they cant ship because today last day… maybe go to sprint store


Interesting — I successfully signed up on-line (with chat help) for the deal today (April 3) — and that was even after the 2:00 p.m. cut off for getting it shipped to me by tomorrow the 4th. I’m told as long as order was placed today (or tomorrow?), I should be good…. Since we were told flatly different things, I’d suggest trying again tomorrow — and work with on-line chat, then request the transcript of your session. (ps, I too was informed sim cards from Sprint store — or best buy — will not work for this promotion)


When I signed up for the Sprint free year I got a sim card from a Sprint store. It didn’t work. The terms call for the sim cards to be ordered online. After the online sim arrived everything worked perfectly.
My year is now over and I’m on a $25 a month Sprint unlimited plan called Kickstart.


If anyone wants to switch or even wants to lock into this deal. You can do the following. T his exactly what I have done. This will be my 3rd year with free Sprint service. June 2017 – May 2020.
1) Sign up and activate a line with Google Fi (at the the SIM card from Best buy) 2) get one Sprint SIM card from Best Buy (make sure it is compatible with your phone. 3) call Sprint and port your Google Fi number to Sprint. This you c can lock in to the deal and port the other four lines / numbers later. You can add upto 5 lines.


Ordered now, no shipping fee, free overnight shipping.


If we join now we only have may 31 another two months? Or another full yr?


Is there a minimum amount of time we need to have the Verizon plan or can we create a new line with Verizon and port it over on the same day?


As long as the person whose ss # youre using to open the sprint account hasnt had an open sprint account within the last 45 days it should work right away


if your on gsm with sprint does it work better? (sim card)


Not sure what the question is because you need a sim card for sprint


not if its cdma




Activated the plan today after signing up on Thursday. Thanks


Dan my one-year free Sprint is ending in July 31 2019 I start in June 2018 somehow sprint add me another month for free do you know from another special from sprint or other cellphone company’s for an unlimited plan?