The Cellular Network Wars Go Nuclear: Switch To Sprint With Select Phones And Get More Than A Year Of Free Unlimited Service!


This offer has been extended through 8/31

This offer has been extended through 7/31

Originally posted on 6/13:

The Cellular Network Wars Go Nuclear: Switch To Sprint With Select Phones And Get More Than A Year Of Free Unlimited Service!

Verizon has faced a lot of downward pricing pressure from T-Mobile over the past couple of years. They finally brought back Verizon Unlimited in February in order to stem the tide of customers switching from Big Red to Magenta.

I switched our 10 line family plan to Verizon Unlimited and now we pay just $30/line with unlimited calling, texting, data, hotspot, and Canada/Mexico roaming, though I still use Project Fi for cheap 4G service when abroad.


But Sprint is taking things to the next level. I still use a Galaxy Note Edge and am not eligible for this deal, but if you are an AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon customer with one of the following phones you can switch to Sprint Unlimited and get free service through 7/31/18:
-Apple iPhone 5C (Verizon only), 5S (Verizon only), 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7 (Verizon only), 7 Plus (Verizon only), SE
-Google Nexus 5 (AT&T & Verizon only), 5X, 6, 6P, Pixel, Pixel XL
-Motorola E4, Z2 Play, G4, G4 Play, G4 Plus, G5 Plus, X Pure Edition
-Samsung Galaxy S7 Special Edition, S7 edge Special Edition, S8 Special Edition, S8+ Special Edition.

-Free service until 7/31/18 for new customers who switch to Sprint between 6/9/17 and 6/30/17.
-A standard $1.99 admin fee, $0.40 regulatory fee and other taxes and fees apply
-Your $30 activation fee is waived as part of this promotion. The fee will appear on your first bill and a credit will appear within 2 bills.
-Requires a Sprint SIM card, eBill ,and Sprint AutoPay
-There is no contract with this plan, you can cancel for free at any time. If you keep the service after 7/31/18 you will pay: Line 1: $60/mo, Line 2: $40/mo, Lines 3-5: $30/mo/line
-You can keep your phone, number, and accessories.
-You will get unlimited data, talk and text with HD streaming: Video at speeds up to 1080p, Music at up to 1.5mbps, Gaming streams at up to 8mbps
-Unlimited 4G LTE data for most everything else. Data deprioritization applies during congestion.
-10GB of high-speed data per line to use toward mobile hotspot, VPN and Peer-2-Peer usage. Once your 10GB is used up: Continue at up to 2G speeds for no additional cost, or purchase more on-network high-speed data for $15/1GB to tide you over for the rest of your bill cycle
-After 10/1/17, you can upgrade to a new Sprint phone by leasing or purchasing it in monthly installments – you’ll still enjoy your free year of service. Any upgrades prior to 10/1/17 will require a plan change and you’ll lose the remaining free months in your year of free service.

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So how do they make money off this ?


Anyone try to have Verizon match this offer?


Hi, @Dan thanks for all your posts always.
By samsung galaxy you wrote s7 special edition twice was one of them supposed to say s7 ?


@CLE: as Jackie Mason says: they sell alot of plans!


Can you do this from a Verizon prepaid service


I’m a T-Mobile customer with an iPhone 6. Can anyone confirm that my iPhone will not work on sprint? Don’t sprint and T-Mobile use different technologies?


Will this work with MetroPCS (T-Mobile company)?


I have tmobile Samsung s7 that I got from tmobile direct. Is that considered special within which will work?


How many GB per month at 4G? Also 10GB as Hotspot is that total for the year or monthly?


Do you have to prove that you have service with Verizon? I’m with NET10 but I have an eligible phone.


But then you have to buy a new phone for sprint, no?


Anyone know if you actually need to use the eligible phone to activate the SIM card? I have an eligible iPhone 5s, but it has been “bricked” (it is in a perpetual restart mode, hardware issue, no way to fix). So can I use that phone, that has an eligible IMEI, to apply for this promotion, but then actually put the SIM card in an ineligible iPhone 5?



Sora T

The problem is that Sprint really doesn’t have such great reception/service. AT&T and Verizon are so much better.


I have tmobile Samsung s7 that I got from tmobile direct, I already unlocked it via my T-Mobile app.
Will this work?
If not I can unlock it via a hacker site, will that work?
If above doesn’t work can I play the BYOD card?


dan how are you paying only $30 line ?


@Dan I just went to the website and put in mine and my wife’s IMEI and phone# it says I’m eligible, so I placed the order, came to $17.07 after tax. Let’s see what happens when the SIM cards get here.

They do say that you’re on the hook for taxes and fees, I’m sure those will be hefty.


I currently use Project Fi as my carrier, Would I be eligible for this?


I just did it from a prepaid account and it let thru Theo whole sign-up thing now I’ll wait and see when I get the SIM card to see if it activates


I have a Nexus 6p, I’m getting this error:
Phone(s) not compatible It doesn’t look like your phone(s) will work on our network, but we still have great deals online to help you save. Head to our store and begin saving.
What should I do?


I have 2 lines in Verizon with iPhone se but I’m paying $20 a month per phonebesides the line. What would I do about the amount of money left to pay off the phone?


Can I open an account on T-Mobile today and switch by the end of the month? I have a google Pixel. Thanks!


@Steven: I don’t think so. Sprint SIMs are tied to the device and don’t swap, unlike GSM SIMs.


@Jacob: just pay it and you’ll have a phone and a line for 20$ instead of paying for the phone and the line by verizon.


It seems all you need is the IMEI of a phone from the eligible list in order to place an order the SIM card. Obviously you will need a working Sprint compatible phone as well to actually use the SIM card once you get it.


@Anonymous: let us know by tomorrow a sprint told me only post paid will work


Is a port-in required, or can I ask for a new number?


Any idea if the credit check performed by Sprint impacts the credit score?

Also any idea what will be the final monthly bill for the first year considering only 1 line is being activated


Also I don’t see any requirement to show documentation for a plan with Verizon


Thanks Dan.
2 questions:

1. i’m on a business plan wit Verizon, am i eligible?
2. what happens with my monthly payments for my Pixel with Verizon?
i have a sale price with Verizon, i pay 20 per month for Pixel XL 128 gb. will my monthly amount change when i switch to sprint?


So does it make sense to port an iPhone 6 that’s being used on a Prepaid MVNO, just in order to switch it to Sprint.

Currently paying $27/month for H2O Prepaid with unlimited calling in US and to Israel (including Israel Cell Phones) and supposedly also international text, but that doesn’t seem to work.

Sprint Sucks

Dan, will it work with Page Plus?

Can I switch 10 lines?

Will all be free?


Giving my Verizon S5 a dirty look… 😉


Same, and I’d jump on this immediately if would work.


So if i just got a new sprint phone and i am already on the framily plan, am i eligible ? if not any suggestions ?


What do you do with the SIM card with a Verizon iPhone? There’s no place for it


I tried to port my Google voice number but it failed 🙁

the delivery screen kept on loading and didn’t reach the payments screen


Why doesn’t Dan just switch to an eligible phone for a day to get this promo?


@troyarcher: Same question. Just signed up with sprint – new S8


This timing on this is perfect for me, I’d be grateful if anyone could shine a light on the best way for me to take advantage of this deal.

I’m currently on Verizon, eligible iPhone and no current contract. My girlfriend is already on Sprint with an eligible iPhone and her contract is up next month. We’ve been planning to combine our plans into a single account this month, any ideas of how I should approach this?

Is there anyway to make her eligible for this deal? Even if it requires a new number?

If she can’t partake, any guess what it would cost to add her to my account if made the switch?

Much appreciation for anyone who can help me sort this out!

Fi customer

Asked re Fi, and was told “If you have not received any email the deal will not be applied as the deal is for targeted customers. Please do not worry.”
Any chance this is strictly targeted?


I’m currently with Verizon but my phone isn’t eligible, however, I have a SPRINT iPhone without service and the SPRINT phone was approved with the Verizon number.
This may be obvious to some but I wasn’t sure it would work.


My 3 lines are all approved devices, however, will this start immediately? My phone will still work and be a Verizon phone till the new Sim cards come, right?


“Ineligible, this phone does not qualify for this offer”….getting this error for iPhone 6S Plus. Should be an eligible phone. Anyone got this error for eligible phone?


I have an iPhone 6S on postpaid T-Mobile plan and according to the sprint website my phone is not compatible. Strange….


@Sprint Sucks: gam ani mitztref speint service stinks I literally have to repeat myself a thousand times to on the phone in numerous locations around the tri state ” I don’t hear you what” I don’t hear you” sorry sir your line is breaking up” my chavrusa tells me ” your coming in choppy. “what” say again” pardon I hate you sprint you cause a krudload of dropped calls and you raise my blood pressure


Switched from cricket (prepaid) no issues.

Daniel Fowles

CAN I SIGN UP for this verizon post paid just to get this deal?

evan h

while i am happy w/ verizon, this looks like a really good deal if you have the eligible phone…

i wonder if i can ask verizon for a ‘leave of absence’ and go back to vz around july 2018?


Any way to get this deal if I have service with Pageplus? Can I switch to verizon for a few days and then switch to Sprint?

Does a switch from cricket work?


Anyone in Cleveland have any experience (good or bad) with sprint?


Got to the SIM card order screen and it looks like Sprint generally requires a hard inquiry. Does anyone know if it’s possible to avoid this?


looks like its working with page-plus thanks


How do you pay $30/line for Verizon Unlimited? I see it at $110 plus $20 a line.


If you read the above link you’ll understand why Dan isn’t grabbing this deal:)


Any ideas of what to do with an IPad that is connected to my Verizon acct?


Aren’t all 4g lte phones unlocked? My s7 edge isn’t eligible.


How much are the ‘Taxes & Fees’?


Remember folks, you get what you pay for. Sprint really stinks. Service is horrible.


Dan, when you say you are paying $30 a line for Verizon unlimited does that mean that you are paying $300 total for 10 lines? If not, how much is the total per month? Thanks


you can buy a brand new Moto G4 play for under $150 @ B&H etc.


I can confirm that my unlocked iphone 6s (bought unlocked from the Apple Store) that I’ve been using for approximately one year with T-Mobile’s PREPAID service is eligible for this Sprint promotion.


Can I port one line from a family plan? It is not the primary line.


The worst part about Sprint, even if you have good coverage in your area, is that they cannot do simultaneous voice and data. So when you are on a call, whatsapp won’t receive messages, emails don’t come through, etc, etc.
I switched to Sprint a few months ago and it is a constant irritation.



david beneli

IT DOESN’T COAST THEM ANY MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


david beneli




I went to my local Sprint factory store. I showed them your post. they had no idea what this promotion is

ATT S5 owner

I currently have ATT, Galaxy S5. Can I just buy a new phone that is eligible (S7 Special), and then transfer to Sprint ? I am paying $60 a month, so saving about $516 a year after taxes.


at the final stage of submitting my credit card i got an error “your purchase attempt has been declined” anyone else has this issue?


@Aaron: is that monthly


What do I now ?

“We’re sorry, we’re unable to confirm your credit online.
Please visit a Sprint store near you.”


I got the same message.

I guess that means we don’t have good enough credit? It’s not worded very clearly.


@Ben no, since the credit approval is done in previous step, from my understanding is that Sprint has issues processing credit cards online. Pretty normal for a crappy company like sprint…not to mention they don’t provide the proper information since I called up my credit card company and they told me they approved the charge on there end.


i can conferm that this deal is good i transfered from verizon prepaid and it works but when you activate you have to call even thou its says you can do it online


I’m paying about $90/month for 5 lines with T-Mobile. Is this worth switching to?


if you have good coverage.. seems worth a try..
i’m all in for saving 100 a month..

order is in


@Dan – Sprint rep I just spoke with said it was indeed available in the store.


@Jim Same problem here. I used two different Chase cards and and Amex card. All declined, although I got approval messages from Chase and Amex respectively for each attempted transaction. I’m taking this a sign of what’s to come with their service in general, if I ever get this account opened.


so glad for these post. now seeing these games they play with credit not approved then approved, i will save money elsewhere. paying 61 / month with vz now.. have feeling sprint will still cost around 20 / month or 1/3 of vz after the feeeesss.
staying put.


@Steven: so? Did you try? How did it work out for you?


Does sprint have to keep my number or i can get a new one and leave my old number with Verizon etc.?


How do you manage to get ten lines for $30 a line with unlimited service?


Virgin mobile has same deal


@Fi customer:
if you put in your imei number from google fi phones it shows that you are ineligible for the deal


@nate you will have to Port a number so start a gophone line or TMobile with $10


I signed up for this about 4 days ago – signed up online, paid $10 for overnight shipping on the Sim card, and set everything up online porting my existing number over. New service activated after 10 minutes

Thanks Dan!


Anyone know if a Google nexus 5 bought directly from Google works for this promotion? Its unlocked


if i’m eligible and order a sim card today, and get sim card after tomorrow, will it still work?


Sprint are a bunch of liers and thieves!

After reading this post, I followed the link, put my phone number (h2o) and IMEI (Nexus 6p),and it brought up the message that I’m eligible, then a message came up for the credit check that I need to call Sprint so I called was on the phone for about a half an hour with their representative and and she ordered my sim card. I paid for shipping and everything when take out the SIM card I called them off they said I have to go to a credit check make a long story short they made me go to a Sprint store and they finally activated my phone and then I called Sprint to sure that I was on their correct plan and the representative assured me that I will not be charged anything after 2 days I log into my account and see that my balance is $61 so I pulled him out the basically told me that I am not eligible since it’s only eligible online 360 online to tell me to call on the phone to tell me to go to the store and then on the phone again to tell me that I’m not eligible only


I’m on a Verizon family plan with my sister, who is the primary. I’m thinking of ditching her for this (can’t convince her to come with me). Anyone know if that would work?


Anyone know if I’m an extra line on a business plan, can I go to sprint and switch with this deal? Or do I need to be the admin?


@mendel calm down , select the cancel option to speak to retention, they may be able to help


@andy it probably would work but you would probably affect your sisters rates and would have to pay any installment /etf fees when you port out


Thanks, Dan! I moved over my iPhone 6 from my grandfathered AT&T plan. Yes, I had unlimited data since it was a grandfathered plan, but I work from home and rarely use my phone, so it’s really nice to save $90/mo for the next year. The process was SUPER EASY – I paid $13.90 to have my SIM card overnighted to me in CA, and I received it in the mail today. Took about 10 minutes for my phone to register to the Sprint Network, and now I’m good-to-go. I was also able to unlock my iPhone 6 very easily on AT&T’s website, and it was completed within a few hours. I’m just curious how much the taxes are going to be for San Diego, CA, so I guess we’ll have to see.


How does this fit in to ATT NEXT plan? Will I have to pay off the phone to switch?


I switched from T Mobile to this plan on Sprint, instead of $30 a month, I’m paying $4.50, but I can really feel the difference. Sprint is horrible, service is very bad where I work, and it’s much slower than t mobile, even on LTE. I’m still thinking if I should go back, if those $25 per month are worth it.


Teltek line should work for this promo?
its under tmobile

Offer ends July 30th!

Hurry, offer ends July 30th!
Get started

THIS IS HUGE!!! Check out the site, offer ends July 30th!


Wasn’t an easy process, but I was approved for 5 lines and so far I moved 4 lines to Sprint. But I can’t get Sprint to activate my Nexus 6p there is an issue with the IMEI# shows still active in their DB.


Dan – If you have an iPhone 6 from T-Mobile, chances are you are using a Model A1549, which Doesn’t NOT support all the radios Sprint uses. Every Year identical iPhones are put out by Apple, though with different radios internally.

Usually Sprint, will have most of the radios, compatible with all, though vice versa, may not work properly.

See here, a list on Apple’s website showing all the variants.


I signed up and its almost perfect. But the sales rep got me on some weird quirk. He claimed that for the 1st 3 months you can’t swap phones. In other words if your phone breaks you cannot go out to the market place and purchase a new phone then call sprint to swap phones. The only way you are protected is if you buy insurance thru sprint. So basiclly they rope you into buying insurance from them for the first 3 months.

Did anyone else hear about phone swap ban during the first 3 months?


spoke to sprint for close to an hour really dumb reps hope its not indication of their service……

there are no taxes if you sign up for autopay, so total monthly charge for each line is $2.39

if you sign up one device you can bring over up to 4 other devices anytime during your free year

you must use the eligible device for the duration of the year. if you switch devices, you will be charged sprint’s standard rate

hope this answers some questions…..


Hi, I have been with Verizon for years (5 lines). I called them up and when the main menu came up I said I want cancel my service. Call was diverted to a special department. Verizon took over the device payment plan on 2 phones and also gave me a free iPhone SE!!! For once, I’m saving.

International Roaming

I just switched from H2O and international roaming was a good surprise for me; WiFi calling also working:

Sprint: Welcome to France! Texts: $0.00, Calls: $0.20/min. Intl data roaming may need to be set to on in phone settings to connect. FreeMsg
Low-speed data included at no additional cost. To manage data click here (free):
To call back to U.S. dial + 1 area code number to call other destinations dial + country code and number. Sprint Care:


@Isaac: that is not true, I opened a few lines using new pixel phones and sim cards then I chatted with Sprint and swapped the service of 2 lines to old flip phones. Now I have the pixel phones still new in the box and I have my options available what to do with these phones.


Just spent a while on the phone with Verizon, they are not willing to offer me any discounts to keep me as a customer. I would also have to pay off the rest of my iPhone 7 (about $450…) plus any porting fees. Still worth the switch? I understand that the service will be crappier.


@Dan what is the Samsung Galaxy Special Editions? Tried googling, nothing came up.

Would love to try this but I’m a huge fan of Samsung … any clues on which to device to purchase? (Plan on going on ebay buying a device, activating on new plan and then switching over for a free year)

Any help would be very much appreciated!!! Thanks

Sim Cha

Got 5 sims on Friday- you will need to activate the sim with the imei the first time- for sure.


I have signed up a few days ago . I moved over from page plus which they assured me was transferable. I have phone and text service but still no data. I have called numerous times and went down to the sprint store. They claim only the higher ups in the sprint tech department can help and they will call back which they never did yet. Anyone have any idea ow to fix this problem?


Update, Sprint has called me back but to no avail. They cannot get my data to work. Thus, anyone who has page plus this is a warning. Sprint will tell you that your device is compatible. It may be compatible for phone calls and text but you may get messed up on data compatibility.



can you double check with sprint if you’re still on the promotional rate?

i spoke with 3 different reps who each told me if i switch the phone you will lose promotional rate

please post back, i would love if i can switch phones


@Isaac: once had a complecated technical issue with Sprint. They told me the tech department will call me. It took some time till we got together (2-3 weeks). In the end I had to reset my phone to factory settings, erasing all data on the device. When it kicked on everything worked perfectly without issue. The Sprint


@Isaac: Try rebooting your phone. Reset factory settings.
G’day .


I tried all that , took it to a sprint store etc…. nothing helped . I only had phone service but no data . I literally exhausted every option and spent hours trying to figure it out to no avail . For those that have page plus , warning sprint will say its transferable but it’s not

Credit Check Ques

Do they check credit when moving to Sprint?


I have an iPhone 6 from Verizon and when I enter the information it says my phone is not eligible. I’m not understanding why. It’s on the list of eligible phones. Has anyone else had this problem?