Today Is The Final Day To Get A Verizon Unlimited Plan Before They Are Downgraded Or Become Significantly More Expensive

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In February I wrote about intro pricing for Verizon’s new unlimited plan and wrote about my own experience switching from Sprint to Verizon in 2011.

I switched from my grandfathered 2011 Verizon Unlimited Plan to the 2017 Unlimited Plan as it was significantly cheaper and included free roaming in Canada and Mexico as well as 10GB of 4G mobile hotspot.

Currently the unlimited plan costs:

  • 1 line: $80
  • 2 lines: $140 ($70/line)
  • 3 lines: $160 ($53.33/line)
  • 4 lines: $180 ($45/line)
  • 5 lines: $200 ($40/line)
  • 6 lines: $220 ($36.67/line)
  • 7 lines: $240 ($34.29/line)
  • 8 lines: $260 ($32.50/line)
  • 9 lines: $280 ($31.11/line)
  • 10 lines: $300 ($30/line)
  • Smartwatches: $5/device
  • Tablets and other connected devices: $20/device

We have a family plan with 10 lines, so it costs just $30 per line. Each line has unlimited data, though it can be throttled after a line uses 22GB of data that month when Verizon’s network is congested.

Effective tomorrow Verizon will offer 2 consumer Unlimited plans.

The “Go Unlimited” plan will cost:

  • 1 line: $75
  • 2 lines: $130 ($65/line)
  • 3 lines: $150 ($50/line)
  • 4 lines: $160 ($40/line)
  • 5 lines: $200 ($40/line)
  • 6 lines: $240 ($40/line)
  • 7 lines: $280 ($40/line)
  • 8 lines: $320 ($40/line)
  • 9 lines: $360 ($40/line)
  • 10 lines: $400 ($40/line)

While this plan is cheaper if you have 4 lines or less, it has massive drawbacks.

  • Data can be throttled at any time when there is network congestion, even if you haven’t used any data yet.
  • Mobile hotspot on this plan will be limited to painfully slow 2G speeds.
  • Videos will be limited to just 480p for cell phones and 720p for tablets.
  • Roaming and calling Canada/Mexico is not included for free.

The “Beyond Unlimited” plan that goes for sale starting tomorrow will cost much more than the current unlimited plan with intro pricing:

  • 1 line: $85
  • 2 lines: $160 ($80/line)
  • 3 lines: $180 ($60/line)
  • 4 lines: $200 ($50/line)
  • 5 lines: $250 ($50/line)
  • 6 lines: $300 ($50/line)
  • 7 lines: $350 ($50/line)
  • 8 lines: $400 ($50/line)
  • 9 lines: $450 ($50/line)
  • 10 lines: $500 ($50/line)

Existing 2017 Unlimited Plan subscribers will be moved to the Beyond Unlimited plan, but they will retain their grandfathered pricing.

  • With the Beyond Unlimited plan your data won’t be throttled if there is network congestion until you’ve used 22GB of data that month.
  • Mobile hotspot on this plan will work at 4G speeds until you’ve hit 15GB of data per month, an improvement from 10GB of 4G data. However after you finish that allotment of data Verizon will take you down to 2G speeds, down from the 3G speeds that they currently throttle you down to after finishing your monthly data allotment.
  • Unfortunately video will be throttled to 720p on phones or 1080p on tablets or via mobile hotspot starting tomorrow on all plans.
  • Canada and Mexico roaming and calling will remain free.

Both plans have unlimited calls and SMS and qualify for Verizon’s new Up Rewards.

Both plans require autopay and paperless billing for these prices.

It seems that 2011 Unlimited Plan subscribers will also have their video quality throttled starting tomorow.

Will you signup for a plan today?

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If you open an account by tomorrow can you add lines at the grandfathered pricing later?


T-Mobile for life! (Especially with 600mhz being deployed)


Dan. Does this apply to business plans as well?


We switched a family of 5 from TMobile to the new verizon unlimted in Feb based on your posting, Dan. Thanks.

We want to eventually move more lines over. Will those future new lines be under the new pricing and usage and rules or they will continue with the current (old) pricing and usage rules.


Phone rep said old pricing would continue, but she may have just given me the easy answer to get me off the phone.


I have 6 lines on the Verizon Unlimited Plan. Does this lock me in if I ever want to increase lines? Will it drop the price, as I add lines 7,8,9 and 10?


Hey Dan. First and foremost thanks for all you do. Secondly I would like to ask what the taxes come out to be for 10 lines as I have T-Mobile with 10 lines unlimited and pay $30 per line including 10 taxes and 10 GB mobile hotspot per line. There is also a kickback of $10 per line for any line that uses 2GB or less of data per month. I switched from Verizon about 2 years ago after being with them for 19 years. Thanks again.


What happens if you upgrade a phone? Previously with the old grandfathered plan you couldn’t without them switching to their new plan.


@dan supposedly Verizon isn’t throttleing they are “deprioritizing” which means you me get bounced to the end of the line if it’s congested but as per a rep it is usually not even something you can notice.


That is definitely not true. I’m experiencing such bad deprioritization that I cannot use my phone mon-fri while at work… it’s horrible. They are forcing to upgrade to the $90 plan to not be deprioritized.


Does this apply to business plans as well?

abe foxman

What about the old grandfather plans are they touching them

What now?

Currently I have four lines. What if I want to add more lines after tomorrow? Am I going to be paying $50 per line for any additional lines? That’s crazy!


@dan are you happy you switched from the 2011 unlimited plan to 2017 plan. I still have unlimited with no throttle afterwhat are your thoughts on switching to the new unlimited. And any difference between the unlimited plan you have and the go beyond besides 5 dollars more a month?


Hi Dan,

Thanks for all your tips and help!

U mention once the plan is started adding lines is grandfathered in on this price. Would this apply even if only one line is set up today and add more (likely 5-6) in next few days/weeks when we figure it all out?


Just spoke to a VZ rep, said I’d have to sign up with 2 lines as then it’s a “multi line acct” whereas if I only signed up for one line, it would be a single line account and not eligible for the extra lines at the older prices…. I’m calling baloney sandwich on that, as the rep probably just wanted to make the comm on the 2 lines… Dan?


He is right with that i had just that story!


Technically, the rep is correct – one line is single standalone plan (no adds allowed), whereas two lines belong to a family/multi-line plan (up to 10 lines max).


Is there a cap to 10 lines max per plan?
I currently have a plan with over 30 lines with Tmobile @ $20/line unlimited t/t & data
Calling Canada is free as well.

Tmobile has a plan similar to this (Tmobile one) but those plans limit 10 lines per plan…

Dan, would you recommend me switching to this Verizon deal?


Max 10 lines per plan, as per vzw rep only 8 can be phones, 2 need to be tablet/smart watches/jetpack


I have a plan with 10 phones. No tablet, smart watch or jetpack


i’m currently on a T-mobile family plan with 6 lines, paying about $32.50 per line. I have 2 devices that we are paying for monthly as well from t-mobile.
1)Will verizon pay for those phones if I come over?
2) and can t-mobile phones be used on verizon?


FYI the free unlimited sprint one year is still available
Costs about one time $10 plus about $3-5 month taxes per line


Dan: customer service is closed. And local stores are closed. What number can I call to change my plan right now. Please help.


so whats the plan i have? $110 unlimited for 10 lines


Just came back from Europe. I missed the 22nd deadline. Do you think there is any chance I can still get the older plan if I sign up today?


Thank you very much for the heads up!


I got this plan and I have 5 lines each comes out to $48.73

We’re the numbers you posted before taxes and fees?

David P

Verizon just released a new unlimited plan if you have 5 lines

Brian from staples

i also forwarded my calls from my flip phone by dialing *72 and the number they gave me.
and set up a whatsapp with my isreal number