Last Day For JetBlue Status Match Offer!


Update: Today is the final day to take advantage of this offer!

Originally posted on 7/14:

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JetBlue Status Match Offer Linky

I took advantage of JetBlue’s status match program last summer. JetBlue promised that the Mosaic status would last until the end of 2016 but it actually lasted until 1/31/17.

The benefits are great. You and your companions get 2 free checked bags, free even more speed checkin and security access, early boarding, 3 additional points per dollar spent, free alcoholic beverages onboard, and a dedicated Mosaic 24/7 customer service line.

But best of all you can cancel your paid and award flights without penalties. Plus you can make same day confirmed flight changes for free, so you can buy a flight for an inexpensive time and then switch to a more expensive flight that departs on the same day of your flight without paying anything. You can make that change for free starting 24 hours before your originally purchased flight.

Mosaic members also get discounted upgrades when they redeem points and they can request upgrades at the gate.

JetBlue will match the following to Mosaic:

  • Alaska MVP Gold/Gold 75K
  • American Plat/Plat Pro/EXP
  • Delta Silver/Gold/Plat/Diamond
  • Southwest A-List/Companion Pass
  • United Silver/Gold/Plat/1K/GS
  • Virgin America Silver/Gold to Mosaic.

Status officially lasts until 12/31/17, though it likely will last until 1/31/18 as it did last year.

If you earn 3,750 base TrueBlue points from flying JetBlue within 90 days of enrollment then you status will last until 12/31/18 (or 1/31/19).

This offer is valid for matching until 8/14/17.

Don’t have any status to match?

If you spend $50K on the JetBlue Plus Card you will also earn Mosaic status for the remainder of the year, plus the following year. When you earn it from the card you also earn 15K bonus points.

The card has other benefits as well:

  • A free checked bag for the cardholder and up to 3 passengers on the same reservation. That’s a value of up to $200 in waived checked bag fees per round-trip.
  • 30,000 JetBlue points for signing up and spending $1,000. JetBlue points vary in value, but that will be good for about $450 of free flights.
  • 10% points rebate every time you redeem your points. The rebate will post within 1 business day of using points. That effectively makes your points about 10% more valuable and bumps up the signup bonus value of the card to about $500 of flights.
  • 5,000 points upon every card anniversary. Combined with the 10% rebate that’s 5,500 points that are worth about $83 towards JetBlue flights. That drops the effective annual fee from $99 down to just $16.
  • $100 annual statement credit when you book a $100+ JetBlue vacation package.
  • 2 points per dollar on groceries and restaurants and 6 points per dollar on JetBlue purchases on top of the 3-11 points per dollar that you earn for the flight itself, which makes for a very nice rebate on JetBlue flights.
  • 50% rebate for in-flight purchases of cocktails, food, JetBlue movies and other eligible purchases.
  • No foreign transaction fees.Best of all, JetBlue points never expire and JetBlue also allows families to pool their points together!

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I signed up for the Jetblue Plus Business so it won’t count towards the Chase 5/24. Not sure why no one ever mentions the business card for that reason…has same benefits as consumer card.

Joseph Mizrahi

If you did this last year will it work again?


Can i do this again if I did this last summer?


How does the process work if I have status with any other airline ? I have to call them or I can do it online?


Anyway to get upgrade to even more space for free? With mosaic status that is?


What will Southwest CP match too?


Dan – Please explain the last line. “If you fly earn 3,750 base TrueBlue points from flying JetBlue within 90 days of enrollment then you status will last until 12/31/18 (or 1/31/19).”

Are you saying if you fly JB within the first 90 days of enrolling you earn 3,750 Trueblue base points or you need to fly and earn 3,750 base points to qualify for an extension of status until 12/31/18?


Does this mean that they will match any of the above statuses to mosaic?


Dan does ” same day” mean the day of the flight or does it mean the day you book? Thanks


day of the flight


Can i status match from any hotel status to airline status to get this?




SPG Platinum gets United Silver which would qualify you for the match.


Any way to get this status match if I have SPG Gold status?


Not until JetBlue opens a hotel chain.


Andddd the Jetblue matching page is down.


Dan: Is it easier to get the high status on the other airlines than Jetblue?


I did it last year from southwest companion was great was upgraded twice although not much of a difference what’s really good is that you can use the JetBlue to status to get matched or challenged to other programs I used it last year to get silver medallion on delta and

Iko Desiko

Once I’m matched to Mosaic, any ideas for more status matches from Mosaic to other programs?


@Dan: Regarding the same-day confirmed changes, will they allow me to switch from a flight departing JFK to one departing LGA, or vice versa?


with MOSAIC you can change any flight without penalty but you would have to pay whatever fare difference exists


Are to you sure? Dan seems to imply above that within 24 hrs of a flight you can change it to any other flight for that route.


NOT ACCURATE. As Agoldsc1 suggests, within 24 hrs of your flight, you can make same day changes to your flight for the same markets at no charge. Of course, you’d be correct if the markets changed… but then it would be more of a CANCEL (no penalty) and replace situation.


Yes, they treat all NYC airports as one market…. same as they do other cities considered the same market such as Boston Area, Southern Florida, etc.


The JetBlue offer page does not state that Emirates status can be matched to Mosaic. Are you sure Emirates will work?


@Dan: The way I calculate it, if I spend approximately $470.00 on Jetblue flights booked directly on the Jetblue Website using their Credit Card, then I would have earned over 3,750 points, because I would receive a total of 8 points per dollar (6 for booking on their site, and 2 from the credit card). Does that sound correct?

And if I open a credit card and earn points that way, would those count towards the points needed to extend the status?


Seems unlikely:

Base flight TrueBlue points are the 3 points per $1 that TrueBlue members earn on the base fare of their individual JetBlue flight. JetBlue flights are flights operated by JetBlue and purchased with a JetBlue flight number. All other bonus points, partner points, booking bonuses or any other points will not count towards the 3,750 point requirement.


Not unlikely, you are exactly correct. Forget bonuses, etc… need to spend and FLY $1,250 in base fares during the period. To clarify, just purchasing during the challenge pd. doesn’t count… you also need to fly.

Dan\'s the Man

Dan, Do you this year’s status match will also last until 1/31 of 2018? I might want to book a flight for Jan 2018 using my JetBlue points but I would like the flexibility to cancel the flight. Also do you know how long before the flight you have to cancel to get your points/money back if you have Mosiac status?


For the CHALLENGE, I see, “Base flight TrueBlue points are the 3 points per $1 that TrueBlue members earn on the base fare of their individual JetBlue flight. JetBlue flights are flights operated by JetBlue and purchased with a JetBlue flight number. “.

My question is, if I make a reservation for 3 travelers (myself & my spouse) with a base fare of $331 pp, will I earn the 3 points/dollar based on just my fare of on the combined cost of the ticket for 3 travellers?

Chuchum ainer

Any idea if can get matched if my status is itself a promotional/challenge 90 status? Ie, if I have united silver 90 day challenge, will they match?


Hi Dan: I cannot get them to do a match on a United GS. Any advice?

Amiel T.

@Dan – I got the status thanks! Quick question though when you say the cancellation fee is waived does that mean I’ll be fully refunded? I heard people say that you get trubluecredit for your booking


I think that if you call they will refund for free as opposed to online where its a credit


I have a delta card with 60,000 points with AMEX would i be able to get the match offer?


I have Mosaic, can I be status matched with any other elite programs or only other programs gain access to mosaic?


Anyone else having this issue. I sent in my status match when this was first posted weeks ago. I called today to check if there was an update and the rep was all confused and she told me that I filled it out incorrectly and I left my first name out and telephone number out. The website asks for 3 things..Last name, EMAIL ADDRESS associated with the account, and an upload file showing my status on other airlines.. I dont know what shes talkin about..I just resubmitted through the link those 3 things again..Anyone else run into issues?


Will getting this card count against my credit score-is it like opening a new credit card?


How do you prove you are companion status with Southwest? I sent in a screen shot and they emailed me back saying it’s not enough


I had the same issue. You need to send an email to with a picture of the companion card and then they will match.