Marriott Status Downgraded? Tweet For An Upgrade!

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I gave up on the Marriott program last year after the program was devalued too many times, dropping from Titanium to lifetime Gold.

After Gary wrote and several DansDeals readers reported success getting back their Marriott Platinum status, I decided to try my luck and send a direct message to @MBonvoyAssist for a status upgrade back to Titanium. I mentioned that Hilton was upgrading their members who lost status this year back to what they had last year.

It took about a week, but they responded that they would restore me back to Platinum:

That’s a year more generous than Hilton’s extension, though they declined to restore me to Titanium.

I was pretty close to Platinum for this year as it was thanks to Marriott’s new policy to award 30 elite night credits, but this made it easy.

I also noticed that Marriott has also extended the expiration dates of my certificates and travel packages to 1/31/21. I was dubious about Marriott’s IT department being able to pull that off in a timely manner.

Color me impressed Marriott!

Now, how about you change the points earned from the ex-SPG AMEX back from 2 to 3, bring back MLB Moments, get rid of category 8 pricing, roll back the ridiculous category changes, and kill dynamic pricing and we’ll call it even for assassinating our beloved SPG program?

Have you asked any programs for an elite status upgrade? Post your results in the comments!

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Any advice on what to do if I booked a cat 5 with my free night cert before it went up to a 6 but because of corona they cancelled my reservation for end of may being that the hotel is currently closed. Any way I would be able to get the hotel booked again once it reopens and still be able to use my cert for it even though it is a cat 6 now?


What are you asking them exactly?


Hi Dan
Would it be possible for you to address the Marriott Villa and Home program?
The booking will say for example 25K Point a night, but when about to book it shoots up drastically!!

Richard Toscano

I was also downgraded from Titanium to Gold. I sent them a message via Facebook Messenger on 4/13. Just as I was going to send a reminder, I received this response on 4/17:
“Hi Richard, we’re following up with you on your inquiry about your Elite status downgrade. During these challenging times, we continue to monitor the effects olour members’ ability to earn or re-earn Elite status in 2020. Therefore, you will be elevated from Gold Elite status to Platinum Elite status for 2020. You should now see this change reflected in your account within 24 hours. Your loyalty is incredibly important to us, and we appreciate your business.”


I was told tough as it is based on last years travel and I wasnt close to re earn


I got this too.
The Elite Status you are seeing now reflects your stay activity during 2019, which was processed on March 22, 2020. The Elite Status you earned with your 2019 travel would have normally expired in February 2021, but will be extended to February 2022


how did you contact them? maybe ill try again


I emailed them and they told me sorry cant do anything


Do you think we would have any luck trying to get gold to platinum if we never had platinum before?


Whats the best way to contact them if I don’t have a Twitter account?


Wow! A compliment from dan for #Bonvoyed


I emailed them about a week ago to reinstate by Gold Status after a recent downgrade to silver (that’s not asking a lot). I mentioned about the difficulty to travel now. I had to cancel a booking a few weeks ago as well. Their response:
“Thank you for contacting Marriott Bonvoy™ regarding Elite earnings and status. It is my pleasure to assist you today. Our records indicate you had 19 Elite nights in 2019. Therefore, you were downgraded to Silver Elite status. At this time we are unable to upgrade you.” Any use trying another method?


Additionally I called and the rep explained the same thing. They keep bringing up “if you didn’t stay x nights in ’19 we can’t help. No exceptions.” Not sure how anyone else got it. Not questioning @dan lol.


Has there been any news or anecdotes of marriott extending expiration dates of the 35k pt certificates from the Amex cc’s? Thanks


My BIL who didn’t qualify in 2019 for plat, just got upgraded from Gold to Platinum for 2020 and extended through to 2022!!!


How many paid nights in 2019?