[Update: Confirmed!] INCREDIBLE! President Trump Just Announced A Peace Deal Between Israel And Bahrain!

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Update: This is now confirmed!

Things continue to move quickly in the Middle East!

President Trump announced a peace deal between the United Arab Emirates and Israel less than a month ago. El Al brought an Israeli and American delegation to Abu Dhabi, where the red carpet was rolled out. Then a deal with Saudi Arabia was announced to allow Israeli airlines to use their airspace to fly anywhere in the world. Commercial flights between Israel and the UAE may happen as soon as next month.

Bahrain approved Israeli airlines to use their airspace yesterday.

And now it’s being reported that President Trump will announce later today that the gulf state of Bahrain will normalize their relationship and make peace with Israel!

Iran has pushed the Arabian Gulf into peace that would have seemed absurd in the past.

If the report is true, that’s incredible news. I can’t wait to be able to fly between Israel and countries across the Arabian Gulf!

Peace across the Middle East may well turn out to be the bright spot of 2020.

Which country will be next to make peace with Israel? Oman? Morocco? Kuwait? Saudi Arabia?

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“I can’t wait to be able to fly between Israel and countries across the Arabian Gulf!”

Just curious, Dan, why are you so excited personally about being able to fly between IL and countries across the Arabian Gulf? Of course that amazing but for you personally how often are you in that region that it would mean that much to you already? Were are you going from IL already?:)


Kuwait would be a shocker.


Saudi Arabia recently stated that they will not sign a peace agreement with Israel until the Palestinians have their own state. Maybe also Morocco?


Wait until Trump offers them nukes to get the deal. IF UAE got our most sophisticated fighters, imagine what Saudia Arabia can get!


I’m not thrilled about that either, but it seems that Bibi approved that. I guess he figured that the pros outweighed the cons. Also, none of us know what else Israel or the USA has in their arsenals. Maybe the F-35 thing is much ado about nothing. Maybe Israel is hoping that the UAE will use them again Iran.


Yeah, Bibi was AGAINST it until Pompeo paid a little visit and brought down the hammer.


For a long time, it was almost taken as a given that Pakistan’s nukes were to be considered the Saudi’s nukes of last resort. But Pakistan’s got some vestiges of democracy to such volatile extent that even the Pakistani military isn’t all what it used to be in Pakistan, try as it does to hang onto its legacy powers by playing both above and below the proverbial belt. And so Saudi Arabia considers them unreliable and has needed a backup plan, more so against Iran than anyone else, and that backup plan involves an Israeli alliance. Also the Pakistanis have gotten closer to Turkey and there is a regional power rivalry between Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

The UAE has its own nuclear program, one further enabled by the Trump Administration. They also are ahead of the Saudis on missile know how. Think of the UAE as the West Asia’s version of East Asia’s Taiwan: a creative player heavy into defense investment against a perceived enemy across the water with which its deep in business too.

The UAE is better positioned to get more outsized return from Washington than the Saudis. The UAE is even responsible for MBS’s rehabilitation in DC, even after the gruesome murder of Jamal Kashoggi at the Saudi Consulate in Turkey. If the Saudis want or need something done in the US, its the Emiratis who seal the deal; and that’s because the Emiratis have run a way more effective and sophisticated lobbying/influence peddling game in DC than the Saudis, and this has been going on for quite some decades now.


A lot of countries have said a lot of things about israel. throw it all out the window.

None of the peace deals from the last month happen without KSA being ok with it.

You think UAE would normalize relations with Israel if they didn’t get approval from Riyadh?

Dan\'s the Man

I can see Iraq allowing Israeli flights flyover rights (to get on America’s good side)


No surprise!!

Its in this weeks Haftorah!

פַּנּ֖וּ דֶּ֣רֶךְ הָעָ֑ם סֹ֣לּוּ סֹ֤לּוּ הַֽמְסִלָּה֙ סַקְּל֣וּ מֵאֶ֔בֶן הָרִ֥ימוּ נֵ֖ס עַל־הָֽעַמִּֽים




Sad to see Jews still believing all of this Navios apply to today’s secular state of Israel. We’re waiting for the true and ultimate redemption, while still thanking G-d for giving us a more peaceful Middle East in the meanwhile.

reb yid

According to some ‘shitos’ the ultimate redemption will come ‘al pi derecg hateva’
so this is not sad.


Kuwait is not happening in near future.

Oman I would see as most likely to be next one.


Is there any country Dan would *not* desire visiting? Maybe North Korea? Perhaps Iran? Somalia? (Although with Iran…. there is an active Jewish community there, with rich history, including seeing the burial of Mordechai and Esther)


This has been confirmed by Axios


Are you not afraid of going to some of these places while being obviously and visibly Jewish? Heck, I wouldn’t even visit some European countries myself.


Propaganda. Jimmy Carter brokered peace between Israel and Egypt – an enemy that actually posed an existential threat to Israel. That peace has lasted over 50 years. Now *that* was an accomplishment.

U need to b smart

It is now safer for a Jew to walk the streets in UAE( and soon Bahrain) than it is in Europe. 2020 continues to amaze!!


Is it really?

The UAE is an authoritarian state that runs a high tech massive surveillance state within its borders. I would rather live free to express my peaceful opinions and discuss values than to have to be afraid of the state powers taking aim at me for just that.

Being proclaimed safe as a captive animal in the proverbial state zoo isn’t for me.


How about Charlottesville? Feel safe there?!




Yes. I do feel safe there. Why do you ask?


Ann was trying to make a Trump dig with the liberal favorite “Charlottesville”


Can I mention “Benghazi,” to trigger the Repubs? I mean, how many investigations for 3 people being killed, as opposed to nearly 200,000 murdered in the US this year.


murdered?!Come on the thing is uncontrollable at least he didnt send sick people into nursing homes. Who would do that??? Oh right cnn’s darling governor.

James Twilley

200,000? That number seems to be quite subjective due to facts that are coming out. Last I heard, the number of deaths that were only related to covid-19 was around 9,000.. but I doubt anyone will ever know the actual number since misinformation seems to be the norm now.


Sure, why not? According to crime stats, Charlottesville has below average crime rates. Plus there is a Chabad in that town (Rohr Chabad House at The University of Virginia)

James Twilley

well you pulled that right out of nowhere, didnt you?

TDS is real, and charlottesville has nothing to do with this conversation. Anyone can pull out random issues from either side, but what does that accomplish?


Oman will be next.


Netanyahu has already been on the ground in Oman and met the former Sultan and the person who has since become the new Sultan of the country. And that was a couple of years ago.



can we get the first official dansdeals presidential endorsement?


While this is great, it’s not like there was ever “war” between the countries. It’s merely a poor political spin by Trump and Netanyahu. Let us know when they make peace with Iran, Lebanon, Syria and the likes.

James Twilley

so anything positive by the trump administration is a spin or a distraction? Ive heard that said about the 3000 troops he just ordered back from the middle east too. Strangely though, I haven’t heard any chatter about the bill he passed that lowered insulin cost to 15 bucks from the previous $400 for patients. Thats going to save lives. But I also haven’t seen that reported at all in the media, it doesn’t fit the narrative.

By this train of thought, he might as well just do nothing until after the elections right?


Was BB’s plan to annex part of a subterfuge to get these peace deals started? To make it seem like they are giving up something?


Typival Trump playbook move!


To be honest, I’m not too surprised. With the exception of the last 100/150 years, the Jews have historically been much better friends with the Muslims than with the Christians


Sorry that is a myth. Many pogroms against Jews pre 1948.. Morocco 1937 comes to mind, several in Iraq pre WW2, in Yemen a Jew couldn’t ride on a donkey lest he be ‘ higher’ than a Muslim. Jews couldnt walk on the same side of the street. But the ‘ peaceful Jew Muslim lovefest’ pre 1948 is a favorite myth of Aran propagandists who loathe Zionism.


Only half the 1.5 million population of Bahrain is Arab — the rest are Asians, mostly imported to do the kind of work that immigrants do everywhere. The land area of Bahrain is about 25% that of Cleveland’s Cuyahoga County. They do have oil.

Time will tell whether there are undisclosed side agreements involving the Palestinians that encouraged Bahrain and the Emirates to take this step. For now, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” — it’s all about Iran, where 80 million people and a nuclear program should be a concern to the entire world.


Meanwhile, Trump is blocking Israel from signing a deal with China. Trump is threatening to cut off military aid to Israel if Israel forms a closer relationship with the world superpower.


I support Israel 200% and I think the rapprochement with China is not only wrong, but dangerous to Israel. Giving them control of major ports like Haifa and ashdod? Insane. U can’t be a Light unto the Nations and dismiss Chinese concentration camps and security state abuses. They are too big, too powerful and too aggressive to trust.


Sifter, I don’t think the United States should be dictating to Israel what’s in Israel’s own national security interests. Especially this joke of an administration.

Regarding the Uyghurs, didn’t Trump say he doesn’t care about human rights abuses? Look at what the UAE and Bahrain are doing in Yemen! If countries like Israel want to sanction elites in China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, Syria, etc., I would support that. But that isn’t what’s happening here.


Can you imagine if this was President Obama sending our most advanced weapons to the Arabs while dictating to Israel? The right wing heads would be exploding.


Oh the irony… WW2 led to the creation of Israel. The Jews were unjustly persecuted. Since the creation of Israel and since they were able to take up a stronghold in the region the Israelis have treated the Palestinians as mosquitos. Building walls and continually encroaching on their land while subjecting them to gestapo like circumstances. Oh the irony… As a muslim, i detest all these oil money rich middle east countries. They’ve sold their soul in the name of dollars. And do nothing for their common man or fellow muslim. The Israeli government doesnt want peace they want domination. They’re racists. And please dont come at me with that anti-semite bs. Love Dansdeals. But if you post about politics i have the right to voice my opinion as well. Thanks for posting.

Level headed

Huh? Any arab from any land can visit any where in Israel they would like. But arab countries are now begining to slowly let Israeli citizen in.


ddfan, I’ll just say this. An Israeli isn’t allowed to go to the Temple Mount, isn’t allowed to attend a university in the PA, can’t vote there, can’t attain a government position, would face consequences if shared that he/she is LGBTQ. All the opposite privileges for Palestinians while in Israel. When Palestine will allow me (as a Jew) to vote or attend a university over there, then we can’t talk about racism. In the mean-time, enjoy those opportunities that Israel affords Palestinians.


An Arab can walk the streets of Jerusalem no problem but if a Jew wanders off the highway by accident he may get lynched.


Too bad he could care less about peace in the US.


His legacy will be that of divider-in-chief. Leading to civil war.


Bahrain is tiny . Airspace not nogea


And what is your problem with the way President Trump handled the pandemic? Even your Fauci person, on various interviews in February said they were all working 20 hours each day and that he was Very Impressed with how the White House was handling everything. How can anyone support the Bernie sanders run campaign anyway? Trump has done so many things for the USA, this is just another example of his time, efforts and devotion to making things better.


Lying Donny admitted yesterday to watching 8 hours of TV a day. I wish I had that schedule! But then again, I’m not responsible for murdering 200,000 Americans.


Your are joking, right? Trump cares about himself only and thinks everybody else is loser/sucker.


I wonder how many US advanced weapons Trump has promised his Arab benefactors for this one, as well as how much baksheesh the Trump family will receive. A 1973 laws guarantees the US will maintain Israeli military superiority. That seems to be out the window, judging by the gifts to the UAE and the Saudis.


In so much as it’s long overdue for their to be direct commercial and other civil ties between these countries too, calling this a peace deal is ridiculous and just as ridiculous as calling the Israel-Emirates developments a peace deal.

Bahrain and Israel have never really been in a war against each other. And Bahrain, as a de facto protectorate of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, was going to follow what its ruler’s patron protectors in the area wanted it to do.

As the UAE’s MBZ wants, Saudi’s MBS mostly does. And when those two anti-democratic regimes say “Jump!”, Bahrain’s minority rulers respond with “How high?”.


It just amazes me how horrible most people on Twitter are. This should be very good news that all Americans can celebrate. But the Twitter responses are so awful. These people are crazy and I’m glad I don’t use Twitter much.


Reports are out that President Trump will announce direct flights from Israel to Morocco.


Never Kuwait. Still stuck in the past.