Saudi Arabia And Bahrain Reportedly Approve All Israeli Flights To Overfly Their Airspace!

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Things are moving quickly in the Middle East!

The stunning news last month was the Israel-UAE peace deal, quickly followed up with an El Al flight to Abu Dhabi. That was the first commercial Israeli flight ever to fly over Saudi airspace and it came with the announcement that Saudi Arabia would allow Israeli flights to use their airspace to fly to the UAE.

I joked that Iran should win the Nobel peace prize, but President Trump has been nominated for the honor today.

And now comes the news via Jared Kushner that Saudi Arabia and Bahrain will allow Israeli flights to use their airspace no matter where they are flying to!


This is amazing news for Israeli airlines, which can now fly to many destinations to the east that were previously impossible to profitably operate due to airspace restrictions. It will also shave travel time off of existing destinations.

Who says 2020 is all bad news? I can’t wait to find out what great news will come out of the Middle East next!

This is certainly great news for El Al and their network planners. The only question is when will they reopen?

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24 Comments On "Saudi Arabia And Bahrain Reportedly Approve All Israeli Flights To Overfly Their Airspace!"

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Do we want to fly over Saudi Arabia though?

Dan\'s the Man

Sure do! Don’t worry the boring Saudi dessert view won’t be scene from 30K foot elevation! 🙂


The Saudi wouldn’t give overfly rights just to shoot Rosen the plane

Eric from Dallas

… And besides, how are they supposed to know which plane Rosen is on, anyway?


Darn spell check


Incredible news!!
How many hours I have wasted on LY flights going around KSA throughout the years


Signs of Moshiach?


How so ?


No HT for me?!? Haha!!!


Awesome! Trump 2020


Agreed. #KAG


Sounds like good news for MEL-TLV that was supposed to be tested in April but got cancelled…


NY/ East Coast & Europe to Asia Via TLV?
IF Elal get their act together could be a huge game changer!

Dan\'s the Man

I thought they announced this last week? Wasn’t Israair planning their flight to UAE based on this?


First Israeli flight ever to fly over Saudi airspace? I think not 🙂


We know that someone like Trump wont ever actually win the peace prize. Only someone that really deserves it like Yaser Arafat for example….

Rabbi H

Or Barack O’Beheima


Maybe it will pull El Al out of bankruptcy!


Abu Dhabi has also directed all hotels to start offering kosher food.


Dan, Is this this such a big gain if they still can’t fly over Oman & Yemen ?
I feel it’s not so safe flying between Qatar & Iran over the Persian Gulf & Gulf of Oman

In other words what route would they take to East, BOM, HKG, MEL, etc ???

Aryeh Sonnenberg

Why do you think that people are fighting over El Al? There is a huge market opportunity opening.


Dan, any new updates on El Al/Qantas flying TLV/MEL? Nonstop.