AMAZING! Israel And The United Arab Emirates Agree To Full Normalization Of Relations And Direct Flight Agreements!

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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President Trump just announced that Israel and the UAE have agreed to a full normalization of their relations!


This is amazing for better Middle East relations and tourism. Will an agreement with Saudi Arabia be next?

Over the past few months we’ve seen Etihad fly humanitarian flights nonstop from Abu Dhabi to Israel, first without their livery and then in full livery. 

I asked back then if commercial flights will be next and it seems like those will be coming as well. The President wrote that in the coming weeks bilateral agreements will be signed for “investments, tourism, direct flights…”

Etihad had to fly to Israel via Kuwait, Iraq, Turkey, and Cyprus rather than over Saudi Arabia, Syria, or Lebanon, but hopefully they will be able to overfly Saudi Arabia as part of these agreements.


Flying Etihad or Emirates shower class to Israel? Sign me up!

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are also great cities for a stopover on the way there.


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Until then, there’s always the Avi Liberman method of flying to Israel on Etihad:


When do you think we’ll see commercial flights between the UAE and Israel anytime soon?

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This is obviously Nobel Peace Prize worthy. An extraordinary game changer for the world. But what are the odds Trump gets a Nobel Prize? Unfortunately, zero. But history will understand.


Yes, think about all the people that have died in the UAE-Israel wars. No more.

Phil DDF

It is the start of a promising trend between Arab counties and Israel that promotes peace in the region. Hence, it is, indeed, Nobel peace prize worthy. (Also, there may not have been direct military conflicts between the two entities, but UAE would support Israel’s enemies and attempt to harm Israel at every turn.)


Do you think UAE will no longer support Israel’s enemies? If anything, they will probably direct more funding to Palestinian groups (including terror groups) in order to counter the narrative that they succumbed to Israel, all while happily accepting Israeli $$$ in investments and tourism.


Dan, I said this deal will put more pressure on UAE to direct funding to Palestinian groups (including terror groups), not that they do so now (although, FWIW, UAE money certainly finds its way to terror groups, just like Saudi money does). Opening bilateral relations does not mean an agreement hat “we will never support your enemies” like Phil DDF seems to think (see, e.g. Turkey).


then how does this bring peace?

yisroel cohen



The HT belongs to President Donald Trump. Everyone should be getting his Twitter alerts


On the bright side, if history is a judge Trump may still (B”H) lose the election: see Jimmy Carter’s loss after the Camp David Accords.

Doom and gloom

You’re kidding, right? Camp David accords was a horrible amputation of a massive piece of land back to Egypt.


I was not commenting on the wisdom of the land-for-peace aspect of the Accords, but the fact that it lead to a peace deal between Israel and Egypt. The good will that Carter generated from that deal wasn’t enough to counteract his other deficits. I certainly hope this deal holds and is the beginning of more peace deals with the Arab world…and I also hope for the sake of America and Israel that Trump loses in a landslide (okay, I’ll take a loss of any kind!).


#Trump2020 ✌


Mind explaining why trump losing is good for Israel?

Phil DDF

You mean the president that took a terrible economy under Obama and turned into one of the greatest economies we have had in a long time? You mean the president that instituted unpopular travel bans to delay the virus coming onto our shores? You mean the president that has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital? You mean the president that has helped implement extensive criminal justice reforms (before BLM) that Obama never dared attempt? You mean the president who helped renegotiate trade treaties to substantially benefit the US? Stop drinking the liberal kool aid and wake up!


I don’t want to go too deep into this. Of course you and I won’t come to any agreement. Some of what you said is factual, some is partly factual, some is flat-out incorrect. That being said, I mean the president who has weakened the U.S.’s standing and authority globally, ceding it to China and Russia. I mean the president who downplayed – and continues to downplay – the risk and severity of the virus that has beset all of us, leading to far more death than needed to happen. I mean the president who has given comfort and (much more than dog whistle) support to people who proudly shout “The Jews will not replace us”, QAnon supporters, etc. I am a vehement supporter of the Jewish State of Israel. It’s for that reason that I support a stronger America. Now I’m sure you agree with me on all accounts, right!


So let’s Make America Great Again! Trump has been the best friend in the White House that Isreal has ever had. I have no idea where you get the idea that we are ceding anything to China or Russia.


Israel should’ve annexed Yehuda and Shomron first. Doubt this will last!


It is a cop-out for Bibi, an excuse not to annex (which he never really wanted to do, but had to promise to do to be re-elected) and a way to show he got something for it.


Exactly what HArosh said.
Bibi never had the intention, even for a minute, to annex anything and start a terrible new round of conflicts, potentially with Jordan as well. It’s all smoke and mirrors, and Trump gave him a really graceful way to climb down from that tall tree..




I’d like to know more about that Jordanian border VIP service – can we get a trip report?


Wonder why Dan posts this clip at every opportunity?


Moshiach Times!


Curious. What does the UAE get out of this agreement?


1) Tourism
2) Heavy traffic from Israel to Eastern Asia (and Australia) via their hubs.


Wow you definitely called this one. I assume you were deep involved in these negotiations


I see the joint statement mentions Israel will suspend declaring sovereignty over areas previously endorsed by the US.

high end hobo

A huge nail in the coffin of Elal!


so true! sad! that I can tell you!


Untrue !!
In a healthy world, more competitive is better for business and for costumer!
Unfortunately till now, Elal was bad because of them !
Maybe if it changes owners, some good will come out of it, and it will be an excellent airline..
Time will tell.


So Dubai is the next destination for משולחים


Why couldn’t EY fly via Iraq and Jordan? Jordan has relations with Israel.


Exactly what I was wondering when I saw the map.


Read the statement:
“As a result… and at the request of President Trump…, Israel will suspend declaring sovereignty over areas outlined in the President’s Vision for Peace…”


Realized this is actually a good thing. Part annexing would have meant leaving them 70%, giving them some sort of state.
Now that is pushed off, and peace was accomplished without giving away any land 🙂

Ed Travel

Fantastic! time to make peace and stop the never ending hate…Literally Shalom 🙂


=alot less EK availability.


When can we start dreaming about the fifth freedom to JFK….? 😉


A wonderful day for peace!


tourism?! Look at what came of “peace” with Egypt and Jordan. nobody feels comfortably safe to tour those countries. why will this be any different!


Nobody goes to Petra?


What’s the use case of EK flights for people based in Israel, besides flights to Asia?
I’m assuming Saudi Arabia won’t give them flyover rights so won’t be a short route


This is great, now we need to get rid of both awful Netanyahu and Trump.


#Trump2020 ✌


If this is so Great then why do you want to get rid of them now??


That comment makes no sense.


Where did chff post about this. I don’t see it on DDF?


I had the same question 🙂


If this agreement gives EK and others access to Israeli airspace for overflights, that’s a win for Israel (fees) and a win for EK and others (more efficient routes to and from Europe and N. America.


Best news especially to the Australian people – nother one stop option besides for Air India, Cathay, Qantas/Thai airways with Elal (A”H), and UA through SFO (lol)

kashe klutz


has anyone flown the United SYD/MEL-SFO-TLV?

Seems a bit long


If El Al didn’t have enough competition now they have another airline to deal with.

Dan\'s the Man

Maybe Emirate should by El Al?


They have to be Israelis first 🙂

Mark n

I think Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain are all options to normalize relations along with saudi Arabia and possibly before them. This is a master stroke my Kushner to really marginalize Hamas in world standing . Imagine being able to buy Israeli products in most gulf states but not in Europe!!!

Dan\'s the Man

Now Mosad agents don’t have to travel via Europe (and can travel in style on Emirates) if they need to fly to the Gulf to take down some Hamas terrorists vacationing in the UAE 🙂


Perhaps this would’ve happened a decade ago if not for that whole cluster?

Though, if relations become close enough, no need to make a trip, a phone call would suffice.


Overall great news, but Trump has a habit of making big announcements and promises with no follow through (Foxconn Wisconsin plant, anyone?), so we’ll have to wait and see. Note that the statement from MBZ was more muted, and Bibi has only promised to ‘delay’ annexation. Rarely do things in the Middle East move forward on a straight path.
Still, I hope this leads to good things.

Abraham cooper

Israel discourages people from traveling to Jordan. I know people are traveling and all is good but it’s a disaster in the making. I think it’s irresponsible to promote it.


#Trump2020 ✌


All it takes is one ElAl flight to UAE and it’s all over.

Vei Stois

Where does Emirates get their Kosher meals ? And are they the best in the sky


Out of NY, same old borensteins


how will they fly to israel if there smallest plane is a 777?


Turkey is considering to close it’s offices in UAE in protest to their normalization pact with Israel.
How this make sense when they themselves have relationships is beyond my scope. They are branding themselves as the Palestinians patron.

I wonder if they will block their sky for UEA-TLV routes.