[Match Back Now For 2021 Caesar’s Diamond!] Use The Wyndham And Caesar’s Infinite Status Match Loop For Free Hotel Stays At The Atlantis And More!

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Update, 2/2/21: Caesar’s did indeed downgrade me from Diamond to Gold. I applied here to match my Wyndham Diamond status back to Caesar’s Diamond again by clicking on “I’m a Wyndham Rewards member.” It says that the match will be completed within 7 days!

Update, 1/4/21: Wyndham Diamond status has been automatically extended through 12/31/21, so there’s no need to match from Caesar’s to Wyndham, but you can still do so if you want to here by clicking on “I’m a Caesars Rewards member”. It’s unclear if matched Caesar’s Diamond status will be extended from 1/31/21 to 1/31/22, but if it’s not you should still be able to match back from Wyndham Diamond to Caesar’s Diamond on 2/1/21 to continue the infinite status match loop.

Note that Wyndham’s Diamond status is currently unavailable if you’re not already on the infinite status match loop bandwagon with either Wyndham Diamond or Caesar’s Diamond status.

Update, 2/16/20: Here are my thoughts from my free Atlantis stay thanks to Caesar’s Diamond status.

Update, 1/6/20: The infinite status match loop lives on!

I just matched my Caesars Total Rewards Diamond status back to Wyndham Diamond again!

Next month I’ll match back from Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Total Rewards Diamond in order to extend that to next year.

Originally posted on 1/17/19:

In October 2018 I wrote about how you can match hotel status to Wyndham and then match your Wyndham status to Caesars Total Rewards for free hotel stays.

Wyndham offers status matches from other hotel chains to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. You can get top-tier Wyndham diamond status with Marriott Gold or higher, Hilton Gold or higher, Radisson Gold or higher, IHG Platinum or higher, Hyatt Globalist, and more.

There are lots of credit cards that give free hotel status just for having the card. For example:

  • The AMEX Platinum Business and AMEX Platinum Consumer cards give Marriott Gold and Hilton Gold status.
  • The IHG® Rewards Premier Credit Cardgives IHG Platinum status.
  • The The World of Hyatt Credit Card gives Hyatt Discoverist status and the ability to earn Explorist or top-tier Globalist status through bonus status nights earned through spending.
  • The AMEX Hilton Business card gives Hilton Gold status and it gives top-tier Diamond status if you spend $40K.
  • The AMEX Hilton card gives Hilton Silver status and Gold if you spend $20K.
  • The AMEX Hilton Ascend card gives Hilton Gold status and top-tier Diamond status if you spend $40K.
  • The AMEX Hilton Aspire card gives Hilton Diamond status.
  • The Marriott Bonvoy Boundless® Credit Card gives Marriott Silver status and it gives Gold if you spend $35K.
  • The Marriott Bonvoy Business® American Express® Card gives Marriott Silver status and it gives Gold if you spend $35K.
  • The Marriott Brilliant Consumer AMEX and JPMorgan Chase Ritz-Carlton give Marriott Gold status and it gives Platinum if you spend $75K.

I originally applied for a Wyndham status match on 10/10/18 and was matched to diamond on 10/15/18.

I was then able to immediately match my Wyndham Diamond status to Caesars Total Rewards Diamond status.

Total Rewards benefits can be found here. Those include free hotel stays in Total Rewards properties, comped valet parking in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, waived resort fees for diamond members, and more. You can search for free nights in Atlantic City and Las Vegas when logged in as a Total Rewards elite member.

Additionally, Platinum members get a free 3 night stay in the Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas Beach Towers. Diamond members get a free 4 night stay in the Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas Beach Towers during peak season or a free 4 night stay in the Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas Royal Towers during off-peak times. You can call 800-752-9711 to book your free stay.

My Wyndham status was downgraded back to Blue after 90 days, but my Total Rewards Diamond status is valid through 1/31/19. I went to match my Total Rewards Diamond status back to Wyndham and was upgraded from Blue back to Diamond! It doesn’t state how long the Diamond status will last for, but if it makes it to 2/1/19 I should be able to match it back to Total Rewards Diamond after that expires on 1/31/19…

Have you been able to take advantage of free nights with your Total Rewards status?

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“Just make sure you still follow the rules and book your trip by January 28, 2019 for travel by January 31, 2019.” Will they be extending this promotion for the free Bahamas stay? and what are the data points from the past?


@dan my status never changed from gold to diamond on total rewards, but I’m diamond with Wyndham, do you know what the issue might be?


I actually did the wyndam to TR in January and mybTR status dosent end until January 2020


If you have the chase united club card ($450 ann. fee) you also get Hyatt Discoverist status, but i don’t remember if i got automatically or i had it manually requested.


where does it say that?


Don’t forget that tr diamond gives Hyatt explorist status 😉


How do you do that deal?


Link? How?


Seems like this was only possible thru m life and required an in person status match in vegas but no longer works according to recent reports on tpg. Any other ways if doing this now?

Stephen Katz

Thanks Dan!
What have you found is the most effective way to search for free Vegas nights with your TR Diamond status?

james bardo

Why not just match from Marriott to Wyndham again like was done at first 3 months ago? why the need to use the Total Rewards status for the match.


How do you get free hotel in AC? I status matched already.


Thought I read that if you did that match from Wyndam to total rewards already that you can’t match it back for a second time?

I did the match and it expired for Wyndam January 13.
I just sent in to match again with Hilton diamond to get whyndam diamond.

So once February comes I would be Get back diamond at ceasers?
Sorry if this was confusing


Waiting to see when these programs will figure out this merry go round

free nights

its odd bc i also did the match back in Oct but i never saw the 3/4 nights in bahamas appear on my account. are they hidden or something?


It won’t show up. It is a perk that is given to you solely based on you being platinum/diamond. You need to call the Atlantis and they will book for you


Dan im a bit confused…just like you, my ceasers is diamond till 1/31/19…Should i upgrade my wyndham now then on feb 1 do the match with total rewards, or should i wait till feb 1 to upgrade wyndham and then do total rewards?


@jb if you wait till 2/1 you wont have diamond with total rewards anymore so then you wont be able to go back and match from total rewards to wyndham thats why you have to match back to wyndham before the end of this month


@B right right! your 100% correct..thanks! Just did it hopefully ill still have the status come 2/1 and can match the ttoal rewards..hopefully they give us more than 2 months this time for diamond at total rewards

Andy Shuman

Did the same thing the day before yesterday. The Diamond “due date” hasn’t changed from the past, but I’m hopeful that nothing will interfere until Feb 1.


Any luck matching Wyndham or Total rewards to Hilton?


I have SPG/Marriott Gold (through SPG Lux card), but I didn’t do the match to Wyndham back in October. Is it too late to do this deal, and get the status match over to Total Rewards?


Thanks Dan. We can put the perpetual match on death watch.


I tried to match back to wyndham and I keep getting the error “Something’s not right – please try again later.” what am i doing wrong?


Make sure personal information in both profiles are identical. I was having the same issue and this corrected it.

The initial Wyndham to TR match months ago processed successfully without information matching perfectly. Seems when you match TR back to Wyndham the information must be 100% identical or you get the error as you mentioned.


No luck… it was a different email before but even after changing it, it’s not letting me. only thing I can think of is the D.O.B. which isn’t shown on my TR profile. I’ve even let it sit overnight to make sure any profile changes refresh across the system. if you don’t mind me asking, which part of your profile did you have the discrepancy and did it work right after you saved the changes to your profile?

not sure if anyone else has been having this issue but would making a new wyndham account help?


My birthdate was displayed wrong in my Wyndham profile and didn’t match the birthdate in my TR profile. Once I updated the Wyndham profile to match the error went away and the upgrade processed instantly. Maybe try adding a birthday to your TR profile?

Peter Leblanc

I am having the same problem – regards “something’s not right”. I can’t see where to add a birthday to my TR profile. It’s in my Wyndham profile, though it was wrong, and i fixed it.


did you finally solve it? I have exactly the same problem and every item in both profiles are identical. I have confirmed DOB by calling TR and I even registered a new Wyndham account, still no luck. 1/31 is approaching…pretty sad.

Peter Leblanc

With a h/t to flyertalk, I learned that the system does not like Canadian postal codes. I changed my postal code on both accounts to the same US zip code, and resubmitted the request and it went through immediately.


I think i messed up. I requested a status match from wyndham diamond to total rewards yesterday. I was supposed to wait until the 1st wasnt i…


Can I match total rewards diamond to Hyatt ??


any idea when is peak or off peak? and what the tax is like?


answer my own questions: off peak is feb may june sept october january resort fee gratuity tax is about 65 bucks a day

Sammy j

Hi I tried linking my wyndham to TR and it is not processing does anyone know why?

shay peleg

Mind did not update also…


Used the link to match back to total rewards diamond yesterday and am now total rewards diamond till jan 2020 !!


How long did it take

Peter Leblanc

For my rematch it took about two days. Did it rematch for you?

Dr Moose

Worked for me.

Thanks for the heads up.


Can you status match to Wyndham more than once? I didn’t meet the requirement and was downgraded,I now have a Wyndham stay coming up. Will they let me match again?


Yes!! I just did caesars to Wyndham
If you guys see “something’s not right” message update zip code what I did change to only 5 digit code ex)600894938 to 60089 only
good lick!!!!


They say that you can’t. You can open a new Wyndham account and status match to that one.


How long does it take to get Wyndham status after matching from Hilton?


A couple of days.


I did this last year and submitted a form to status match on the same account. Is this going to be rejected?


Stayed 4 nights during NYE in Vegas no charge including resort fees. My wife also matched so we brought our son and daughter in law. Great move for 2 rooms!!!!


How did you get free rooms in Las Vegas?


How do you get free rooms?


Thank you, I matched from Caesars to Wyndham. Wyndham seems to have some nice, affordable hotels in NYC so I will stay at one of their NYC properties and see how the Diamond status makes my stay more memorable.

FYI – my favorite NYC hotel is the Andaz 5th Avenue with a room overlooking the library. I even prefer the Andaz to the Park Hyatt NYC.


Semms like you can only get hilton gold via status match from Wyndham not diamond and you also need to upload proof of recent stay


I signed up for Wyndham and got Diamond status, based on my Marriott status. But when I click the link in this post to match to Caesars Total Rewards, it says I should link the 2 accounts. Is that what I should do?


Does anyone know what happens on 2/1/2020 ? Caesars is changing their statuses so is there any point in waiting until then to status match or just do it now?


Does anyone know what happens on 2/1/2020.. ? Caesars is changing their statuses so is there any point in waiting until then to status match or just do it now?


Last year when we status matched we had several nights of comp rooms, we were able to stay in new orleans, Cherokee, and Atlantic city for free. We were just matched again for this year and no comp rooms are growing up on the calendar??? Anyone else know what that’s about?


I submitted my Wyndham Diamond to Ceasars Diamond status match on 2/1/2020.
Its been 11 days, or 7 business days to be exact.
Does it usually take this long for Ceasars to update me to Diamond status?

The message I got was “Thank you! Your Cearsars Reward tier status will be updated to Diamond within 7 business days”

shay peleg

I have the same issue… Dan any idea?


Did you end up getting the status match? If so, how long did it take?


Caesars Total Rewards
NOTICE: Due to COVID-19, we extended 2020 Tier Status and benefits through January 31, 2022.


But basically now my status at Hilton Marriott won’t help me cause their not accepting new status matches from other companies, correct?


I matched a while ago to Diamond – how do I get free nights in Atlantic City?


Omg !! I never noticed that since I got the chase IGH card I can match with all those hotels .

Is that still active ?
Can I match now to those hotels for top tier status ?


Is there any way to get involved in this without? Wyndham isn’t accepting new status matches now.


Message on the Wyndham website.

Please note: New status matches are not being offered at this time. Check back soon to see when status match will become available again.


Thanks for the heads up — we were downgraded to gold as well. But I used your link and matched back from Wyndham and got the same 7-day message as you. Vegas is very un-fun now, but I have been using LAS as a gateway to the Southwest (transcon airfares to LAS have been under $50 serveral times). Rooms at Harrah’s and the Flamingo have been running around 8 bucks on weekdays so it’s a good “port” if you’re heading into the desert. I have another trip planned there for spring when, hopefully, Vegas will be fun again. Room rates are still dirt cheap and refundable, so it’s worth booking now if you’re thinking of making a trip later this year.

Please create a post

@ Dan,

With all this promo earning status easier. Would it be possible to make a post with info once you earned status x you can match or get these benefits from other places.

For example I’m a Hyatt globalist what other matches and benefits can I get from other programs.

Same with Marriott Platnium/titanium

Patrick From Canada

Back to Dianon, took one day. Matched yesterday and around 2:30 back too Diamond. Yaaaaa


No need to status match. It is updating automatically.


My Caesar’s Diamond status is still there and says extended to Jan. 31, 2022. Wyndham still shows Diamond too. Wonder why mine didn’t get downgraded? Thanks for the reminder to check!


When did you check, yesterday or today? Today they are showing Diamond.


I had checked just before posting. Didn’t use my celebration dinner last year, so will make sure to do that this year.


@dan – can the free nights at Atlantis be used every year?


Can you transfer Wyndham points to Caesars Rewards and would it count towards diamond tier credits for 2 nights blue water requirements?


You can transfer 30k/year. They do not count.


So right now you can’t match Wyndham to cesars rewards diamond correct? Only way to status match to Cesar diamond is with founders club correct? New at the status match game. Thanks for any help!!


How many Caesars accounts can I status match using one Wyndham account?