Match Hotel Status To Wyndham And Caesars Total Rewards For Free Stays!

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Wyndham is offering status matches from other hotel chains to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

You can get top-tier Wyndham diamond status with Marriott Gold or higher, Hilton Gold or higher, Radisson Gold or higher, IHG Platinum or higher, Hyatt Globalist, and more.

If you have an AMEX Platinum card or Hilton card with an annual fee you can get Hilton Gold status for free. It’s worth noting that you can also match hotel status to Hilton Gold and Diamond here.

You can get IHG Platinum status for free with the Chase IHG card.

You can get Marriott Gold status for free with the SPG Luxury card.

It can take up to a week to get matched with Wyndham.

You’ll be matched for 90 days and you can keep Platinum for another year by staying 7 nights in 90 days or Diamond by staying 14 nights in 90 days.

You can see the benefits here, but the most intriguing is that you can match Wyndham Platinum or Diamond status to Caesars Total Rewards Platinum or Diamond.

Total Rewards benefits can be found here. Those include free hotel stays in Total Rewards properties, comped valet parking in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, waived resort fees for diamond members, and more. You can search for free nights in Las Vegas when logged in as a Total Rewards elite member.

Additionally, Platinum members get a free 3 night stay in the Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas Beach Towers. Diamond members get a free 4 night stay in the Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas Beach Towers during peak season or a free 4 night stay in the Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas Royal Towers during off-peak times. You can call 800-752-9711 to book your free stay.

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Wyndham diamond status matches to Caesar total rewards Diamond status?
Is Caesar total rewards diamond status also for 90 days or is that for a year?




it is matched till end of jan 2019


so just as being platinum or diamon total reward members, we can book 3 or 4 night stay at the hotel for Free?


I just got approved for IHG Carr. How long til Ky status shows Platinum?


Might be a dumb question but I can’t get my Marriott status to show up with my name in the same frame. any ideas?


Is there a place online we’re you can pull up your rewards card?

how to do



Thanks! What’s the link for total rewards to match ? Last time I checked I only saw link that doesn’t say Wyndham is an option and it’s only until Jan 2019


this sounds to good..your saying i can match my gold SPG to Wyndham diamond…Then i match my wyndham diamond to total rewards (cesars) and i will have a free 3 nights in atlantis?


Is Atlantis the only property where you can get a free stay?

Can you give a stay to a friend or family member at Atlantis?


I’m unable to get my name and status in my screenshot on SPG or Marriot


Me either. Dan please help!


You can use the Marriott app. Tap the logo icon until ‘my account’ appears on the top left. That screen shows your name, status, and rewards number all in one screenshot.


Doesn’t say my last name

Low Roller

Doesn’t matter. I was approved using this shot which only showed my first name.


Same here!


Any ideas how long this status match will be available?

Stephen Katz

Thanks Dan! In order to keep Wyndham platinum you have to stay a total of 14 qualified stays before 1/7/19. Do you know if you book a hotel and don’t show up, but still pay for it, if that counts as a qualified stay? Thank you!


i have my name and status in the monthly emails that spg sends me


When will total reward announce 2019’s benefits?


Is it possible that Marriott is purposefully making it difficult to get a screen-shot that contains all the necessary information to prevent status matches?


I looked a little more into this deal, and it seems like each night requires payment of approx. $75 in various fees (or higher if more than 2 adults are staying in a room).


$75 is still low. Care to elaborate? Thanks.



thanks dan .. is there a post detailing how to get the free stay at Atlantis?

if i match for now would i be able to book for a time when i no longer matched ?

do you think I could book back to back stays with my spouse?




Anyone actually get a match back from Wyndham? I submitted on 10/10, but have heard nothing back yet (set up a new account on that day too FWIW)


Yes, just got matched to Diamond status from Marriott Platinum Elite


Just got matched & then to Total Rewards


How long did it take Total Rewards to match it? When does the Diamond Total Rewards expire for you?


Match came through – so now a question on timing, any strategy to wait to match to TR or if I match now is it good through Jan 2020?


I wish Jan 2020, mine went through only to Jan 2019

mister bee

i got matched to wyndham diamond from marriott gold elite but i cant do the caesars match because u have to be 21 to create a ceasars account


Received an email today saying I have been matched from IHG Plat to Wyndham Diamond.

Followed the status match link for Total Rewards and and received a msg saying tier status will be updated to Diamond within 7 business days.

Right now I am just trying to figure out a way to maximize this offer, I read the links a few times, but I feel like calling the 1800 number will be the best shot.

If works as described, it’s a solid deal.

Thank you.


How long did it take to be matched ?

Did you get an email about it


Anyone know which option to click when matching to TR? Do you click the option on the left or right? Or is there no difference?


So.. My total rewards account has been upgraded to diamond. I did not receive an email confirmation but once logged in I saw the diamond status.

Called the Atlantis and was told that my account has not yet updated in their system and I should try again monday, when asked I was told they cant provide details about this deal without a valid diamond account.

Found several free stays in vegas and thao for many weekdays in nov and dec.
those included hotel fee and resorts fees so basically 100% free stay for 4 stars hotels such as the linq and balys which can be valued at $30 to $80 a night plus resort fees etc.

Other hotels had ok deals around $50 off regular price.

Cant say I will make bank on this but money is money and even $200 off a 3 night stay is something.

Hopefully the atlanstis deal will have more meat on the bone.


How did you get Vegas hotels for free?

Comped room for someone else

Can I book a room for my sister and her husband and have them stay instead of me or does the rewards member have to be staying there?


The rewards member must be there to check in