Delta Allowing Free Changes To Nonstop Flights On Israel Glitch Tickets!

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Update #4, 1:45pm: Some people are still reporting success at switching while others are being denied.  Share your experience in the comments!


Update #3, 12:30pm: Reports are now coming in that Delta is no longer switching people over to the nonstop flight. Post a comment with your experience and congrats to all those who were quick and got in on this deal.

As to why Delta would create a department to switch people to nonstops, leave a comment on DansDeals about who qualifies, switch over a ton of tickets, and then just pull the offer completely…I have absolutely no idea, but feel free to ask them and let us know!


Update #2: A Delta representative has left the following comment below:
“Hi this is Russell from Delta. Please be aware that this offer only applies to customers traveling from Newark who purchased their tickets between Dec. 21-26. No date changes or other adjustments, such as upgrades, are possible. We are allowing eligible customers who are interested from Newark to change to our nonstop flight from JFK. It’s strictly voluntary, and no other compensation is being offered. If you did not purchase your ticket between these dates, we will not be able to offer this re-routing option to you. Also, the number posted on this blog is a special area with limited staffing. If only customers who are eligible will call, it will help us to serve them more quickly.”

Update: The special department handling these changes (888-977-6186) has just closed for the day at 9pm.  They will reopen at 9am tomorrow.


I posted  4  Delta  deals in late December for ticket to Israel starting from just $372 round-trip. Many flights were via Europe.

The culprit once again was a missing fuel surcharge.

Today Delta started calling passengers to get them to change to the nonstop Delta flight from JFK-TLV instead of flying on airlines like KLM via Amsterdam or Air France via Paris. 

This will not work for folks booked via Rome on Alitalia.

This is of course very reminiscent of the $336 El Al deal from August when they allowed people to upgrade to nonstop flights for $75 each way.

Except that Delta is doing it for free!

Nope, no word from folks who got in on the $376 Alitalia deal to Israel on eliminating their extra flight segments.

Apparently you don’t have to wait for them to call you. DDF members have had success getting moved to nonstop flights for free by calling them at 888-977-6186. If at first you don’t succeed just HUCA (Hang up, call again!).

And be sure to post the results in a comment!

See the DDF thread below for more discussion.

HT: Mordy788, via DDF

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Is there any way to upgrade to business or first class


Can I change my non stop delta ticket I made for $670 the first glitch


Pay $$$$

You can change any flights via Europe to the nonstop.


You think they’ll give free cancellations?


Got it switched to direct JFK I areas of Newark


I doubt it.



If u call them they wont get suspicious and cancel the flight?

Also if i cancelled a ticket bec they didnt allow changes and they charged me 250 for it is there any way for me to get the money back?


works like a dream! (with the flight with stop in amsterdam)

dans fan

send the # via text. i got a few people asking me to give them the # from you website!!


@lf what number did you call, cuz im trying to call the 888 number not going thru


I can get them to switch it to a non stop on the same dates? Because I already booked an apartment….


got it switched to direct but you have to speak to supervisor


Just switched. Thanks DAN!!!!


Which number are you calling cause the 888 number listed is currently closed


@dave: I believe they are closed for the night. Open at 9est tomorrow.


They can’t cancel these tickets.





Initiate the call, they are only doing it as a courtesy as long as their are direct flights still available on your exact dates. The number listed here is a special number that is for a office that was set up to do this specific task. The women who I spoke to was very sweet and was happy to change my 8 tickets but said that their is very little left for those peasach tickets

dans fan

didn’t work for me because i have the flight via Rome ans it with Alitalia.
its only for flight that are going out from usa with delta


If I’m flying to israel via newark-atlanta-jfk-telaviv all with delta will I also be able to change to non-stop


if i have a direct flight from JFK to Tel Aviv on April 24 would they let me change it to a day earlier? will tomorrow morning be too late to call?


Anyone who booked through Orbitz got it adjusted?


The number given closed at 9pm Eastern time. Anyone know of another number to call? The lady I reached via a regular number had no idea what I was talking about.


There’s a good chance.

Highly doubtful.


Read the post update.


@yada: I booked through orbitz and me and a friend changed to direct JFK


Just dropped the 12 hour stop in Amsterdam and I’m going direct from jfk to tlv!
Btw I booked on Orbitz
Nice delta lady and I’m so glad I have twitter following Dan.!
Much appreciated


@Yehuda: i did the same! Dan u rok!


What time did you speak to delta? was it after 9pm? If yes , please post how we can get through to them now.



Can I do it even If I have tickets going out from Newark? I called delta thay say no


Can anyone advise if they were able to change a $670 ticket?


Called, rep was clueless.


@yehuda. I’m on the phone with them, they say they have no clue about this!! Do u have any confirmation? Or she says if we can give anyones confirmation # for whom this worked, they will do it for me too!! PLEASE!! Anybody?


@yehuda, which number did you call??




@Dan Just changed 6 tickets to direct
Dan ur the man!!


ABE/YEHUDA – can you please help us out and advise which number you called at this hour if officially the office that’s handling thisis closed at this hour? thanks a lot!


how did u change them now? that number doesnt work after 9pm


Why on earth is Delta doing this?
Does it work for any delta flights?


I called the number Dan listed.
I dialed at a minute to 9pm est and waited for a rep for almost 20 mins.
I would say to call in the morn


Delta direct claims the 888 tel # is not a Delta line at all. Do you think this can be some sort of scan? Why would Delta hire a team and set up a special number just to make your life easier??? Am I the only one thinking that it sounds almost to good to be true??


@Nice: it only works for flights that have a stopover in amsterdam that were booked with the glitch. not on the flights that have stopovers in the U.S.


@Nice: The glitch in this ticket was their mistake of not adding on $606 of taxes, most of it going for landing and taking off in europe. By them changing your flight to direct it saves them over $400 in taxes due to the airport where they make that stop and take off. In essence you are doing them a favor and in return you are getting a bonus of a direct flight. Its good for both!


I booked with ThankYou points will they still allow it?


Will it work for the $620 delta flight ord-jfk-tlv
, to switch to non stop from nyc?


I made my ticket for ewr-tlv tlv-ewr non stop will I be able to change my tickets?


has it worked for anyone that did the deal from EWR to TLV and back using the multi city trick – stopping in amsterdam on way there and in JFK on way back?


I got it changed, b”h 3 hours b4 u posted it

Reb Moshe

The proper Hakaros Hatov, Ladies and Gentelman, goes to @MORDY788! A devoted DDF Travel Agent

Thank You


Nice thanks will try!i booked for iyar / sivan 670$ my 400$ el al flight is for next month, and i had flown in november already…

mr g

guys call fast they will switch you into a nonstop ONLY if it available the date that you are booked on (cant change dates) SO HURRY SIZZLING HOT LOL AND CALL THEM NOW
btw they are not giving any refunds for cancelation




Thanks Dan

Just called 8:00 AM and they changed my 9 tickets direct to JFK

Thanks again


@RR: I got confirmation email from delta and orbitz about my new flights confirmed No need to be suspicious


the office is open now, i just changed my ticket to direct


I just changed my ewr-ams-tlv ticket to a direct flight the same night be calling the Skymiles number 800-323-2323. They were very helpful.


i just changed my seats and they gave me a middle.
i dont want to spend the 119$ to switch to economy comfort
and they have prefered seats for 49$ that im willing to spend but they wont sell it to me bc im not medalion or elite.
anyway around that? either to be able to purchase it now or anyway to get it upgraded for free?


On hold for 20 minutes, no answer


I just switched, waited on hold about half hour this morning, but the woman was very nice, and switched to no problem. Thanks Dan.


How much would it cost to upgrade to business of first class? How can I do it?


on hold for 1/2 hour, still waiting

On hold

On hold for 20 minutes now.

Does anyone know if delta might have asked their regular line to help handle these calls?


Got it changed for 8 tickets sukkas 2013. My flight was from on Delta via Air France
Thanks Dan!


hello good morning, sitting on the phone (888) and still waiting for a rep. You pple must be kidding! this better work for us… will let you all know how it turned out~!~!


@RR: Do you really think this is a scam? don’t know what makes me think so too… Googled this number and there is absolutely no record of it, and last night delta claimed its not their number and they have no idea about it.


I have been on hold for 15 minutes with no human interaction at all. Did other people wait for a long time to reach a representative? Thanks.


anyone have any luck getting through this morning?


does anyone who got this want to post their last name? then the delta rep may be able to switch mine – she wants to see s/o who did it


I’m trying to call now. I got the EWR-AMSTERDAM-TLV flight.. I hope it works!!

On hold

make that 40 minutes now!


Update: just got through upgraded to direct for free. Dan you came through AGAIN!!!!


just got it! 45 minutes on the phone but well worth it!


just called up and switched. Had flight from EWR to TLV via Amsterdam and now i have direct flight from jfk to TLV.

Thanks Dan



DL does not fly non stop from EWR.


I’m on hold with them now for the past 30 minutes. Did anyone have any success this morning?

Zalman Leib

@Dan Will this work with the Multi city ticket ? Ewr-ams-tlv and tlv-jfk-mia ? Thanks, on hold for 20min so far.


I’m on hold for over an hour already with the 888# listed above. Is anyone having luck changing it today? Did anyone confirm if this is valid, since it’s interesting that NO ONE at any of the other delta phone#s knows anything about it and is not encouraging it.


just got through after waiting over an hour on hold, they said they can only change outbound flights but they did it! thanks!


over an hour on the phone and no one picks up the phone


Just changed tickets!! thanks loads


I tryed and they didnt know what i am talking about i am a party of 8 with a long stop can someone help with a number or a ???


Got 7 tickets changed to direct flights from jfk to tel aviv!! (original via amsterdam)Thanks Dan!!


has anyone been able to change a non direct jfk flight to direct?

On hold

Just got through after 1:05 minutes.

Changing 17 tickets 2 lap children

She is calling me back in 45 minutes.

She told me that they found out which website leaked the number publicly and are following it.

They are now working to brief the agents at the regular call center to handle these calls


I am waiting already 1 hr and 15 min. Doesn’t seem true.



did you call this morning and did you use the number dan posted or regular Delta number. I was on hold with them for close to an hour.m


i called at 8:05 this morning, someone picked up right away and took less then 5 minutes to change my flight to direct



Does the $450 amex platinum annual fee count towards the $3,000 spend requirement to get the bonus sign up points – 100k.

I know you don’t get points for the fee itself, but does it count for mimum spend?



Done! waited for 1 hour and 16 minutes. They said that it’s an unpublished number and there are only a few people answering calls.


been waiting 50 minutes… hope they pick up soon!


Holding for an hr? Does that make sense?


I JUST got through after waiting on hold for over an hour and a half. It was well worth the wait. I changed five tickets to direct. They said “someone-some blog” leaked the 888# which was not supposed to happen and i asked why the regular reps at delta don’t know about this and they said because this is a private thing only their office was asked to handle and was not supposed to be made public. They said they are only changing the outbound flights and you can only change if they have the same day direct, which tank god i was able to do.
i went online to delta and saw the changes took effect already so this is legitimate. thanks again Dan!!


Your right my mistake so will they change a ticket I made non stop for jfk – tlv tlv – jfk


just called the skymiles number 800-323-2323, got through right away but was told it’s $800+ per ticket to change my EWR-AMS-TLV to JFK-TLV.

Guess I’ll do the long hold for this number.


called the regular name spoke with a supervisor and she said she does not know of any changes for free


just got through after an hour and fifteen minutes, upgraded to direct for free. Dan you came through AGAIN!!!!


Waiting an hour on hold!! 🙁


Guys, Don’t worry although I had to wait over an hour for a live person, the lady told me that anyone who boooked their flights from EWR to TLV via Amsterdam, Delta will change it for a non-stop ticket from JFK to TLV. She said Delta could accommodate all on that segment. They have the list and was going to call everyone on that sector. Because of the Blog they are inundated with calls and she did mention that soon they are trying to have the reservations desk also help with this. I would definitely try to call them asap and take care of it sooner. So don’t worry


I sat on hold for an Hour and a Half but it worked just fine, I now have a direct flight Thanks Dan


i was just told they will not switch the glitch tickets that start from jfk


Holding for an hr and 10 min already… No answer yet!


Baruch Hashem got mine changed, everyone going via Amsterdam will have a chance to change it


i spent 1 hour on hold but i got the change made!!
now i can get another day in israel!

the hold time sucks tho


Still on hold!


Almost an hr and 20 min. I feel like they forgot abt me!


still on hold 1 hr. 14 minutes…


After waiting 1 hour and 19 minutes someone picked up and made my change. This is after I wanted to give up and hang up the phone a few times, I tried to call Delta direct and they said they can’t do anything, so I kept on holding, and finally when they picked up they did it right away.


Dan you come through again, and again, and again….. I called at exactly 9am and waited on hold for an hour and twenty minutes but it was well worth it! I changed 9 tickets from the EWR-AMS-TlV ticket to a direct JFK-TLV saving a 13 hour stopover in AMS and gaining half a day in Israel. They even let me change a ticket that had the stopover only on the way back so we can all return together. AMAZING! Delta told me that Orbitz posted this but they shouldn’t have; as Delta was calling all eligible people anyway. They also couldn’t change the dates on the tickets. A big thanks also goes to @MORDY788! A devoted DDF Travel Agent, who, it seems brought this to Dan’s attention. Thanks alot!


Yes yes yes! Omg they changed outbound! After waiting 1 hr 20 min! By one hr and 16 a msg came on saying hose wanting to change can change so I guess they told the rest of delta what they r doing!


it just got disconnected after 1 hr 20 minutes 🙁 anything I can do?


Hi this is Russell from Delta. Please be aware that this offer only applies to customers traveling from Newark who purchased their tickets between Dec. 21-26. No date changes or other adjustments, such as upgrades, are possible. We are allowing eligible customers who are interested from Newark to change to our nonstop flight from JFK. It’s strictly voluntary, and no other compensation is being offered. If you did not purchase your ticket between these dates, we will not be able to offer this re-routing option to you. Also, the number posted on this blog is a special area with limited staffing. If only customers who are eligible will call, it will help us to serve them more quickly.


Waiting on hold for about 20 minutes already. Just heard a on-hold announcement saying that this is a special service for passengers who booked between 12/21-12/26 to switch to non-stop flights from JFK-TLV. No date changes allowed, but you can switch the EWR flight to JFK. Connections in Rome are not eligible.


Anyone have a different #?


Just waited a hour and a half- and was successful in changing 7 tickets for Pesach direct


If your stopover is in the US They will not change it. They will only change the onea routed via AMS on KLM.


is it both ways?


i called the skymiles # and the representative didn’t know about this. she said there’s a fee to change the flight to direct. i’m waiting to talk to a supervisor.


The 888-977-6186 number just posted a hold message giving details of the offer:
-only valid for tickets purchased btwn 12/21 and 12/26 [I believe].
-offer of a free change to direct JFK-TLV flights are only valid for flights that were booked EWR-AMS-TLV or EWR-CDG-TLV.
-offer is NOT valid on EWR-FCO-TLV flights. (The message specifically stated this.)


EWR-CDG-TLV in my last message may have been a mistake–it may only be EWR-AMS-TLV flights that are eligible. (The hold message was brief, so I only got to hear it once before hanging up.)


Don’t wast time calling unless you stop in Atlanta, Paris, or Amsterdam. Other stops like Rome don’t qualify.


THEY OPENED AT 8! Had I known I wouldn't have had to wait…
Then again, without you I wouldn't know about this, so thanks…

I know, I'm so ungrateful


Just got mine changed!! Thanks Dan!


Try 800-241-4141 that should work as well.


Got both ways upgraded to nonstop, thanks Dan and Delta!


the supervisor said this was only for targeted people and that if you were chosen, it was noted on your reservation. she said the only way to get it was to call the 1-888 number.

So here is goes, after waiting 1 hr 20 minutes, getting disconnected, calling the skymiles number and speaking to rep and supervisor, i’m back to calling the 1-888 number again…

i sure hope it works this time. calling from a landline now (hoping to avoid being disconnected again).


Sick stuff!!! Was on hold for 55 minutes but got 8 pesach tix changed within 3 minutes. Thanks Dan and Mordy!!!!


Thanks Dan. Got direct for the way back. The direct flight to israel for Jan. 15 is allready full.


Did anyone notice a price difference on their confirmation on delta and what they paid through orbitz? When Delta emailed me confirmation that they switched me to direct flight, it said each ticket was $641, but i paid $690 through orbitz!!! Any way to get that money back???


Congrats to everyone flying nonstop and thanks to Russell for the comment.

That’s because the government taxes for a direct flight are probably $50 cheaper than a flight via Europe.

Delta has already commented that they will not provide any other compensation besides for the change to the nonstop flight.



got it changed to direct waited 50 min

thanks dan your da man


I called last night at 5 to 9 and I was told no problem and they changed my tickets for peasach, but I had made the trip in two reservations and only got a confirmation email on my smaller itinerary, do I have to wait on hold to do this again


Awesome last line.


Dan you da Man!

was on hold for 35 minutes (agent processed change in about 60 seconds)and now have 2 direct tickets JFK-TLV-JFK-FLL (drop last part of course) in February for $1097.

Thanks for the (almost free) 2nd honeymoon!


Just called SkyMiles number. They said no no stops on 1/29 and cost to change to a non stop on 1/30 would be $700.


so after waiting 40 min, I was told that return VIA Amsterdam does not qualify, only out going KLM qualify.


Thanks just changed 2 tickets
Booked on orbitz




@Booky: yes i did thanks


13 tickets changed
Thx dan. You da man!


i just changed my flight before to direct, i have a middle seat. they want $119 for economy comfort and they wont give me prefered seat now either (even if i pay for prefered seat)
anyway around that?


anyone had luck with stop over in Rome?


Thank u sooo much Dan! I am so excited now! This is gr8! My mom is soo mad shr didn’t book a ticket with me! She didn’t want to do the stop over cuz she was scared! Lol now there is no stop over! (I’m glad tho cuz i wanted to go alone anyway) win win! Thanks Dan! Wow Hashem lives me! Us! He gave us Dan who is amazing!


@MAL: It is eligible. I did it.




Quick question. U guys r sure that the way back stop over in jfk to Miami, they won’t transfer the luggage? I don’t want my stuff to go to Miami! Is it 100% Tru that I will b able toppick up my luggage and walk on out?


Less than 10 minutes waiting. Lady was very pleasant and helpful – so was I 🙂
Changed 8 tickets direct same dates Sept 1-29 (day after Sukkos!).
Thanks again Dan. We would never have this special trip if not for you.


Just got through after 50 min wait with an extremely helpful and friendly Delta agent. She switched my 7 tix in July from EWR-CDG-TLV to JFK-TLV. Dan, you are so the man! Thank you! She indeed told me that they were planing on calling all eligible travelers, but are now inundated because some “travel deals website” 🙂 posted their “special projects” telephone number. I must say that she was very friendly and patient given the stressful day she must have been experiencing. Kudos to Delta as well!

david w

I switched to a nonstop!!!!! Yah!!! I’m so happy. Tnx @dandeals. Keep it up with your gr8 work


Thanks Dan, just changed 6 ticket to direct, the only people i pity are the kosher establishments in Amsterdam who were about to hire some more employees to accommodate all these people on the stopover, which would’ve probably been a great boost for them


this is awesome, thank you dan!


This changing to a direct flight is DEAD as of 12:10 today


I just try to change the ticket but the toll me that it’s finish this offerd




Wait time is down to under 1/2 hour!


Just spoke to delta she said they stopped doing it as they received too many calls sinceit was posted on blog

sam the man

my sister just called they said dead ?


Called just before noon and was on hold just 10 minutes. The woman who changed my reservation couldn’t have been nicer – it was the smoothest transaction, no complaints. My friend changed her ticket too, only she was on hold for more than an hour. Just a note to DD readers: PAY ATTENTION when Dan posts, for example, that this is only for the Amsterdam stopover booked on the specific dates mentioned. What’s so hard to understand? They aren’t changing dates or flights – or giving you premium seats for free. Stop kvetching! This flight was a gift! They saved me a lot of time and money – now I don’t have to spend money in Amsterdam. Instead I get to spend an extra day in Israel. Thanks Dan. You’re the man!


Oh, this was before it was dead… sorry for those that missed out, I must have gotten in right before they shut it down.


They asked how I found out, and I said from my brother (always safer than admitting to reading Dan’s :), they said it was posted on Orbitz and with mistakes and that they’d have to deal with Orbitz some other time…


just called intl desk spoke to a supervisor. She said it is switched (was NWK-AMS-TLV now JFK_TLV)just got conformation e-mail.


Bec. they got upset by the amount of calls


i got it at around 11:55! after a 3 hour ordeal!


Just tried. They wouldn’t let me do it.


@yechiel: Did you call after 12:30?


Just changed my ticket for September but only the one stopping in Paris the one coming back Rome they cannot change


After 12:30pm?
Did you call the number in the post?


no longer valid


What they’re not giving out free money!?!


Thank You Dan. It was your tweet this morning that informed me to do this. Would have lost out without it!

successfull change

i changed mine this morning for a party of 8.
orriginal ticket was for a stopover and changed to nonstop and a day earlier for no extra charge. tried the # 888-977-6186 and couldn’t get through so contacted them on their refular number and was successful. best of luck to all of you

successfull change

@Debbie: i changed mines on a stopover in rome


Just did it for my 4 tickets with transfers in Amsterdam. I’m now flying direct and I have more time in Israel.


@C: You did it in the last few minutes?

not working

they just said no again two times in a row


They just told me that there are no more seats available. Should I HUCA? Or, is this for real? (She didnt even ask when I was traveling.)


anyone had luck after 12?


Dan for king!!


@C: Hi, I just tried twice and they are saying the promotion is over… what number did you call?


Changed a ticket at 12:02 after 1/2 hour on hold. She was very nice. I told her I have family close by (a train ride away, which I could have visited, but prefer to do it a different time.) I told her I felt it was the right thing to do for Delta so they wouldn’t have the extra expenses. She was very appriciative of me making the change. Works for Both!!
Thanks to you Dan for the posts!! keep them coming. We always appreciate a good one.


@successfull change: when did you do the change with the stopover in Rome after 12 pm? or early Morning?


@C: when did you do it and which number did you call

Avi Tzemach

They just told me it was a “very limited deal this morning, no longer available”.
1:25 CST


Dan Dan! you are the absolute best!!! if you’d be single i’d marry you!


@Esty: Does that mean you’re single? I would say to day AsherO, but now he’s also taken.


When you land at JFK, you need to go through customs and immigration. You have to get your luggage and then ?recheck in? to go on to Miami. I got my luggage and left at JFK as Dan said without anyone caring.


Anybody have success changing flights in beginning of April?


I was suppose to fly together with Tash but they are not letting me switch to direct flight. Anyone know what I can do? I need to fly with Tash.


I was denied at 1:45 anybody was able to change after that time?


on the phone over an hour from 10 am, but got it. THANK YOU! Another whole day in EY, and one less day to take off from work!


I spoke like 1:40 today to a supervisor he told me that the promo was only cause Klm advised 4 delta that they are gonna make a another stop from ams to tlv but looks like that it got straightened out so the promo was over but he told me that I could try calling back later today


Yes! Sir Dan,
Thank you for the update- (even though I first saw it @9:15 PM last night).
After numerous LONNNG hold times- A kind Delta rep said YES!!
JFK_ TLV direct! And this was a Sunday- Sunday! Best wishes!


Stayed on hold for a half hour & although they were hassled with the volume of calls, they changed it. Very nice for us, as we are taking 2 Bas Mitzvbah granddaughters for 10 days.I also was able to to upgrade to preferred seats each way @$89- KUDOS TO DAN for all you do for us travellers.
SHKOYACH……..BTW: Got great deal in rental car from Noach Renta A Car with no charge for Shabbat.


We booked 38 flights for friends for our wedding. Most of our friends changed their flights to direct, but now as they call they are told it is no longer available. One friend actually called Delta yesterday because they had changed his Rome itinerary and they put him on a direct flight from TLV to JFK even though it connected through Rome. Thanks Dan!


Cousin just got hers switched:
Feb 5-15
I called and they told me its over so then he called and he gave them a whole sob story how it’s gonna b hard for me to do a stop over and how his brother was able to switch it so they said that’s a good reason so they’ll do it for him lol


Just called -first person to pick up said “they are no longer any seates available for direct flights” (regardless of date).
I booked in April.
Did I misss it?


thanks for the info, was very helpful. got it changed to a nonstop trip going to israel. had to wait on the phone for over an hour but the aent was very helpful and kind.


@DC: yes i did see comment 185


@Rs: yes you get your luggage at jfk because you have to declear at customs and recheck to miami (if you want to continue).


Thanks DAN. Great job as usual! changed 5 tickets. No stop over headache in Amsterdam!


Let me get this straight…. Delta will be sending empty planes to MIA while the entire flight is driving on the belt parkway?????????????? The pilot will say “Attention all Flight Attendants and Cabin Crew…….. AND NO PASSENGERS”????????????


Did anyone changed after 12:30 pm? How? when I called they said right away ‘not available anymore’. Did they tell you anything different? Help please!


1:45 pm est


is that all it take to marry you, a free upgrade? lol


he is a real man



Your a Esty like im a yossi


They told me the only people who were called by the airline were approved after 12 p.m., and people who only heard about it from friends Etc. can’t get it anymore because they have reached their limit.
Is that true?


@lev: It must be – there were very few seats available to choose from…


i originally booked on orbitz thru paris and back thru rome. delta cancelled the flight from rome. so i called orbitz they called delta which switch both ways non stop


@Esty: Well he’s not, but he has 5 younger brothers 😀


In the morning my wife was on the phone for a hour and half they finally switched us to direct flight leaving from JFK non stop to tlv . This saves us that 13 hour stop over in Amsterdam which I was not happy with. Thanx Dan.


they don’t pick up the phone anymore on this number


got it at 5;30 yipee !!!


I guess no DO in amsterdam


Did it in the morning after was on hold for 1 hr. 20 min Thanks DAN!!

Batter Bat

Just called and there was an automated message saying all seats are booked. Is there another number to call or should i try delta directly? Thanks!


@moshe: Did they call you about the option of changing the flight, or you heard about it here like the rest of us?


I hope normal seats open up on the flights they seated me away from my kids and I’m flying with a 2 and 5 year old….

don't give up

Just changed 2 seats for Pesach from EWR-AMS-TLV to JFK-TLV direct @ no charge directly with Delta. They (agent and supervisor) hadn’t heard of the promotion, but saw the same route and change in my other ticket leaving in a couple of weeks so they happily made the same change for me! SUGGESTION: give record locator of someone else who successfully made change as documentation for a regular Delta agent and call at night. (Thank you, Dan)


@don’t give up: Will you (or anyone) share with me your record locator? (If you’re not comfortable sharing it here, I could leave an email or a phone number).
Help Please!


@Zalmy: I live in Miami

Help help!

I called direct and they couldn’t find the deal. Anyone want to share their record locator or confirmation number to use as a reference?


I called again and was told that they actually put a note on my reservation declaring that any changes made it to the reservation will require change fees and price difference.
Please, please help!


So, i Got The ticket going out non stop .from jfk..But The way coming back they said its 2 far away something something they cant change it.. meaning coming back with a drop and different airport; ( dont know what was Batter.. thanks do


Any1 successful this morning?


email me at


Has anyone had luck trying to change the flight once the recording was put on 888-977-6186 that all available seats are booked? I still see that there are seats available on flight 268 Jan 30th. I called one of Delta’s 800 numbers and was told there would be a fee for that change.


any one else successful??


Called the number above and message says they no longer have nonstop options for all flights from newark-ams-tlv

any other number I should try ?


email me at


@ Max, please help me I can’t do this without you !!


i need some help with this too


anyway to change one part of the flight to business/first class, even paying more or miles, but without paying the $1500

like any cheaper way?


We are on hold after shabbes – anyone else try tonight?? Is the change over dead?


any name for us to use as reference? or a number from your changed reservation that someone can use as as reference?


@E: would you be so kind to share your reference number I would give you my phone….


ask russel for his number, that would be ur best chance


Hi! I wud like to know if I can still make the change! I tried calling the number, but it didnt work…please answer asap! Thanxxx


Russell – do you have a direct contact number? I just called Delta and they said that they had never heard of this change waiver. Does anyone have any suggestions??

jelly fish

delta asked me 900 for the change

jelly fish

888-977-6186 this number is no longer in service

jelly fish

if your flight back from tlv is Tlv-Fco-Ewr on 09/15/13
tlv- Fco 6:35 AM – 9:25 AM Alitalia 815.
Rome – Newark 10:40 AM – 2:25 PM Delta 6593 Operated By: Alitalia

becose flight Fco-Ewr was changed to 9:10am and flight tlv- Fco is ariveing rome 9:25.

delta will offer you the 10:10am Fco-Jfk but if you say its too short the conecting time you will get tlv-jfk


Just spoke with delta and they claim that this offer was for one particular flight this past Friday.. Any luck anyone?


be aware for those that made the switch that if you selected kosher meals when you made your original reservation on the stopover flight it didn’t transfer over the the new direct flight. I just called and changed. My return flight stayed the same, however on the outbound you have to change it either online or on the phone to Kosher.


any updates on ways to make the switch to nonstop??


@MeirShalom: would you like to share your booking number as I have the same setup and was told they can’t see anything and suggested to call back with a booking number that the flight was changed to direct.


@Russell: my ticket was booked on dec. 23rd from Newark / Paris/ tel aviv and the delta representative said there is no notation on my flight to do the change. Any suggestions????


just got my flight changed to direct flight dont give up

Batter Bat

@moshe: Moshe – how did you do it? I just called them on Friday and they said that they only offered it to people that got the call. What did you do? what did you say? I am traveling with 3 small children (under the age of 3 – would love if they would switch us to a non-stop!) Thanks for your help!


I booked the ticket got switched made it to tlv ok but upon my return was forced to pay some $580 surcharge to get back on the flight to jfk. So now I’m waiting in the airport till 5:30 for the Amsterdam flight. Delta stinks


@moshe: , Moshe can you give more information about what you did? I am still looking to switch my flight to nonstop. Is there anyway you could email me ( with your locator number so I can give it to the Delta Representative?