Confirmed: AMEX Small Business Saturday Will Return 11/24/12!

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Post update #5, 11/24: I did not receive any email confirmations this year when using my cards in the same store that has worked for the 2 previous years  and was also on this year’s map.  So don’t sweat it if you don’t receive any email confirmation.  The credit should show up online within a week and even if it doesn’t you can always send a secure message to receive the credit manually.


Post update #4, 11/23: Tomorrow is the big day!
Post a comment of where you’ll be shopping and post whether or not AMEX sends you an email confirmation after your purchase.

You can find a listing of small businesses and charities (and post your own business/charity) that are participating in this post.
Post Update #3, 11/18: Registration is now open! Let the fun and games begin…and my manually typing in of 40+ cards 😀
Annual fee? What annual fee? 😉


Post Update #2, 11/17: Just a reminder that registration opens tomorrow (Sunday) at 2:00am EST at

I don’t think there’s any need to stay up late though, I’d be shocked if registration filled up completely before Monday.


Post Update #1, 11/07: DansDeals was the first site online to break the news back in September that the $25 credit would return. Finally some 2 months later AMEX has confirmed on their site that it will return.

Registration will be limited and will open on Sunday, 11/18 at 2:00am EST at Still plenty of time to add additional users to your accounts to make your annual fees pay for themselves. In the past registration has stayed open for at least a few days.

In order to qualify this year the small business must show up on

From American Express:


I just finished using the $$$$ of prepaid credit for free groceries I got last year, can’t wait for November 🙂

This is the 3rd consecutive year this promotion has run. Here’s hoping we see a return of the holiday Gift Chain promotion as well, a promotion that netted me thousands of dollars of gift cards last year 😎

The rules are simple enough, just like the Big Break promo below:
-Registration will be required and I will make a post when registration opens.
-Valid at any small business nationwide on 11/24/12.
-Must purchase $25+ in one transaction for a $25 credit.
-This will work on consumer and business AMEX cards, but not on corporate cards, gift cards, or prepaid cards.
-This will also work with 3rd party AMEX cards like those from Citi, however if for whatever reason you do not get credit automatically getting it manually will be extremely difficult. With AMEX issued cards it’s easy to be credited manually via a secure message online.
-This will work with primary and secondary cards from AMEX, but not with secondary cards from 3rd party issuers like Citi. Of course each card must be registered separately but you are able to use the same email address.
-Having a dozen free secondary cards on each of my 4 active primary Starwood cards, priceless 😀
-As I wrote in the post below, while this is a great way to make an annual fee pay for itself and then some, some people have reported being hit with a financial review after ordering too many additional user cards, so don’t do it if you don’t make any income on the books!

There’s still time to signup for additional cards (and add additional users to each of those cards) to take advantage of this annual promotion.

Consumer cards include:
-Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express
-TrueEarnings® Card from Costco and American Express
American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card
The Platinum Card® from American Express
Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express
-American Express® Gold Card
-Blue Cash Preferred Card® from American Express
-Blue Cash Everyday Card® from American Express
-Blue Sky from American Express®

Business cards include:
-Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express OPEN
-Business Gold Rewards Card® from American Express OPEN
-The Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN
-Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business American Express Card OPEN
-SimplyCash® Business Card from American Express OPEN

HT: AsherO, via DDF

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David g.

Caution on opening excessive authorized users. I know few ppl. Who got fr from this. Do it smart!


First time having a SBS with Amex cards so 2 questions:

1) if it’s on Saturday, do you just order gift cards motzei shabbos? Is there any other way to benefit?

2) Which stores does this usually work for?

3) How do you get more AU’s if it’s just you and your wife?



Dan- whats best way to add AU? can it be done only by phone or will sending a SM work as well?


I’ve always done it by phone.


So you bought store gift certifacates?



thanks and you can add more than one AU at a time on the phone?




Do you just use any random name for the AUs?


1) Also, this can be done just once per card and not once for establishment, right?

2) You just ask your local store to charge you $26 for a gift card or credit?


-I went into my local kosher grocer on motzei shabbos.
If your local favorite store is closed on motzei shabbos then tell them it will be in their best interest to open and advertise that they will be open!

-Any small business should work. E.G. Local restaurant-yes, Nordstrom-no.

-I’ve been able to add extra users without SSNs by saying I didn’t have them handy.


Any idea when registration will open?



Once per card.

No idea, but follow me on twitter (and sign up for text messages if you’d like) and you won’t miss out.


So that’s where you got all those gift cards you handed out at the Dansdeals seminar!


are non profits eligible


does it work with multiple users per card


If i already have 3 inquiries on my report is it safe to apply for a 4th time?


Dan, you just asked your grocery if you could pay a bunch of $25 amounts and then use as a credit over the year?

(I also just called Amex and added a couple of friends to 3 of my cards. They only asked for birthdays, not socials.)

Chani S.

Do you need to sign up each Amex in advance with its own, unique email address?


I see you don’t have a link to the hilton surpass card. Is that because it wont work for this $25 promotion?


Dan, tried the 3bm and got a pending message on all 3 apps telling me they want to speak with me first! If I speak with them on the phone and they put the apps through separately, will that count as 3 hard pulls or one?


This will also work with 3rd party AMEX cards like those from Citi, however if for whatever reason you do not get credit automatically getting it manually will be extremely difficult. With AMEX issued cards it’s easy to be credited manually via a secure message online.
-This will work with primary and secondary cards from AMEX, but not with secondary cards from 3rd party issuers like Citi. Of course each card must be registered separately but you are able to use the same email address.

Seems confusing…will Citi Amex cards work for this promotion? Thanks.


I’m not really sure how this benefits the average person. Why are we excited about this?
Basically – how does this deal work for me?


hI, I have a delta skymiles card and amex told me that i can have up to 99 aditional users for free. is it safe to add so many or this is a sure way to get financial review? how many users is it safe to add?


i am a small business owner, can you please explain what I would do on my end to help customers benefit?


Adding Authorized Users can be a Financial Review


So when I added a card in my husband’s name when I just opened my AMEX Starwood Preferred card, that would count as an AU card, correct?


if i use my square, will that count as a small biz?


can i buy from one store different gift cards like macys oldnavy etc. all in one store each $ 25 worth and with different ae card?


Does spending $25 only to get a $25 statement credit count towards meeting a spending threshold to earn the signup bonus on my AMEX credit card?


Does AMEX do a credit check for secondary users when adding them to the primary account? (AMEX requires the SS# of the secondary user whereas Chase never even asks). If AMEX does a credit check then it probably won’t make sense to add the secondary users to the primary account right now, as each card you add them to is another hit. This would probably only make sense to use for secondary users when they were added at the time of application using a 3/4BM. Is this correct?


can I use a costco Amex


can I use it at my local liquor store for nice wines – there is something about not allowed for companies that promote drugs, liquor etc?

I used it last year at a liquor store but I am curious about the language.


Those aren’t small businesses.

I tend to doubt it but don’t know for sure.

There is no credit check, but the account will appear on the AUs credit report for better or for worse.

However you can actually get AUs without an SSN. Just call to add an AU and tell them you don’t have it handy.


There’s no way to know for sure unfortunately if they’re not on the map.


What is considered excessive ordering of AU? If I add five or six might that trigger a financial review?


what about Jetblue Amex?


hi can i open secondary card under same name on all accounts and max them all out under same name?


@YYK: I just got 3 AU on my account without ss#. When I called to activate each card it asked for the ss# again. I just let the recording continue and then it asked me to set up a 4 digit security pin for each account. No ss really needed!


pls answer: should i apply for 5 additional users on each of my primary starwoods cards all being ME (same name same social)??


Dan, I am looking to open a business credit card. Please advise the biggest bang for my buck


It can.
If you make any money on the books a financial review isn’t anything to worry about though.

You’re welcome to try.

The Chase Ink cards are excellent:

As is AMEX Starwood and the Gold Rewards.


@David g.: you are right, overdoing it is asking for trouble.


@esther12: are you kidding me? 99 users and all your accounts will be shut down. I,d say 3 is the most ill go for.


Dan, where do you see that charities are excluded. I only see that charities are excluded from the free advertising that they are offering. As always, thanks for an incredible service to all.


Last year i tried signing up a few amex cards that we use. They told me i need to use diff email addresses. If i have 10 cards do i need 10 email addresses?


CHabad of CMU, in PIttsburgh, is n the list.


i did a quick look through the monsey, ny 10952 listings on the SBS site. there are definitely some congregations and schools listed


If I add a user to my existing Amex card, does each user qualify for the $25 even if the cc numbers are the same? I realize I have to register twice with different email addresses.


Can someone please help with this Q.

on there are some businesses that show up on the map with numbers in the blue balloon and some just have a blue balloon without numbers. are only the ones with numbers qualify?


i have thank g-d a large family i put all my children on as secondary users on my 5 credit cards i have probably 20 or more cards now am i risking something by swiping these cards so many times?


I will be out of the country, can I buy giftcards via the internet?


@David g.:

What do you mean by do it smart? Should I not do it all at once or should I be smart what I say?

And they said there is a limit of 5.


I purchased $25 gift cards at a local restaurant last year and received credit on all three AMEX cards.

dani d

Can I use my square for it? That would be the ultimate, just pay yourself!


I’m also going to be out of the country. Any way to take advantage of this online?

David R

@ih: I bought wines from a liquor store last year and got the credit. There were comments on last year’s post from others who did the same. Did you see any language anywhere indicating that this type of merchant may be excluded?


last year yeshivas were considered small businesses. has that changed?
if a small store-eg eichler’s-has online sales-can u receive the credit that way?


Do contributions to Chabad count against Ma’asser liabilities.



Do you know anyone that is really good add fixing credit?

I am willing to pay for the right expert and do not want to just grab any company


I am not a super moral person but making up names of additional users when those people do not exist is taking unfair advantage. I am sure some of your readers who are yeshiva boys could tell u why it is halachically wrong too. shame on you for encouraging such a practice!!!!!!!!!!!!!


AU Cards that are issued by AMEX always have unique numbers.

AU AMEX cards from Citi, etc, do not have unique numbers and can’t be used.

Also you don’t need new email addresses for each card. I use one email address for all of my AU cards.

I don’t see why not.
If you were to get use you cards at the grocery store for gift cards would it not count as maiser to donate them?
But ask your LOR.

Where did I encourage that??


dan could u answer post 55


@Elaine: how do You add a AU bu phone

David R

You can easily add an authorized user by logging in to the American Express web site. There is no need to call unless you can’t provide the user’s birth date or Social Security number.


will adding AU to my card effect my credit if the person i add is not the best?

Jerry Can

I should have read the comments here before I added additional users because I added 20 users to my account. 10 users to each of my two amex cards (same names)

I did not have the ss handy but she put it through anyhow. She said when they are activated then I will need to give them the ss numbers.

I was debating if I should have added 99 to each of my accounts so I can make a cool 5 grand. Now I guess that ain’t gonna happen.

If I use all twenty will AMEX freak? Or is that cool because I am following the rules?

So far I have not received a call for f/r but I will not be answering any calls that are from 1800 numbers for the next few days…


Both should work, but we’ll know more on 11/18.

That won’t affect you at all.

@Jerry Can:
Either they will or they won’t, I’m no prophet.
But ignoring their call won’t help, they will suspend all of your cards until they talk to you.


for people asking about sqaure im pasting here from the terms

Qualifying small business locations are those identified on the Shop Small® Map, available
at In addition, small business locations that accept American Express through
Square also qualify and can be found on the Square Directory
at or from your mobile phone using the Square
Wallet app. Small business locations that do not appear on the Shop Small® Map or that do not
accept American Express through Square will not qualify for the $25 statement credit offer. Please
note that business location information provided on the Shop Small® Map and Square Directory may
contain inaccuracies or errors, including as a result of information provided by third parties.
Transactions with political campaigns or political action committees are not eligible, regardless of
whether they appear on the Shop Small® Map or in the Square Directory.


How come I can’t search for eligible businesses on It just says “Coming Soon” on a faded out map. Anyone know how I can resolve this?


Dan could u answer post 47



Any kosher grocery stores open on SBS?
Kol Tuv? Hungarian?
Any info would be helpful


Will macys card work?


yes I used it for the past 2 years and it worked.


I called last week, told them I want to add 3 AU. They asked for ss# and i said I did not have ss# available at that time so I gave their birthdate. See above about how I activated it.


@Chana: I used my Macy’s AMEX last year and I did NOT get the credit. However when I called , they said that they will credit the account. Chana, did it show up automatically or did you also have to call?


I didn’t see the zync card on your list will it work as well or not ?

Akiva Feinstein

AMEX has changed their terms in response to a lot of public criticism and now allows charities and schools to participate. This is reflected in their new terms just changed last week.

It does not explicitly allow just mentioning businesses, but the previous agreement specifically excluded these.


is registration still open


If i apply for a amex card today will i be able do this promotion?


Hi rumor has it (via some amex reps) that additional cards are not eligible for their own $25 credit and that its 1 per account unlike last year. Can anyone confirm this either way?


so if i had 10 additional business users i could get 250$ back?


What stores are pple practically spending twenty five dollars in? I looked up places in Brooklyn and saw some weird places.


Don’t forget you can donate next Sat night to A Jewish org helping Holocaust survivors.

@ Akiva Feinstien

Is this confirmed that charities will be elgilble for the credit?


Will this work for Bluebird?


Not true.


@@ Akiva Feinstien:
It appears that it will work if they’re on the map.



How can the map be accessed


Is it only going to work at places that are registered for the promotion or any small business? Where do you recommend spending in Cleveland?


Hi I am new to all of this what is the best amex card to sign up for and utilize this deal ? If I make ten purchases of $25 on the same card each and every one will be rewarded the $25 back ? tx


got my 38 cards rdy to go!


hi dan
question for u
i might be swiping about 10 to $30,000 and i wanna get the best of my moneys worth of swiping wich cards would you open for this occasian note i have too many cards in chase so i thinkin about goin to amex which ones should i open waiting for u 2 respond

David R

I requested some additional cards for authorized users, but did not receive them in the mail yet. However, I do see the last five digits of the additional cards on the AmEx web site. Can I assume that the first ten digits are the same as the primary card and sign up the additional cards before they are activated and without knowing the expiration dates or security codes?


@dan Sorry this is probably a repeat question but i did not see it above, i have an Amex skyblue card and my wife has one under my account can e both register even though it is the same account? would we be able to get $25 or $50 back if we each use our own card after registering them?

Bery Schmukler

Thanks Dan for all the amazing deals,
Help out a Chabad House, r on the map)
Thanks we will be raffling off a Kindle Fire HD between all who donate.


Dan, you blogged earlier that “Any small business should work” yet on the post it reads “In order to qualify this year the small business must show up on”

I put “lakewood new jersey” into the map and nothing Jewish came up. Is that a problem?


FYI last year my $25 charges all posted as charges on Sun so I didn’t receive statement credit. I sent a secure message to AMEX and they credited me $25 for each card on my acct.


just did it and it worked at 1:25 am est


just did it at 1:25 am and it worked


Registration is open!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Registration is open already.

Steveo (one word)



So any small business that isn’t on the map won’t work? I was hoping to go to my local (small business) grocery store, but they’re not listed here. Will it really not work? If not, how can I get them added?


registered 9 so far have a lot more to go


Just did a bunch of cards

started at 1:27 am est


its working for me already!!


Registration is open already !!!!! I Just finished signing up 8 cards !


Its not 2am EST but registration is opened! Just registered 🙂


registration is already open


Just registered my cards! Thank you!

Deal Guy



12 cards enrolled!


@David g.: what do you call too much?


here we go!


here we go

where can buy GCs??


registered 15 cards, THANX!


registration is now open. i just finished signing up all my amex cards from my family members. i put multiple ones on the same email address and got separate email confirmations that my cards were all registered.


Just registered all 11 of my cards. New Terms and conditions mentions nothing about charities, but I would personally stick with Charities that show up on the map at


Just signed up all 12…….I should have ordered more additionals………too late now


275.00 for 15 minutes of work…….


registered all 27 cards (4 different accounts) got confirmation emails (used 3 different email addresses)


Holy crap, ddf forum members are reporting that they’re registering 15-20 cards!!!!!

Hopefully one day i’ll get back into amex :-[

david g

Happy to report that I just registered 16 Cards without a glitch. BTW this is the message that comes up after registering which proves that Dan is right about AU’s.

“Please note that this registered Card number is the only Card that can receive the offer. Any other eligible Cards (including those linked to the same account) must be registered separately.”

Tip: if you’re registering AU’s, just hit the back arrow on your browser, change the last 2 #’s, then register. It’s easy as 123.


It’s open now. Just registered my cards


Just added 16 cards for my wife and I (up from 11 cards last year). We’ll have a busy day on the 24th visiting our favorite restaurants and shops.


if a my local store IS on the shopsmall map, but is closed motzay shabbos, can i get the credit by buying on their website? the terms and conditions at refer to “in-store” transactions.


registered several AMEX cards!


i heard this too from a rep. i wonder if its true


Has anybody created a script for registering a bunch of cards at once?


When does this promotion start and end ? How many times can I use my one card for this ? Can I use it in different stores for it to work?

authorized user

How can I use the au’s if it takes 7 to 10 days for the cards and their numbers to come?


Bunch of charities and schools on the map (even though they weren’t earlier in the week).

Just enrolled for 12!


Can i use a zync card?


Alright, all 9 cards registered 🙂


thanx dan all 12 cards registered!


THANK YOU SO MUCH DAN. TIZKU LIMITZVOS. The amount of Tzedaka given because of you is amazing. Everyone should give something to Tzedaka from all the many cards they are getting returns from.


@Dan: awesome tip, thanks Dan!


In IE I was able to keep pressing back and it saved all the info, so I just needed to change the last couple digits on AU cards.


How can I find the last 5 digits of cards I registered as au’s today?



I use lastpass. It will automatically fill in the info. You just have to trust your credit card info to them, but then you no longer have to fill in any credit card info on websites again.


which grocery in lakewood will swipe for me if i email the cardS info? Gonna be outtatown. .


how do you sign up for text messages?


hi dan thanks for sharing
can i use the card more then 1 store or thay give only 1 time $25 credit? (example $25 @ my grocery and then again $25 @ the resturant or ony 1 store for each card?


Has anybody gotten a financial review due to adding too many authorized users?

David B

Tried to register my wife’s SPG AMEX card (AU), after I had already registered my card, and got an error message that this card has already been registered….strange….

Anyone else have the same problem?


Dan please register me! I’ll be your best friend.
Oh and when are you making another deal to Israel?


Hi Dan,
If I call up and place a phone order with a local small business, do you think it will count or is there something about the card needing to be swiped?
(I’m out of the country over the weekend)


Which other cards will SBS work on?
will green amex or zync amex work?

Thanks Dan



I followed the “tip” from post 121. It worked liked a gem, and saved me quite some time on 26 cards

Thanx Dan. You’re the best!!!


yes to both

Bery Schmukler

Dont forget Help out a Chabad House, r on the map)
Thanks we will be raffling off a Kindle Fire HD between all who donate.


I see this works with square, but anyone find any info about “Paypal here”, paypals version of square?


are all stores as long as they accept amex accepted in this offer? very confused


This question has been asked many times here, but no clear answer has been given: Has anyone double checked with a rep and gotten an answer that even if a business is not listed on the map, if it’s a small business owner that accepts amex then the credit will work?


I know how to enter 60 cards in minutes, using scripting magic, but I would tired waiting on the line asking the store to charge 60 cards for $25 each…


@Dan: Amex is sending emails requesting SSN no and dob of all users previously added and following up with phone calls to request this info. I guess it is ok to add legitimate additional users with their correct ssn , but not to risk account closures because of adding fake names etc. Not worth the risk!! Greed always is the cause problems.


i had same issue .is that a problem ? or is the card registered and now we can each use our cards ans get 25$ back each

jonathan a

can u use a macys or bloomingdales amex card?


@David R: yes just make shore wean you receive the card.

u may also try by calling amex with the new card number to ask for your account balance to see if it works.


@jonathan a: YES


I have a Bloomingdales AMEX (dont ask why…lol) is this called a 3rd party or do theses qualify? I registered it and allowed me to just wondering If I will get back the $25??
Thank You

Steveo (one word)

@DAN….does the card HAVE to actually be swiped?? Im getting mixed reports all from non legit ppl….


@David R: You can only register on AMEX’s site if you have both the AU’s SS & birthday. Best to simply call. Here’s a tip: once you call to add them as an AU, AMEX will automatically add the last 5 digits of their account number under your account, so you can actually register their entire account number on the website … However, I’m guessing you need to receive the actual cards for the expiration date prior to 11/24. Thoughts?


Does anyone know if the AU’s have the same expiration date and how to find out what that is if you only recently added them and only see the account number? Any help will be much appreciated!!


If you looking for a place to spend your $25 and help support a good cause go to :



ill be overseas, i will give some to chabad houses, but anywhere i can buy gift cards and theyll swipe my card on motsei shabbos in new yorkkk?

Aishel Shabbat

You can donate $25.00 for free to Aishel Shabbat!!!!
Aishel Shabbat is a community based organization in the heart of Brooklyn,NY. Volunteers at Aishel Shabbat pack and deliver overstuffed packages with food & drink to over 200 needy families for shabbat.
click on this link and fill out the form so we could call you for more info. you can also call 347 423 8812 or 917 455 0720, or email us . THANK YOU!!


where do you see the last five digits under the account?


Yeshiva Mercaz Hatorah of Belle Harbor was devastated during Hurricane Sandy, and they now need $400,000 to get back on their feet. They qualify as a small business for AMEX Small Business Saturday and your $25 will go a really long way.

To Donate your FREE $25 to YMBH please contact or call/text 908-718-1750. Tizku L’Mitzvos!


Dan, thanks for this. Question – I think in the past years they extended this deal – it wasn’t one day only but still over the next few days. Will this be the case now as well?



Are corporate Amex cards applicable for this promo?


Hi Dan is the CITI AAdvantage AMEX card also eligible ? I enrolled online and it was enrolled, just wondering if it will work.

amex sbs

could now register over the phone by calling 18665154134


@David B: I got this too.


called and told amex, i want to cancel my prepaid card becos i can’t enroll on this free $25 small biz deal, got free loaded on my amex prepaid card.

Now will call citi and BOA to match this offer for another $50 free.


Yes, Kol Tuv will be open on Motzai Shabbos


Is pomegranate in Brooklyn open on Sat nite ? Do they sell gift cards ?


@MFM: I’ll wait in line for you if we split the profit


Contacted Amex- they said the change in this years small business Saturday is that it will NOT be valid for online purchases.


how do you sign up to get texts from dansdeals?


Can people name some frum stores they know of that will accepting credit cards over the phone for $25 gift cards on Motzai Shabbos, similar to what Eichlers will be doing. This is for people who either cannot make it out or will be out of the country on Saturday night.


Anyone have an answer for this??

“Tried to register my wife’s SPG AMEX card (AU), after I had already registered my card, and got an error message that this card has already been registered….strange….

Anyone else have the same problem?”


Re: Pomegranate on Saturday night

Has anyone verified whether you can use it at a store that isn’t on Amex’s website? I don’t see Pomegranate listed

Are there any other supermarkets in the Flatbush/Boro Park area that ARE listed and open Saturday night?


@ML: Glatt Mart and Mountain Fruit


dan i added a bunce of cards and they show up online. i activated and registered them but still have not recieved them in the mail. If the entry is done manually will I still get the credit?



Almost certain Glatt Mart is closed on Saturday nights, and don’t think MF is either

Pomegranate is the only one i know for sure is open, but not listed on Amex’s site


Yes I did it that way last year you will just have to guess the expiration dates…..


As per Amex they will not credit for Online purchases.

Steveo (one word)

@ML…i used pomegranate last year and it worked. i may even have a screen shot from last yr….


It should if they are on the map.


Ave S Supermarket Opening specially on Motzei Shabbos

Steveo (one word)

@DAN do we have to swipe the actual card??? i have 37 cards….



The terms say

2. Use your enrolled Card to spend $25 or more in a single, in-store transaction at a qualifying small business location on November 24, 2012.

Are you sure they wont enforce the “in-store” part?




@steveo #188

I used it at Pomegranate last year to, but they had a pretty unsophisticated map last year, and didn’t specify that it has to appear on their website for it to be eligible. Wouldn’t want to spend hundreds there only to find out I’m not getting reimbursed

Steveo (one word)

@ML 195. I had the same but even called them and had credit applied with no problem…just saying. i cant tell u what to do..


If we are an eligible small business, how does American Express know to refund the people who donate to us when we are accepting donations through paypal?


Is amazon considered a small business ?


i ordered new cards but wont be here in time anyway to activate them b4 they come???


An eligible small business is one that acctually has a AMEX merchant account and is listed on the map. And then the merchant uses his credit card machine to process the cards That’s how they know


Pomegranate might not be eligible because they have more then 10 employees. I heard that AMEX tries to find out if the business has more then 10 employees and if yes then they are not a small business.


@Chaya: the donation has to be on a registered AMEX card(that’s how they will know)

@Gaby: That is not the definition of a small business. A small business is a privately held entity that is not a franchise or part of a chain(It wont work at a Staples, Shoprite,BP,Costco,Best Buy, Sears, Pep Boys etc… It would work at a Pomegranate,local repair shop, restaurant,liquor store, hair salon, dentist, etc.


…It wont work at a ATT store, but it would work at a “Joe’s Cellular Phone” store. The map gives you a reasonable clue of where it will work or not


A couple jewelry are listed on at my local mall, Lets hole they let me swipe all my cards for a nice gift for my wife. I will post on the forum if I get an email conf, Shabbas it over 6:05 here, will have an answer by 7pm lol!!
Shababt shalm


@Kevin FYI Pomegranate is not a small business. It is a corporation.

6 percent

JUST SO I CAN prepare for next year.!!

will they ask for the ssn of the au;s b4 activation.?
2 mus the card be activated b4 online usage?


@chaya: It doesnt work if you take the donation thru paypal


Has anyone received confirmation email after she spend $25 on an amex? I’ve registered my amex cards and spent $25 on each card on a small business shown on the map. But I have not received any confirmation emails yet after 1 hr. Last year I did receive emails almost right after the purchases.. thanks.


IF we are a small business that accepts AMEX on square devices, then are we still eligible? In the Terms & Conditions, it says square is OK, but then mentions that 3rd party payments aren’t allowed. And can the $25 be a donation? WE are also a non-profit, so are accepting these $25 as donations. Is there a way we can ensure that they will get their $25 credited back to them? Do they receive an email?


Just got my penfed Amex registered!!! Last year it wouldn’t work…… Just tried and got a confirmation


If anyone interested Achiezer is participating and needs donations and so is ATIME. Many tzedakas you can donate tonite with your Amex.


does the hilton hhonors card work??


if a store isnt on the map but is a small business will it work?


For those last minute people wanting to get in on the action, registration is till open!! See

@ hunch

Please watch what you type. There is no need for that type of language. Thank you!


Does the refund definitely work through the donations online, if it says it must be done onsite?


Is Mega 53 or Ave S Supermarket COunted?? Please respond I dont see it on shop small


Hamafits on corner of carroll and kingston is open tonight until 11:45 and you can purchase a which doesnt expire if you dont have what to buy now

Go hamafits


Kol tuv In crown heights on corner of kingston and montgomery will give you store credit if you dont wanna shop now for the 25$ amex promotion tonight until 11:30pm
Go kol tuv


If I have four cards, can I swipe all for on one huge purchase and still get $100 worth of credits, or does it have to be seperate $25 purchases?


Thanks @Dan for this. Just found out about it tonight thanks to DD and used 2 cards to get $50 free. 🙂


Ave S Supermarket in Brooklyn is open tonight and is participating. $25 can be added to your account over the phone. All they need is a phone number and address to open an account.


Tracker, it has to be separate swipes of at least 25 to get credit just ask person to swipe it four times for 25. Piece


Just witnessed a couple buy a bugaboo using multiple cards!!


Okay everyone. Boasting time! 🙂 What was the maximum amount of $$$ you swiped for the promotion? Let’s try keeping this honest, so we see how DDF members are doing. I won’t tell until you tell …




40 card $1000




Good for you!! Any others?


Anyone know if the paypal business swiper will work?


i just opened an add. card tonight im missing the exp date


Is there any place in a diferent in an earlier time zone where I can still make a purchase by phone at this time?


can it be an online purchase?



2013 amex small biz saturday

when you activate an AU card do you need the SSN of the AU in order to activate?


16 cards, $400 – all restaurants; a few holiday gifts and a few dinners out for my wife and me.


12 cards

David R

@jully: You will need the account number, which sometimes takes a couple of days to see on their web site. You will need to activate it too. In order to activate it via the web site, you will need the four digit CID on the front of the card, which you do not have if you did not get it in the mail yet. To activate it by phone, you can call the activation phone number; if you call from the telephone number they have on file for you, all they will prompt for is the card number.

If you are on the east coast and did not manage to do all your shopping yet, don’t despair. Last year, I missed midnight on the east coast, so I called a store in California to order something from them and they put the charge through before midnight PST. I got the credit.


The Mrs and I went out for a walk this evening along Kingston Avenue to celebrate Small Business Saturday and support some of the businesses in Crown Heights. We had 22 cards to swipe a total of $550 on.

We first dropped into Sushi Spot where we dropped $100 on 4 cards. There was not much of a line. The manager seemed happy and the cashiers working the counter seemed excited to activate their first gift cards. Each swipe had to produce a separate gift card, so we left with 4 hard plastic $25 gift cards with no expiration.

We walked down Kingston (skipping Kol Tuv because we have had too many negative experiences with terrible customer service particularly with respect to the enforcement of credit card minimums over the years) and dropped into Hamafitz. They were geared up for the SBS holiday with 4 people working the registers that kept the steady flow of customers moving quite nicely. Upon completing our transaction the cashier who rang us up excitedly announced to his friends that their gift cards can take 10 credit card swipes for $250.

Hamafitz definitely did a good job marketing this both on Dansdeals as well as with a sign posted prominently at the entrance to the store regarding SBS. I’m sure that contributed to the large turnout they had tonight.

We then dropped into Ebbers (wine and liquors) and purchased a $50 gift certificate. That is a paper certificate that expires 2 years from date of purchase. Also, he insisted on charging us tax for the gift certificate so the total cost there was about $54. The manager promised that they would remember not to charge us tax when we come back to use the gift certificate.

Then it was off to Sweet Expressions where we purchased a $50 gift certificate. I just noticed that this paper certificate expires in 3 months. We bought ice cream on the gift certificate tonight, and we should have no problem using it up by February 24, but I do wonder whether the expiration date put on there was a mistake.

Finally we visited Basil Pizza and Wine Bar, which was mobbed as they usually are on Saturday nights and spent $75 on a gift certificate (that supposedly must be used in one visit according to it’s T&C and can not be used towards the tip) and used a 4th amex card to buy some Wild Mushroom and Margarita Pizza for $39.40.

In retrospect, I probably would have skipped Basil, Ebbers, and Sweet Expressions. Their gift certificates are not that flexible and in the case of Basil, it was a long wait in a chaotic restaurant just to order take-out and some gift cards.

Thanks Amex for the shopping spree. This is the first time we were home to enjoy it locally.

David R

@jully: If you manage to activate your card, you will need the expiration date to buy something with it. The cards I ordered this month all expire four years later, November 2016, so that would be a good guess.

David R

@2013 amex small biz saturday: If activating on the web site, they prompt for the last four digits. If activating by phone, call from the number they have on file for you, and they only prompt for the card number.


just got an email thanking me for using my card

geshamck :)

Hi Dan can you plz make a poll counter of how many cards ppl use for the small saterday

amex druggy

33 cards. 21 on one purchase. some folk were looking at me funny.

Just wondering what does AMEX gain with this mad giveaway? I guess that millions of cards have been swiped. AMEX is spending perhaps hundreds of millions…forget the whole thing about getting knew customers or good PR it certainly isn’t a very cost effective method…

Do they get kickback from the Government for boosting the economy or is there some tax consideration? I know amex is loaded to the gills but nobody gives away free money. Somethings got to give.


Anyone have an idea how fast AMEX sends the confirmation email after the purchase? I swiped some AMEX cards but did not yet get any confirmation by email. Should I be worried?


They just sent out emails from amex saying thank you for using the card


Ok The confirmation emails are slowly coming in. As we speak


Just got my first email confirmation.


Just got all my confirmations

All but one

used 25 cards, got confirmation from all except the one I used from Citibank. Anyone else didn’t get confirmation from the Citi Amex?


Just got all 5 confirmations… spent all at Seforim store and ended up paying around $30 out of pocket. Will try for more card


Just got all 5 confirmations… spent all at Seforim store and ended up paying around $30 out of pocket. Will try for more cards next year. Was scared of financial review.

Did anyone get FR? How many cards did you try? People who got 20 cards on 1 account- did you get FR?


all my emails came including one for a citi card…….

David R

I had 20 cards signed up. I got 18 “Thank you for Shopping Small” emails. Of the two cards I did not get an e-mail for, one was a Citi card.


I received all my email confirmations thanking me for shopping small business Saturday

uncle D

got all 3 confirmatins at about 2 this morning


I got a confirmation email for the one card I used at Chabad of Carnegie Mellon University (Go Rabbi Shlomo). Still awaiting confirmations for the three cards I used at for gift cards. When is it time to get concerned?


i got 18 confirmation emails, but i had 19 cards, the store that i used the 19th card was sweet expressions, anyone else use their card there and not get a confirmation?


swiped 42 cards for 1050 have received 40 emails but not from citi amex or boa virgin atlantic amex…


Got all the emails…

sam fam

We just had 4 cards…spent 2 on gift cards to Munchies (candy store), ate out at Meshuga 4 sushi and got one more Gift card there. At 11 pm PST, when the SBS website was already down, ppl @ sushi were still able to call amex’s toll free # and sign up their cards. Met an old classmate (chavrusa?) of dans who had $900 of gift cards!! Thanx, Dan!


wow!!! was anyone in toys 4 u williamsburg yesterday? have not seen anything like it before… got lots pf playmobil, books tapes tsitsis at eichlers, grocery store credit. a total of 30 cards…. thanks dan for all the help!!


FYI: When my wife called AMEX last night due to her one of her cards lost/stolen it was mentioned to her by the AMEX rep that supposely there was a “misunderstanding” and in fact people will not be credited the $25 for transactions using cards of authorized users on their account. Its hard to believe this is in fact true but if anyone heard anything similar please post. Thanks


My alcohol closet is very well stocked right now 🙂


I enrolled 13 cards, most of them were additionals, and one of them was a Citi Amex, I got so far 8 emails confirming my small business purchase, including one for the Citi Amex!!


For me that makes sense. Since I did not get confirmation on the few authorized cards just on the main cards.


@ Judah: I hope you were misinformed; otherwise, we are all screw$$. All AMEX needs to do next year is limit the credit for the primary holder. This would obviously makes lots of us unhappy …


Thanks DAN for everything you do, I got 14 cards 10 are AU and got 14 confirmation emails


got email thank you for all 44 cards
thanx dan


Got all the emails except Citi.

This was used at hamaifitz along with many other Amex cards.

Except that the pending charges with Amex are “hamaifitz” while on citi the pending charge comes up as “bluebell enterprises brooklyn”

Can anyone explain?


can i still use my card and ask to get a 25


Used 8 card, 6 AU got confirmation on all charges, I won’t be screwed if I don’t get the credit because I only took a gift card by my local grocery where I would anyway spend $200 the next month. Thanks dan for your service


got 2 out of 3. didnt get email from macys amex. anyone else?

amex user


there is a good chance you will not get credit for your purchase. they are only honoring in store purchases, and not those from websites, including websites owned by mom n pop stores. YMMV


Got all my credits


Got ALL my credits!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

(each smiley face =’s $25!)


did not get a confirmation email from 2 out of 9 cards used.

i jumped the gun & secure messaged. – got the $25 credit for both befor ethe regular credits came & NOW ALL 9 CAME!!!

Emailed CS & they said as a cortesy I can keep :)!!!


I got all my credits today. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


I also did not get a credit for my Macys card

jelly fish

got cradit from citi AA

Jason R

All credits posted, including BoA Virgin Atlantic and Citi AAdvantage cards… Thanks Dan!


all of mine posted except for boa/ml amex – chatted with the boa credit card people who told me to wait 10 biz days…any other ideas? thx in advance.


I have had a horrible time trying to get the credit on my BOA issued Amex. The mall that I shopped at was listed as the small business, which led me to believe I could shop anywhere within that mall and spend $25 in one transaction and get the credit. Well it showed up as Old Navy on the statement. I actually conferenced BOA and Amex together on the call. And even though I got a confirmation email saying the BOA Amex was registered they are essentially telling me that nothing other than Amex issued cards will get the credit and the website shouldn’t have sent me a confirmation saying that card was registered. I’m so mad right now… Amex can’t see the BOA account to credit it and BOA had nothing to do with Small Business Saturday so they won’t credit it either. Apparently a lot of people have called in and complained.


just called bofa again – my charge was actually 24.71 (it was split between the residual of an actual charge and 15 of gift card) – they say it has to be $25 to get the credit (is that true???) …however I got lucky and they are sending me a gift card for $25 as a courtesy… guess I end up making a whopping 29 cents! whoo hoo!


Any news on the amex gift chain (gravy train) for 2012???


are non profit org able to participate this year?