Final Week To Use $60 Free Doordash Credit On Sapphire Reserve, Schedule A Delivery With 20% Off!

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Chase cardholders can get free DoorDash DashPass to save money on deliveries.

Plus, Sapphire Reserve cardholders can get $60 of spending on Doordash through 12/31/20 reimbursed. On 1/1/21 cardholders will get a new $60 of Doordash spending reimbursed.

You can also get 20% off Doordash orders placed today and you can schedule delivery for anytime in the future!

You can check your Doordash spending by clicking here to login to your account and select your Sapphire Reserve. Then scroll through your featured benefits until you find the Doordash spending credit:


-New customers can save $10 off their first 3 orders.

Which restaurant will you order from for your $60 credit?

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Used $59.22 this year 😉


Couldn’t tip $0.78?


as long as the charge posts by 12/31 it’ll get the credit? just want to confirm


It’s not worth using Lyft pink, I haven’t gotten any promos ever since I signed up with pink, and the promos are much more worth it.


What sort of promos?


I would get $5 off $10 Grubhub promos every weekend. Once I activated Lyft Pink and activated GrubHub+ I started getting $7 off $10 promos though they have stopped since the last 2 weeks or so.




If you don’t have any kosher restaurants in your city (and aren’t traveling to anywhere that does) is there anything else this can be used on>


We used ours for stuff at Walgreens. No food.


Were you able to get credits back for Walgreens purchases?


signed up thru your link but didnt get the $10.00 off anything to do?


Does this need to be spent before the statement prints in december or before 12/31?


Does the Doordash order have to be made via the app or it can be made on the website too? The fine print on Chase seems to say that its only with the app, is that so?


Does this need to be spent before the statement prints in december or before 12/31?


Does it need to be food from a restaurant or can be anything from CVS, Walgreens etc.?

ah giten

want to know as well. I assume it’ll work.


Would Door Dash GC work for Sapphire Credit? Are those 20% off on Wed?


If I order something 12/31 and it is pending until the 2021 would it be 2020 credit or 2021?


Wondering the same


turns out even if you ordered on 12/31 but if the charge didnt post on 12/31/2020 and the charge finalizes on 1/1/2021 (happened to me) then Chase is counting it towards 2021 and you forfeit the 60 and 60. They said on phone no exceptions 🙁


Yes that’s true, hard lesson!


Thanks for reminder, ordered supper for my parents!


Can I buy a doordash gift card instead of ordering?for the reserve credit?


50decoff2 50 percent off 2 orders up to 20 dollars but it took off 30 dollars from my order


It was 20 off for that code and another 10 dollar credit they gave me when I cancelled an order


Has anybody been able to get credits for purchases made at CVS, Walgreens or is it limited to restaurants only? Thanks.


$60 gone long ago
Waiting for Jan first


Ordered for first time but didn’t receive the $10.00 off, (I clicked on the link)


Meir chat w them
Ask to apply
Good chance they will say wil for next time
They are easy to
Take your money
Slow to help w credits
45 min of your time
Deserve shaming really


@BA, did it , and received the $10.00 credit.
thanks !


Need advice. Have loaded gift card for $75. Now doordash doesn’t let me use CSR for credit without using all my gift card money. Anyway to bypass using my gift card and use CSR instead?


Will the new user promotions apply if my spouse creates a new account but uses my CSR card that I used previously on Doordash?


Wonder if i can pay through paypal and still have the doordash credit post?


If I schedule a delivery for Friday, January 1st, will I get the credit for 2020 or 2021?


This has been asked a couple of times, but I have not seen and answers.

Do convenience store orders (CVS, Walgreens etc) trigger the credit? Anyone tried?


I just called them and they said it was food orders only. But I just got a letter in the mail from Chase that said all doordash purchases qualify. Very confusing!


Ordered from CVS via DoorDash yesterday and see the DoorDash credit for that order on my card today. So yes, I can confirm CVS does work.


Anyone know if a order today scheduled for delivery in 2 weeks time will count as 2020 charge. Do they put through the charge right away or is it pending till the date of the order?


do transactions need actually to be posted by 12/31/20 or only purchased by than?


has to be posted by. which sucks for those that ordered food for New Years eve.


Could it be that there aren’t any DoorDash resorts in Lakewood, nj? It’s telling me that…




I secure messaged them and was told my pending purchase from 12/29 won’t count for 2020 as it won’t post until 2021. I really hope they are wrong.


what ended up happening w that? did they make any exception? Chase is charging such a high rate for the card but when you call in you no longer get a real human right away you get the stupid robot prompts….and then they dont make exceptions for cases like this… really makes you wonder if they value some of their top of the line cardholders.