[Now With $25 Off Codes For New Enrollees Or Reenrollees, Plus Extend Your Expiration Date!] Chase Adds Free DoorDash DashPass Membership For Cardholders!

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Update: If you have DoorDash Dashpass via a Chase card that you activated after 12/1/21 you can use a code below to save $25 on your next order:

  • Enrolled with Freedom card: FREEDOMDP25
  • Enrolled with Sapphire Reserve card: RESERVEDP25
  • Enrolled with Sapphire Preferred card:  SAPPHIREDP25

You can check when your DashPass membership expires here.

If you have another eligible Chase card besides what you activated DashPass with, you can remove your payment method here and then cancel your membership here. You can then add another Chase card which will provide another 3 month (Freedom) or 1 year (most other Chase cards) membership, plus you will then be eligible to use the codes above for $25 off your next order!

Adding back the same card will just reinstate your old membership and won’t extend your DoorDash expiration date or make you eligible for the codes above. 

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DoorDash DashPass allows you to get free delivery and lower service fees on $12+ orders from select restaurants that have a blue checkmark. It normally costs $9.99/month.

If you add your Chase Freedom Flex, Chase Freedom Unlimited®, or Chase Slate card to your Doordash account and open the Doordash app, you can enroll in 3 months of DoorDash DashPass Membership for free. The next 9 months will have a 50% discount.

If you add your Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Sapphire Reserve®, Chase Sapphire, or JPMorgan Reserve card to your Doordash account and open the Doordash app, you can enroll in at least 12 months (up to 2 years) of DoorDash DashPass Membership for free.

The Sapphire Preferred card also earns 3.1 points per dollar on Doordash and the Reserve card earns 3 points per dollar on Doordash.

More information can be found here.

This is a nice benefit addition, but it’s not something I would pay for. Hopefully it doesn’t signal an upcoming annual fee increase like AMEX has done on all of their cards.

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Any kosher restaurants that have a blue check mark?




I live in Forest Hills and there are three kosher places with the check mark, but more importantly I now know that Knish Nosh delivers which means I can have their food more often.


Pizza Nosh in Agoura Hills, CA!

Chava Willig Levy

Can one cancel membership after the free months end?


i saw about of month ago rumors this was coming plus a 100 dollar annual fee increase. Although the first part of the rumor is true i certainly hope the second part is not


Yes, there is now a $100 annual fee increase effective Apr 1st. Not worth the tradeoff in my opinion.


Has anyone tried Ink Plus (maybe it will be recognized as Ink Preferred)?


Do you know if it also works for the Presidential Plus Card


I signed up with a regular sapphire card it also gave 2 years


I got the same for the regular saphire


Regular not Preferred?


Do you need the app for this offer or can you access it with the browser?


I accessed it with my browser. As soon as I added my card, the popup appeared offering this benefit


I don’t get this. What service fees, delivery fees?
Doesn’t Seamless/Eat24/delivery.com deliver for free?
Don’t restaurants themselves deliver for free?

What’s the big deal here?
And why would someone sign up for them/use them to begin with?


It’s usually at least 10% more without DashPass, try it. There also may be promos that are exclusive to DashPass


Anyone have any look with the Chase Marriott? I added it to the app, but it keeps showing me that I have a one month offer.

mr g

got 2 years with reserve, thank you!


The ink preferred doesn’t get anything?


Is this limited 1per card? Does card need to remain on the account and be used for the order?

Not working for me

I added my reserve card (it is now my default and only card on the account) and did not get an offer pop up on the app or browser. anyone else?

Not working

Yup. Same by me


Did it under Account Management on the app. No popup but then checked subscription and was good until 12/21. So it worked. Thank you!


I already had my reserve card on there. So I had to remove it and re-add it for it to work. Also, I had to wait about 20 minutes after it was re-added for the deal to go through.


Chimichuri in Lawrence will deliver for free with the DashPass! It’s so good!


The difference between DoorDash and the others, (mostly UberEats and Grubhub) is that DoorDash has the actual restaurant menu prices (probably not specials though) vs. the others that hike up the prices on their apps. And with this DoorDash offer you get free delivery + lower service fees.


Does this must be done on the app, or can I enroll via desktop?


What’s this mean? “you can enroll in at least 12 months (up to 2 years) of DoorDash DashPass Membership for free.”

Does it last 2 years or 1?


Can i buy gift cards to get the 60$ credit?




Does this offer have any use for using doordash in Canada?


Does it need to be food from a restaurant or can be anything from CVS, Walgreens etc.?


I went to order something for lunch yesterday and I wouldn’t upload my ID for alcohol purchase and it wouldn’t allow me to place my order even though I didn’t order any.


The code doesn’t work after following the steps


What’s the code for chase united card?


Just tried ” unfortunately your account isn’t eligible for this promotion”


What’s the expiration on the codes?